Trouble Mounts 12

Draiden asked, "River, who is she referring to?"

Yet, he had a guess and it made his blood boil even as his blood ran cold.

River fell back into the chair and grabbed her head “ know what he will do with me and I won’t be able to stop it” she said and the mage walked around until she stood in front of her “I’m counting on it” she said and river looked up at her in anger “I grew up in the same place as you and I am still not as heartless as you!” She yelled and the mage grabbed her by her throat and lifted her off her feet “your right and that’s why you are so broken” she said and looked over at Draiden while river struggled in her grip “you’ll be meeting the very man who made your lifemate what is is today, though back then you should have seen her, she could take even the strongest of your hunters down, turning them into easily controlled monsters at least back then she was worth something.....tell me has she told you yet of just how connected you are her are?” She asked “don’t....” river said in a struggling tone

"I don't care about what she did in her past," Draiden said. "River is still a miracle to me and I know she is a good person. She did what she had to do to survive the hell she was raised in, just as I did centuries before meeting her." He went to her and put his hand on her shoulder, though his body was also slightly between her and the mage, which comforted her even if she didn't want to feel that way. "I'll be damned if I let him anywhere near her again. Him whispering to me through the taint of the after life is more than enough. If it wasn't for him, I would have never acted on things already settled."

The mage smiled “I won’t say anything more, you will find out soon enough” she said dropping her and he had to catch her “your son will remain here with me and so will you Draiden, River has a guest waiting for her” she said as the wraith came in and stood by the door “do you have a problem with that?” She asked and the wraiths eyes glowed red

"A big one," he said. "But I also know when I am out matched." He looked at his lifemate, kneeling in front of her. "River, are you okay with this? Facing him? I don't want to place a bigger burden upon your shoulders. But know this, I will fight tooth, nail, and dragon claw to rescue you if I must. Never again will he harm you."

It was like she was not even in the room with them anymore, her eyes held fear and disbelief, she looked like her whole world have fallen around her, even as he tortured her at the cave he had not seen her look this lost. Without saying anything to him she got up and walked towards the wraith and out the door. When they were gone Elena sat back down “there is milk in the small fridge next to your son, feed him” she said

"You did this on purpose," Draiden said, even as he got the milk for his boy. "You deliberately deceived me, put River in this situation, and knew what it would do to us. You put an innocent child in danger, and for what? A sick game?"

“I never play games” she said simply

"Then why torture a woman who has clearly suffered?" Draiden asked.

She looked up at him from her paper work “suffered?” She said with a dark smile “you really don’t know your own mate”

"And you don't seem to know enough of recent events," retorted Draiden. "I made her suffer because I didn't fight the taint. I allowed him to bring up old wounds and harm her in ways he couldn't have done. And I can easily break her right now, even if it is not physically me doing it."

“River manipulation of souls surpasses even my abilities if she wanted to rid you of the taint she could have if she didn’t my guess is because she felt that it was the real you” she said in a cold voice “I care not what happened between you two, just get the job done I have for you and you can go fight each other another day” she said going back to her book

"I want to know what you hope to gain by this," he said. "It is more than just us ridding the world of Xayvion a second time."

“And why should I share my thoughts with you?” She said in a tone that let him know to answer carefully as he was beginning to aggravate her

"Because I stand between you and your goal," he said simply. "If I refuse to do as you ask, you are stuck with what you don't want. Yet, you also brought River and my son here to ensure I don't refuse. In the end, despite Xayvion's death, there is more to it than that. I feel that you want more than just his death, and the prize from that. I could be wrong, but you could want to have someone outside of the Wraith you feel you can depend on. I've been there, you know, where only a small party knows you thoroughly. It's a lonely way to live, but necessary when demons surround you constantly."

“You stand between nothing, you are a pawn, if you fail I have plans for that, unlike you I think ahead and plan for many outcome, now be quiet and feed your son and then feed yourself you will need all your strength “ she said “and one more thing me and you...nothing a like and if you assume so again I will prove to you how wrong you are”

Draiden growled but fed his son. When his son was finished, he burped him and put his to sleep. Then, something hit him.

"Pawns can't take a king," he said. "River is your ace, the queen in this game, isn't she?"

“No, she is the knight” she said

"But still your ace in the hole," he said. "You didn't want me at all, just her, but manipulating me insured she would come here, broken or not."

“You are needed as well, if river does what I think she will do because I know her and my uncle very well, then soon you will see why you were needed” she said simply

"Then give me something to go on," he said. "I'm the only one in the dark here, and I need to know what is I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and how to protect my lifemate."

“Have I not given you enough” she said in a threatening tone “should I take back what I have already given you since it seems you have such a problem just doing as you are told, shall I take Rivers legs back while she is in the room with my uncle?” She asked with coldness in her eyes

"No," he said through clenched teeth. "I just want to know something about what is happening."

“What you want does not concern me, you are trying my patience” she said getting up “you are not to leave this room, stay here and enjoy your time with your son, it might be your last” with that she left.


