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She showed him the consequences of not fully taking control when she rolled them and she took control as she started to ride him, she had no good memories in this room and she didn’t know if they would survive this cave so she gave up on trying to fight her need for him, was she mentally ready for this after the cave, no, but she decided even if it was one night, even if they really were not Lifemates she wanted to make one last good memory, because she knew that if it turned out he was not hers, that they had been mistaken, it would kill her because she could not lie to herself, she loved him. She loved him so much it hurt, it hurt more then anything thing she ever had to endure in these caves.

Draiden smiled and rolled her back over, saying, "Challenge accepted, dragon lady. Care to tango?"

She growled and wrapped her legs around his waist , meeting his thrust not giving him full control

He took hold of her legs and put them over his shoulders before taking hold of her waist, saying, "Not this time. I'm dominant today. Completely."

His thrusts became harder and faster, sending undeniable pleasure through her. It also told her that if she wanted to dominate like she was used to doing, it would be a battle, but one she could very well lose.

He was so deep inside her in this position she could barely think and the feeling of his hands gripping her waist so dominantly made her even more turned on, that thought alarmed her, river was not one to get turned on from being dominated, was she? She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down towards her, if she couldn’t dominate the thrust she would dominate other things. She kissed him deeply making it very clear what she was doing

Draiden growled and broke the kiss. He pinned her back onto the bed by trailing seductive nibbles down her neck until he found her shoulder. Then, he pinned her down with his teeth, keeping her completely submissive. It also showed how out of control he was with pleasure, but he was also always putting her first. She was at his mercy, and God help her, she was loving it.

The moment he bit into her flesh he tasted her sweetness and she cried out, both thought for each of them disappeared, he then heard something he had never heard before but instinctively he knew what it was, river growled submissively

He let go of all self control he had. She grew so wet, there was a puddle under her on the bed from how often he made her cum, and yet he did not stop. She begged him to keep going, begged him for release, screamed his name, but he did not stop, even after filling her several times. When he filled her a final time, after a number of submissive positions, he finally lay next to her, their bodies wrapped around each other and him still inside of her.

"I think we ruined the bed," he said. "You drenched every inch of it."

River nuzzled his neck “no not ruined made it better...” she said biting him teasingly

"So, my dragon lady is a sub, huh?" he asked with a sly smile. "I'm going to have to explore this."

She growled in a warning tone and bit down harder, this time on his shoulder

He smiled and said, "Don't worry. You can still be on top sometimes. I mean, I'll still be dominating you, but you can be on top."


Ana paced the room as she waited for Anthony to come back from his meeting with everyone, he had wanted her to stay here for the twins sake but she wanted to be there. She felt like she was ready to rip someone’s head off, her wolf wanted out she was so angry. She was going to kill that mage not matter what it took.

Antony stomped into the room. He looked at her and, just as she was about to ask how it went, he kissed her hard. He needed to feel her in his arms, safe and sound. The meeting hadn't gone as he had hoped, but that didn't matter with her there.

She was caught off guard by his sudden toughness but she wrapped her arms around his neck, meeting his kiss with the same intensity. When he backed her up against the wall she ripped open his shirt and loved the growled she got from doing so

"Anastasia," he said breathlessly, "I need you. Here and now, while we still have a moment to ourselves, I need you."

He picked her up, kissing her again. Her dress became bunched at her waist as he pulled himself out to enter her core.

She broke the kiss and met his gaze and slowly took him inside her, letting him see her face as it happened, her lips parted and she moaned, her face was pure seductive for him as he saw the pleasure he gave her

He kissed her again as he began moving, holding her still for his invasion. He wanted rough love making, he wanted wild, abandoned to rule them for a moment, he wanted to dominate like never before.

Her nail ripped his shirt and dug into the skin of his back and she began moaning wildly against his lips. He felt her bit his loser lip enough to make it bleed and used her tongue to taste him

He removed their clothes with a thought and moved her to the floor. He started going deeper and harder. Anastasia, he chanted in her mind over and over.

One hand gripped his hair tightly and the other gripped his firm buttocks as he thrusted into her

He pinned her down with his teeth after trailing kisses down her neck. He fast becoming her wild alpha male, the one she loved and knew that, if he could build up confidence, would be able to lead his people. It was when she was with him he was pure alpha, but it could not stay that way. It was also because of this that she still refused to make him a Guardian of all.

She reached out and gripped the leg of the table next to them, he hit the back of her core with a hard thrust and she broke the leg of the table as she cried out

Antony stopped the table from falling onto her by throwing it at the back wall. He growled in warning, reminding her to be careful. He filled her completely. But he didn't stop. He turned her so she could get on all fours and began dominating her all over again.


