Trouble Mounts 14

"Please le me go..." she said ill help you push in her head mikes voice said. He felt the moment he entered, it was chaotic. Her cat instincts were going crazy, years of not being able to shift had taken its toll. Her human mind was not able to accept what should be natural, the need to hunt,shift,mate. The wild called to her and it scared her. But even with all that the biggest thing that was taken its toll on her was her old life shattering. She did love her husband and so the guilt of thinking about Alejandro, needing him like she felt, it was killing her. She never questioned herself before this, she always went with her instincts but now she couldn't even trust herself and what was worse she felt she had no one she could trust.

"Put us being lifemates aside for now," he said, trying to keep calm. "Your cat is a guardian, Valencia. Not something trying to take over. She feels there is danger near us and she wants to protect you. Over time, you and she will become one being, inner changeable from the other with one mind and body. Let's spend time getting you used to shifting and handling your urges to hunt. We have two years before the talk of me claiming you comes up again. If you decide that you can't be with your husband and choose me, I will make sure you never feel unhappiness a day in your life. If not, so be it, though I don't know what that would mean for our futures."

“I can’t stay like this for two a Thomas we’re trying to start a family...I can’t do that while I am a monster and you said you would leave me alone those two years” she said finally breaking his grip and moving away from him “if your human...then it’s possible, I want to be human again” she said as the clothes he made her fell off and she went to grab a blanket to cover herself

"I didn't do this," Alejandro said, trying to help her find a blanket that wasn't in shreds. "That woman did. She is a mage, Valencia, a powerful one. That being said, this has never happened before and goes against nature. There is no natural way to turn a Caprathian, Lycan, or Jaguar into a human. Jaguars don't turn humans, Lycans don't divulge that information, and people undergo a conversion to be Carpathian." He found one and handed it to her. "Look, I don't know if this permanent, or if I die if I can't convince you to choose me. But I do know this, you won't be able to have children with Thomas because you are unsatisfied in that relationship. In many sense of the word. I know you love him, and he represents safety and normalcy. You cling to that in fear. I don't blame you. Being human isn't exactly my cup of tea or easy for me. I'm used to being able to turn into mist, fly as a bird, swim as a fish, run as a jaguar. I could clean myself, walk unseen in a crowd, and calm jungle cats with a thought. Now, I'm powerless and useless to my people. I chose to try and bridge the gap between us, and she turned me into a human."

“But she did it for you! She can do it for me!” She said with desperation grabbing the blanket and covering herself careful she is close to changing, she needs to calm herself down, your to fragile right now to handle a young out of control Jaguar mikes voice said

"Valencia," he said in a soothing voice. "It will be okay. For all we know, it's temporary. " Though he hated to do it, he knew he had to lie to her. "I heard that there was a mage almost as good as her who cast a spell that was meant to curse a family forever, but it only effected the family for three weeks. Maybe that will happen for you."

He instantly regretted lying to her the moment he saw the hope in her eyes “really? How do we know that’s this curse? Is there a way to check? Can we go talk to the mage?” She started to pace and ramble “so it was a curse...this isn’t the real me, I was right..”

"I... No, that's not what I meant," he said, and he started to back up when her eyes began to shine as her cat started to come forward more. "I meant that she brought out your true Jaguar, but it could be temporary. It is strong in you, yes, but may not have had the natural ability to shift before. Not all Jaguar can. You have human blood in you, that is a fact, but how much of your Jaguar blood is diluted, we don't know. Nothing is certain in this case."

He had his back to the wall, his heart beat quickening. The first real human thought entered his mind, and he didn't realize that he had connected with her mind naturally to calm her, but now, it broad cast his fear strongly. God, don't let her kill me. Don't let me be her first victim.

She glared “you wouldn’t be my first!” She said and he saw her pupils split to resemble her cat. She took a step towards him “stop...just leave...I don’t want you here and your making things worse for me!”

