Slave/ Fire

stop! Your fire can’t destroy the things in this room! because of the flames he couldn’t see her but he suddenly felt her arms wrap around him even as his flames burned. He felt a coolness against his skin where she touched

He started to breath. The flames slowly died down and he looked at her.

"That bitch is going to pay," he said. "I could have woken you up, and we could have worked through everything. Hell, I would not have made as many fucking mistakes as I have. She used my knowledge against me, she stole from me, and kept us apart for another century." He took her hand. "I swear, I will make this right. First things first, finding that woman and ending her life." He smiled at Elena. "I will need help with that. I am sure you want to get some pent up anger out. She can be the punching bag."

She glared at him and moved away “I’m in not condition to do anything but lose my mind thanks to you realize that you have taken a risk of falling right? If the darkness in my soul and the taint spreads to the part of my soul you gave back I will be more dark then light and therefore unfit to be a lifemate and you will fall. I gave it to you to help you escape and to help me, it was yours to begin with anyways so your kinds says. As long as some part of my soul stayed pure then no matter what I was forced to do I knew I could keep balanced, the innocent Elena you first met was not the part of my soul that was light but a cleansed part of my dark soul, when you reunited my dark soul with me that part vanished and became dark once more, you better hope that the part you gave back stays pure or we will both be wishing the sun to scorch us” she said poking his chest “and put some clothes on and by the way you seemed to be enjoying her riding you in your memory so don’t act like what she did was all bad after all your a big male, it must be so easy for you to just fuck whoever.....”

"Elena, I had no emotions to enjoy it, and watching it play out made me sick!" he said. "Also, no, it won't turn completely black because you are strong and won't succumb. Hell, you have learned how to kill from the Malinovs, but if you truly submitted to them, you wouldn't have have saved me, or cried upon seeing me. Elena, giving your light to me didn't mean a thing without you there. It was a part of you I carried, yes, but it could not fill me, not fully save me but only help delay my mind's deterioration. That woman was not you. Even when you are pissed at me, you still send emotions through me that I have no hope of controlling and I like it. I welcome the change. Elena, I was enamored with you in that cave, and made a mistake. That is when she got me. I saw only you, my shining light."

“How did you....” she looked around the room and saw the book in the chair “I’m going to kill him” she said, her cheeks going red with anger and she headed towards the door “he had no right to give you my journal!”

"I would have found out eventually," he said. "Elena, you don't need your half of our shared soul to be broken up anymore. Xavier is little more than dust in the other world, Xaviero is still in the realm of the fallen over there, and we have Xayvion in you dungeon. Our enemy has fallen, and we live. Victory to goes to us, sívamet - my heart. Though, I am still having trouble remembering the cute nickname I called you." He saw her face turn red. "It couldn't have been 'my shining light', though you are. And it must be embarrassing if you are blushing such a deep crimson."

“I am angry, not blushing and another thing she said turning back towards him. He was shocked to see she was crying yet her face looked angry “you don’t know what my time with the brothers taught me, but if you cross the line again I will show you” she said in a threatening tone. She felt dirty, her emotions were going haywire and she felt the taint spreading. The worst part for her is she could not be cleansed and she feared she was going to not make it through the night and would lose herself

"Elena, what is wrong?" he asked, putting his hands on her shoulders. "When you got upset we would always spar and talk it out." He smiled, seeing her look at him and knowing he finally got something right. "I am willing to help keep you from losing yourself, if that has you worried, but not by taking the light of your soul. You can't fulfill your true potential broken apart like that, and you know it. What if I say the binding words again, now that your soul is in one piece? Then, we can fight it together."

“Did it ever cross your mind I never wanted to be bound to you? Your the Phoenix's my fathers number one student and later his enemy, but me? I’m his daughter...his creations the worst creation he made, for years you killed off anything that had to do with Xavier why should I be any different, I am the most monstrous creation he had. We were never meant to be and we still aren’t” she said stepping back from him “I’ll admit I cried on the battlefield for a childish reason that I long ago gave up on, but you are a male of old and I....I’m not even of your kind, I a, something thrown together in a cave to do very bad things, and I want to do very bad things...I want to kill, I want to make the ground turn red once more...I want to hear the screams of those...” as she talked he saw her eyes start to turn red and he knew she was becoming unbalanced and that the taint was spreading

"It's okay, Elena," he said. "Hunters do those things every time they fight the vampire and other enemies. It is a matter of focusing your desire onto those who deserve it, and to leave the innocent alone. If they mean us no harm, we protect them and weed out those of their kind that aim to kill us. You already have the skill to be a great hunter. Focus on those who have a depraved soul. You can do that, right? And it wouldn't be mindless killing either. It would be justice. You can hunt down the fallen, I will get the innocent out. We can do that, right? Focus your need to hunt on those who deserve it?"

