Trouble Mounts 17

Alejandro smiled up at her, a smile that sent her heart pounding more, before he started feasting upon her. He pulled up her injured leg so that it was over his shoulder, opening her up to him. His tongue would stab deep numerous times before teasing her stiff clit, then starting over. His large, warm hands gripped her firm bottom, dragging her closer to him, allowing him to go deeper.

A pressure in her was growing unlike anything she had ever felt before, she gripped onto the wall to try to support herself but it was not working well, the fact that with his arms alone he was able to keep her from falling as her legs shook was even more of a turn on. When he used his teeth to nip her sensitive clit it sent a shock wave through her that instantly made her even wetter then she already was. She cried out a feminine cry and through her head back as she felt herself on the brink of a orgasm. Suddenly she felt herself starting to shift. She knew that feeling, only this time it was not as painful as before but still as scary “Stop!” She cried out but it was a moan and everything in her screamed for him to continue but when she saw Zane walk around the corner she was able to think a little more clearly. Using her hand gripping his hair she pulled his mouth from her and she let out a groan of dissatisfaction. She moved away from him and without saying a word she went into her room making Zane follow and shut the door

Alejandro looked at the door for a long time, not moving. He could still taste her, feel her gripping his hair in pleasure. But soon, his knees began to hurt and her juices on his face dried. He stood up and stretched before washing his face. He then went and sat at the door. Through the window, the he watched the sun work its way towards the horizon. Yet, his only thought was of Valencia and her addicting flavor.

He had nearly passed out when he looked up at his cousin, who had appeared out of nowhere. He just smiled up at him.

“You need sleep “ he said handing him water “drink” it was not a suggestion

He drank the water and said, "I'm too wired to sleep. And it's night time. I'm used to being up at this time."

“Your human and need sleep” he said “don’t make me force you”

"Sure, rub it in," he said with sarcasm. "Admit it, you are enjoying having me the weaker species right now."

“Even when you were normal cus you were still weaker then me “ he said teasingly helping him up

He groaned, stretching his back and legs, before saying, "Until it came to fighting. I'm a natural warrior. It's more than strength there. You have to have skill, and I learned from jungle cats, lizard boy." He laughed, using the name from their childhood they would tease him with. "When I become Carpathian again, I'll prove cats are way better than reptiles."

“Big talk from a kitty cat” he said chuckling

"For now," Al said, trying to hide a yawn. "If I wasn't handicapped, you would be in big trouble."

He chuckled “humans are so funny...and delusional “ he said helping him into the bed

"Seriously, Mike," Alejandro said, "I'm not tired." He tried to set up. "Besides, I should be outside patrolling, or at least up in case I'm needed. I may be human, but I can still fight."

“Seriously you need to rest also you need to realize something, so listen to my words cause you can’t tell in your condition, your lifemate is in heat and judging from her blood she is a pure blooded Jaguar, it’s rare as it is, you have a opportunity to do something great for their species but not when you are human...get where I’m going with this?”

Elena knocked on the think oak door. She knew Anthony was awake, she also knew he was attempting to hid his children and him and his mate were arguing about how she should hide with them. After a few aggravating minutes, his mate agreed to be with the kids and he came to the door alone “good evening Anthony “ she said in a emotionless tone

"Elena," he said, acting as if he were surprised. "What brings you to my home? I was hoping to open discussions again."

“We have things we need to discuss you and I, may I come in? After all the last thing you would want is for someone to see me one your doorstep” she said in a serious tone

He growled. He had to choose fast, risk his family or risk war. Stay in the panic room, he said to Anastasia as he gestured to Elena.

"Please, enter my home," he said, though she could tell he felt uncomfortable by this.

She walked in a sat down on the chair by the fireplace, there was another chair he could sit at right in front of her so they could talk “I will let you speak first since you are so nervous”

"Why have you come to see me?" he asked. "With the heated environment involving you and your lifemate, and with the Nymphs and the newest threat of Xayvion add to it, it was a great risk to see me."

“I am the center of those risk, I can make all those dangers disappear, why should I fear them?” She said in a plain tone “I have come to offer you a chance to take out one of those threats since I find their use is no longer needed” she said with a shrug “I have turned my uncle into one of your people and I plan to use it to my advantage, you will come with me and when I tell you to you will use your abilities as prince to make him hesitate “ she said

"That still leaves one question," he said. "Why should I trust you? Ever since your trial, you have been highly antagonistic towards my people."

“And your people have done the much so you pushed away your biggest Ally, River” She said with a shrug “whether you trust me or not I don’t care I can do it myself I just thought you would like to ease your peoples hearts and gain some of their trust by taking down a big enemy, if I am wrong tell me now and I will leave”

He sighed, "No, you're not wrong. I do need their trust again, if I ever had it to begin with. I'll help." He looked her dead in the eye. "Know this, if anything happens to my family, or my people, I won't even attempt to save you or your mate."

