Trouble Mounts 13

Alejandro looked at his cousin and said, I forgot that but yes, not that I can tell him that. So, do you have suggestions on making Valencia give us a chance, because I'm drawing a blank. She refuses her cat and me because she only knows how to be human. I need her to accept me and her cat.

lets get out of here first so we can talk freely, then let’s go see your woman

Alejandro said, "Thanks, doctor. I'll go pick up my prescription. I just want to go home."

“I want to keep you here for a little longer to make sure your fever stays down, I’ll be back in a couple of hours to check on you” he said leaving, when they were alone mike looked at him “ok let’s brain storm...why asked for help so there must be a reason”

"She was having a hard time accepting what she was and the world she now lives in," Alejandro said. "Perhaps she made me human to put me on the same level? I mean, everything in me rebels against being human right now, but I have also not had time to learn how to be one. Just as she needs me to explain our world, I think I need her to explain how to be human to me."

“Ok well let’s do that...let’s go see her, after all she should be waking up any moment now” he said with a a shrug

"Mike," Alejandro said, "I'm human now. I can't just leave. As primitive it is, I have to go by human healing methods and listen to the doctor."

“Or I could just heal you and be done with this...I don’t like it here...I feel the sickness and death in this place” he said with a uncomfortable tone

"I understand," said Alejandro. "But what will the... other humans say?"

“Just get dress I’ll handle that” he said getting up and leaving the room. The nurse came in just as he was shirtless out of the hospital gown “oh um..are you leaving?”

"Um..." Alejandro said, not sure what to do. Normally he would erase her memory, but he didn't have that ability anymore, so he didn't have any idea of how to handle the situation, except by lying to her with a bit of truth mixed in. "I'm changing clothes. The doctor says he wants to keep me here a little longer."

"oh ok let me help" she said and before he could protest she was taking off the rest of his gown. He noticed how her hands lingered on his skin "so do you have a girlfriend? I saw from your chart your not married" she said

"Not at the moment, no," he said, hoping he didn't sound like he was flirting when there was only one woman for him.

He couldn't get anything else out before Michelangelo returned, walking down the hall towards them to give him time to dress, yet touching Alejandro's mind to give him warning. Alejandro quickly grabbed his clothes and went into the restroom to dress.

the nurse knocked on the door "is everything ok? do you need help?" she asked "no he does not and you need to leave before I tell your boss how you are trying to flirt with a patient" mikes voice said "I was not.." she began "leave" he said more sternly and al heard the room door close

Alejandro came out in his dirty clothes, trying to get the dirt off with his hand and looking frustrated, but still saying, "Thanks for at least warning me. It gave me an excuse to run. I am definitely out of my element as a human."

“Let’s go see this woman of yours maybe then we will figure things out, afterwards I want you to meet my lifemate” he said “she is still human but she has a strong spirit like a female Carpathian “ he said proudly opening the door for him

"Okay," Alejandro said. "But can you help me out? The dirt won't get off of these clothes and there are rips in places. I can't fix them."

He chuckled “I think this will sell the whole I am human to her, come on rag boy let’s go” he said getting into the car

"You are really going to do this to me?" Alejandro asked as he got into the sports car. "Are you still upset over that prank when we were kids? I told you, that girl was a gold digger and that's why we panted you, but you just had to..."

Mike break checked him at the light making him slam his head into the dash “humans need seatbelts”he said with a smile

"That hurt!" Alejandro said cupping his head in pain, even as he now put on his seatbelt. "Alright, you got me back. Now, can you please clean me up? I want to at least look decent for her."

“Fine but you owe me” he said teasingly and he was in a nice pair of jeans and a white button up dress shirt that was unbutton at the top to expose some of his chest. A few minutes later he pulled over to the side of the road “alright we are here” he said. When Alejandro looked around all he saw was woods

"You have got to be kidding me!" Alejandro said. "I'm human now! I go out there with her, I'm an appetizer! Human form or jaguar form, she'd eat me alive! And not in a good way!"

“Don’t worry cousin I’ll protect you, now come on, the sooner you get close to her the sooner you can go back to normal...I hope” he said getting out of the car

Alejandro got out of the car and stood at the edge of the forest. His heart beat fast and wild, but he didn't know if that was in anticipation or fear at the new found frailty. He wanted to fly through the woods, feel powerful and the predator he knew he was meant to be, not human. It was only because he had been Carpathian and had faced countless monsters that he walked into the woods with his head held high. His eyes were large as he looked around, hoping, praying, that he still had good enough hearing to not have her jump on him in cat form and rip out his throat.

“Stop being a pussycat cousin I can hear your heart racing, we are going to not want to active your girls predator instincts “ he said comparing him to prey right now. When they broke the tree line there was a nice cabin sitting next to a small river “I gave her no choice and compelled her human companion to think she is on a business trip, she is alone in there”

"Her husband," Alejandro said, his fist clenching. "Her human companion is her husband and the vet at the facility."

