Slave/ Fire 2

Michael went to his desk. The room held many memories, but he couldn't seem to remember any of them accurately. Some were so scattered, he didn't know if they were real or imaginary. He sat down and opened his notebook. The place to start was where he had kept notes. He started reading.

Im starting to think Xavier is not the man I thought him to be, my doubt in him grows stronger with each day that passes, I have a suspicion that my memory might be being played with, tonight I will use a memory orb to find out for sure, only true memories can be stored in one and I will hide it in my secret place

"This was before I met Elena," he said. "I remember that I had suspicions about Xavier, and rather than... Yes, this entry says that I planned to make sure, but if my suspicions were correct even a little, I would kill him and save my people much grief."

He continued to read.

tonight I will see if my suspicions are true or not, I have already used the memory orb just in case my mind gets played with after I confront him, I want no surprises from him. I also the writing stops there but a memory tells him why. There was a knock on his door as he was in the middle of writing this. He remembered getting up and opening his door to find Elena there but he didn't know it was her at the time, something was off about her, he had never seen her before like this and she did not look like the red mage but herself, blonde and perfect with her blue eyes looking like they could see his soul "can I help you?" Micheal asked yet he felt something deep inside him stir. She was wearing a a revealing red dress that had a orange phoenix on the side of it "maybe we can help each other..." she said in a soft tone tat made him shiver. The memory ended as he let her into his room

"We talked for hours after I kissed her and she punched me," he said with a smile. "I explained the lifemate bond and what it meant. We never got around to the real meaning of her visit because we debated the true strength and meaning of that bond."

When he turned the next page it started like a normal writing, like he went back to studying xavier taught me a conjuring spell today, it was to conjure a specific item if it had a special rune on it, it is a useful spell to conjure things important at a far distance, though I have found the further away the item is the more energy it takes When he kept flipping through the pages there was nothing about is questioning loyalty to Xavier, it was almost as he had completely forgotten all about it. He glanced over at his bed again and once more the image of a naked Elena spread out in his bed filled his mind

"Elena, if I didn't know any better, I would say you manipulated me," he said, turning the page.

To his surprise he found a flower pressed in the pages, it was bright red and orange and he knew magic surrounded it, it was called a Phoenix flower, when he touched it it burst into flames but it didn’t burn it became flame

"We found a field of these," he said, watching the flames. "She walked through them. My heart was in my throat as she sent a wave of flames through the field. She was an angel of destruction, a flame of vengeance. My..." he sighed. "I still can't remember what I called her. I know I called her a mage, but it wasn't red, or flame, or anything that could be seen as evil. She looked shocked, there among the harmless flames of the flowers, when I called her this. She never expected anyone to see her as anything but dark, but I saw her light. She is my shining light, but what did I call her?"

come back to bed he heard her voice like she was there in the room and once more he saw her in his bed. He got up from his desk and walked over to his bed like she was really there, he sat down on the edge just like in his memory, she smiled up at him and placed her hand on his, it was like she really was there, he could feel her touch lay with me

And how will I explain to teacher that my studies are lacking? he asked with a smile, tracing her body with his finger before ending up at her core, his finger massaging those pink, feminine lips. That a flame brighter than mine took hold and refused to let me go? How will that look, salvator înger- angelic savior. He kissed her forehead. You know you are, right? Despite us being unable to perform the binding ritual due to enemies around us, you are my salvator înger. I know you don't like me calling you that, but it is the truth. I see your light, Elena, as only I can. One day, when this threat isn't hanging over us like a guillotine, I would like to claim you as my lifemate. Until then... he blanketed her body, suddenly naked, and slowly entered her, I'll just make love to you every night, a promise of what will await you when we break his hold over you.

micheal....there something I must tell you....I’m the door to his room suddenly burst open, there stood Xavier, Elena looked horrified and tried to moved from underneath Micheal father! micheal was shocked father? he said just as the memory ended

Michael ran back to his book, asking, "What happened next?! I have to know! It's important!" He began reading but stopped. "Wait... Xavier took Elena away. I tried to act normal, but I wanted to kill him. He glared at me and locked me in the room as ice colder than anything I had ever felt slowly covered the walls and door. If I touched it, it hurt. I kept trying to contact Elena, to see if she was okay, to know she wasn't being hurt. When I didn't get an answer, I let my Phoenix Fire loose. After that..." He went back to reading. "I know I tried to save her, but Xavier knew of my plans. Elena had been forced to tell him because of the slave mark."

