Slave/ Taint/ Fire

Elena went into the old training room, but not the physical one but the magic training room. She looked through everything that was not broken until she was lucky enough to find what she was looking for. The spirit orb instantly started to glow when she touched it. She made space in the middle of the large cavern room and placed it on the floor, she bit her finger and let the blood drip over the orb. She felt herself start to relax as she started to float up into the air above the orb. Her appearance made it look like she was floating in water. She needed to balance her magic and desperately since he had activated the slave mark without knowing how to keep it balanced, for his sake and hers she needed to balance it before something bad happened.

Are you okay? Micheal asked, worry in his voice.

I told you not to speak.... she said trying to relax but his voice made it hard to do so sleep so I can balance myself or we both will be in used something when you did not know how and now I have to fix the imbalance you caused

He wanted to shake her. He wanted to hold her. He wanted... he growled. He didnt know what to do to help her and it made him worry. Marcus refused to talk to him, so he felt she was left unprotected.

When he didnt answer she assumed he went back to sleep, she let her eyes close as she continued to float in mid air. She relax her mind and body and before she knew it she drifted to sleep, letting the orb do its job to restore the balance of power. The next time she awoke she saw knew it was almost night time, she saw around the room candles had been lit and knew Marcus had been in the room, she also saw that below her and around the orb were silk pillows for her descend when the orb was finished and she would be set back down on the ground. She knew she should get up because Micheal would be awakening soon but she had not slept well in so long her body refused to wake up, especially since she was feeling so relaxed and she drifted back to sleep.

When she next woke, her head was in Michael's lap. He was playing with her hair.

"She needs more time, right?" he ask Marcus.

"you need time to learn little bird" He said handing Micheal a book "Elena's notes on the slave mark "that power burst you felt was you taking Elena's power as your own, if your not careful you can kill her, I dont have time to teach you and she needs rest, here in a minute ill put her back in the orb, its safer for her to be there while your awake so when you make a mistake the orb can fix it" he said not say if but when "also touching...careful of it, you think a lifemate bond is physically intense you will learn very quickly it can be out matched and not all in good ways either, since you are already bonded I cant say why the physical effect will be for you two but I do know that with the Malinov brothers it almost broke her beyond repair"

"I never intended for this," he said. "I should have been more careful. Marcus, I want to remember those ten years we shared. I clearly understood things far better then. It may help her accept the lifemate bond more. I know you will enjoy it. I believe it it will be a highly painful process."

Marcus smirked “you don’t know elena at all, she does not do things half assed Micheal those memories were destroyed and replace, they are gone forever from you and her” he said placing a try of food on the nearby desk “looks like you will have to do things the hard way, I’m sure I’ll get my chance to torture you one day though don’t worry” he said with another cold smirk “I’ll be back I have some dragons to talk to” he said leaving the room.

When he was gone Elena moved slightly, turning on her side, her hair fell and exposed her neck, on her side like this he was able to see the full curves of her body

He gulped. His hand traced her body. He wanted to be with her, but she needed time. What do you want, milady? Deep in your heart, where your light lies, what do you want?

He felt her body move slightly with his hand and her skin grew warm under his touch and he heard her moan slightly in her sleep. Elena moved slightly, her mind was still trying to wake up, her body felt heavy and she was exhausted and wanted more sleep yet something called to her. Her hands gripped what felt like strong shoulders as she pulled herself into his lap unknowingly, she was cold so instinctively she got closer to the warm thing she was holding. There was something comforting about the smell too, like burning firewood in winter. Her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms wrapped around his neck, her head laid on his shoulder as sleep took her once more

Michael held her like that, savoring the feel of her wrapped around him lovingly until Macus came in and returned her to the orb. He watched her for a moment before laying down on a couch. He wanted to be where she could see him should she wake up, but he went in another room so as to not disturb the flow of magic and started to read Elena's notes the test today was bearable but still to painful to concentrate, my skin still burns from it, but I know now I will experience the same pain and injuries as the slave marks master, tomorrow I am to find out what other physical effects there will be, Xavier has given the malinov brothers mastery of the slave mark in order to test it in many forms, why he trust them so much I plan to find out

"Elena... why did this ever happen to you?" he asked the universe. "You deserved a happy childhood, one that didn't force such darkness into your soul."

today is my first day with the brothers, I have been told I will be with kirja first, I will write after of my experience the writing became different, more messy and there was old dried blood all over the page pain pain pain I can still hear his laughter and moans am I this way? is it me that craves it or him? I can't tell anymore....the pain, i need it

"Where was I when this was happening?" he asked. "In classes? Fighting vampires? Why was I not there to save her?"

today is my day with Ruslan, I have had little sleeps, my dreams were plagued with nightmares of yesterday, from what I have heard ruslan prides on mental conquest I must keep my wits about me on such a tired mind the page seems wet, almost like tears had been dropped on it im exhausted beyond what I thought possible, ruslan was like a constant game of chess but with deadly consequences for being conquered, I must go get my finger sowed back on, I can not write well with my right hand

"Elena... it is no wonder you do not trust ancients, like me," he said.

today is my day with maxim, not much is know about him unlike his brothers, I do not know what will happen this page had a bloody hand print on it life and death.....there is no evil

"This is when... It is a good thing Maxim is in the other world or I would kick his ass!" Michael said. "Repentant or not, he didn't deserve a second chance after doing this to you!"

today is Sergey from what I have heard he is no different then Xavier I should be ok This page had only one word on it and it was written in blood master

Michael wanted to burn the book, he knew he was also watching her slow descent into hell, a hell he had to learn about to know how to reach his lifemate. But next was Vadim, and he dreaded what he put his mate through.

