Trouble Mounts 19

He let her move away and said, "Fate doesn't always allow for slow and safe. You know this better than anyone, Anastasia. Perhaps this is what I need to be the man you need me to be, and the leader my people need. Your patience with me won't last forever."

She turned to face him “my patience won’t matter if your dead!” She said throwing her hands up into the air “there has to be a different way, I bet she was lying about the bloodline if something like that was possible those mages you told me about would have done it long ago right?”

"That is why I need your help," he said. "What is it about her that makes her so certain the method will work when not even our people can predict who the next prince will be? It does not make sense to me, since there have been princes who were not even a direct descendant. I mean, my father groomed me and my younger brother, and it seemed my brother was the one to be prince until he turned vampire on us, then it seemed like Erik would, but it was me. It isn't a sure thing. I do not want to go into this blinded or handicapped. I need as much information as possible. I still have the chance to change my mind, after all."

“In less then two days? That’s not enough time...”she said starting to pace

"For a Carpathian or Lycan," pointed out. "But you are a Guardian, the best of both species. I know you can help me find what I seek better than anyone else."

The look on his face held a deep love, and his words rang with truth, trust, and absolute faith in her.

She sighed and he could feel her stress grow “I don’t like this...there has to be another way”

"Then, as my intelligent Guardian lifemate, I have no doubt you will find it, even as we search to mask my trail," he said. "You are far smarter than I am, so what I have I to really worry about?"

She sighed “now you are making me have no faith in myself...your to important for me to mess this up” she said in a scared tone thoug she tried to hide it

"You have managed to do what no other could," Antony said, wrapping his arms around her. "Reasearch should be easy compared to what you have done in the past."

“I’m not use to sitting by and waiting Anthony...would you be comfortable doing this if the roles were reversed?” She asked

"Not at all," he said honestly. "But I'm not asking you to be comfortable with it or even like it. Hell, I'm not comfortable with it and I don't like it. I feel cornered with the only options being do as she says or die. And quite frankly, I don't want to die and leave my family to face the future without me."

She grabbed his arms and leaned into him “your not allowed too” she said in a whisper, the small of her filled his nose

"That is why I have faith in you," he said. "Together, we can find a way to keep me safe as I enter hell. I will not leave you willingly. I would tie my soul to yours in an instant so that you could drag my body out of there and bring me back. I don't care if I am a goddamn zombie when you do, as long as I'm with you."

“Ok...then there is no time to waist...but if I don’t feel safe about it when it’s time...please listen to me about it...” she moved her hair to the side “feed from me...don’t waist time hunting” she said

He drew her in close and teased her pulse with his teeth as he said, "I can agree with that, Anastasia. Never again will I push your opinion, your thoughts, aside."

Before she could respond, he bit deep and lightning arched through her.

His grip around her waist tightened as her knees buckled and he held her from falling, she didn’t expect it to be so intense but it was, she moaned loudly, not ashamed to be honest. This was different then the other times. Though they were pleasurable this was way more intense then before. Her heart beat wildly in her chest as fire started to build in her body. She leaned into him letting his bite consume her, bringing to her a new intense pleasure she had never felt before.

He swept his tongue over the pin pricks, licking down to suckle her breast through her shirt. His own desire was building. He trusted Anastasia with his life, and he wanted her to know just how she made him feel. He would give her this night, a night so full of passionate worship, that she would never be able to enter his study again without remembering.

He felt a difference in her, she was like putty in his hands. He had to hold her in his arms as she bent back as he suckled her breast. When he kissed his way back up he noticed his mark from where he just feed was different. It was a deep blue, not the usual pink. It looked like if he had bitten down hard enough to bruise her but he knew he didn’t. There was no feeling of dominance from her, to his surprise she was being completely submissive

He sat her on the edge of his desk, removing her jeans with a thought, kissing down her once more. He had her put her legs over his shoulders, allowing him to taste her through her damp, black silk thong. After a while, he ripped the tiny garment from her body and threw it, his tongue stabbing deep.

With a cry she fell backwards onto the desk as her hands tangled in his hair. Her juices were sweet and hot and he felt she was already close to cumming.

He kissed back up her body, and she found that both of them were suddenly naked. He stopped at her breasts for a moment to lavish them with attention before finding his way back to her mouth to kiss her. As he did so, he surged into her. He began moving slowly, not realizing she could feel the dominance pouring off of him and reacting more. Each cry she made sent shock waves through his cock and spread throughout his body.

She needed to know, she had to, so even though she didn’t want to she tried to move to sit up, a defiant act to a true dominant.

