Trouble Mounts 16

He took her hand more because he needed it than to stop her from taking his food and he said, "Letting it go is not an option. Hunters hunt the vampire because if we let go, we become them. If we don't fight every single day, hundreds, if not thousands, of people would die. After 200 years of life, a Carpathian male loses his colors and emotions. We have to, or we would hesitate." His hand was shaking. "We would let our love for them get in the way, and that leads to death. We don't live, Valencia, we survive battle upon battle, looking for our other half, our thoughts of her and how she could be a child or a woman, needing our protection and to be what she needs. This could be a lover, a warrior, a best friend, a confidant, or anything else. It is only with our lifemate to anchor us can we hunters begin to truly live. Other wise, men with great honor, men like... like..." he shook his head, "men like my older brother would have taken control long ago. He chose to become a vampire. He chose darkness over finding his lifemate. He wanted power. I watched as he went from a man with honor and he threw it away, not to feel momentarily, but because he desired power." Though he wasn't crying or even look emotional, she heard a catch in his voice. "The day he turned, he massacred nearly everyone at one of our ranches. The few females he didn't kill immediately were badly used. I was only 180, but I lost my colors and emotions as I plunged my hand into his chest... I pulled out his dead heart and cremated it, along with his body... I destroyed the man I looked up to because he let go." He stood up, letting her take his food. "I... I need some air."She didn’t stop him “it sounds like Carpathians should just go extinct “ she said in a low tone “they are nothing but humans with too much power...” she said “the world is bad enough...” she said washing her dish but putting his in the fridge “I fully believe humans have the lifespan we have for a reason....if there is a god or whatever he knew what he was doing by giving monsters like us a short lifespan” That brought him up short and he said, "Luckily, you can't make that decision. Or you would see that, just like humans and your cats, we deserve to live too. We are not better than humans, nor are we worse. Why would you think to make us a the bad guys when we bring justice to those who would make many of your human monsters into their dinner? Or worse, their puppets? I have put my life on the line more than you know, my one thought was 'Would she see the honor in my heart, what I do to protect her?' And you basically say that I do not count because I'm not human." He turned to look at her, angry and hurt. "Well, now I'm human. Am I good enough now? Worthy of life, just because I'd be better able to hurt you? You would rather I be a monster you can't see than one you can?" He wanted to throw things, punch something. "What makes me so unworthy of life that you would condemn my entire species?!"He felt Mike there, in the background, waiting to see who he really needed to knock out, Val or Al “Didn’t you just say your brother chose to turn into a vampire? If vampires are so bad then logically if your species was extinct then they wouldn’t exists either, just like if humans went extinct the world would cleanse itself from all the pollution and damage we have done to it and so on and so forth, I didn’t condemn your people you condemned yourself. You literally just sat here and told me how your people turn into these horrible monsters “ she said chuckling sarcastically “and you know what from what I have heard your species has no purpose, all you do is fight constantly and hide, you don’t actually do anything to help the world in your life times and what little you do help does not even put a dent in solving big problems, your people have been here for ages and the only thing you all have excelled at is hiding. To be honest I know more humans that have more honor then your kind, real honor, not this oh we choose not to become monsters or I will fight so others can be safe, there is more to honor then that, all that is, is you thinking just because you fight and kill that makes you better then the thing you are killing but in reality what have you actually done to solve the problem huh? I heard about this prince guy, if I was him, I would make sure they didn’t have the choice to meet the sun or whatever, if I could feel all the people in the world like he does your species and I could tell who was about to turn bad you best believe they wouldn’t last the night, what makes me more angry as you have all been doing the same things for years and then complain how things don’t get better, as far as I am concern you all deserve to suffer for being so stupid” she said finish washing her dish and putting away the food. When she turned to look at him and crossed her arms “and that’s why I won’t choose you, living a human life is hard enough but at least we adapt and change, why would I tie myself to a community who is never changing and is as ignorant as yours and makes humans look like the more superior. I would rather life a short life filled with all kinds of differences then live a long one in the dark with you”she said "The prince doesn't have that ability!" Alejandro said. "He is no more equipped to tell who will turn and who won't! I was sure that my brother would find a mate, and I had been in his mind millions of times! And there would still be vampires, Valencia, because they would just look different! I can easily tell you, there are human vampires that live for the same rush of the power over life or death that a vampire wants! You think a species that has less than 1/15 the population of humans could have fixed the world?! You think we could have stopped progress?! It doesn't work like that! We have adapted to technology like humans did! We have to deal with everything just like humans! You think humans are the only ones who struggle?! We have werewolves, vampires, and Sange rau to fight against Lycans, Carpathians, and Guardians of all! Torn apart is the Mages, who seem more bad than good! And humans... you clearly don't know your history very well because if humans had been more accepting, didn't kill us for being different from them, humans would be more knowledgeable about us, and then the human butchers wouldn't exist! We wouldn't have worry about humans finding us during the day to kill our children! Hell, we are lucky if our children live past their first year, thanks to Nymphs and a slow awakening of an old spell!" He opened the door. "Before you go and say what you deem is logical, learn everything so you can really see the truth."He walked out, slamming the door behind him. He began walking into the woods, not sure where he was headingshe is not wrong Alejandro and you know it, everyone could tell your brother was changing they just didn’t want to admit it and then it was too late And she is not wrong about the prince and the old ways, you both have good points but you can’t deny the truth to her words Michelangelo said So what?! Alejandro said. Carpathians, Lycans, Mages, Guardians, humans, we all deserve to live! To say they don't just because of a few bad eggs... Does Valen deserve to die just because he is close to, but yet to turn?! Immediately, he regretted saying that. I'm sorry. I should not have said that. I just... I don't know how to get her to choose me, and her views are so contradictory to what we were taught, what we have seen. This is why I need help with her.