“No one is innocent” she said in a serious tone “and you do not know the pleasure of hearing them beg...vampires don’t beg...but humans” she said closing her eyes “it’s so easy to make one others deem innocent to turn darker then any vampire...I have mad mothers kill their own children....lovers mutilate each other with betrayal, it became to easy...but” she said opening her eyes which were now more read “to take something like Lifemates...bonded at the soul...” she said walking towards him “and break them...that was satisfying, to prove to them that all of what they know was a watch them realize just how fragile that bond is right before I turn them to ash that is what I want to hunt and that is why I don’t believe in your so called bond” she said in a dark tone. She placed her hand over his heart on her chest “you.....I will enjoy torturing the have your own lifemate not only reject you but do the things I am going to do to you...” she said meeting his gaze “I am going to make you suffer more then you ever thought possible “ she said in a very dark tone

"I have suffered for the last two millennia, Elena," he said. "You got to dream, I lived a nightmare. But now, if I must be a monster, at least I will do so to save you." He looked at her, his eyes seeming to glow as he stood toe to toe, his will stronger than ever. "You will fight the taint, Elena. Our bond is stronger than any lifemate bond alone. Both of us forged in the fires of hell, though different, shaped us. I desire you to be whole so that I may finally claim my lifemate. So you will fight the taint, do you hear me?"

Elena cried out and grabbed the back of her neck, she dropped to the ground and arched her back gasping, Micheal felt a rush of power pulse through him unlike anything he had ever felt before. He felt Elena’s presence fill him completely, her mind was completely open to him on a whole knew level. As she cried out she started to chant what he knew to be a grounding spell, mages used it like a form of meditation to keep their soul balanced after magic use. Micheal felt like he was high on power but more then that the way he was able to feel Elena now was more intimate then he thought possible, it was like their lifemate bond was amplified. He could feel her very soul without trying, he could feel the muscles in her body, the flow of her blood, nothing was hidden from him

"Elena, you cannot be built solely for evil," he continued. "If that were true, we would not be lifemates. On some level, you know this, but you refused to give into that 'childish dream'. Now is the time to embrace it, with a few changes. Rely on me to help you. I will show you a truth the Malinovs refused to see. There are innocent people out there who need us to protect them. Our children are innocent. Find a balance between your darkness built by evil and the natural light of your soul. You can do it, and you will become a greater hunter than even Ivory. You can do this. I have faith in you, now believe in the dream of being lifemates with me."

“Stop!” She cried out “don’t force me to accept you and be something I’m not!” She yelled. She suddenly arched and screamed in pain as an unbearable pain shot through her. He could see the slave mark on her neck glowing with his Phoenix fire. It was then he realized the punishment for her disobey her masters will was dependent on the master, for him she felt like his fire was coursing through her body, burning her alive from the inside.

"Elena, it will be fine," he said, reaching for her. "The dream is there, deep in your heart and mind. Just embrace it. Work towards that goal with me."

The moment he touched her he felt how hot her body was, it was almost as if she had a high fever. Marcus burst through the door and without hesitation punched Micheal so hard in the face he fell to the ground “you ask her to be yours while you stand here torturing her!” He growled picking Elena up “go greet the sun you worthless piece of...” but he stopped when Elena went still. He looked down at her and saw she had passed out from the pain and that there was blood between her legs. Without another word he disappeared with her in his arms

Michael followed after, still with Elena and said, "Marcus, what is going on? Will she and the children be okay? I just... Damn it all! She and I need to get on the same page, and the best way to do that is to come together as lifemates and share each other's minds. When you find your woman, you will understand. Until then, don't you dare lecture me. Just tell me what to do to protect her and the children."

“You have done enough, leave, why don’t you go back to your old room with any luck maybe it will change you back into the man you use to be at least then you weren’t this stupid “ he said laying her on a table made of natural stone

He grabbed Marcus by the throat and said, "She is my lifemate, and I will save her. Or did you forget that until she releases you, you are bound by the same mark?"

He didn't know where that knowledge came from, but he knew it was true. It wasn't near as strong as with Elena, but Marcus was tied to Elena enough to have about 5% of the mark's effect on him.

Something dark grew in marcus’s eyes and Micheal had to admit by his own right this man was intimidating “go ahead and try little bird and I’ll show you a new kind of pain” he said in a dark tone. When Micheal didn’t say anything Marcus grabbed his wrist so hard it made him let go of his throat “you claim she is your lifemate yet you waste time with empty threats why she suffers over are no lifemate you a acting like a boy going through puberty and I don’t have time to babysit you and Elena does not have the time for you to keep making her suffer by your idiotic decision “ he said before teleporting him to his room using his shadows.

Michael growled and said, "This isn't over, Marcus! She and I will work on becoming lifemates! Fate has decided that, and you will not get in the way. I need help, and you are refusing! She needs it just as much as I do! If our souls aren't bound, it could mean we both lose someone important to us!"

There was no answer but Micheal knew he was warded in his room. It had no changed all his books and items remained intact, it was like he never left. Yet he felt like the more he looked around the more a memory he had forgotten was trying to emerge in his mind. When he looked at his bed for a moment the image of Elena naked in his sheets flashed in his mind, when he grabbed ahold of the memory it painfully fully emerged, he couldn’t remember when this happened but he knew it did when he was still a student of Xavier’s. While Elena laid naked in his bed he was at his desk writing something in one of his books but the memory was to fuzzy to make out what it was. When he finished writing he closed the book and went over to the bed where she was, his hands began to trace her body and he heard her moan softly, it was very clear we’re this was going when the memory ended.