Val sighed heavily when the white large tiger laid down next to her “ Marcel you must eat my big boy, I know your female is not here but I promise she will be back soon and your children will be with her” she said letting his large head “she is in good hands with doctor Thomas you know that” she said in a soft tone. The cat groaned and Val smiled softly “here” she said holding a large piece of meat to his mouth as is large head rested in her lap “for your woman you must stay strong, plus your going to need all the energy you can have, I heard you have four babies on the way” she said and she saw the large cat look up at her “that’s right four and all healthy and so is your woman, just give her a couple of days to rest and she will be back here growling at you in no time” she said with a smile. The cat slowly started to eat the meat out of her hands “you know we are not suppose to do that or even be in the cages Val, how many times do I have to cover for you stubborn ass, your lucky I saw you on the security cameras and not Mary” said Allen from behind the fence. Allen had been her friend since college and when he got a job here they became even more inseparable “I know I know but marcel was to upset to eat I had to do something” she said getting up since he was now eating “yes but did that something have to be getting in a enclosure with a man eating cat alone? What if something were to happen or he attacked you, no one would be able to save you in time” he said in a worried tone “marcel would not harm me” she said confidently. Allen sighed “he is a wild and Val you need to treat him as such and not a human, I will tell Mary if you do this again, for your own safety “ he said in a serious tone. Val sighed “fine I guess I’ll just have to have you come with me everywhere then so you can protect me from the big bad cats....what do you think marcel, could he take you?” She asked and the cat growled and laughed at the gate making Allen jump. Val laughed and helped him to his feet “my hero” she said teasingly.

Allen had to go home quickly because his wife was pregnant and she needed him home so he gave her his keys so she could lock up his area. She didn’t mind, it meant she got to spend a little more time here at the clinic and zoo. As she went around making sure all the gates and doors that needed to be locked were. She heard a sound that made her worry, it sounded like a cat in distress. She ran as fast as she could towards the sound and her heart sank when she saw what it was. One of their old cats who hade lost his front right leg to poachers had fallen into the small moat that surrounded his enclosure, it was suppose to be closed off from him but someone had left the gate open that lead to it “Muba!” She cried and without hesitation she ran into the enclosure and jumped into the water. Old old cat struggled with his three legs as she swam to him “I’m here...I’m here” she said reaching him. The large male lion put his large paw on her shoulder and his nail dug deep into her skin, she cried out but was more worried about him “it’s ok I got you” she said holding the wall so his weight would not drag her under “muba you have to stay still or we both will go under...calm down ok...I got you” she said struggling to keep her head above the water. She used one arm to keep a hold of him by his mane and the other gripped the wall but she was losing strength in her arm fast “You...need to go on a diet old man...” she said in a strained tone as she tried to make her way to the lowest part of the moat. When she managed to do so she was exhausted “alright big boy....use that good arm of yours to get up there....” she said in a tired tone. She tried to help him the best she could after a few minutes the old lion managed to pull himself out of the water and onto land. Val was to exhausted to pull herself out when she tried, she was bleeding a lot from him clawing her shoulder deeply earlier “muba...I need help” she said as she started to feel sick and dizzy. The old cat tried to reach down to get her but she was to far down “ok...let’s work ...three” she said using what little strength she had to jump up. The old cat bit down on her arm and started to pull her up, the pain made her cry out but she knew he was not meaning to hurt her. He pulled her onto the land and let her arm go. She land there trying to catch her breath as the world skinned she felt like she was going to pass out, with her blurry vision she started to see how deep her injuries were and how much blood she was loosing. A suddenly thought made her panic, if she died here they would kill muba, she felt the large cat start to lick her wounds, trying to clean them but his rough tongue would only do more damage and cause her more pain “muba I’m ok....” she said trying to get up

Suddenly, strong arms got her off the ground. He carried her like a princess.

"Is she...?" a woman's voice asked, one Val didn't recognized.

"She is exhausted," said the most beautiful, male voice she had ever heard, "and the lion was trying to help."

"Yes, I can feel is distress, Al. Don't you think it's weird how these wild creatures are so calm and tame around her?"

"Not at all. I think it's amazing. Um milagre - a miracle."

"To you, maybe. To me, she is still unknown. I'm glad you have colors and emotions again, but now is not the time to let them control you. Depressa, irmão mais velho - hurry, big brother. Heal her so that we can go. Security is on their way."