He began sweating and said, "I'm not meaning to, Valencia. I've never been human, didn't have to interact with humans after my 25th birthday. I have nothing to go on, just like you. Normally, I would be standing in the middle of the room, unfazed by this. Now, I can't stop shaking, I can't control my heartbeat, and I don't know how to help you because I can't think! You know humans, I know Jaguars, so we can help each other once we figure out how to communicate to each other. But you need to calm down, and I need to get past whatever this is."

“It’s called fear you monster!” She yelled and lunged for him, right before she got to him mike was there and grabbed her, he placed his hand on her forehead and she instantly fell asleep “alright lover boy it’s obvious this is not going to work, how bad did you mess up with her to make her hate you so much?” He asked placing her on the bed

"I don't know!" Alejandro said, sliding down the wall. "I don't know."

“Don’t be so naive, just because your human does not mean you will be this weak and emotional, get your act together Alejandro, your a de la Cruz not a emotional woman, your starting to piss me off cousin, there is no excuse why you are acting this way, it’s definitely not you so get it together because frankly I don’t blame her for denying you if you are acting like such a baby, you’ve had emotions before and even then you weren’t this weak or emotional, so fucking man up will you” he said in a disappointed tone.

"I know that!" he said, trying to get himself under control. "I've never been human before! I can't seem to control anything! You try being like this and see how you get with you realize just how powerless you are!" The look his cousin gave him made him cover his face. "I know. Don't say it. I'm doing exactly as she is. I need to adapt. Sorry. I won't be like this next time. I may be human, but even humans know how to control emotions and my negative look on this situation caused me to become a sap. In my heart and soul, I'm still a Carpathian, a De La Cruz, and I won't forget that again." He looked at his cousin as he stood up. "Thanks for that. Sometimes, brutal honesty works." He looked at his lifemate. "However, I don't think that will work with her. She needs someone more eloquent than me to explain things, so that she stops seeing herself as a monster and starts seeing her gifts for what they are."

He saw his cousin in deep thought and after a moment he looked at him “she is definitely stubborn enough to be a De La Cruz, so let’s treat her like one, we both know the only person your woman will listen to is herself, what is we present her a situation we’re her Jaguar side helps her, giving her a different view of things....maybe like some unfortunate event happens to her beloved clinic” he said with a hinting tone “remember when we were kids and you were scared to leap off the cliff during training because you favored your Jaguar form and thought turning into bird was wrong and so father threw the baby Jaguar you had rescued after her mother was killed by poachers off the cliff, remember what you did?”

"I turned into a man-cat-bird thing," Alejandro said. "I didn't even get the image right because I was too upset over the cat. But then, he said that a harpy eagle would save him. I had seen them a dozen times and he had me visualize them often enough, so I managed to shift just in time to save Pepito. I was even able to get him back to the cliff. My father picked up the cat, who seemed to not even be aware of what was happen, petted it, and threw him off again. He did this several times until the shift became a part of me. I hate that lesson, but I am grateful for what it taught me. The harpy eagle has been an asset to me in many battles."

“Exactly..if we can give her a situation like that, maybe if her cats are in danger and the only way to save them is to shift, maybe we can get her to be more willing to accept it and practice so she can control it better” he said

"It could work," Alejandro said. "I mean, I only told her she could help her cats, but if she sees how, and is forced to do it, it would be best. But we have to do it in a way that won't get her caught by her coworkers. And not the cubs."

“I heard on the news there is supposed to be a big storm in a couple of days, let’s do it then, we can use the storm to our advantage” he said

"You can use it to our advantage," Alejandro said with a growl, though it didn't sound nearly as intimidating since he was human. "I can only talk to you with my telepathy."