“That will depend on you” she said standing up “in two days come to the north clearing alone” she said in a stern tone “if you don’t come alone you will already fail and prove you are a prince who can not stand on his own and therefore are unworthy of the title”

"No one is worthy of the title," he said. "Look, I'll do my best, but I can't promise Erik won't follow me. I will need something to keep him off my trail. Well, my psychic trail. I got something for any physical trail I might leave."

“Are you asking for my assistance to just come to the location? You can’t even do that on your own?

"Well, I've never had to use herbs to hide a psychic trail, and Erik isn't exactly gentle when it comes to me," he said. "He breaks through my barriers like they are made by children. I will simply have to find a way. Perhaps I just let my insecurities make my safeguards too weak."

“Do what you must” she said walking towards the door “if you are not alone I will kill you” she said simply

"Sure, and risk your own life in the process," he said. "We don't even know if anyone can take the mantel from me. Odds are, if I die, you and every other Carpathian would as well."

“I will not die but I will watch your kind go instinct, that being said here is something that maybe will get you to try harder, I used your blood to change my uncle and I promise you if you fall he will be prince, this I have made it’s either you or him” she said

"My blood alone is not enough to make someone a prince," he said. "It wasn't even guaranteed that I would be prince. It could easily have been Erik, or even another of my cousins, or even my sister. Fate says they are the best to guide our people. I was chosen. That's all. I doubt, even with my blood, your uncle could become prince. There are thousands of others far better suited than even I."

She smiled “you seem to forget I have your prince abilities “ she said coldly “when I say he will e prince if you die you should know it to be the truth “ she said in a dark tone and then whispered in his ear “if you die everyone of your bloodline but us will die with you, you are no longer fighting him just to get rid of him, you ar fighting for so much more then that” she said and moved away

Meghan approached the tree line, the fog was thick and she felt a overwhelming feeling of darkness. Everything in her screamed to turn back, the only thing that kept her going was the thought of her family. As she walked deep the fog thickened, she could hear a stream and as she neared it she saw a man, she recognized him as the mages lifemate, the Phoenix “excuse me..” she said in a soft tone

Michael jumped up, sword in hand. When he saw it was Meghan, he sheathed his sword, saying, "Why are you wandering about unescorted? Haven't you heard? Me and my mate are dangerous, to be killed on sight?"

“I’m not a killer...” she said shivering and holding herself “I can hoping to talk...peacefully...I promise I wasn’t followed so really my life is in your hands...” she said shaking more. The fog was getting to her and now seeing him she really was scared. He was a intimidating man but yet she felt there was more to him “I was hoping to talk to you “

"About what?" he asked.

“ is there a better place to talk...I don’t feel well here” she said. Micheal could see her mind was open to him to a certain extent but enough to see she really didn’t come here to fight and that she was pregnant and this fog was effecting her greatly, and he knew why.

"I know a place," he said. "Follow me. The Wraith will guard us, but know if there is a hint of treachery, I will not be as kind as my mate has been."

She nodded and followed him

Marcus, lay off, he said. We will be in the cave behind the falls. Stay at the entrance if you must, but don't follow and make her miscarry.

He waved his hand and the waterfall parted. It appeared to have natural seats warn down from rocks and it looked spacious enough for them. He walked in ahead of her and sat, waiting for her to do the same. Once she sat down, the falls closed over the entrance and a ward went up to make the falls a soft, background noise, but Meghan knew that if any trouble arose, anyone could come in and help them.

"Now, talk," he said.

“Please don’t be hostile...I’m overwhelmed as it is..ever since the cave I don’t feel well...” she said placing her hands in her lap nervously “I don’t want war and I don’t believe it’s two are Lifemates that means there is good and I don’t believe you both are bad..even the wraith..good people do bad things all the time...I have” She said thinking about how she drugged erik to make him sleep “please...” she said looking at him “help me stop this before it hurts people..I can’t bare it” she said with tears in her eyes “I’m so sensitive to it..the pain...the anger...the fear...I’m going crazy” she said gripping her hands tighter “help me...I know you want to for your Lifemates sake” she said and stood up and kneeled before him and took his hand. Warmth and a peaceful feeling spread through him “please...I’ll do anything” she said in a sincere tone

"You are truly a Master Empath," he said, the calm enveloping him. "Look, I don't know how to actually stop this mass hysteria but I do not want a war. The Carpathian people as a whole are far too young for my woman alone, never mind me and the Wraith. You can do so much. I never thought I'd see a Master Empath again, yet here you are, able to change a person's very soul. With enough training, you could save so many. Don't let the negative thoughts swamp you. Everything you have ever done was to protect those you love. You are too pure to kill. Fill yourself with that love, let it encompass the battlefield. Because, even if we prove to be allies to the Carpathian people, they won't trust us and bring a war to our doorstep. Now is the time to let your feelings of love and happiness flow out of you like a river. Until the war occurs, practice your abilities, then on that day, you will be able to calm even those without emotions. Start with something small and work your way up to larger areas. Perhaps, you will even allow some hunters the ability to find their lifemate, a warrior woman on the battlefield."

