Half truths and kinks 2

Behind him she saw the sun starting to rise fine... She said letting him in her head to see a memory play out. He was back at the caves in his torture room. But he was not chained, he was sitting in a chair by the fire place, reading a book. The door to the room opened and Elena came in as the red mage, covered in blood. She shut the door behind her, there was no expression on her face, he was instantly there in front of her, holding her by the shoulders " whats going on? are you hurt?" He asked in a concerned tone. She shook her head and looked up at him, behind the door fighting could be heard and explosions "our time is up flacăra mea 'my flame'" She said in a emotionless tone "what do you mean? whats going on?" he said with a serious tone. The fighting grew closer, she touched the side of his face gently with her bloody hand "do you trust me?" She asked "with my very soul mistress” He said in a serious tone. She smiled before kissing him your soul must forget meshe said as pain filled his head, the ten years they had spent together, memories that were still lost to him were even as he relived her memory were replaced by ten years of torture, breaking his mind instantly. She dragged him to the wall and chained him, she bit deeply into his neck and drank deeply until he was weak and then closed the wound. Just as Xavier busted throw the door "there you are...is that Micheal? I thought I told you to kill him years ago? " He said in a angry tone "traitors dont deserve mercy...and death is a mercy" she said in a emotionless tone "his mind is long broken which means he can be used to aid us in this fight" She said as he came over to her "I gave you an order to kill him, you have never broken a order before" he said in a dark tone "you have never been so upset by anyone's betrayal like you were with his, how could I let it slide?" She said meeting his gaze "why keep it from me? " he asked "you never asked" She said plainly. Xavier looked at her for a moment like he was reading her and then he looked at Micheal "your right seeing him this way is better then death....in fact" He said before casting a spell on Micheal "may he suffer for all eternity" He said spitting on Micheal "Come now the hunters and almost here...leave him for them to find..well whats left of him" he said walking towards the exit, she went to follow but stopped "oh one last thing..." he said turning towards her, he threw out his hand towards her and her body arched forward and she screamed in pain. Xavier pulled out a dagger and and stabbed her right in the heart. The cries of pain from the memory faded into a new cry of pain as Micheal came back from the memory, the smell of burning flash filled his nose as him and Elena started to burn in the sun and her cries of pain echoed the area

He picked her up and ran her inside cave where the sun could no longer touch her. He covered her in dirt.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked. "When your soul was brought back together and we were alone, why keep our past a secret?"

Smoke still came from her skin, he could smell vampire blood as it oozed from the third degree burns that covered her back and legs “it’s...the past....what happen to dying?” She said in a weak pain filled tone

"Seeing your sacrifice to protect us made me change my mind," he said. "There was love in that memory. I want a chance to get back to that. Now, let's get you into the ground to heal. I'll sleep above you and guard you."

"dont touch me....and dont be mistaken I only showed you that memory for the dagger...I know you know that dagger...after all you created it" She said in a weak tone "And in case you have not forgotten I am human I cannot go to ground and it will do me no good....Marcus is preparing what will aid me" She said laying her head down on the ground "I dont have those memories either but from what I can tell and feel it was not love, I was simply using you, when I kissed you in that memory there was no...love" She said

He smiled and said, "It was hidden behind a wall. Hindsight and pain can do that. But it was there. Look again, but this time, instead of just playing it, really look. The level of detail on my hand as you walk in, the look on and of my face, and even how we reacted. It is all there. Though, I doubt I look that handsome, but I thank you for thinking so."

"you make jokes now? why dont you walk back out in the sun and end both of our suffering from your misplaced hope" She said as Marcus arrived, he had a human male by the throat, he was begging for him to let him go. With a wave of his hand marcus cleared the dirt from off of elena and with one quick pull he ripped the mans head off his body and began to pour his blood over elena

Michael sighed and said, "My brother forged the metal and I enchanted the blade. It was never intended to split souls. It appears that Xavier perverted it as well. It was meant to be used for another use. I am sorry, milady. But I refuse to die now that we have new information from this memory. You loved me once. We need to get there again."

Elena sighed and started to get up by Marcus put his foot on her back keeping her down, she looked at him with dark eyes and he bared his fangs at her and she cursed him in the old language but laid back down. When she did he through the bloodless body to the side and bent down and started to rub the blood onto her skin more, making sure to cover her from her neck to her feet "turn over so I can get your front" he said and she did, when his hands went to go to her chest he heard a growl from micheal and looked at him "you wish to do it?" he said in almost a mocking tone and elena glared at micheal "no"

The sun was starting to effect him, now that her gift was gone. He moved sluggishly but still went to, power rolling off of him.