He chuckled and patted his shoulder “don’t worry cus I’m sure we can find some use for you, tell me you can scream for help like a damsel can’t you?” He said in a teasing tone and when Alejandro went to hit him he dodged and laugh saying “you weren’t even fast enough when you were Carpathian ” he said teasingly

"You're an ass," Alejandro said, unable to hide his own smile from growing. "Who was it that saved you in Rio? I believe that was me. Tell me, how the hell did you get dragged into a harem in Brazil, any way?"

“Dragged is such a strong word...blissfully pulled along is the way I would describe it” he said with a naughty grin “speaking of such and the red mage? Really? You slept with your target...wait let me rephrase, you wildly subdued your target...all night” he said raising his eyes brow

Alejandro said, "Mike, that's an invasion of my privacy. Didn't your mother ever teach you it's rude to spy on another guy having wild sex with a hot girl?" He looked at Val. "Besides, I don't have the real thing to compare it to, but that was the best sex I ever had. I look at it as practice." He flashed a smile at Mike. "But seriously, you slept with ten girls in one night. I had one woman cum ten times. I'm surprised you aren't the first Carpathian to have an STD."

“Only ten?” He said with a joking smile “little cousin I fear for your Lifemate” he said “And don’t try to change the subject, your new way of hunting would be very disapproved of, for shame cousin for shame” he said in a fake disappointing tone

"The first and only time I tried to hug you as a child you broke both my arms" she said in a emotionless tone "I don't know why I love him but I know the moment I stated was when he made me feel like a actual person and not just some tool he could use," she said.

"To me, even those closest to me have a use," he said with a shrug. "Even Elena, though she stirs feelings within me. To me, if you have no use, what is the point in living? I have a use, to be a leader for those who don't know how to use their power. You are a warrior, a guardian, and that is your use. Your son takes after you, and will also be a guardian. However, your man has no use. He can fight, but if he leads with his heart again, he will fall. His only use is to ensure you don't live a half life. That was the only reason I am not telling you to kill him."

“Why are you concerned if I have a half life? You made sure I had no life out side of blood she’d and darkness” she said trying to move away from him. When she did he could see a scar on her shoulder that was not there before. River was suppose to be flawless like Elena yet there was clearly a scar there and it looked like it went down her back

He turned her away from him and forced the back of her shirt up. Something, possibly the Carpathian blood that aided in making his new body, made him want to roar with rage.

"Who did this to you?" he asked. "Who marked what is mine?"

She tried to move away but he held her there “ it does not matter the creature is dead...” she said. He could tell by the severity of the marks and the way her legs looked that she had been crippled from this, little by little glimpses of his time in Draidens head started to make sense. She had been unable to walk from this. He knew if it was this bad then her dragon form would hold scars too, his perfect beast was now scared

"This is unacceptable," he said. "You are supposed to be a warrior, unsurpassed by even the most ancient of hunters. Yet, here you stand before me, scars running up and down your back like a map. Your man has much to answer for, including this. He cannot even protect you, letting my hard work get ruined."

“He kept me alive...I died during this battle and he brought me back, I think that makes it equal out” she said as she stopped struggling against his grip “please stop looking at them”

"How can I not?" he asked, even as he covered them again. "There is no making up for his lack of judgement and weakness. You died, River, something that should have been impossible, no matter the situation. You are my daughter. Mine. His crimes keep stacking up. At this point, you living a half life would be a blessing. I say his punishment for letting you get scars, for destroying my greatest weapon, is death."

“He will not be dying as long as I live” she said in a plain tone.

"Since when did you have a say in my punishments?" he asked.

“Since I realized I was stronger without you the moment you died, you held me back by making me do your bidding, maybe once I belonged to you but he never has and neither will my son” she said meeting his gaze “I’m glad I never got your tainted affection like the mage has and thanks to how you raised me and everything that has happened after you died I can stand here and look you in the eyes and tell you that you did a great job creating the monster I am and if you think about harming my family I will rip your soul into so many pieces you won’t even have a afterlife this time” she said in a serious tone

"Quit trying to act like higher beings," said Xayvion. "You don't have the ability to destroy me. You know this. If you had been able to do such a thing, you would have done it a long time ago. Now, even when you managed to run away from your master, you still cower before me. Admit it, you don't have the ability, or the heart, to kill me. He has made you soft."