He growled, his hands on her breast to bring her more pleasure, but also to keep her in the submissive. He wanted to do this. No, needed. He needed to to show her that he could be the man she needed, that she could rely on him just like her relied on her. He kissed his way to her neck. A dominant move, but so tender, it brought tears to her eyes. Every touch, every movement was the same tender dominance that was so Antony, she didn't even know when she began to notice it, or even know it was possible.

Yet, it also showed who he was. He was a caring leader, who saw her as his equal. He saw his people as family, new and old. He would lead them, but he also valued their opinions. He felt he was timid and over thought things because of a childhood fear, so everyone thought him that way, but in this moment, she saw his true character. He wanted to protect everyone by seeing the whole picture, to know all possibilities. It didn't make him indecisive or over protective. It was because of his love for his people, he tried to pick the path with the least casualties. In this one moment, in every touch he made, she learned that the timid prince they saw was really a loving alpha who put his people first in all things.

She cried out his name which sent fire through him, her nails dug into his back how she liked and her neck became exposed to him as she threw her head back and arched “please...more..” she begged and he lost it at the tone of her submissive voice

He held her closer and said, "I'm sorry, Meghan. Touch my mind, look at me, so that you know that this is true. I know you are no traitor. I reacted out of fear. I cannot lose you too. Not you. I would not survive. I spoke words I did not mean and hurt you. I will carry that guilt for all time. I will protect you and our son. You try and keep calm. Relax. We are in a bubble and no harm can come to us."

She shook her head “I can’t...not here...I don’t want him to be born here erik...” she said in a upset pain filled tone

He growled and said, "She has trapped us here and I don't know this area. If I knew of a safe cave for you to give birth in, it would be better. I am sorry, ma petite amour. I will fortify the barrier. I feel the wolves coming closer and something feels off about them."

He created a thick bed of petals for her, her favorite kind. He made her comfortable before traveling around to strengthen their safeguards. He finished just as the wild creatures found them.

The wolves were not holding back in letting them know they were guardians of all, he felt them start to tear down the wards to try and get in. Meghan stood up and started to walk to get through her contractions “Erik....I think there is something wrong either your son is too big or I’m too weak” she said in a pain filled tone as blood started to run down her leg

Erik knew it was bad then, and said, "Most likely, it is both." He looked at the Guardians. "Please, my mate is about to give birth and we are weak. I need your help this night."

let us in then a growling male voice said. Meghan grabbed a Erik’s arm “don’t...they don’t want to help” she said in a scared tone

"I can't," Erik said. "My mate feels you are not true Guardians, but Sange rau. And I am inclined to believe her."

“They...don’t feel evil like that but they are angry...and I can feel they intend to harm us” she said gripping his hand as another contraction filled her. They were far enough apart erik knew they still had a while to go until their son would greet them and the world

"If they aren't Sange rau, they should know we are Carpathian and would never harm them," said Erik.

“Erik...I think they are the wolves from...” she was cut off and needed to sit down for the big contraction

"Oh," he said at first and then he went pale. "Oh, shit. Honey, I know you don't want to, but you have to give birth here and you need to trust me to keep you and our son safe. Because Grigore and I cut off Elena's arm, so they kind of want me dead."

She groaned “why didn’t you tell me!” She said throwing a small rock at him. It didn’t hurt as it hit him in the chest, to be honest he barely felt it, letting him know how tired she really was. She laid down on the pedals he made, unable to stand any longer

"Because I'm an idiot who let you believe you were worthless even after promising not to do so," he said casually.

Before she could respond he could see another contraction was building and she called his name and reached out for him

"I'm here," he said, moving so that he was ready to catch the baby. "You are going to have to start pushing. He is large, Meghan, and you are weak, but I know we can do this. Ready?"

“I’m not ready....he was not suppose to come this quickly erik....labor takes time..with the girls I was in labor for almost two days...he is coming in the less then a hour...” she said in a stressed tone “why....” she said

"Not every child will be the same," he said. "Some children are born in minutes, some in days. He wants out now, but I don't know why. I think he will be a true little warrior, no doubt."

“Erik...focus on the wards...I’ll do this..but I need to know we are safe...please..go” she said

"They are strong," he said. "I will help you through this, but should anything happen, I can jump up at any time."

Even as he said so Meghan knew he had to keep fixing the wards as they all tried to break it down “Erik...please I..I can do this but I am not good with wards like you...only you can do this...I will tell you if I need you or if something is wrong so focus all of your energy on those wards”

"I want to know the instant you have a problem," he said, standing to look at the enemy. "Big or small, you tell me so that I can give aid."

