Trouble Mounts 18

"Yeah," he said, fighting to keep his eyes open. "She says she's of Scarletti descent on her fathers side and her mother was from South America, so it makes sense. She could be related to your grandmother, Solange." He turned on his side as he was quickly falling asleep, not realizing that she was walking out to get something to drink. "Can you keep her safe for me? Teach her how to make the transformation not painful? I don't like the thought of her hurting when it shouldn't. It hurts thinking about it."

I will not sleep you stubborn cat “ he said turning off the light

"She doesn't deserve to be in pain," he said as he was passing out. "Not because of me."

With that, he was out. Then Eva entered Mike's mind and said, Well? Go talk to her about what she just heard! If I was in her shoes, and heard you talking like that after everything in my life being stripped down or destroyed, those words would be effecting me greatly! She must feel so conflicted right now!

Val was in the kitchen looking out the window

Talk to her, Eva pushed. Don't make me take over your body and get all girly with her. You'd wake up with braids in your hair and polish on your nails.

He walked up to her “hey” he said akwardly you would still find me sexy even then he said teasingly to Eva

“Hey “ she said not looking at him “how are you feeling?” He asked leaning against the counter “ok I guess” she said “really?” He asked surprised “no of course not!” She said making him jump “put the claws away I was just asking” he said “why? Why do you care to even ask? You brought me here against my will and now you wonder how I am?” She said in a angry tone “no wonder my cousin is such a mess I would be to if I had to deal with a woman like you” he said with a growl “excuse me?” She said turning towards him “you heard me little kitten” he said folding his arms “don’t call me that” she said in a threatening tone “little....kitten...” he said slowly rubbing it in. And just like that it was on, she lunged at him and shifted in mid air. He grabbed her cat and flung her away but didn’t hurt her “I don’t play with kittens” he said and her cat growled and launched at him again. This time her claws sank in and she latched on. He grabbed her by the skin on the back of her neck to keep her from biting him “oh my look what we have here...a kitten thinking she is a lion” he said right before her back foot kicked him in the balls. He growled and released her and glared “ok let’s play” he said shifting and the two large cats started to go at it. He never hurt her fatally but he did make sure she knew her place. He also took note she was definitely a pure breed. Her instincts were the only thing that was making her a decent fighter and he knew with training she could have a chance to be a real pain in the ass to fight

You were supposed to make her feel better, not fight! Eva said. Using the path through Mike, Eva talked to Val. Hello. I'm Eva. I just want to talk, to help.

Eva instantly knew that was a mistake, she did not like others in her head, more then that she was not use to it and it scared her. Out of fear she went into survival mode and changed her fighting pattern catching Michelangelo off guard and managed to bite deeply into his shoulder woman what the hell are you doing! There was a reason I was not in her head! Stay out of this you don’t know how to deal with her you are not a Jaguar and you were never human! he said in a angry tone to Eva this is why I did not bring you, you have no self control! he said cutting her from val’s Mind you have now made things worse for both of us because you didn’t trust me to handle it, well now I don’t trust you the same way he said before cutting her from his mind. Not enough we’re she would go through the separation but enough she could not talk to him. He didn’t like being so harsh but he knew her well enough it was the only way for her to learn.

Eva let him feel her anger and pain at his words, and promise to retaliate. She hadn't known about the mind-to-mind communications, and she was scared her suggestion had put him in danger, but she didn't want to talk harshly to someone who seemed scared. She trusted him, but she wanted to keep them from hurting each other.

Michealangelo managed to break her hold by hitting her already sore leg see I was being nice and letting you blow off steam and though you didn’t care to notice I know it didn’t hurt when you shifted this time as much as it usually does, that being said since you have chosen to actually try and hurt me, remember the lesson I am about to teach you he said before slamming her on her back so fast she didn’t even see him move. He pinned her there with his teeth but did not cut her skin but it did make moving painfulget off of me! she growled no he said simply. He felt her stress start to grow if you don’t get the fuck off of me I’m going to kill you, you bastard! she said in a stressed tone no you won’t and you can’t he said simply. The fact that he sounded so calm angered her more. She struggled and she didn’t know how much time had passed all she knew is she grew so tired she couldn’t struggle anymore. Her limbs were in fire and the felt heavy and she could barely move are you finally done? he asked fuck you she said in a tired tone, a moment later he released her, she wanted to hit him but was too tired to do so noow why don’t you just stay there and think about what you just learned he said and walked away and disappeared that all your kind are assholes she said as her eyes closed.


"I understood that the moment you said it," he replied. "I just thought I would tell you some things aren't guaranteed. I'll begin looking at some of my books and finding a way to keep my trail from being followed. You have my word."

She nodded and walked away “by the way congratulations on finally bonding with your lifemate “ she said what surprised him was her tone sounded soft and sincere

He looked at her, eyes wide and said, "Um... thank you?" He shook his head. "Though, I'm still far off from becoming a Guardian of all, as she is. I doubt if I will ever be worthy of such a honor."