Vadim was all that was written at the top, the rest of the page had drops of blood on it newly ancient...I can’t get them was him...I can’t get him out...I feel him moving inside me...someone get him just him...them...all of them....tomorrow it will be all of them

Michael didn't say anything. He growled in anger, but the way he sat, anyone not knowing what he was reading would think the story written there had him on the edge of he seat. But he wanted to burn the world into ashes for allowing such an atrocity to happen to his mate. He still might if something in her journal didn't change.


Meghan woke up and instantly knew something was wrong, she looked over to erik and instead of the indescribable love she always felt when she looked at him it was hate and anger, she wanted to hurt to kill him. The feelings were overwhelming but the thought to harm him was enough to call for him "erik...erik wake up quick" She said moving away from him kill him...kill him now, remember how he let your son die and left you in the cave for so long........he doesn't trust you....he thinks your weak....... she covered her ears

Erik woke up and said, "I'm here. Let's go cleanse your soul, Meghan. The fallen will torture on as pure as you until you... harm yourself."

pure he means weak.....he wants you to go cleanse but yet he didnt and he kept it from you.....see he does not trust you A threatening growl came from her, he had never heard her sound that way before show him your not weak......take him down.....he is the dark one....evil.....untrustworthy......look what he did to Anastasia....he will do the same to you....worse he will break your mind like Anthony did to his lifemate.... She shook her head no its...not true erik would never she said shaking her head really? did he listen to you about River? did he stand up to Anthony? he cares so much about his image remember, a weak lifemate is bad for his image she backed away more until she felt the wall against her back

"Meghan, what's wrong?" he asked cautiously.

"why dont you trust me? Am i really that weak in your eyes?" She asked in a shaken tone

"Meghan, if I did not trust you, I would not be here before you," he said. "We also would not be lifemates. I cleansed my soul completely to save you. If I did not trust you, I would not do that."

"lies! you dont trust me! you didnt listen to me about didnt tell me about the taint! I hate you! just like everyone else you thing im weak! I hate you!" She said launching herself at him, she hit him hard and tackled him to the ground. Her hands went on his throat but the second he could not breath she let go and looked horrified " sorry...Im so sorry...I dont hate you, you know that...I would never hurt...I...I" She got up and ran from the room with inhuman speed and locked her mind from his. She didnt know where to go, she didnt know anyone that could help her and she couldn't be close to Erik. She found herself in front of the room Erik had Ana in when he was torturing her, she went in and locked the door. the torture devices were still there, but in this room she could not use any abilities, she went over to the way and took one of the chain and locked it around both of her wrist and threw the key out of her reach. She sat down on the ground and began to fight with he voices in her mind

Meghan has taint from the other world on her soul and she needs help, Erik said to all available healers. I believe the voices are driving her mad. Counteract their lies with truth. As I am the target for her anger and aggression, she has wisely locked me from her mind and put herself in a safe place. Please, aid my lifemate where I cannot.

Erik it’s Maria she said knowing he would know the name, it was Meghan’s second, the best female healer in Romania. She was like a female version of erik minus the dark magic if your her target then it must be you, you will draw the taint out more and make it easier to destroy, I will aid you the best I can but you must get her out of that room so you can use your abilities and keep your mind shielded from her, I will make sure she can’t use her abilities but I can only do so for so long

Thank you, Erik said, opening the door to the torture chamber. He picked up the key and looked at his distraught mate.

"You don't belong here," he said. "Maria is going to help me. We will aid you. Please, do not hide from me."

She looked up at him and he could instantly tell it was her “Erik I’m cold” she said in a tired tone “I’m sorry I didn’t want you to be burdened by this...if I was stronger I could cleanse myself like you did....”

He unlocked the chains and said, "It isn't about strength, Meghan. I know the ritual for it. You do not. I will help you, but you must want to be cleansed. I wanted to save you, which meant cleansing myself. I wanted to do it. Now, channel your own stubborn will into a soul cleanse." He showed her what to say and do. "You are far stronger than me, Meghan. You can do this."

She shook her head "I can' just a empathy Erik..."

"You have a strong will," he said. "If you didn't, your own feelings would be lost among everyone else's. You know what you feel, and you know it isn't what others feel. Hell, you influence other Carpathians, not the other way around! Mon amour, your ability is so strong, and you don't even know it!"

"say that me the name only you do" she said looking at him

"Mon amour," he said, smiling softly. "Ma petite amour. And you will always be."