Alejandro woke up around one in the after noon. He felt stiff, hungry, and strange sensations assaulted him. He understood none of it.

He looked over and saw Michelangelo still sitting in the chair, reading a magazine.

"You didn't leave," Alejandro said, making it a statement.

“Why would I?” It was a simple statement that he’d a lot of meaning and it made him feel warm inside. He put down the magazine and looked at him “stretch” he said simply

Alejandro stretched and felt joints pop left and right before saying, "My lifemate is unprotected and in danger, not only from our enemies but from herself as well. I told you to go guard her, not me."

“You underestimate me cousin, I am doing both” he said simply

"I..." he started and then cursed. "Being human sucks! I couldn't even tell, and I usually can! I thought I was going to get advice, not this nonsense!"

“We are both suffering, I had to listen to you snore for hours, I think the ringing in my ears will never stop” he said in a tired tone

"You could have just watched over her," said Alejandro, sitting up. "Or you could have gone to ground. You didn't have to stay here. And I have never snored in my life."

He took out his phone and showed him a video of him snoring loudly

Alejandro blushed and said, "Doctored. You faked that."

“Trust me my brain couldn’t even comprehend such a sound let alone make it up” he said putting his phone away as the nurse came in “well I’m glad someone’s awake, I have to say you have been a easy patient, we didn’t even have to watch your monitors to know you were ok, we could hear you from the hall” she said giggling “I didn’t hear you snoring so I was worried” she said going over to check his vitals

Alejandro's blush deepened and he glared at his cousin before saying, "Well, at least I'm alive. Did Mrs. Warren tell you what happened to me? I can't seem to remember."

“Who?” The nurse asked

"The woman who brought me here," he said.

“A man brought you here, your boss he said he was” she said

"I... no, I remember a woman," he said, looking at his cousin for help. "She is in charge of the large cats at the facility near by. I remember her stopping her car to get me. The other nurse said she was here before going to work." Panic was setting in, something he was not familiar with. "Her name is Valencia Warren. I work under her at the facility, as well as rescue large cats in the jungles of South America."

“I’m sorry sir a man dropped you off not a woman” she said and micheal placed his hand in his arm “he is just tired “ he said i changed their memories to protect your woman, relax

Alejandro went to go to the restroom. He felt sick, his lower abdomen hurt, and everything felt out of place. He hated being human. As a Carpathian, he could have controlled his reaction, could have learned all of this before the woman even entered the room, and would have been at perfect ease knowing he could control the situation if need be. Now... he felt powerless.

relax we will get through this cousin, we should find the mage and have her turn you back, I don’t see why she would make you something your not just to bring you closer to your lifemate

The mage brought out her Jaguar, he said, cleaning out his mouth from throwing up. Changing me back would be more painful that making me human, Mike. He clenched his stomach. Um... I know what to do here, I think, but could you give me privacy?

but why change you human? It makes no sense, if your lifemate is now a full Jaguar why take away yours? he said giving him a little more privacy by distancing his mind from his only so he could talk to him

Alejandro didn't answer for a time, but when he did, he was drying his hands and said, I don't know, but this is annoying. I do know, she won't take it back until I have learned how to get my lifemate to love me, which will take time. Now, let's get me out of this damn hospital. The smells are making me nauseous.

But Michelangelo knew it wasn't the smells. Something had happened between the time he turned human to the time he arrived at the hospital that was the cause for his illness, and he had to find out what.

Alejandro sat down just as a doctor came in, saying, "We took some of your blood and did a test. I'm afraid I have some bad news." He said standing at the foot of his bed “it’s nothing to serious and with medication it can be fixed after a week or so but you have a staff infection that is from the large bite on your shoulder, it’s says here you work with large cats I’m guessing that’s where the bite is from?” He asked

Alejandro looked at him in shock and said, "But I haven't been in the jungles in months."

“Maybe one of your cats has the infection at the facility you work at, were you injured on the job recently? It seems to be from the last forty eight hours” the doctor said

"I don't believe so," he said. "Nothing that recent. Are you sure it what you think it is?"

“Positive, blood does not lie, the nurse will come in and fill the wound with gauze, while you were sedated earlier we cut out the infected skin, I will prescribe you some antibiotics make sure to take them three times a day and change the gauze once a day, and don’t shower take a bath and don’t get it wet and at night wrap it” he said “I’ll print out instructions on all this and in two weeks come back”

did your lifemate bite you last night when you two fought?

River entered the the room, each step she dreaded more them anything she had in a long time. She knew he was awake and more then that she knew he was watching her.

Xayvion smiled and began to circle her like a shark, "Well, well, if it isn't my dearest River? To what do I owe this pleasure?" He was right against her back. "Do you still remember our greeting? What you are supposed to do for your master?"