yeah well he could hear the pain in his tone there are wards on the house and I’m going to go feed, I recommend you go in the house where it’s safe, don’t do anymore damage then you already have done and get yourself killed, I mental planted a sleeper switch in her mind, if you say the words sleep in Romanian she will instantly sleephe said Okay, he said. I really am sorry I said that about Valen. Hell, you warned me that my brother was turning but I had a hero view of him. I didn't want to see it. Looking back, it was so obvious. Valen won't do as Julián did. I wish she would see the good side of us, of our world, but this happens every time. We end up butting heads and I become a raging asshole. Around her... I can't seem to control anything, but I don't want to. I want honesty between us.Then, a new voice entered his head. I'm Eva, Michelangelo's lifemate. Have faith in her. She is scared, thrown into the deep end of the pool and told to swim without lessons. To her, this view is natural. I think, if you give her some more time, go with Michelangelo's plan, she will see your side. At the same time, you need to come to see hers. Mike could tell that there was a plan in her tone, despite it sounding weak due to the time of day. Because Mike cared for Al, she fought the lethargy to help and it made him love her all the more. Return to the house, brother-kin. All will work out as it should.When he got into the house he didn’t see her, but as he started to walk around he heard the shower running. The closer he got the more he could hear what sounded like crying.Alejandro knocked on the door and said, "Valencia? Are you alright?"The crying stopped “I’m fine I thought you left”she said"I came back," he said. "I got a pep talk by Mike, and then I said something that hurt him. He never got angry with me, and even his lifemate, who should be resting, contacted me to calm me down and talk sense into me. I shouldn't have gotten angry with you. I'm sorry. All of this is new to you and so your views are understandable."