With that, he took a breath and went to the door, knocking. With Mike there, she might let him in. Though, she could just as easily slam the door in his face and without the ability to turn into mist, he would be left standing on the porch like an idiot.

There was no answer so mike just opened the door and pushed him inside. The cabin was a mess, deep scratches covered the walls and floor and pillows where shredded everywhere. She was asleep in the middle of the feather tore bed, she was naked and covered in bruises and cuts. Mike turned away respectfully since she was naked “I’ll give you two some privacy but I’ll be near” he said and disappeared

Alejandro went to move as if to fashion clothes for her, but he quickly remembered that he was human now. Cursing, he went to the be and found some bits of blanket left and fashioned a sort of cave woman type clothing from them for her. He had just finished tying her "skirt" and "shirt" onto her when she began to move. He jumped back to give her space and knocked over a table, which led to him trying to catch objects, which led to him falling awkwardly, which lead to him groaning as he land on something hard. All of this caused her eyes to snap open and look at him.

"Hi," he said, trying not to look or sound like an idiot, and failing. "Um... I see you are well... and..."

She slammed into him so hard she took them both to the floor until he was on his back, but she was not attacking him. Her face was buried in his neck and she clung to his shoulders “please....please take it back...I don’t want to be like this anymore...I’m scared and I want to go home....this feels wrong....this doesn’t feel like me and I don’t know how to act or control it....I feel like I’m in someone else’s body....please I’ll do anything just let me be me again” she said and he felt her tears on his shoulder. She was describing the exact way he felt about being human.

"But I didn't change you in the first place," he said, holding her. "That was the Red Mage. And I had asked for help in courting you and she turned me human. Which, by the way, sucks because I'm used to all my Carpathian powers and all I have left is telepathy. I think..." he lifted her head and wiped away her tears away. "I think I'm beginning to understand. Me telling you to become one with your cat didn't tell you how to cope. I can't take it back, Valencia, but I can help you learn how to control it over the next two years. Well, if you don't mind teaching me how to act human. Can we do that?"

She tried to get out of his arms and everything in him told him letting her go was the wrong thing to do right now “I can’t...I can’t do this...h7mans are not meant to feel this say I was a cat but I’m not...I grew up human...I didn’t grow up craving theses things...” she said struggling against his grip

"What things?" Alejandro asked. "I can't help you if I don't know what you are experiencing."


"But she makes me feel!" he yelled. "Again, I wanted it to be you who I loved and raised and cared for! I wanted that, River, with every fiber of my being! I wanted all of my children, manufactured or otherwise, to make me feel something! But none of you were worthy of my love and care! Only Elena! That is why she is favored over a disgrace like you!"

“Even from his grave you are being fooled by Xavier! “ she yelled “you never wanted those things! It was not until she showed up that you did! Why do you think that is!” She yelled “if you refuse to see the truth fine once more I will do what must be done to protect you! I will prove she is using you” she said standing up as a book appeared in her hands “this is Xavier’s journal he kept before she was created and during her first year, if you won’t believe my words maybe you will believe his” she said but when she went to hand it to him Elena knocked it out of her hand and sent river flying into the wall hard enough she passed out “I got tired of her voice” Elena said simply pushing him down into the chair and began riding him “you can read it if you wish but first you must quench the fire you started in me” she said in a moaning tone as her core tightened around him

He gripped her hips and slammed into her hard. He pulled the top of her dress down to expose her breasts and play with them. He thrust into her so much and for so long, that River started to move and moan as she began to wake up.

"I will always believe you are worthy, Elena," Xayvion said, filling Elena a third time. "That won't change."

“How can I be so sure you mean it? She is your daughter...she was your favorite back then, she was always by your do I know you will not choose her over me?” She said as she stayed in his lap, kissing the side of his neck knowing he liked it.

He gasped and said, "I doubt I will be surprised by my brother. He was a fool. I don't intend to completely wipe out the Carpathians or Lycans or any other species. I simply want to rule, but I must get rid of the adults. Children can be taught to obey and to give me allegiance. Once the shard within you is in place, I will need you to find a way to make my blood identical to that of the prince's line. Can you do that for me? Make me part of the Dubrinsky bloodline?"

“You avoided my question and ask me for a favor? That does not look well uncle” she said as she stopped kissing his neck and looked at him “maybe I should test your loyalty before you have mine” she said standing up and moving over to river, she kicked her over so she was on her back. Elena fixed her clothes and slowly reached down towards her, letting her uncle see her nails turn into long sharp talons as she reached for her.

Xayvion jumped up and stopped her hand, saying, "We need her. She is a valuable weapon."

Elena looked at him “do I lack where she does not? I thought you said I was better then her?”

"You are," he said, "But we will need guards. She can only be defeated by us, so knowing that, she can be the one to protect us should any attempt to harm us. If she fails, she'd die anyway."

She turned to him “I can protect you, you don’t need her” she said and met his gaze “tell me now uncle do you not care for her?”

