Trouble Mounts 20

He picked up the pace, his teeth teasing her pulse once more. His hands moved from her breasts to her hips to hold her still for his invasion. His mouth moved from her vulnerable neck to her shoulder where he bit down to pin her in the submissive, a primal urgency on him even as their minds merged fully.

And again, she learned more about him. He could be a demon if he so desired, on that would hunt his enemies to the ends of the earth if necessary. Every attack on his people, he took it personally. Ever attack the Red Mage made, every time the Nymphs came out of the woods, every time one of his people was injured, he saw it as an attack on him. He would take on the world for his people, but he would take on God and the Devil for her and their children. Yes, there was that alpha that would be a terror on the battlefield, but with her, he was always gentle. The loving man and the avenging alpha. Two sides of the same coin, both embodied by Antony.

She went wild underneath him but never fought for dominance. Her moans were loud and constant, he felt how she not only submitted to him but he felt her fully connect her mind to his, not holding back like she usually did, making both their pleasure sky rocket

His eyes opened, a wildness taking hold. He grew inside of her, stretching her deliciously. She felt every strong jet he shot into her, but his hips never stopped moving, taking her over the edge again and again, until both of them were on an endless wave of climaxes.

Ana could do nothing but hold onto him as the pleasure became too intense Anthony! pleasure and fear filled her tone as she had never felt this high with him before because she had never fully merged their minds

It's okay, he said. I'm here. I'll catch you.

She couldn’t help it, she bit down on his shoulder, not for dominance but to help herself feel him more and she felt what it did to him does it really...make you feel this much?

God, yes,, he said. Anastasia, we have never flown this high before, but you trusting me enough to let go, to merge so fully, you should know by now that every time you bite my shoulder like this, when you are so wild and out of control, that is what sends me over the edge every time. Knowing I bring you such pleasure the biggest turn on for me.

i grew up human...these emotions are so tense’s hard to believe they are the past though I was to.d other wise I thought you would tire of me or want a more beautiful woman

I want no other. You are the only woman in the world for me, and the most beautiful. You are my strength, Anastasia. Even if you had been born a fish, I'd still say you are beautiful. You are my everything. I could never tire of you. Even now, after loving you so thoroughly, I want you again, your gasps a symphony to me. And he started to build a fire in her all over again.

When he went to turn her over so she was on her stomach he felt her fear and her first thought was of the scars and name on her back, she didn’t want him to see it. She fought his hold and acted like she was fighting for dominance but he knew that was not the case but she forgot he could see fully now into her mind.

Anastasia, I do not see scars, he said. I see what you are willing to endure for our people. I do not see a name, but a target that you dealt with, full of honor and intergity. When he had her on her stomach, he kissed every scar, even the name, almost as if he were paying homage to her. Yes, these are a testament of your love for me and our people. I see how strong and brave you are here, evidence for the world to see. Each scar is beautiful, and I treasure them, for they remind me every time I see them of your courage. I am honored to be your lifemate, and humbled by these badges you wear.

She knew he meant it but she still felt shy about them so she moved her hair away from her neck “Anthony...” she moaned his name as he saw her pulse beating under her skin.

He kissed his way up to her neck where he teased her pulse before biting down and drinking her in. He said, I know. Feed from me, as I feed from you. He put his left arm near her head so she could easily feed from him.

She bit the most sensitive part of his forearm but she only feed a little, she loved his taste but was not hungry, instead it’s was meant to make him feel pleasure. They way her tongue teased his skin and her teeth pulled on his skin sent waves of fire through him from the area

He growled, wanting more. However, he knew it was not yet time for her to make him Guardian yet, as much as he desired her to do so. They had discussed it at great length, and she had made it clear he was not ready, just as he made it clear he had much to prove to himself and his people before he could accept such a gift. Yet, that small part wanted it, for her to make it happen. He closed the wound on her neck, not taking enough for an exchange. Then he said, Anastasia, fall with me.

He didn’t have to even say it, she came hard with him, he had no choice but to put them both on the bed as they came because all the other furniture in the room was broken from their love making

He held her and said, You always amaze me, Anastasia. Just when I thought our love making couldn't get any better, we fly even higher.

yes but....we really can’t afford it too she said looking around the destroyed room

I can fix this later, he said, kissing her forehead. We don't actually have to buy anything. Though, I do like how my study, the hallway, and our bedroom looks right now. Evidence of the pleasure I brought you. But it might be too dangerous for the twins. When I regain my ability to stand, I'll clean up.

i don’t think it’s really thank... she began but was cut oof by a loud “ow go damnit all to hell that was my toe” a hunters voice said “oh relax tony you’ll live” said Another hunter “that was my favorite toe” he said “oh no are you ok?” The other asked in concern “oh now you care?” Said tony “no not really” said the other chuckling and tony growled

Antony quickly dressed them both after he left the haven of her body. He covered her so that she could rest and went to meet the hunters.

