Slave/ Taint/ Fire 2

he next entry was almost a half a year later my body is human yet it seems time feels lost to me, I now know why my uncle trusted the brothers with me, even I know it was to condition me and it worked and to be honest I wouldn’t change it. I find my life is easier living this way, but it’s not for the lessons of the brothers I am grateful for but how my mind changed from them. I saw him today and I know if my mind was still the same as before I would have done something to get us both killed. The brothers now get to have there weeks with me so I am rarely here which is good, every week I go to a new brother but Marcus has promised to look after him while I’m away, I don’t know what I would do without Marcus now, it took years for us to bond like this but I know now without each other we both would have died long ago, I turned sixteen yesterday so Marcus tells me, I don’t remember my birthday anymore but he has always remembered things he felt were important, for my birthday he gave me something no one else has....a name is Elena...he says names are important and that there is power in having a name, I don’t understand but I trust him, tonight I go to Kirja but vadim and Sergey have made it clear he is not to harm me to the point that the children growing inside me are harmed...but kirja I know to well and I know what is to come.......

"Elena..." Michael said, wanting to weep. "Why did you get hurt this way. I would change everything if it meant sparing you."

He felt Elena's presence meaning she was waking up

He looked at her. He didn't bother hiding the book. She would find out eventually and she had enough things hidden from her. He would not add to it.

The orb set her down on the pillows and she groaned, she turned on her side her back and ass faced him, in the candle light it was like her skin was glowing, he had o admit she looked a lot healthier then before, she stretched slightly, her back arching and her hands going above her head, the position was submissive and hot as hell

"Elena," he called out to her.

She moaned and slowly sat up, her breast swaying as she did, with one eye opened she looked at him, he could tell she was not fully awake yet. She held out her arms towards him like she was asking for a hug

He went to her and helped her to stand. He looked at her, not sure what to put on her, even if he wanted her in clothes. He wanted to make love to her, but... no, that was too soon and she still had much healing to do.

She swayed slightly and blink sleepily, she really was alluring, Xavier made her to perfection for every purpose. She leaned into him, her head rested near his neck "your warm..." she said in a low tone "warm flame" she said using the nickname from the memory. Something deep inside of him started to stir

He wrapped his arms around her. He couldn't remember what he used to call her, and the term "mistress" seemed inappropriate. The only thing that came to mind was the meaning of her name: shining light, bright one.

"My shining light," he said, burying his face in her hair.

She smelled like wild flowers from the mountains, he felt her relax in his arms, it was not until he felt her full body weight against him did he realize she fell asleep in his arms

"Elena," he said as he laid on the pillows with her in his arms. "We have a long way to go, don't we?"

She felt light on top of him as she slept, her body was cool in temperature compared to his. She mumbled something he couldn't hear and the next thing he knew both of them were floating in mid air about the orb. He felt warmth spread through him, he felt lighter then air as a calmness set it He felt like he was surrounded by Elena presence no it was more then that, like he was surround by her very energy you shouldn't be in'll disturb the balance of the orb it was Elena's voice but she remained asleep in his arms so he knew it could not be her

I did not mean to come here, he said. As soon as I called you my shining light, it took me inside. Normally, you would float away from me or Marcus when it was time for you to come in here, but this time...

then that must mean its time, I have balanced the power levels between you two but Elena's chaotic mind is making it difficult to balance the level between you and your children, you need to get her mind to relax or the next time you draw from her you risk the chance of killing the children inside her.

I was not meaning to do this, he said. I just... Look, I am doing my best, but it is hard when I cannot seem to even making it headway without stepping on a landmine at every turn, no matter what I do!

if you are in here with her it means you are the only one able to help her at this time, turn her over into a submissive position and enter her, I need your bodies one, but be warned it will be intense, elena's soul has long been unbalanced because her other half had not appeared, not that you have this can finally be done, or did you not realized elena's soul had been split in three?

Three?! I only knew of two! he said in shock.

you have the third, it is time for the part you have to be reunited with Elena, are you ready?

You mean, my soul itself is the third piece? he asked, holding Elena to him.Or that her half of our combined soul was cut into thirds? I will help either way, but I would like to know what is going on with my lifemate.

that is for Elena to tell you, i dont not know how, I just know that a part of her soul is being used with magic on you and has been with you for many years, time is running out, make your decision

Michael growled and moved Elena so that he could enter her from behind. It was then he noticed that neither of them were wearing clothes. Despite being passed out, she moaned and gripped him tightly. If she had been awake, there would have been no doubt she would have enjoyed what he was doing. He was going hard, and deep, and rough, and hitting every sensitive spot as he drove towards the back of her core, to her soul.

He felt a strong power stir inside him, the air became warmer as Elena's cries grew louder, he felt her waking up quickly "micheal!" She cried out his name "dont....I dont want it back!" She said starting to fight his hold make her submit or this binding will fail

"Elena, it is the only way," he said before he let go of all reason, pinning her in the submissive with his teeth and holding her hips still for his invasion.