“I don’t understand what a master empath is...please tell me what you know if I can do as you say I’m willing to try I always thought compared to others my abilities were...well not so useful...” she said squeezing his hand but if there is even a small chance I can stop this war from happening I’ll do it, I don’t consider myself pure..I have been tainted mind body and soul but I will still do anything I can to help...I know you don’t like me but I want to help, not just you but everyone..but...” she looked at him shocked then and sat up and touched the side of his face “are you ok? “ she asked with concern in her eyes. He could see it was genuine

He said, "I'm fine. Now, a master empath is someone who feels more than the emotions someone is feeling. They feel what lies in someone's soul, their essence. You can effect their soul. If someone is close to turning, you could give then several more centuries to find them if you get good enough. Right now, you have no real way of controlling your ability, so you are picking up everything from minor pains of the heart to soul crushing fear. And not just from the Carpathians, but everyone within miles of you. And your own emotions work against you. You already feel some negative feelings of your own, so the negative feelings from others are amplified. That is why you should focus on the light, even when things seem their darkest. And if you weren't pure, you wouldn't be a master empath. I can see in your mind enough to get a distanced view of your memories. You left yourself open to the vampires' rapes to protect your children, you put Erik to sleep so he would heal, and you came to me knowing I could easily kill you and your unborn son if the mood struck me, but you still came to protect your friends and family. In none of those things did I see malicious intent. And just because you have dark feelings does not mean you are dark. Without darkness, there can be no light. But you do realize that because you are so far into the light that Erik is deep in the darkness. There must be that balance." The rock around them shook and Michael smiled. "There is the Dark One now. I believe this will be fun."

Let him through, Marcus, said Michael, parting the waterfall again. It's time to test her abilities. If she is what I believe, she will be able to stop me from killing her mate without hurting me. If I am wrong, you know what to do.

“I swear I was not followed he must have forced himself awake..I thought the herbs I gave him were strong enough...I know you won’t hurt him and I’ll make sure he is respectful so please don’t leave, please stay and talk with me so we can figure out how to stop this war” she said “also your not fine...I feel your heart ache as my own...maybe I can help..I work with all kinds of women everyday maybe I can help you with your lifema...” she didn’t get to finish before Erik snatched her up and put her behind him

"What the hell, Meghan?!" Erik yelled, his eyes glowing with a silver light and anger pouring off of him. "So what? Even my lifemate is a traitor now?! Didn't you think of what this would mean if someone other than me came after you?! It would be our deaths! Mine first, leaving you in a half life! Our daughters and son raised by someone else! I can't believe you would abandon our people, our family, like this!"

Michael saw how that made Meghan flinch and, subtly moving between her and her mate, said, "I lured her here. I have been aching for a battle, and might as well be a puffed up pup who pretends to be the Dark One. Though, from the memories I forced out of her, I might see if she wants to reenact some of them."

Erik growled and launched himself at Michael.

Meghan moved in between them making erik Stop “please stop this this not what happened, I came here gave me no other wouldn’t listen to don’t believe there is another way then war...I know she killed your parents and your angry and you want justice but that does not mean you should neglect other things...getting revenge will come at a cost many hunters are you willing to see die just so you can try and feel better? It won’t bring them back erik it won’t and I can’t lose you! And your anger is suffocating me!” She said shaking and grabbing her head “please...I beg you both of you....your both good men...please act like it...I feel like my heart is going to explode”

Michael put a barrier around her and used pure air to knock Erik back, saying, "This is your test, Meghan. It's pass or fail. I won't hold back from this fight, and Erik is blinded by rage. You are safe inside that bubble, but if he tries to kill me, I won't hesitate to take him with me. Now, do you use your ability to calm him, not just in mind, but heart and soul as well? Or do we kill each other?"

Before she could answer, Erik began attacking Michael. Michael easily out maneuvered Erik, making little marks on him designed to weaken him. This was a game to Michael, and to Erik, it was war.

“Why are you being so cruel! I didn’t come here to fight or to be tested! “ she said and gasped her pain and grabbed her stomach, them fighting was enough to make her stressed enough to cause her body to react. Water slide down her leg and she dropped to her knees “stop please!” She said in pain and fear not here...not here! she begged in her mind to herself. They were both hit with her fear and pain. It filled them until it was all they could feel. Her heart felt like it was breaking and she was so stressed by everything she felt as if she was being consumed buy everyone’s emotions. They felt it all “please..” she said holding her stomach with both hands and leaning forward until her head was on the ground. The area around her seem to darken as she let all the dark emotions that surrounded her seep in. The grass around her seemed to die and turn brown and her light began to fade

"Meghan!" Michael said, grabbing hold of Erik and holding him down. "Focus! Look at Erik and keep the feelings you have for him forefront in your mind! You can do this!"

Marcus, you need to make her look at him, Michael said. If she keeps focusing on the dark thoughts, she will fail and then there will be a war neither side will win.

take down the ward Marcus said. When he did Marcus was behind her. He leaned down and grabbed the side of her head forcing her too look up but the moment he touched her both Marcus and Meghan cried out and Marcus stepped back. His hands were smoking like he had been burnt and black hand prints where on Meghan’s skin where he had touched her “what the hell....” he said shaking his hands

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