She agreed and he focused on the wards. He knew they were out there but he could not see them. Meghan tried to be as quiet as possible so he could concentrate . She bundled her shirt and bit down on the fabric and began to push

"Because she is what will turn the tide in our favor," he said. "She is a Master Empath, able to influence a person's very soul and upon her going to rest, she will become the light that calls people to the tree of life. Her abilities are wild, but if she can force everyone to forget their fears, perhaps our future can be assured. After all, if Ivory and Razvan could be accepted, why not us? And they were left alone all the time, only joining social events when they wanted, with the exception of our special rituals."

She sighed “I’m guessing it was you that awakened her powers” she said pinching the bridge of her nose. Her lack of surprise let him know she had already known what Meghan was and was not pleased that she was awakening “just another problem to deal with later...” she said looking back up to him “come warm yourself...quickly “ she said holder her arms out towards him

He wrapped his arms around her and she felt him shaking with cold, even as he said, "Don't worry. After your plan takes place and is done, that is when I begin her training. She lacks confidence, and doesn't take well to pass/fail trials. By the time she is fully trained, I trust you to be ready for war. Because that is what it will come to, and you know it."

“Why train her?” She asked as she let him fall back onto the bed with her, she covered them with the thick blanket

"For you," he said. "I thought she could aid you as an ally."

He also hoped to awaken Elena's true feelings for him, Meghan as Elena's ally came first. A woman, the guiding light, would be an asset if the Carpathians insisted on a trial as Meghan could read Elena's soul and know the truth.

“She is too soft to be an ally to me” she said in a uncomfortable tone

"I prefer 'easily manipulated'," he said with a smile. "I have utilized those who are soft numerous times, Elena. Find their weakness and you can have a virtual cult following you without using any abilities. And with her comes Antony's second in command."

“Erik is not so easily controlled and he is rebellious I would have to break him into submission if it was to work” she said sounding tired at just the thought “um Micheal...cover my mouth please” she said

He did as she said. He knew it was not the time to continue this conversation but something was happening and she needed him to focus in case she needed him.

She gripped his wrist of the hand that covered his mouth and moved until she was beneath him but her back was to his chest, he felt her fangs brush the skin of his hand take my warmth or whatever you need but do not let me bite you

Though everything in him demanded that he lock her in the submissive position she was in, he knew it was not what she needed at that moment. I just needed to hold you for a moment, to know you lived and have my feelings for you fill me, save me, he said. I'll leave you so that you don't harm me or anyone else. Now that I know that this is real, I'll go to the hot springs off of the training room and bathe to warm my skin the rest of the way. You get this blood lust under control. With that, he was gone from the room. And just so you know, if your condition hadn't flared up, we could have wrecked the room. Just saying.

He heard her growl in his head unlike you I know how to control my desires...all you think about is... images of their love making flashed from her mind to his, setting his body on fire

Admit it, you like when I get rough with you, he said, sliding into the bubbling water, allowing his swollen member to float to the surface. Though, I think I would not mind if you took me into your tight mouth as I feasted on you.

stop she said and he could hear the uneven heated tone that meant she was getting turned on

He smiled, merging their minds more as he started to stroke his shaft absently, knowing she would feel as if he were teasing her entrance with it. Elena, are you sure you can control your desire? I'm here waiting if it gets too much for you.

you dare tease me at a time like this? After what just happened? she said with a uneven tone and he knew she was fighting to get him from her mind

I think it's the perfect time, he said. You need to relieve stress, and I want to feel you surround me. If only you could control that blood lust.

do not tease me about such things...if you get me to worked up I will have to go train she said and he knew that meant going to the vampire. He was about to give in when he felt through theirs minds she was touching herself

Have you entertained that it is not always blood lust you feel? he asked, gripping himself tighter so that she would feel as if he were inside of her, moving slowly. Perhaps, like right now, you hunger for something more primal? Maybe you hunger for me?

what is it with you males and your egos.. she growled i have things to do..stop bothering me she said though she didn’t sound to convincing

Are you sure? he asked, halting his movements and earning a bereft moan. Because I can come back and help with this particular hunger.

He felt her cut herself from his mind and it made him chuckle knowing he had gotten to her that much. Yet the chuckle was short lived when all he could think about is how she was in her bed touching herself, alone, naked and wet

He kept that thought in his mind, moving his hand once more. A burst of pleasure went through him, telling him that he could still make her feel his slow thrust be felt. He didn't talk, but kept his hand moving. He picked up the pace, wanting to feel her surround him, but keeping it all in their minds.

It built until it became unbearable, he knew the instant her will snapped because his did too. He was out of the spring so fast he was a bur, he knew exactly where she was. She was coming down the hall towards him. Lucky these were her private quarters. It included the training room a study and her room. It was like a house within the cave and he knew there was only one way to enter and that door was warded so no one would see her naked or what he was about to do to her. She rounded the corner just as he did and slammed into him, she wrapped her arms around his neck as she jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist making him catch her which he did easily.

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