He remembered everyone telling him that the red mage had killed Elena, it was then he learn xavier’s true colors, that all along he had been working with the red mage when he had been telling the Carpathians he had been working against her. Because they never bonded he could not tell it was true if Elena was dead or not. Now he knew why she had kept him hidden from Xavier for those ten years. The timeline was adding up, she came to him while he was still a student, after Xavier found out about his betrayal and caught them the red mage was sent to kill him but instead kept him alive in secret, he remember it took years for him to figure out she was actually Elena. When the Carpathians attacked Xavier and the battle began and she replaced his memories with torture, he had forgotten it all, it was years later he met her as the red mage on the battlefield when he was in the process of hunting down Xavier and his creations with the other Carpathians. He now understood why she cried then, she had lost him twice already and in that moment she was forced to lose him again i can’t go through that again! her voice cried in his head, he understood what she meant now when she cried that during the ritual with the orb

Michael punched the wall. You won't. I refuse to let this happen again, Elena. I know I have not acted the same way I did before, like your flame, but I swear on my soul, salvator înger, I will make this right. We were close to removing the slave mark once. I'll look through my journals and see if I can't find those notes. You just work on balancing your soul, okay? And... I'm sorry. Since finding you again, I've acted no better than Antony. When this is over, we will remove the mark and start over.[i] He smiled as a bit of what Marcus was ranting about entered his head through her. Well, after Marcus tries to kick my ass. I think I pissed him off.[/i]

He felt a pain in his chest and realized it was not his but hers, she was having trouble breathing elena breath for me, I need you to breath love he heard Marcus’s voice damnit woman after everything we have been through you are not allowed to leave me like this! Now breath Marcus growled turn her on her stomach and and hold her head still it can’t wait any longer Marcus said to someone what about the children? he recognized the alphas voice without her there are no children anyways, because of that man child who activated the slave mark her human body is dying if we don’t turn her now she will not last the night he said and the alpha growled so be it but I don’t understand Xavier always had the slave mark on her why is it killing her now? asked the alpha because Xavier made it so if her lifemate ever claimed her it would kill her, why do you think she broke her ties with Micheal in the first place? She knew if the ever bonded and he fully activated the slave mark that it would be a death sentence to both of them, she would die and Micheal would fall he said now undress her if I don’t do this right the slave mark will kill her before she could even go through the conversion

Michael began searching his journals. He couldn't find what he was looking for. Panic, guilt, anger, it was all crashing down on him. He hadn't remembered. He didn't know at the time, but that didn't absolve him of the crime he committed against her. The slave mark prevented her from telling him because Xavier didn't want him to know, but she had tried to tell him, tried to keep him from doing it. He was the world's biggest idiot! Marcus, there was a journal that held everything she and I knew about the slave mark, Michael said, not even bothering to hide his growing worry and fear. I kept it in my room. She didn't want Xavier to find out we were working on breaking the spell of the mark, so I always had it. It was nondescript looking with a worn leather cover, but anyone looking at it with even an iota of mage in their blood would feel the power coming from it. She and I protected it, but I can't find it. It should have called to me, but it does not seem to be here. Did she move it? We had only one or two things left to do to break the spell, but it was all in that book.

she destroyed before Xavier had your room raided, she said it was pointless now, though you do not deserve it in anyway but I know it will hurt her less physical because your blood is already in her, you have less then a minute to get here and finish the conversation or I will do it for you

Michael didn't waste anytime. He ran from the room and went to her. He tore open his wrist and put it to her mouth. When she took enough, he closed the wound and bit into her neck. He didn't have time. He had to not only help Elena through the conversion, but now needed to aid the children as well, if they weren't already dead. I need everyone from the pack in here, he said. I'm going to have you monitor the children, Marcus. I will keep Elena alive. The pack will have to help take on some of the pain the four of them will be going through. The less pain they feel, the better. I will fight to keep Elena's mind intact. You need to keep the children safe. When the convulsions get to their greatest, her womb will contract dangerously. Can you do this? After all, you will be their favorite uncle and godfather, so...

The alpha left the room and Marcus looked at micheal and shook his head “there will be no help for her this night or the children, her magic is still unstable if we interfere in any way it will do more harm then good, why do you think I did not use my abilities to keep her breathing? I tried to do so physically “ he said “she must do this naturally and you better hope she can because if she dies from this you won’t have to worry about falling because I will kill you before you get the chance” Marcus said

He closed the wound on her neck and said, "It is natural for a man to try and take on some of the pain. They must be monitored. If she doesn't make it, but the children do... Find someone you know will be good to them. I will not have my daughters manipulated like Xavier tried to do with Elena. I pray my son becomes a better man than I." He looked at Marcus. "I read flames, Marcus. I am flame." He pointed to the candles. "They told me. I know they aren't even close to having genders yet, but when I walked in, my own flame burning out of control from fear, the flames talked to me. They just told me the children will live. The closer I am to losing control, the more the flames talk. Oh, and your woman is hunting us. The Wraith and the Ghost... fitting."

“Do not speak of things you know nothing of and magic is not always certain, i don’t care what voices whisper to you and I care not for that woman, all I care about right now is you don’t mess up Elena’s chances anymore then you already have, if you try to aid her I will kill you on the spot is that clear?” He said in a dark tone “as it stands you have done more to hurt her then help her and since you can’t seem to be capable of caring for her anyways then it should not be a problem for you to do nothing” he said putting up a ward around Elena that didn’t allow Micheal to be near her or use any abilities on her

"One day," Michael said, "you will find yourself in my place. Will you be happy being told to let her suffer?" He looked at Elena, fear choking him as the first wave hit. "Put me to sleep, Marcus. When it is done, wake me up and I will face her wrath, not yours. My salvator înger, she would know how best to handle our problem than you." He smiled. "A month into us finding each other, I did something to her she didn't like. Instead of sparing, she turned that desire into a nightmare. Looking back, it's hilarious. But, at the time, I was appalled because, well, all I wanted was her to try a new sex position. Let's just say, it took a few days to get the kinks out of my shoulders, but I learned what it was like to be a knot. Elena said it was the worse position and we never did it again."