"You know, it's customary to knock before one enters another's home," he said, leaning against the door. "Mind telling me what you are doing? I believe my door was closed." He smiled. "And Tony, that toe will heal in seconds. Your woman is not here, so don't milk it. And Abram, you are have no room to talk when you complained of a headache after your brother threw a snow ball at you three winters ago just so your own mate would baby you."

“Hey that snowball really hurt, there must have been a rock in it or something “ he said crossing his arms “we heard a commotion and when we saw your house was a mess like there had been a fight we were worried” said tony “and there was no rock” he said under his breath and abram stepped on the toe he just hit “hey!” Tony said stepping back and hopping, while he did that abram looked at Anthony “were you attacked?” He asked in a serious tone “yes by me” Ana said behind Anthony. She was wearing nothing but their bed sheet which made both hunters look away

"Anastasia, I had you is a nightgown," he said, turning to block their view of her even more. "And I believe I was dominating you you. No one attacked anyone. Though, there was a bit of devouring."

“Ok we get it!” Said tony leaving the room. Abram cleared his throat “um we will wait outside to go with you to the meeting area, since you said you had a plan” he’s said

"Plan?" Antony asked. "What plan?"

“My plan” Ana said coming up behind him and sliding her hand up his shirt “I hope the hunters will hear what I have to say” she said as her nails teased his back sending electricity through him

He swallowed hard and said, "I have no doubt that they will listen to you. Our people still call you their Guardian Angle. I will come with you. I would very much like to hear your plan as well."

“Give the hunters about an hour to arrive, I will leave you to prepare” abram said going to leave

“Yes...prepare” Ana said digging her nails in the sensitive spot between his shoulders making him growl in pleasure, he knew abram heard it.

Let's go before I take you back to our room and take out the bed next, he said, bringing her closer to him.

She moved away from him smiling. she leaned against the door of their bedroom and let the sheet drop to the floor "he did say the hunters needed an hour to arrive"

Erik kept circling around their bubble. He didn't like being exposed. He kept calling to his people, but it was as if he could not get through to them. He didn't understand, and he wanted to blame someone for the hell his lifemate was going through. He wanted to make someone pay for her pain and suffering.

They were relentless at trying to take down the ward, Erik’s strength started to fade him as it was a constant fight erik move back he heard rivers voice loud and clear and it was like relief swept through him

He went to Meghan. He looked around, hoping to see her. Meghan needed him, but the constant threat of being attacked.

Fighting could be heard outside let me in dammit! rivers voice said

I can't see you, he said. And letting you in exposes Meghan. Until I can see you are right next to us, I can't risk them attacking her. I can move the ward so that it includes you, but...

for god sake let me in I do have a limit! he saw fire through the fire

South wall, he said. I haven't had time to repair it yet. There is a hole big enough to slip through if you become a sparrow. I can quickly close it up after you.

He knew the moment she was in because he smelled her blood, when he saw her she was covered in deep scratches and wounds but she went straight to Meghan “ I’ll focus on the wards you tend to your woman”

He nodded. He positioned himself to catch the baby. He looked at Meghan.

"I'm here now," he said. "We do this together."

erik.....when is river ever without Draiden Meghan said in a scared and worried tone

I often see her battling without him, he said. Though, it was one of those moments that nearly killed her as she gave birth. She tends to do quite a lot without him. I suspect he is nearby, someplace safe, and has no idea she is here.

but erik... she was cut off when she had no choice but to push as her body demanded it

"I'll keep you safe," he said, cradling the baby's head. "I have everything under control. You just worry about bringing our son into the world, mon amour, and leave all else to me."

He could see how exhausted she was “I can’t....I can’t I’m so tired erik” she said in a exhausted tone. There was more blood then he normal coming from her and covering their son, letting him know she was probably Hemorrhaging.

"Stay awake," he said. "I need you to stay awake. You still need to give me one big push and then I can do the rest. Then, you feed him while I heal you."

He could hear her heart sputtering as exhaustion and blood lost took its toll. With the last bit of strength she pushed but it was not enough, their son was too big and his shoulders were stuck “ whatever you need to do to get him out...I’m already bleeding...I know you will be able to heal me whatever you need too..” she said before passing out

He hated doing it, but he used his talons to cut into his mate and save their son. He used his teeth to cut the embilical cord and used his tongue to seal the wound. He wrapped his son with a blanket that had safeguards on it. Laid his son between Meghan and him protectively so that the child could feed while he healed Meghan. He shed his body and began his work.

erik hurry I can’t hold them off much longer rivers voice said to him

He meticulously worked until Meghan's lower body was completely healed. He returned to his own body, exhausted and in need of blood.

erik come feed from me and take over, we will have to take turns

That brought him up short. Despite how weak he was, he moved to protect Meghan and their newborn son. River never allowed me to feed from her. The one and only time we exchanged blood, it very reluctantly on her part. Who are you?

stop being so suspicious! I can’t carry the weight of you both, now feed

I'm surrounded by enemies with an injured lifemate and my newborn son! How would you react if someone acted out of character?!

River staggered back and Erik saw a clawed hand come through the water

He went to stand. His legs felt like rubber but he managed to stay up right on his own. What the hell is that?