"that's nice you finally have a conscious but I want to be alone right now" she said in a upset tone"Valencia, you need to understand that being human is new to me as well," he said. "We need to meet half way on this. I'll leave you alone, but know that our views come from what we know, and we are now in new worlds in which we know nothing about. Okay?"he said “Sure..but I didn’t force you to become human....I also didn’t force you in my world and on that note, another reason I won’t accept you, I remember the memories you took from me well had your sister take, you messed with my mind! I thought I was going crazy and you made me believe that! And on top of it all you took advantage of me when I was drunk, we call that rape in the human world” she said in a disgusted tone. Something slammed against the door hard starting him “so I say again..leave me alone!” She said and he heard a growl to her tone"I can't apologize enough for that," he said. "But your mind was shattering when Az did all that, and she is facing her crimes. I'm going to be in the living room, if you want to talk later."Another slam against the door echoed the hall as he left. When he got into the living room he saw a large back tail lift up from the couch as he walked towards it from the back since it was in the middle of the room.He went to the couch and said, "Oh, it's you, Zane. You scared me. How are today?"He growled at him in a greeting but when he got close to let him and he smelled him the growl turned to something else. He saw the switch from friend to predator in his eyes and mannerisms. He was no longer Zane his friend he was Zane the big predator that smells prey.He stopped moving. He slowly backed away, not wanting to trigger an attack"Zane, I'm not prey," he said. "I'm a friend. Like Valencia. You hungry, boy? I know there is a stake in the fridge. You want it?"He slowly got off the couch, his ears went back and his mouth parted, he knew this stance and it did not bold well for him, Zane was a very large male with many years of experience behind him"Zane, you know me," he said, but nothing was calling off the large cat. This started to make him panic, so he called out, "Valencia!"Zane lunged at him when he yelled, though he was human his body was still remembered his years of training but he was slower. He managed to dodge but Zane turned back toward him quickly like a predator in his prime would. His flight or fight response kicked in and as a human now he chose flight. He leaped over the couch and tried to make it to the bed room but Zane was on him within seconds. He turned just in time to see the big cat leap from the couch and go air borne towards him. Right before he reached him a naked Val stood in front of him and caught the large cat as he slammed into her which made her slam into Alejandro. Taking all of them to the ground “Zane you fat ass get off!” She yelled and Zane groaned in a upset way but got off from on top of them “go to your room you have food in there” she said and there was hesitation in the large cat ‘go” she said in a stern tone to which Zane slowly turned and walked into another room. Val laid on top of Alejandro with her back to his chest, her firm butt was on top of his groan and she was still wet from the shower.He didn't want to move, and he was breathing heavily, but he couldn't stop his body's reaction. He groaned."Valencia, thanks for helping," he said. "How did he get out of his room? A better question, why does he have a room here?"

“He keeps me calm and...” she gasped and he felt her stiffen on top of him “do you have a...”

"Well, you are naked and wet on top of me!" he said, sitting up and pushing her away. "I can't help finding you sexy, Valencia! Especially when you are like this!"She gasped in pain as he did “careful!” She yelled out and that’s when he saw the blood on the floor. Zane’s back claws had cut the top of her legs when he landed on her and he right claw had cut her rib area. Though they were nasty to look at and bleeding a lot, it was nothing fatal.He went to heal her in the way of Carpathians, but he remembered at the last second that he was human. Cursing himself, he went to the bathroom and got the first aid kit. He went to her and opened it"This doesn't look like healing supplies," he said. "How do I even use some of this stuff? I mean, bandages, I know, but what is this ass-per cream?"

“Illl be fine” she said standing up and walking to the fridge. She pulled out a small white bowl that had what looked like wet herbs in it “Your cousin gave me this for when things like this happened..though he refused to tell me what it was it work wonders” she said sitting down and started to put it on her cuts. Immediately they stopped bleeding and Alejandro recognized the concoction as the simple herbs and saliva mixture they all use to heal small wounds.He pulled out the bandages and said, "We should at least wrap them up. That way, the herb mixture will stay on."