“Until you find yourself worthy you will not be” She said simply

He shrugged, "I'm not quite confident enough for it yet then. Leading doesn't come easy to me."

“No one is a natural leader, it’s not a skill, it’s a way of though and actions” she said before disappearing

"Easy for you to say," he said. "I have to have confidence in myself first, and that takes time."

There was no answer but he sensed Ana behind him “no.” She said and he knew exactly what she was talking about “your not going”

"Actually, I don't think I have a choice but to go," he said. "I'll take every precaution."

She growled “I will chain you to out bed and lock you away!” She said

Antony stood up and said, "If I don't go, our people will be in danger. You know I must go, my love. I need you to keep Erik and the other hunters busy while I do this. You are the only person I trust with this. If I didn't think there was another choice, I would brain storm with you on it. The others can think what they want, but..." he looked at her, "please trust me. If no one else, I need you to trust me. Not at the prince, or even your lifemate, but as a man of honor, even if that honor is still new."

She growled “don’t ask this of me” she said looking and turning away from him until her back was facing him.

He put his hands on her shoulders and said, "I feel your fear for me, Anastasia. And I'd be a fool not to be afraid, even if I didn't have emotions. I know our journey to where we are now was long, hard, and difficult, and that was my fault. In a way, I have to do this for myself, to prove to myself I can be the prince I need to be. She was right, you can't completely trust me, because I can't trust myself. And even if I did go, without trusting myself, her plan would fail. And it is not like you won't be with me. You can help me prepare, finding a way to hid my trail and provide protection. I know that you fear for my safety above all else, my love, but together, we can figure this out so that you are satisfied with my safety, and I can gain the confidence I need to do this."

“This is not how you should be proving anything to yourself, that’s done over time and safely, not like this...” she said trying to move away from him

"She is the embodiment of the other world," Michael said. "Touching her in that form will have her react to it, as if you are already dead. Make her look without touching her."

Marcus growled which got Erik’s attention. He saw Meghan on the ground looking like she was in pain and Marcus standing behind her in his wraith form, it did not look good. Marcus said something in her head and she looked up just as erik looked at her. Blood red tears rain down her face “please stop fighting” she said in a heart breaking tone

Michael held Erik down more and said, "Meghan, I need you to fill yourself with the love you have for him. Do this and then focus on those thoughts in the people around you, those happy thoughts. If you don't, you and your child will die, Erik will become a vampire, and war will break out. I am keeping him on the ground for you to calm him. Focus on the good, not the bad. Yes, pain and fear and anger are strong emotions, but even when I was the Phoenix Slayer, at the height of my myths, love was a weapon even I could not defeat. Use that now."

“Why...why are you doing this...I was kind to you” guilt filled micheal and made him hesitate of what he was doing, maybe there was a better way to help her, maybe using force like he always did was not right for someone so pure.

"It is also to help him," he said, indicating Erik. "He is angry, and hurt. He also can't see past his sister being taken so soon after his parents were killed. He hides much from you, and you feel that everyday. One such as you, nothing hides from you. This pain can't be healed in the ground, Meghan. This is why I could never defeat love, why no one can. Because, with love, even the deepest wounds do not stop a warrior. He is trying to save you. In his mind, blinded by rage, we have kidnapped you, stolen you from him. He is trying to rescue you."

“He is not without thought! He is not an animal! He just does not believe me!” She said looking at erik “why....why do you always doubt I really not good enough, am I...” she cried out and slammed her head back onto the ground as her stomach contracted “please stop this I don’t care what you are trying to do but I will not have my child born in such a violent environment!” She yelled and a heat went through the room, dominance spread in the area, the wraith disappeared and Micheal unwillingly let go of erik and erik felt like his limbs were to heavy to move. Meghan laid down on her side until she was on her back, holding her stomach

"Meghan... it may not have been the desired result, but you did it," said Michael. "Um... mind releasing us? You have us stuck." He looked at Erik. "She is far too stressed for us to be fighting because I lied to you. Go to her and help her. And for God's sake, quit dictating to her. She could literally bring the other world into this one and then we'd all be in hell."

Erik looked at Meghan and tried to get to her. He had to help her.

“It was a mistake to come here...I thought you would choose the goodness inside of you...I thought after you saw I didn’t come here with bad intentions that you would be nice to me...I thought the desire to help your lifemate would make us work together “ she said in a crying tone. Her skin began to turn grey like a visible taint, even her hair was losing its bright red hue “I just wanted to help....but even my own lifemate....traitor...I’m not...” she said throwing her head bad in pain “when will I ever be good enough for anyone to treat me like I treat them...” she said before a blast went out knocking them both back. All around them turned grey, the grass died, the rocks turned black. There was no color to be seen

Michael looked around him. He didn't want to move. Erik hugged himself.