She shook her head “I can’t be this broken....not here....Draiden I need you to make the memories distant so I can function....I won’t be able to trust you and work with you otherwise, logically I know it was not you but there is a big part of me that says if you really were my lifemate you would have been able to fight it...that you would have been able to hurt me like that...” she said looking away from him hugging her knees to her chest

"I will distance the memories," he said. "They will be there, and you can analyze them when you feel ready. You should feel warmth and nothing more, but you tell me if it starts to feel uncomfortable."

He knelt next to her and began working. He knew he couldn't remove them. The pain was etched into River's soul. But he made them distant enough that she could push them away if the crept in uninvited.

"It is done," he said after a while. "So, I will meet with Elena tomorrow after sun down. Do you think my plan is solid? Or do you have any ideas on how it can be improved? Because there is no way she won't want to use a Dragonseeker against the other Carpathians. After you, I'm the strongest, after all. Second best can still be devastating."

She looked at him “why do you think you are second to me?” She asked in a shaking tone as she tried to organize her thoughts

"You are stronger, faster, and can use magic," he said. "And you fight better, despite me being older. River, you had to teach me how to be a true dragon, when it should have been natural despite my past. You are beautiful and gave us a son despite your fears. With all of this, and more, how could I not be lesser than you?"

“Because I would not be with someone lesser....I felt as if you were my equal....someone to stand beside me but....” she pushed back the memories that tried once more to consume her “I need to think of a plan....” she said getting up and starting to pace. She was feeling caged and it was overwhelming her

"That goes to show that my view of me is very different from your view," he said. "But, as you know the Red Mage better than I, you take lead. My plan sounded good to me, but you have pointed out that she won't easily fall for it."

River tossed her hair to one side out of frustration, exposing her neck to him, his dragon roared at the submissive act

"River," he said, swallowing hard, "if you do that, I might not..."

She was lost in thought and didn’t hear him, she growled and leaned over a desk looking at the old writings on it, it was then she realized she was in her old room, she didn’t notice before because of everything going on but this was definitely her desk. Her back was to Draiden and the way she leaned over the desk made his dragon lose himself to the need to dominate.

He was suddenly behind her and said, "Dragon lady, you are tempting me and I am not strong enough to hold back much longer."

“What are you talking...” she started to straighten up and felt the heat from his body ass her ass brushed his groan, she instantly stopped moving. She was suddenly very aware of how large he was compared to her, he really was a true predator whether he realized it or not, he heard her heart began to quicken and he saw her hands grip the desk. Her back flexed in a way that let him know she was fighting the need to act submissive, letting him know she felt the dominance coming from him. Slowly she lowered herself back down on the desk with a low growl of defiance

He kissed her neck and said, "River, are you challenging me? Because if you still aren't ready, I need to know now before there is no going back."

His voice in her ear and his body pinning her to the desk made her let out her breath with a soft moan “it’ my natural to challenge someone stronger then me....” she said in a breathless tone “I don’t know what happened to you since my mind was broken have grown” she said as the scent of her arousal filled his nose. Seeing her this way did make him feel a strong dominant power that was new to him. He didn’t think he was able to feel this way and so in control because of his past but after harming river in the caves he couldn’t deny something in him changed.

He spanked her before rubbing her has to sooth any pain, saying, "Perhaps I just have more knowledge than before, allowing me to mature and know what I truly want. I love you this way, River. My dragon lady. Life any other way would be hell."

River couldn’t believe the change, back at the cave he had forced her into submission in cruel ways and he gave off a cold and distant feeling then and over the years many people had tried to dominate her and control her but this was unlike any Ty’s he had ever felt. She could feel the heat and dominance radiating from him. He thought himself weaker then her but she had always know that if He realized his full potential he would easily be stronger then her and could dominate her. She needed to stop him before that happened because she was not going to go down without a fight. She growled again and went to sit up “Draiden...” she said in a warning tone

His hands were are on either side of her head as he said, "River, are you trying to tempt me to take you here? Behind enemy lines?"

The way he said that sent a tingle up her spine. She could feel the heat of his body as it pressed up against her, trapping her at the desk “you were the one to challenge me first Draiden....Though you should have known better” she said and didn’t like how instead of sounding intimidating she sounded like she was trying not to moan

He began kissing her neck. You don't sound very convincing.

She felt the air leave her lungs as his lips touched her neck “Draiden...If you don’t stop I’ll....”

Grow wetter? he asked as one hand drifted down to find her dripping core.

She made a gasping sound, river never throat of herself as someone that was turned on by dangerous situations but so help her this man was making her feel just that “that’s not....I don’t...” she stammered gripping the desk harder

His fingers entered her and began moving at an agonizing pace. You body says it wants me, he said.

Her breath left her and her arms started to threaten to give out on her her, if that happened she knew there would be going back, if she laid fully down on this desk she knew such a submissive position would set him off to the point she would not be able to gain dominance again from him “that’s because.....your touching’s a natural response...who said you could touch me....your getting cocky” she said

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