“Ow!” She said flinching as he tried to bandage her leg “hey careful with your big paws will you” she said flinching again. He felt how soft her skin was and how warm it was as his fingers brushed her skin"I'm sorry, but do you want this to stay on or fall off?" he asked. "I'm very gentle. The cats I rescued never complained when I bandaged them."Well then you must like them more then me, ow!” She said slapping his shoulder.He looked up at her to say he liked her more than the jungle cats when he saw she was still naked. His throat went dry and the desire to touch every inch of satin skin, to kiss every inch, to lick and nibble every inch. Without breaking eye contact with her, his hands began to trace down her legs, gently, tenderly, lovingly. It was as if he were worshiping her. There was an instinctual, wild need in him still, proving his heart and soul were still Carpathian, and there was only one for him. Valencia Warren. The way he looked at her made her feel trapped, like a prey about to be eaten, there was such a wild heat in his eyes that she felt her skin grow warm like his gaze alone was warming her. Everything around her started to fade as she was unable to look away from his intense gaze yet she still felt how is hand was tracing her skin “ done yet” she said in a breathy tone as she was finding it hard to breath let alone speak. Instead of answering her, he began to kiss up her leg, a slow exploration. She did know that such a thing could make her wild with lust but it did. His tongue lapped at her heated skin, his teeth nibbled teasingly. And still, he never stopped looking at her. He started to work his way to her feminine core. When she jumped, he realized that his had touched her wound. He looked away then and saw that his exploration of her leg had caused the bandages wrapped around her leg to come undone. He hadn't secured it. He worked quickly to secure the herb mixture "Sorry," he said. "I know you don't like when I show my desire for you. I will try to be more careful." He stood up, his large desire showing through his jeans. "You... you should get dressed."Her body began to ache fiercely and before she could stop herself “don’t...don’t stop” she said and she looked just as shocked as him at her words. She stood up quickly “I mean...don’t stop reminding me wrong we are for each other...I mean you start just licking someone’s leg and...and” she was so flustered and she mentally kicked herself, she had never been this lost for words in her life “and you suck!” She said and again kicked herself for that being the only thing that came to her mind to say. She awkwardly turned to leave the room.He grabbed her hand suddenly and said, "I'm sorry, but I need you to forgive me for what I'm going to do now, as well."Before she could ask or get angry, he kissed her forcefully, her hair bunching in his hand. His other hand went to the middle of her back. He wasn't gently coaxing her response, he was demanding it. He was hot, wild, uninhibited. It was intoxicating. She was shocked at first, the only thing she was able to do is grab onto his shirt but the more intense he became the more her mind went blank and she felt a wild demand grow inside her. Her grip on his shirt tightened as she opened her mouth for his invasion. His tongue was hot and unforgiving as it danced with hers.He pinned her against the wall, kissing down to her neck, farther to her breasts to suckle hard. The hand knotted in her hair let go only to go to her glistening core, two fingers entering her hard and fast. Every noise she made was music to him.

The pain from her scratches and the pleasure were mixing intensely, all thought went from her mind and she started moving on instinct. Her hands gripped his hair until he was on his knees, she was demanding him this time, she was demanding he started her, savor her, to send her flying with his hot tongue after weeks of nothing but fear and pain
Eva waited and said, He's here. Now, you come home. You aren't in the ground with me as you should be. It is dangerous to feed during the day. Besides, I know you want to hear my plan on how to make Alejandro see her side.she saidas much as I want to I really need to feed, you go to sleephe said Come back to me, mon chevalier noir, and I will provide for you, she said. Do not risk your life because you fear for Alejandro's safety. You will only hurt yourself.she said I will not be hurt and I will not be feeding from you today. I need some time by myself with my thoughts now sleep before you hurt yourselfhe said Silly male, she said, her laugh fluttering through him, I won't hurt myself, but if I do get hurt trying to get you home, it's worth it to me. At least you would be safe.she said i am fine in the day little one, I will be home soon, but I will be distracted if you are not safe and sleeping so if you wish me to be safe do sohe said Okay, my love, she said, but hurry back to me.she said always he said sending her to sleep peacefully

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