"I will do it," he said, his voice telling her instantly that he would not let anyone touch her. Death swirled in his eyes at the very thought, triggering a memory of when they first met, but she kept it from her mind.

Marcus stepped back and him and the dead body disappeared "did I not say no?" She said but did not fight him when he started to spread the blood on her, her nipples harden when he got to her chest, her eyes met his "it would have been better if you would be ash by now...I gave you a chance at the honorable death you were deprived" She said and the red in her eyes started to slowly fade "if it is because you thought there was love once you are wrong, anytime I was with you I shut off my emotions to avoid such a thing" she said stopping his hands that were on her ribs going towards her stomach "even now I must do the same....dont make me love you micheal it will be the death of us both" she said and for the first time he saw sincere in her eyes

"How would it be the death of us?" he asked, continuing to rub. "Our enemy is gone. The Carpathians are no threat to us, because we are a powerhouse, as they say. Still, Antony has given us time to come together. I believe that Xavier would have never done that. Xayvion would have killed me on spot while Xaviero raped you and Xavier prepared to use you to create a new weapon, one more obedient to you and darker with no chance at having a lifemate. The one thing you can say is that they gave you a soul, the other half of mine. Without meaning to, they gave you a reason to fight, a reason to live. Perhaps, now is the time to indulge yourself in the love I am presenting rather than push it away. Besides, there will still be blood baths and mayhem to cause, we would just be directing it at vampires and our other enemies who would try to destroy our happiness. Do not let them control you any longer. Fight that hold, and the slave mark will break. Instead of giving into what they wanted you to be, fight it and feel. They wanted emotionless and dark, so give me love and light. A simple solution to a convoluted slave mark." He looked at her with love and pride. "I know it will take time to get used to it, and you are more modern despite your centuries of sleep, but you can do it in time."

"our enemy is not gone and now we have new ones, I can not afford to have such feelings and any modernness I have learned has been from Marcus, he gathers more information each day and to be honest I do not like the way the world is now. Once my uncle is gone the slave mark will go with him, I dont need to change who I am for it to be gone, But mitro was right, the emotional tie between lifemates makes us weaker, look at you, even at the caves suicide was never the answer for you and yet you rape me and wait for the sun to take you, you are no longer the man I once new and I dont like who you have become, at least back then I could understand you but now I cannot" She said trying to move away from him "I dont need your help I can do the rest myself"

He made her look at him and said, "Elena, I am not that same man. I believe that you broke him when you replaced ten years of mutual understanding and developing love with whips, chains, and vampire blood. Yet, instantly looking at you made me love you. Why was that? Perhaps my soul did not completely forget. We will always have enemies, but in no way is Mitro right. Those other men, they have a partner to fight beside them in battle, a woman to give them energy when theirs is low, and a reason to keep up the fight. The hunters without lifemates, they have only themselves and honor. They ca not afford to trust their well-being to another because that would lead to death. I may have more knowledge or experience, but the whole time I was awake, I was alone. I watched as others found the other half of their souls and grew stronger for it, fighting harder and faster and stronger because they had a family. I would like you to experience that strength, the trust in putting your life into another's hands without asking for anything in return. I know you are not as ready as I am, though," he looked away, "I will admit, I did try to get you to come to that conclusion in drastic ways." He looked at her again. "I want to work towards that goal, Elena. For you to come to me, willing to try. Right now, you shut out even Marcus, fearing what friendship will do to you. It is a fear, whether you see it as that or not. And that mark will never come off when Xayvion dies, because I've seen many of their slaves continue going, continue to try and get their master's approval, long after their deaths. No, as long as you continue to live an emotionless, killing machine kind of life, they will always own you."

She slowly sat up "I cant go through it again, I refused too, if that means I am to be a slave forever so be it, I would rather be their slaves then be bonded to you, you should be happy you dont remember, I wish I had the same blessing" She said taking a deep breath "When you wake up tomorrow evening things will be different" She said going to stand up

"No, it won't," he said, holding her down. "You also forget that, while the mark will not go away while you are the way they desired you to be, that mark bounds you to me." He smiled wolfishly. "So, right now, I'm your master. Harming me, my soul, or my memories is not done unless I will it. I do not. Looks like you are stuck with me."