"Part of me does care," he admitted. "I put time and effort into her, raised her. Hell, I spent more time with her than those I actually sired. So part of me is tied to her. That won't stop me from tossing her aside when I no longer have use for her. I did it with my other children as well. I felt like this with all of my children. River is the only one who took to the training I gave her, the others were failures. For now, though, we keep her alive. I still have ways of using her and I don't want to have to start over."

she moved away from him "fine but I don't trust her so make sure you put a tight collar around her neck and I also want her punished for insulting me ,it is better if you do it cause I would break her" she said with a growl

"You underestimate me," he said. "I trained her very well and even if I was to come at her with the intent to kill, she would not fight me. She didn't even fight to save her lifemate when I controlled him." He laughed. "I think she is well chained."

"really? then why did she tell the prince you had returned?" Elena said just as river finally fully awakened and sat up. she held her head "you'll pay for touching me you slu....."

Xayvion slapped her hard, yelling, "You told them?! Instead of coming to me, you told them I was alive?! The element of surprise is lost now thanks to you!" He started to kick her as hard as he could. "Another reason why you are lower than Elena! You don't know how to keep your damn mouth shut!"

“I had no choice! The prince gave me your staff!” She said “if I didn’t say it was you he would have thought it was mine and would have killed me on the spot!”

He stopped kicking her and paced the room, saying, "We need a plan. We will have to force her lifemate to do it. If he kills the prince, he gets the blame. We will ensure I become the new prince and go from there. River, you know what to do as punishment for revealing our tie. Do it now. Elena, how where is the sliver? I need to have it tie us together more firmly so that we can communicate better."

River bit the tip of her tongue off, blood pooling from her mouth as Elena said “it’s in my chest going towards my heart” she said simply “as far as killing the prince we need to wait, I need him for the ritual to make you apart of his bloodline” Elena said “it does not matter that they know you are awake, and two dragons are better then one” she said with a shrug “rest here play with your daughter while I go snag a prince” she said

"Fine," said Xayvion. "I do need to talk to my daughter about things other than plans. I've heard from the staff I'm a grandfather. That is something that will pass the time."

Elena left and river kept her mouth closed to keep as much of her blood inside her as possible,she sat on the floor and leaned her back against the wall

"Heal yourself," Xayvion said. "I want to hear of my grandson. Does he have any of your modifications? What is his name?"

She healed herself “he does not have a name...and he has my venom” she said not looking at him

"Fitting," he said. "Born of the Dragonseeker snake I raised. Name him Drake." He went to her and extended his hand. "It means both dragon and snake. Now, I wish to hear of your lifemate. What I got from him was a lot of insecurities. I want to know why you let such a weak man claim you."

She took his hand and stood up and tried to let go of his hand but he wouldn’t let go “father?” She said looking at his grip on her hand

"Look at me, River," he said, one of the rare times he allowed her to do so. "You know that, when you were a child and before Elena became my sole fixation, I did care for you in my own way, right?"

Was that... No, impossible. Xayvion was a monster, the demon that tortured her, forced her to kill her own child. He was not a loving father.

She forced herself to smile “sure father...why are you saying this now?”

"I'm genuinely worried for you and my grandson," he said, sounding sincere but she knew from experience he could easily fake that. "Your man is weak minded and of a weak heart. He could get you killed. It was far too easy to possess him and make him hurt you." He looked her in the eye, something he rarely did. "It was one of the few times I actually felt I needed to protect you."

That brought her up short. There had be only two times he protected her, as a real father. Once when she was about ten and his apprentice tried to fuse her body with vampire blood to make her more lethal, before they learned of her ability with vampires. The other was when she had nearly died in a mock battle with the same apprentice as he tried to see how close she could come to dying. Both had been on his order, and she never understood why.

She frowned “there is no need to say this......just tell me your orders..” she said swaying slightly, her sons anti venom was not working as fast as she had hope, then again it was not fully ready when she injected it. She could feel the venom burning her veins

"I just want to know what you see in him," Xayvion said. "Look, I've only known how to harm people all my life. I saw how Xavier's plan could work and went with him for immortality and the ability to rule. Just... give me this moment, while we are alone, to be your father, alright? Now, what do you see in Draiden that keeps you from killing him? He's just a weak man, not even worthy of the Dragonseeker name, and yet you did not kill him when you first met. I want to know why.

“Why would I kill him? You taught me broken or not everyone always has a use, even if your killing someone they are many times did we feed the dogs bodies or use the blood to feed our prisoners...if you are asking me if I have feelings towards him then the answer is killed those in me a long time ago...father” she said

"River," he said, "I saw his memories. You loved him. The problem is that he thinks with his heart where you think with your head. You plan, he reacts. So, I ask again, why did you let him claim you?"

She was silent for a moment and really looked at him “because....I had no purpose...the world I knew was gone.. he gave me a purpose again” she said

"At first, yes, but then you began to protect him and love him," said Xayvion, his anger rising. "You never placed your body between mine and my victim like you did him. You didn't hug me tightly, even as a child. You love him, River, that much is clear. I want to hear it from you, why you love him so much when he has only brought you problem after problem."

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