Each thrust was filled with love, but also dominance. He was taking her as he pleased, but ensuring her pleasure above his own. He growled when she tightened around him as she came, but he did not stop. She had to be completely submissive. That meant driving her crazy as he kept moving with strong, sure thrusts. Besides, he had not found home yet.


“I will do my best but this is new to both of us erik, it’s not natural for someone to physical be effected by the taint”

"Meghan is more light than dark," Erik explained. "So much in the light, darkness can easily break her. The taint, residue from those who refuse to repent, destroy souls like hers. If it were to save lives, she would make the ultimate sacrifice willingly where others would hesitate. So, when the taint takes hold of one such as Meghan, it destroys them knowing they can save the ones who are dying. Once I am done with her training, she will be able to do more than I ever could. In a way, she is what dying humans call the Light."

"Erik I've never heard of such a thing...i will keep her sedated you get rid of the taint but we must talk after"

He nodded. He began chanting, his hands taking on a strange effect as they moved over Meghan. Maria watched him, fascinated. It took all of 15 minutes, but the power in the room was instantaneous. Erik seemed to burn, Meghan emanated cold, but Maria noticed that the cold was receding. She also noticed that Erik grew weaker, but the taint didn't stick to him as it would have in other cleansings. He was destroying it completely.

When it was done, he sat back and said, "We have to let her rest. It was a fight, but her soul is clean. It is now up to her if she battles the effects or succumbs to them. But I know she is strong and will come back as the woman I love."

"start talking, I can not heal what I do not know and you confused me earlier" Maria said

"Like I said, Meghan is what dying humans call the Light, a beacon towards the other world," he said. "Once we go to rest, she will guide people to the Tree of Light. I know it sounds strange, but a woman in the other world told me that's how it works. The taint is the ashes of those that not even hell would accept, what we call the taint. They are the most evil of beings. When my mother destroyed Xavier, he became part of the taint. In essence, he is the taint. Because he had put a sliver of himself in my father before death, he could not completely die, but he could not live either. He could not be accepted by hell, and his soul should have been completely destroyed but was not. It took a long time, but his remains in the other world met up with the shard and created the taint in the other world. I, and few others, used that taint to hid our light, a sign of life, so we would be better protected from the fallen on the other side. Meghan is the opposite of Xavier, she is wholly of the light and that is what Xavier wanted to destroy, so the taint tries to destroy her before she can rest in the other world. If he had not left the sliver in my father, there would be no taint, but that simple act to get back at my mother created this cloud of miasma in the other world. Meghan can destroy it better than I can. It took a lot of fight, but I freed her. However, the taint will have effected her mind. If she succumbs to it, it will decades before she can be the mistress of the caves again, but she is so strong, strong than I. She will defeat the hold of the taint."

"this is a lot to process...what if that woman was lying or what if you have the wrong information...this is a lot to try and figure out and im worried megahn wont have the time for us to do so" She said "ill leave you two alone while I go see what I can find on the information you have given me" She said leaving the room

He watched and waited. He knew that there was very little information on the other world. Maria didn't understand the level of purity the woman and Meghan exude. They are terrible liars. And there is no way to fake that either. He took his lifemate's hand. He could not help her, though he desperately wanted to. She had to come back on her own, healed or broken, but it was her choice.

He felt her hand squeeze his about an hour later and he felt her mind brush his as she started to come too "erik..." she said his name in a low tone, her eyes still had yet to open

"Meghan," he said, love dripping off of him. "How are you feeling?"

Slowly her eyes opened, her bright green eyes seemed tired as the slowly looked at him, her hand gripped his tighter "im.....sorry" she said in a sincere tone

"For what, mon amour?" he asked.

"for saying those hurtful things and hurting you...I didnt mean them I swear" She said and a tear fell from her eye

"I know, Meghan," he said, wiping away her tears. "We have been together for only a short time, but I know you would never hurt me or say such things of your own free will. The taint caused your insecurities to come to the forefront. It brings our strongest, most hidden emotions out in us when built up too much. You had quite a lot of taint on you, but it would not have taken much to do so. You are such a bright light, so pure, that it effects you more strongly. But you fought the effects of it after the cleansing and came back as you. I am so proud and humbled by you, mon amour."

"does that mean i did feel that way?" she asked in a sad tone

"On some level, at one point in time, yes," he said. "However, we all have doubts at times. That's normal. Do not feel upset, mon amour. I know you still feel you are weak compared to me, but you made it out of this experienced more intact than any other. I believe my mother spent about three months in the caves after her cleansing, and you should only take three days here."

His face fell at the mention of his mother. But it was true. Anya was the first to discover the taint and the cause of it. Because it was new, no one knew how to combat it and she had a real fight. Thanks to her, many people had been saved, but Meghan was astonishing even with this. No one should have their mind this intact after such a battle, but she did. She had strength of will, heart, and soul. All the best kinds of strengths.

She held out her arms "come here" she said

He hugged her to him, needing the comfort. Thank you, mon amour, for being far stronger than any other, he said, meaning every word.

"Erik I..." She jumped slightly and made a little surprised sound, before he could say anything she placed his hand on her stomach, after a moment he felt the baby move beneath his hand

"He is okay," said Erik after checking on the baby. "The taint hadn't had time to reach your womb. We acted fast enough. His development is right on schedule. Don't worry. I'm taking every precaution to ensure his safety. I will not fail you again."