She be at down on one knee, bowed her head and slicked open her wrist and held it out to him “my life is yours” she said the words she had said thousands of times in her life with him, he always made it clear one day if she disappointed him he would let her bleed out in this position, only if she kept him satisfied did he drink her blood and close the wound

He bit down and drank from her deeply before saying, "You ran away, River. Did you think you really had freedom? Or that I hadn't planned for it?"

“You made me a survivor, I survived, you can’t blame me for acting how you taught me” she said in a low tone not lifting up her head “I saw that things were going to break out in war soon, I also saw our side was going to lose, I did what I had to do to survive”

"Yet, it is you they bestowed their gifts to," he said. "You didn't even attempt to save your lifemate from me until you could possibly die. You were always the rebellious one, River, and yet, you became more so after becoming Carpathian. Why should I expect you to be any different now? Is my alterations of Draiden not to your liking? Isn't he not the man you wished for as a child? I thought I had brought out the prince you desired, one who was like me. I remember a young girl once looking upon me with admiration, as a daughter would to her father. Was I mistaken and my gift not worthy of the tarnished princess?"

“The people he was left to tarnished your work” she said “they broke him and not in a way to make him stronger” she said simply “and don’t forget you left me, I would think you would be proud, I survived when someone as powerful as you did not” she said still not looking up or moving

"Then, explain why it was the Red Mage, your sister, that brought me back," he said, pressing his finger into her open wrist. "Tell me why you did not try to resurrect me when you knew I had died."

Her stomach clenched at the pain “I was on the princes radar it would have been to risky to bring you back right now, they were constantly fighting with me and watching me, I needed to wait until they left me alone” she said in a sincere tone “and she is not my sister, why you always favored her more then me I will never know, I did so much more for you then she ever did” she said

"She listened," he said, walking away from her again. "She knew what was expected and never questioned. She didn't leave me in the other world to rot!" He kicked her and sent her to the ground, coughing. "That is why she was allowed to look at me rather than kneel like a dog! That is why she is favored over you! You would always question my plans, and when things looked bad, you ran instead of defending me! I died because you couldn't do your job right! It is why you don't bear the mark of the High Mage! It is why you don't even have the right to be called a Dragonseeker! You are just and experiment that my fool brothers decided to let live long past finding out you were such a failure! I took pity on you, even got you back after you were taken from us, and yet you still defied me! You even killed your child to keep my prize from me!"

“A dog obeys his master! She is the dog not me! I questioned you and challenged you! If I died with you I would not be able to bring you back later! I didn’t run I survived!” She said going back to her kneeling position “and Xavier was going to take the child from you not me, I killed it so he could not have it” she said “but if this is how you feel father then you don’t know me at all and you are the one that failed, not me” she said “I may not have done everything you asked without question like some mindless slut like red is but that is because that is not what you needed” she said

"I need something from you to prove you are still my daughter and faithful guard," he said, sitting down. "I want you to do the one thing that you know would please me. Here and now. I don't care if you have to bring your lifemate in here to do it, just do it."

She licked her wrist shut and stood up and walked until she was in front of him “it will not be the same...I have emotions now unlike back them and for your body it will be more painful....are you sure you still want this?” She asked “your mark taints my that not enough? I don’t wish to hurt you” she said. The way he was looking at her was different, he had never seen him look at her in such a way “father? Why are you looking at me like that? You have never looked at anyone but the red mage like that...”

Elena, I need you here, he said, looking at River. It is time to educate the little dragon.

"You are my daughter," he said. "I had hoped that you would have given me something I lacked, but it seems it was not meant to be."

Before river could ask what he was talking about Elena walked in and river growled at her. Elena ignored her “yes uncle?” She asked standing in front of him

"Elena, River needs to know why you would be queen," he said pulling himself out. "River, you are to watch as two superior beings are together. You are not to look away, do you understand?"

“What does you fucking a whore have to do with power?” River asked and Xayvion saw the dangerous look in Elena’s eyes as she turned around to face river, he knew that look and knew she was about to hurt her

"Elena, now is not the time for physical punishment," he said, lifting her skirt and her left leg. "You just enjoy this while I explain why she is the worm and you are not." He shoved into Elena and began pumping. "River, you are my daughter, and I wanted you to be the one to be the one I acknowledged, the one who made me see some one as worthy of life. But you failed to be more than a pawn in my bid to destroy the Carpathians. Elena, experiment though she is, caught my attention. She has real power, she knows her place and follows my orders, she would and will kill her own lifemate to be with me, and she is to rule beside me as queen. You will respect your new mother, or so help me, I will mimic Vlad Tepes on your lifemate, and because he has yet to get the taint fully off of his soul, I would make him do it to himself and enjoy it more than he ever enjoyed fucking you. Elena will then play with anyone else you care for, even those vampire toys I allowed you to keep."

“I never aspect I am a better warrior then her and have done more to harm the Carpathian people and advance our magic, do you not see there is something wrong here? Xavier always wanted to be number one and she is his creation what makes you think he did not make her the way she is to control you and second uncle? After all it was all of your blood that made her, she is loyal to only him and you are falling for her games”

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