Her lips parted and she made a half moaning sound and half shocked sound and he could feel a huge rush of power explode inside him as her will bent to his "dont...dont do anymore or there is no going back..." she said and he could hear her heart pounding

"Do not worry, little mage," he said. "I was just reminding you." His hands moved down her stomach. "Now, let us get..."

He suddenly felt them. His children. He looked at her in shock.

"dont...get the wrong idea" She said in a breathless tone "remove your hand....my skin is too sensitive for your warmth...and after you used the slave bond...just dont use it anymore, you dont know what it will do but I do..." she said shaking her head slightly

"I will do my best," he said. "Can you explain why?"

"why I didnt kill them even though I said I would? " She asked still looking at his hand that was on her stomach

"Yes," he said.

"because even if I think your weak they are still bread from you and me which will make them powerful in their own right" She said not looking up at him

Michael growled, forcing her to look at him, "Have I not said that I want only truth between us? I always want the whole truth, Elena."

She arched under his had and gasped, he felt a rush of power fill him unlike any he had ever felt "because I felt them!" she cried out

"That wasn't so..." he said before she rolled on top of him "I said dont do it again!" She said baring her fangs and going straight for his neck but before her teeth sank in he felt all the muscles in her body stiffen and she cried out and fell off of him. It felt like every muscle in her body was being electrocuted which let her know he was only one step away from completely activating his slave mark on her. Once he did if she disobeyed his orders or fought his will the pain would be unbearable, she remembered such pain and did not want to go through it again

"I did not mean to do it!" he said. "I have lived with my word as law for so long, it is hard to break the habit! I am sorry!" When the punishment ended, he held her to him. "I will watch how I word things, Elena. I do not wish to force such pain on you through carelessness again."

She pushed herself away from him “it’s not how you say things, it’s your will, you got your answer...what more do you want of me? You have willed me not to hurt your body mind or soul what more do you want?” She said in a upset tone. It was then he realized she looked like her old self an no longer held a vampires presence

"Well, I am sorry that wanting to come together as lifemates is hurting you," he said. "We were almost there in that memory, and if we had eliminated our enemy, we could have been true lifemates. I cannot help having desires. All beings, including you, have them."

She opened her mouth to speak but then closed it, there was a struggle in her eyes. He felt power surge around them, as she seemed to get overwhelmed. He felt a burning sensation on his neck, he felt less tired and the call for a Carpathian sleep lessened but was still there “since....since “ she closed her eyes like she was trying to calm herself “since things have come to this I need you to be able to be in the daylight once more....” she said “I care not if you sleep this time...do what you wish” she said getting up yet he noticed she was not stable on her feet. He felt the brush of her mind and that shocked him “don’t...touch me for a while” she said grabbing the cave wall. Her naked body was once again flawless as her back was to him

"Elena, I... I didn't..." he tried to say, but she covered his mouth.

What was done was done. He couldn't take it back, and she despised how his will dripped from every word he uttered, which meant, she hated him. He had to show her that love wasn't a chain but a key to unlock a chain.

"your fire burns me please...just....go to sleep" she said looking exhausted "if you say anything else or come any closer...I wont be able to stop myself" she said not looking at him

He wanted to do both those things, but he had hurt her enough. Marcus, please, do not let her harm herself, he requested before going into Carpathian sleep.


She wanted to, she really did, but if she didnt go then he would have to and he needed to rest "Ill be back before you know it my love...after all we promised to always stay together from now on remember " She said with a softer smile. She light the healing candles in the room so he would feel calm and warm as he rested

Meghan..., he said, I... love you. Please... come back to me... quickly.

With those words, Erik completely passed out.

Meghan worked for hours non stop, she had to feed quite a lot since the younger Carpathians needed her blood to heal better. When the hunters that had been guarding river and dradian came in she knew she would not be able to rest until sunrise. By the time everyone was in the ground and healing she stumbled back to her room were Erik slept, her had clung to her chest as she tried to push back the voices that were filling her head, the cave started to spin, the more she had helped people tonight while the healers worked the more she felt this taint grow inside her. She tried to ignore it but now she felt cold and the voices, the angry voices in her head made her head pound. She had just touched the door handle to their room when the sun rised and her body could not take it any longer, she dropped to the floor in front of the door just as her body went to sleep

Erik picked her up and took her into their room. He quickly took hold of her soul and laid down next to her in the ground. You should have called for me, he said as the earth closed over them and he put them both in a deep Carpathian sleep.

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