She touched his face "erik I was not worried..I did this because he asked for you" She said in a soft tone

"See, strong like his mother," Erik said with a smile. "Now, is there anything else you need before you go to rest?"

He could see Meghan's lips moving like she was talking yet he could not hear her voice, the babies mind touched his, he was scared, very scared, erik was hearing what he was hearing, it sounded like something was moving around him, erik felt something brush up against his arm yet he knew it was the baby that felt something brush up against his arm

Erik put his hand over Meghan's mouth, saying, "Mon amour, the baby is fine, and safe. However, our fils infantile is not alone. I need you to shine your light on our son. He will be fine, but whatever is in your womb with him will be sent back to the other world where it belongs. Can you do this? Fill him with your light and love?"


“Why should I help” but she was already walking towards him, she pulled him down towards her by his hair making pleasure shoot through him. Her tongue ran over the area, healing the scratching and calming the burn, when it was all healed and he felt better and he thought she was done she surprised him by biting deep in the same spot Elena had

Draiden gasped. Need and desire shot through him strongly. When she pulled back, he hugged her to him, saying, You walked, River! You are alive and you can walk!

Draiden I need to close the bite you moved to soon" she said in a uncomfortable tone

He nodded and exposed his neck for her. He wanted to cry. Things were finally looking up.

Her tongue ran over his skin and then down his back were the blood had left a trail, her tongue felt like fire on his skin

"R-R-R-River," he said, unable to think. "I-I-I love y-y-you."

Still at his back her hand came around to his throat, he felt a heat cover his throat. When her hand dropped his throat was completely healed but she was still licking his back, he could feel her fangs grazing his skin

He gasped, growing hard with need. He wanted to hold River to him.

She lowered them both to the ground so he was on his stomach and she was still at his back, she slowly made her way back up and when she got to his neck she licked up the right side of it until she nibbled his ear

"River..." he said breathlessly.

She kissed down his neck and bit into his shoulder in a submissive way like she was claiming dominance over him ill ask one more time...did you sleep with her

"No," he said sincerely. "It was enough to cause me to have some sort of reaction to her feeding. Sleeping with her? I would be a pile completely covered in scars if that had happened. New skin would be just as irritated and raw as the one area she bit. I think I'm allergic to other women."

She bit down harder but it didn't hurt, instead it sent fire through his veins, he could tell she was searching his mind and using his memories to catch her up on everything that has happened, she went as far back as the cave and her torture, he fell her wince but she kept watching like she was searching for something. After a moment she closed the bite but left her mark "never again will you let her touch you..." SHe said backing away from him. Her legs were wobbly, over the months she had lost a lot of muscle in them, her legs gave out on her just as he stood up

He caught her and said, "Trust me, I didn't plan on it. Hey... um... in your search, did you happen to see if she did anything to cause that reaction? Because it didn't seem normal to me, to feel so itchy. I know I joked about being allergic to other women, but if she put something inside of me that could harm you in any way, from something small like a paper cut or to use me to control you, we have to get rid of it now. I will not be the cause of your suffering ever again."

"I did not see anything but i will look more deeper soon.....but there is a bigger problem right now" She said looking down between them, he had rushed to catch her so fast his erection now was between her legs and up against her core, his tip was at her entrance and one wrong move and he would be inside her

He smiled. "Would that really bother you?"

She did not look amused "Draiden after every......" she began but her left knee buckled and the jerking made him go deep inside her and she cried out

He gasped with her. It was so sudden that he was just as shocked as she was when it happened.

Her nails dug into his chest as she tried to steady her breathing, her core was tight and hot, he felt her juices flowing down his shaft

"River," he said, shaking with an effort to stay still, "I was joking before, but if you do not move back or do something, I will not be able to control myself much longer and will need to make love to you."

"im....not ready draidan...not after the cave but....the thought that she touched you..." She said in a shaking tone "I want to mark you....i want my scent all over you....I want you to moan my name.....all these urges I have despite the cave"

He nodded and said, "Do what you need to do, River. I will not stop you. If you need this, then so be it, but if we need to wait while you mark me as only you can, we can do that as well. But I'm never letting another woman touch me ever again if I have reactions to them. Seriously."

"about that....dont do anything stupid after I tell you this but....that was me....the reason you had that reaction from her...or any feamle is because of me" she said slowly trying to move off of him "I didnt trust you to stay loyal in the beginning....I didn't think you would accept me so one night when you went to sleep first..." she looked up and instantly knew she was in trouble by the fire in his eyes, she felt him grow bigger inside her and she gasped "now ...wait a minute"

"No, now I think I need to make you reflect on your actions," he said, a sly smile as he began moving in her slowly. "You obviously did this when we first met, and I hadn't earned your trust yet. However, you did not remove it. How could I not be loyal to the most amazing woman in the world." He groaned when she gripped him. "It feels like forever since we really made love, River. It was either to save me, or me being controlled. I think I've found a weak link in our chain, but allow me to make up for it now."

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