“It’s what happens when you piss off the red mage...she said hers hellhounds...” she said “not even a guardian of all could handle them that are not something your people are prepared for”

"Will Hyssop oil work on them like the others?" he asked. "We can shoot them in the eyes with arrows, even if they have multiple heads if they are. I'll cover Meghan and the baby with it at well, though I would rather they not be out in the open."

"you can't hurt something that's already dead.." she said as the hand disappeared letting him know she was working on the ward again "I can't do this for much longer....hurry and take what I offered before I change my mind"

As soon as she was in his arms, he skewered her, moving hard and fast. He pinned her to the wall, kissing her just as roughly as he drove into her body. He would never get enough of their wild love making, nor did he want to. He moved her hands up until she held onto a scone that held a torch. He kissed down her neck to her breasts and began to suckle hard. The way he held her had her bent backwards, using the scone to hold herself up as he pounded into her.

She moaned loudly and he heard the scone break from the wall at her strength. She used her weight to move them so his back was to the wall and she was fighting him as she planted her hands by his head and used her legs that were wrapped around his waist to move.

He growled and moved them to the floor, needing to go deeper. He growled, kissing her deeply, his rough grip leaving bruises, a sign of their love making. But she could never say he hurt her, every touch was tender.

She was marking him just as much as he was marking her. Suddenly she pushed hard against his chest making him arch up,when he did she turned until she was on her stomach, he never left her core as she did but when he came back down on top of her she was now completely in a submissive position

He lost himself in the feel of her body, all primal instinct taking over as he pinned her with his teeth. He needed show her what he felt for her in every way.

He could see her fangs as she gasped, she gripped the ground looking for something to hold, the way her back moved underneath him he could fell her warrior muscles yet her skin was soft and warm

He started to hit her deepest, most sensitive spot like a jack hammer. She fell hard and fast so many times, she instantly lost count. When she clamped down on him, he let jet after jet of his seed fill her. He lay over her, using his elbows to hold him up enough to not crush her, breathing heavily, a growl escaping every now and then when she would move, sending more waves through them.

When they turned on there side he didn’t leave her core but his hand went on her stomach and that’s when he felt them move

"Strong and healthy," he said, kissing her neck. "Just like you. I tried talking to them last night, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not reach them. You have protected them well."

She removed herself from him then and stood up “please don’t speak of them...” she said dressing herself, but not before he saw the sliver move under the skin of her neck

He took her hand and said, "I am here to help, whether I play the savior or the monster makes no difference to me. You know I love playing mind games as much as I love a good battle. Before it gets too close to it's goal, I say we play with him. He will make it pause if he feel it would destroy you if it gets too close. It will buy us some time."

“It will not work, he won’t be awake for another two days, by then it will be in its place and my mind will be his.” By his shocked and confused expression she sighed “i guess I forgot to mention that he is in mid conversion”

"This means he will have a lifemate and killing him would sentence her to death," he said sadly. "This is unfortunate. We destroy an evil being, but also an innocent. She would have been conceived by now."

“He does not have a lifemate “ she said simply and he knew she had used dark magic then

"Oh, good," he said. "I don't like you playing with dangerous toys, Elena, but now I don't have to imagine the depravities a child would have to endure because she is forever tied to one such as him. Now, let's work on slowing that sliver down. I want to be with you before he believes he has laid claim to you, and I want you fully aware of what I do. Because I refuse to let him have you, Elena. I guarantee, his soul will become ashes and never be allowed to rise ever again."

She turned away from him “if you keep playing a dangerygame with my bloodlust he might get what he wants”

"He will never get what he wants," Michael growled. "He dared to touch you, to try and take what is mine. For that, I want to watch him slowly burn, to see the agony on his face knowing I have finally bested him and his disgusting worm brothers."

“What is yours?” She growled slowing turning towards him

He was right next to her, his hand cupping her breast as soon as she turned and said, "You. You are mine, and I am yours. Fair exchange for lifemates. Now, tell me how to slow it's movements because I plan on allowing you to claim me this time. I'm use to my way in all things, but your are starting to feel out of control, and I know there are times you need to be in control. Like now. You need that, feeling him get closer to creating a false need within you, taking your free will. Let's have these two nights to ourselves, where I give you what you need the only way I can."

He felt her skin grow warm under his touch “micheal...” she said in a warning tone

"Elena," he said, his voice making her temperature rise and liquid heat gather between her legs.

Within seconds she hand him against the wall, her fangs buried deep in his neck as she began to feed, his body burst into flames at the feeling

He held her close and said, "You know, there is a safe guard put in place when one is a claimed. No one can harm their lifemate. That means, even in the throws of blood lust, you would always stop before I died. You can't kill me, Elena. That is why I am the only one that you can feed from and not worry about my death. Your will of iron will not allow it either. Those two things will prevent you from going that step too far."

im not afraid of killing you....I’m afraid of getting addicted to you

He growled, growing hard again. Is that really such a bad thing? I'm already addicted to you, even if I can't tell what you feel towards me. Though, with this confession, I have an inkling.

She closed the bite "don't....dont start Michael...i cant"

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