She stepped closer to him and met his gaze with a stern impression “you are nothing worth cowering over any longer, I see now what I was blind to then that kept me from killing you and make no mistake I more then have the capabilities of killing you and you better prepare well because I’m going to enjoy it when I do, so how about I wait until your strong enough to actually put up a fight because right now it would be as easy as squashing A bug” she said in a dark threatening tone before throwing him so hard a-crossed the room, when he hit the wall two of his ribs cracked. One punctured his lung and he was starting to pass out from not being able to breath, he saw river leave the room. As his vision started to blur he barely made out Elena’s figure coming towards him “drink will heal you” she said placing a cup to his lips. As he drank he started to feel better

He closed his eyes, feeling warmth in his side as healing began. He closed his eyes and passed out. However, not long after, he woke up feeling a pain unlike anything he had ever felt before go through him. His eyes snapped open and he looked to see Elena above him, her eyes glowing. Then, a strong convulsion hit him. What the hell was in that cup! he asked.

nothing but a herb sedative uncle, but when you wake up you will be stronger but until then try not to die from the pain she said with a smile as she left him in the dark room alone, locking him in with a ward that made it impossible for him to use any of his abilities

For what seemed like hours, Xayvion screamed silently. One who had always dealt death to others now wished for it. When he was forced to expel all human toxins, it only added to the pain. However, he just barely managed to escape the torture with his mind in tact.


Elena walked into her room and was surprised to see micheal coming out of the shower with nothing but a towel on his waist. She knew hunters liked hot showers after they train to help ease their burning muscles but this still didn’t prepare her for the sight “What...what are you doing in my room...was yours not good enough?” She asked in a dazed tone as she felt her cheeks get warm

"My room didn't have a shower," he said. "Besides, we are lifemates. We should be sharing a room, not have walls of stone between us."

She could smell his manly scent as the steam danced off his skin, she hated the conversion more lately, she found herself even more sensitive to him “according to you we are not Lifemates yet so stay in your own room” she said out of frustration and started to walk towards the bathroom. She needed a shower herself.

He grabbed her arm and said, "The only reason we aren't real lifemates, sharing everything as we should, is because you refuse to allow it. I am more than willing to take small steps, but you refuse to budge. You see me as a tool, not a person or your man. You are my woman, and I put your happiness and well being above all else, but you always push me away when you start to even think like a lifemate." He let go of her. "When you decided to quit hiding, your real life can begin. Until then, just as I am a tool to you, you are a means to an end for me."

Already this conversation was making her stressed enough she started to lose her grip on her control again, as long as he was not around her she could control herself but every time he was near it became almost impossible. She felt her fangs lengthen in her mouth “well since you know your place then go back to the tool cupboard aka your room and stay out of mine” she said slamming the bathroom door

Steam started to come off of him as he said, "My place is with you, Elena. My place is as your lover and partner, not a tool. My place is right here. Now, hurry and take your shower. I think it's time we discuss whatever plan you have cooking in that head of yours because I have a feeling I won't like it."

go away! she said as she started the shower and was fighting to stay in control

Not until you tell me your plan, he said.

She sighed and knew she would have to approach this a different way and quickly because her control was slipping micheal please give me some space, when you are near I can’t seem to stay in control and despite what you may think I don’t want to hurt you so please before my control vanishes, go she said hating to admit what she just did. She grabbed onto the edge of the tub and flinched in pain when she felt the sliver start to move, she focused on the pain hoping it would help calm her blood lust

Elena, you are in pain, he said, his voice softer. Everything in me is telling me to go to you and comfort you. I'm going, but I'm taking a book for reading. I want to exercise more than just my body tonight. With that, she felt him leave her room.

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