“You........” he began but sighed in frustration “you don’t know the real Elena...but you will” he said before putting him asleep

Michael said as he succumbed, I know, Marcus. When I first met her and she explained to me everything she could, I understood. In losing that memory, I did not remember the dangers. Now, I am faced with them. I expect to see why they call her the Red Mage when we wake up.


His fingers kept going as he kissed down her spin. When he got to her core, his fingers left her only for him to replace them with his tongue. He wasn't feasting lightly, either. He stabbed deep, sending shock waves through her. Just when she thought her legs would give out, he held her up. Not cocky, River. Besides, you teased me first.

Her hand instinctively came around and gripped his hair as she cried out “how....did I....start this....don’t....don’t sto....” she cut herself off from saying it, it was to submissive to beg but his tongue was starting to drive her crazy and the one arm holding her up threaten to give way

He pulled away, though his other hand continuously played with her clit, and asked, "What was that? I couldn't hear you."

She growled and went to move away from him defiantly

He pulled her back to his hungry mouth with a growl, feasting on her core once more. If I let go, you will fall. Now, what were you saying before? The tone was rather intriguing.

She cried out and the air left her lungs once more “stop....I’m going to....” her legs started to shake as she felt her self close to cumming, she couldn’t cum it would mean he won

He stabbed deeper with his tongue. I can't hear you. Your body is speaking so loud, dragon lady. It keeps telling me it wants more.

stop! she moaned desperately in his head, in one last attempt to escape him before her body betrayed her she moved the desk to the side with one large push so she had room to escape him

If I let go, your legs will give out, Draiden said, stabbing deeper. Besides, it would be rude to waste this meal you have presented me. I can't get enough and you keep serving me my favorite dish. You.

“ not some dish you can eat when you please!” She cried out going to move but she found he was right, her legs gave out and she ended up on the floor on all fours, the whole time he didn’t stop feasting on her, but the moment she landed in that position and she heard and felt him growl she knew she was in trouble “Draiden....don’t...your not dominate I am so don’t even think about....”

He leaned over her, letting her feel his hot desire against her buttock, saying, "River, when did that matter to you? You used to tell me to get more dominant, now you are saying not to?" He slowly entered her. "Make up your mind, because your body likes what is happening."

Her hand went back and gripped his hip in a attempt to get his hip to stop moving forward “you have not had what it takes to dominate me before what makes you think you can now?” She said in a challenging tone “stop this....this is not the place for your foolishness “ she said in a breathless tone

"You teased me first," he said, going faster. "Exposing your neck, bending over the desk, challenging me. Who am I to refuse such an invitation?"

Her nails dug into his hip as she tried to keep herself from moaning “it was not intentional! You saw what you stop” she said as her breast swayed with his thrust

"You are the one pulling me closer this time," he said. "You are meeting me, River, and you are so tight, it feels like I won't be able to leave your body anytime soon."

“The least....bring me to the bed” she said and planned to try and escape him when he moved them, though a part of her really wanted the bed because the floor hurt her still weak legs

He pulled her back so that her back touched his chest. He turned her head and kissed her deeply. She never felt his hips stop moving but she quickly found herself back on all fours... on the bed?! She hadn't even felt him move them!

how?! she cried gripping the bed post

"I floated us here," he said, picking up the pace. "I am in your mind, River. Remember?"

She growled and used the bed post to separate their bodies and try to crawl away from him

He playfully pulled her back to him and said, "When did you get to be such a scaredy dragon?"

He flipped her on her back and she growled, she put her hands on his chest and used her legs to try and keep him from entering her again “I’m not scared! I’m aggravated that a hatchling like you is trying to challenge me in such a place”

"You are scared that I will finally dominate you," he said. "Otherwise, you wouldn't have been thinking that you would lose power to me. River, one time will not..." He stopped and moved away, suddenly far away from her in mind as he clothed them. "I... I'm going to go get blood."

“We are locked in here...what’s wrong? “ she said trying to catch her breath and calm down her body

"Me being in control, taking the lead..." he said, "it got you hurt, River. That's what is wrong."

He turned back and the way she look threw that thought from his mind. The way her skin was flushed, her dress accenting every curve, the look of need in her eyes that she didn't know was there... it called to him. He was next to her in a blink of an eye, kissing her as he teased her all over again. His only thought was to bring her pleasure, but she wasn't going to like submitting. It wasn't hard to get back to that wild, hot, needy place again. He was soon removing their clothes with a thought, and entering her again. Yet, River could tell he was holding back. Even as she didn't want to submit, she didn't want him half assing it either.

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