She stood up and slowly walked to him, she hugged him “take me out now while I’m still me”

He picked her up, making sure there were no weapons on her person by seductively running his had over her. He carried her out, knowing he would have help.

She kissed his neck softly and seductively and got lost in nuzzling his neck, she felt him get hard against her hip “Erik...” she moaned his name by his ear

"We have little time," he said. "I do not know when the taint will take over, but we must do something. Mon amour, trust me, the taint will hurt you, and is."

"I know but you teased me first and" she was cut off when she groaned in pain "erik I don't feel so good"

He rushed her to the healing chamber and laid her in the soil, saying, "We have to work fast. The taint is already starting to harm her body." He took Meghan's hand. "Don't worry, mon amour. We will save you and the baby."

“Erik.....who....who is “ she didn’t finish when she passed out

"Maria, we have an hour at most before the taint reaches my son," he said. "How fast can you work? Because I need that doubled with triple the care."


River was in her human form and chained to a wall when she woke up, her head was killing her and when she opened her eyes and saw the cave she was in panic set in instantly "No! this cant be!" She said in a scared tone trying to get unchained

It's okay, Draiden said, removing the chain. We didnt want you to do something you would regret. It took all my strength to keep you from harming yourself once here. It was for your safety, as well as mine. It was the only way when you went feral, River.

Still in panic mode she through herself in his arms "you cant be here you cant..." she said holding him to her protectively. Her wings came out and covered him while she held him to her

Dragon lady, we are safe, he said. Breath with me. Let your heart beat follow mine.

"no you cant be here...not here....not here...." she said hugging him tighter "please tell me this is not real...please...I cant be here...I cant" she said shaking in his arms. He knew Elena had helped fix her mind as she slept so that meant this was the real river and he had never felt such fear from her before

What would it take to prove we are safe, River? he asked. To put your fears to rest?

"leave here...we cant be wont survive this place no one does" she said in a shaken tone. Her mind was so overwhelmed he knew he needed to calm her down so she could think straight, but river was naturally stubborn and he knew it would take something drastic to do so

He turned into his dragon and picked her up. He flew her out of the cave fast and held her to him so she was safe, yet she was able to look around. The sun was setting, lighting up the world. There is no danger. It was not the cave you thought it was. We are some place different.

no it was the cave...but it was is it whole again?

He said, I don't know what you mean. I could have sworn we carved that one differently when you and I got there. You attacked me and our battle did that. I don't understand it at all.

thats Xavier’s cave...that where I was made...where I grew up she said looking at it with disbelief and horror wait.....battle? What do you mean?

Well, we picked up some people that could help you walk again, but once we got here, you bit my wing and nearly broke my back leg with your tail. I was still weak from before, when you attacked me before and then defending you from other Carpathians. I know you were not in control of your actions, River. But I would never put you in danger.

put me down...hurry

He sat her down on a cliff and watched her. He stayed in his dragon form, wary of what might happen, but wanting to be supportive all the same.

"I know your there come out and show yourself" she said and not a second later Marcus came from the shadows. The moment she saw him draiden saw her lose hope "wraith...."

Draiden sat next to River, staying in his dragon form. He was suddenly nervous about his decision to save her life, and her legs, by siding with the woman and her friends. He hadn't yet told her the deal he had made. He scratched his neck, hoping she wouldn't notice how it still irritated him.

“Don’t worry little dragon I’m not here to kill you” he said

“I know, I would already be dead if that was the case....what have you don’t to Draiden?”

I'm fine, River, he said, placing his head next to her. Just an itch, nothing more.

“I’ll be sure to let Elena know her bite makes you inch, do you inch for more or just in general “ Marcus said in a dark tone. River growled and moved away from Draiden “you....and the mage” she said with disgust

I wanted to save you, River, he said. I did not know she was one you despised from your memories. But I was desperate and hunters were coming to kill us.

she shook her head "did you sleep with her? of course you did she is always good at laying in her back and you made it very clear you don't want me" she said, Marcus had her by the throat and was holding her over the edge of the cliff "watch your tongue or I'll rip it out"

Draiden roared and used his tail to knock Marcus away from River, while also moving his body to catch her gently. I would never touch another woman in such a way! Where she bit feels like there is a rash! I hated having her anywhere near me, let alone feeding from me so we have our own pathway! I can't properly talk, River! Using telepathy is the only way for me to talk clearly! I still feel her teeth in men and I want to dig them out! That's when she would see that his neck was raw, blood seeping from under the scales. But I can't and it's driving me crazy! I want the feeling to go away because I feel like I've been infected with something!

Marcus forced him out of his dragon form “you have have thirty minutes to get back to the cave or I will tell you betrayed us” he said before disappearing

River looked at him like she was breaking at the sight of him

Draiden went to lay his head next to her when the area Elena had fed from felt like it was on fire. He roared and scratched like crazy until he was forced into his human form. Still, he dug at it with his nails. It won't stop! he said. River, I didn't know I was hurting you by bringing you to them, but you have to get this feeling to go away! Please! It's maddening!

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