"Pass/fail didn't work the way I had hoped," Michael said. "Lesson learned. Meghan, I'm sorry that I hurt you, and that was not my intention. I was trying to help you learn fast and hard, but I should have known better. Let's try this again. Can you please get us out of the Void? It is the place of no feeling and it hurts everyone here. This place saps us of everything. We will work on your ability slowly, and I will handle it with much more care."

"What's the point?" said Erik. "There's no point. There's nothing."

Michael had to stop Erik from hurting himself. When there was nothing, many take their own life just to feel something. Michael had been here before and knew how to combat the need to prove one was alive, but Erik had not been subjected to it.

"She need you now, more than ever," Michael said. "I know you can't feel your emotions, or much of anything. But you must try. Remember when you first saw her, that feeling."

"A... a light filled me," Erik said. "I don't have that light now."

"She is there, needing you to focus on that," said Michael. "She doesn't feel good enough and her light fades. I chose the wrong method to help her tap into her ability and I take full responsibility. For now, we must focus on what it felt like, in our memories, when we first laid eyes on our lifemates, when their lights filled us."

"I feel nothing," said Erik.

"It isn't about what you feel now, in your body or heart," Michael said. "It's what you feel in your soul." He looked at Meghan. "Do you see her as useless or unworthy?"

"What?! No!" said Erik. "I'm unworthy! I want to protect her and it is as if evil tries to take her from me all the time, and I'm always ten steps behind, always too late to save her, and everyone else."

"But you called her a traitor," Michael said, the Void creeping in on him. "Is that how you really felt?"

"No," said Erik, shaking his head. "She would never betray those she loves. I was so angry that she wasn't there and when I saw her, no chains and you not forcing her into anything, I spoke out of..."

"Fear," said Michael. "That seems to be a new disease among Carpathians. You projected that fear onto her in that moment, and made her insecurities worse." He looked at Meghan again. "Let's start over, and I will help as much as I can, but beyond honing your abilities as a normal Empath, I cannot do much. I was not granted the ability you have. You are special, the key to everything. You are the light itself, Meghan. And this strength you have, this around us, proves you are worth protecting. Erik loves you for you, not for your ability. Your strength is not the same as the others, it's true, but you do have strength. It has been nearly 5000 years since one such as you as appeared, and look at all the death and destruction there as been in the world. Without your light, Erik would be a vampire right now, and without your strength, your girls would not be here. You put me, an ancient among ancients, to shame with your strength. One more chance, I will be gentler this time. Please."

Her body moved like she was in pain but her face was emotionless “she is coming...” was all she said. Before he could ask who Meghan’s soul was lifted out of her body and slammed back in making a energy wave shoot out from her. Emotions slam back into micheal and erik and Meghan cried out in pain as another contraction hit her “how stupid are you?! The void?! Do you know how hard it is to get out of there!” Elena yelled walking into the area through the waterfall “you risked your child being born in such a place and exposed my lifemate to it! On my own land no less” she growled “do you not remember what happened to the last people who hurt him? I cut off there heads!” She said and Micheal saw Elena’s eyes start to turn red as she neared Meghan, yet behind her anger he felt her fear, he was shocked to find she was scared of not being able to be here in time, she was scared she would have found micheal dead. The moment she felt the void go up she used a large spell to transport herself here just so she could make it back as soon as possible. Elena’s sword appeared in her hand, when erik went to move she put out her hand and he froze “you don’t even deserve to say goodbye to each other” she said in a dark tone, Micheal know he had one chance to calm her and stop her and he needed to don it now

He went to Elena and hugged her, saying, "Don't. It was my fault. He was acting accordingly, protecting his mate, and she was far too stressed to control her ability." He was shaking with cold. "Let's go home. The Void is the only place I have been to that renders my flame useless. I'm cold and need to feel warm again. Only you can help with that."

“I can not let this slid but because you need tending I will leave their fate to chance. Let’s see how smooth her labor goes when right outside there are creatures ready to devour them all” she said in a dark tone “I hope your wards are strong dark one” she said as a howl was heard in the distance “I doubt your family will last the night” she said and her and Micheal both disappeared.

Erik sent out a call to other healers as put a safeguard around him and Meghan. He went to her and held her as a contraction hit her.

"Meghan, please, stay strong," he begged.

No answer came from the healers letting him know his call did not go out like he had planned. Meghan felt cold to the touch even though her body was breaking out in sweat. He was in her mind and could feel she felt no comfort from his touch. That her heart was still broken from him calling her a traitor so much that he wanted to move away from him, fear also consumed her as she heard the wolves trying to get in

Elena moved away from micheal the moment they were in her room and began pacing with anger “go rest or whatever “ she said said in a strained tone

"I need to hold you in my arms to feel that this is real," he said simply. "When I was alone, it took days to realize I was back in the land of the living. Now, holding you, taking in your natural scent, will make the Void's hold on me lessen. Erik will naturally go to hold his mate, not understanding the need to do so. I am asking if I can."

She stopped and looked at him “before I give you a answer tell me...why did you save them?” She asked “why do you have a interest in Meghan?”

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