“Muba...” Val groaned as the big cat followed them, he was tired as well but he kept limping along, she reached her hand out towards him and the old cat groaned in distress “muba...”

"Poor thing," said Alazne. "Such primitive methods! They mutilated him!"

"Az, humans can only do so much," Alejandro said. "I'm sure they thought they were helping him. Besides, he is elderly."

"No excuse!" Alazne said. "Vovó Juliette would be very upset over this! So would vovô Riordan!"

"I know, Alazne!" he said. "Just help our brother get to his pen before security gets here."

Alazne mumbled under her breath about how undignified Muba was now, how undignified it would look to have be seen dragging such a large lion, and how the doctors should be ashamed. Alejandro took his woman to a secluded spot near the great cat and began to heal her. Val felt warmth fill her.

“Muba....get off’s to hot for your big furry but to be on me...” she moaned. In the distance he could hear more and more cats sounding distressed

"Your cat is safe in his cage," said Alazne while Alejandro worked. "No harm will come to him. There's no water in his lungs, and no evidence that he harmed you will be found. What's your name?"

“Valencia...” she said in a tired tone. Her body was now healed but she was still sick from blood lost but it was nothing fatal, but she would be delirious from it

Alazne started to plant a memory but Alejandro said, "No, Az. Leave her be."

"Alejandro Diego De La Cruz, you know very well we have to do something!" said Alazne. "If we don't..."

"I have already planted a need to go to the pub down the street in three days time," he said. "It will be fine. Let's go."

He stood up and hit his head on the decorative outcrop of stone just outside of Muba's pen. He groaned and Alazne laughed.

"That would explain a lot for her, except the blood loss," she said.

"Anemia," he replied. "She just needs to eat good and drink plenty of water. Let's go. Security is unlocking the enclosure now."

They disappeared as a security guard came in, saying, "We heard a cat in distress. Is everything alright, Miss Warren?"

Val was in a daze “yes...I...guess I feel asleep...has my husband left yet?” She asked

“Yes ma’am “ he said

“Ok thanks I’ll be leaving now” she said and left the clinic, she didn’t feel good enough to drive so she called a taxi home. When she got there Thomas was waiting with dinner “why didn’t you answer your phone?” He asked kissing her lovingly “sorry love I feel asleep at the clinic “ she said sitting down at the table

“You don’t look like you feel good” he said going over and feeling her head “I’m fine “ she said with a smile “let’s eat”

Alazne had put her brother in the ground and followed the woman. She was not happy. Valencia was with another man? Alazne knew that, if they were content enough, this would be bad. Alejandro would only make things worse. And this man, Thomas, was a good man, who did not deserve to have his wife stolen like this. Alazne would have to Alejandro that he will have to go slow...

"I think it's time he and I got jobs," she said. "I always wanted to be a vet's assistant, when I'm not dancing. I believe Al wanted to become a night time zoo keeper."

She went off to start working on the official documentation. It had to look legitimate on every level. Slowly, over time, her being eye candy for the good doctor would drive a wedge between Valencia and Thomas, but Alazne would make it clear nothing would ever come of it, so hopefully, the two could remain friends.

Alejandro read his sister's mind when he should have been sleeping, which annoyed her to no end. But she knew he needed to be up to speed. When she was done creating half of the necessary paperwork, Alazne said, I'm off to work at the pub. I'll be back at dawn.

Don't sleep with anyone this time, he said. I don't want to have to kill anyone this night.

No promises, she said with a chuckle, both knowing she didn't have any such desires.


"Alejandro!" Alazne called out. "This is the fifth time we came to this place this week. Ever since the scouting mission, you have been obsessed. It has me worried."

"She is here this time," Alejandro said. "Az, let's take a look."

"Al, seriously, some stranger says your lifemate is here and you believe them?" Alazne said as they landed outside the exotic animal clinic.

"I have no real reason to doubt," he replied as they walked in.

"Except you don't know them," she pointed out.

That is when Alejandro heard someone laughing and saying, "My hero."

He growled. That voice belonged to her. His woman.

Alejandro was gone in a flash, looking for the woman with the voice that colored his world. Alazne followed, fearing she would have to kill her own brother, and she knew it wouldn't happen. She hunted vampires, but none of them were as close to her as she and her brother were. It would destroy her to be faced with that, and she knew, if her brother was falling, she wouldn't be able to bring justice to him. Tears blurred her vision, but she refused to let them fall. He was still an honorable hunter. He wasn't a vampire so crying was silly.

She came upon a sight of her brother picking up an injured woman. Feelings rolled off of him, and Alazne wanted to weep for joy now. He was saved, but his woman...

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