Trouble Mounts 21

Antony smiled and said, "That is true, though I like to take my time and make sure you are thoroughly ready for me."

Though he hadn't moved, she suddenly felt his hands on her breasts and his tongue stab deep into her body.

she moaned and grip the door frame for support. He saw her hot juices start to flow down her leg. The way she was looking more then turned him on, she was wildly sexy and from here he could see everything. How her skin turned pink , how she licked and bit her lips , how her eyes glazed over from lust

He slowly undressed in the manner of humans, making her feel as if his fingers had now joined with his tongue, even though she felt both hand rolling her nipples and pulling hard.

"What do you want, Anastasia?" he asked, his voice rough with his own need as he removed his pants to show her his own desire, which seemed larger than normal.

Her knees threatened to cave as what he was doing was already bringing her close to cumming “you....” she growled in a moaned tone. He could tell she was fighting to stay in a dominant state but what he was doing was bringing out her submissive side. He was forcing her to be in such a state in front of him, making her wide open to him

"I see," he said, stroking along the length of himself as she felt his fingers and tongue leave her core but his cock enter hard and fast. "And how do you expect to get me? I am way over here and your legs don't seem to be able to hold you up."

She could barely think and her moans were loud and frequent. He could feel she was reaching her breaking point, yet she looked up at him and her eyes told him she accepted his challenge. While holding his gaze she let go of the wall and started to fall forward, knowing he would not let her fall

He caught her instantly, picking her up. Before she could gloat about anything, if that was even in her mind, Antony carried her into the bedroom and nearly threw her on the bed, ripping the blanket from her body. He opened her thighs to see her glistening treasure.

"I believe this is my feast and I gladly accept," he said before he began to slowly lap up her sweet nectar.

She came instantly, filling his mouth with her sweetness, her hands gripped his hair as she arched back, holding his head there to take in every last drop. She came so hard her body went limp

"Anastasia, I don't know, but I think this makes me alpha," he said teasingly, showing her his hand so that she could see that he had been massaging his cock in tune with her body so that they climaxed together. "What do you say?"

She growled softly, she held his gaze as her hand slowly reached down and her finger scooped up some of his cum and brought it to her mouth, she made he watched as her tongue came out and licked it off her fingers "i'll have to fight me for it " She said in a low sexy tone

He growled and said, "Lately, I've won every time, if you don't count a week ago when you scratched the hell out of my back."

She smiled and licked her lips letting him know she savored his taste. Slowly she sat up , her hand teased the skin on his neck as it traveled to behind his head. She gripped his hair tightly and pulled his face close to hers, her eyes turned into her wolfs "sex is not the only form of domination you need to do to be alpha. Coming back alive from every battle" She said in a serious tone yet he could hear the desire laced in it "trusting your pack and making sure they trust you...and much more" She said pulling his face closer until it was inches from hers "you feel that....that fire..that feeling that is building up inside you from me holding you this way and speaking to you the way i want to want to kiss me but your hesitating...thats because im still dominate over you" She said with a teasing smile

"Perhaps I do not want to harm the baby," he pointed out. "Does that factor in?" He moved so that she was wrapped around his waist, her entrance teased by his cock. "Or, maybe, I wanted to know you desire me the same way I desire you."

She smiled her grip in his hair tightened "you are in my already know and you have to fear more of the baby hurting you then the other way around...he is very territorial over me" She said before kissing him deeply make this last time count for soon we will part ways...

I was trying to forget that, he said. Me forced to do the bidding of the Red Mage. It makes me sick and feel... inadequate. He kissed down her neck to her breast as he slowly entered her. Only my woman should have power over me, and even then, she keeps it in the bedroom. So, show me what a true alpha is like. I love learning from you.

no, if i teach you, you will use it against me she said in a teasing tone as she moaned but you will not be in this fight alone...many people will support you...everyone will work hard to help even if they cant be at your side so just know your never truly alone

I always learn something from you, lifemate, he said as he began thrusting slowly. Now, let me show what my lessons have wrought before we go to that meeting and hear this plan of yours.

she let him take over "giving...thats a sign of a alpha" She said as she let him feel her willing letting him take pleasure in her body

He moved with purpose and said, "Are you talking about me or you? You are, after all, alpha female of the Carpathians, so the women look to you." He gasped when she suddenly tightened around him. "Anastasia..." He kissed her deeply. "I'll never get enough of you."

She arched underneath him "more" she demanded in a dominate yet moaning tone

He smiled and began to suckle her breast as he went harder. He didn't hear dominance. Not that it mattered to him. If she wanted more of him, he would gladly give her everything.

she gripped his hair and brought his face to her neck, she craved to feel him feed from her. something about it turned her on. maybe it was the thought she was giving him strength and nourishment, she didnt know.

He nibbled on her skin, loving the music she made in frustration as she grew tighter and wetter around him. When she was about to demand him to bite, his teeth sank deep. Ecstasy engulfed her. He went harder, holding her close as wave upon wave crashed over them, pleasure unsurpassed taking hold.

She cried out as they both came, when he ground against her skin she lost herself to the pleasure. When he tightened his bite because he was cumming it made her pleasure even stronger. He could see very clearing a dominate male was a turn on for her

He closed the pinholes but left his mark. He kissed her hard, to the point she was lightheaded from the pure love and passion behind it. He slowly, teasingly, unacceptably separated their bodies. With a wave, he had them dressed as if they were going to war. At that moment, there was a knock on the door, telling Anastasia it was time for the meeting. He held out his arm.

"Join me," he said. "If we are together, we can save our people. Apart, there is no hope."


Erik said, "Then, these aren't hellhounds. They are more like zombies. Great. I have no experience with these."

He took her wrist and bit deep, needing the energy. He only wanted to take enough to take the edge off, that way River wouldn't be too weak.

The moment he bit down he knew something was wrong. Her blood was bitter and it was not hot it was cold and he felt his body start to grow cold, he the ound he could no longer move

What...? he managed to ask before he fell to the ground. His enemy. He had let his enemy in, putting his mate and child in danger, because he was getting desperate and weak. Don't touch them! Don't you dare!

“Shit” she said gripping his jaws making him let go “I’m sorry I forgot about then venom...erik it really is me” she said laying him on the ground next to Meghan “don’t fight it, it will make it worse, slow your heart” she said covering him up to his next in dirt and doing the same with Meghan and their new born son who seemed to be asleep “these wards won’t hold much we don’t have much time, when the sun rises take your family and go, take the path to the north it is the quietest way out of the fog” she said and turned to look behind her at a nose, he couldn’t see what she saw but when she looked back at him her eyes were her dragons. She said a couple of words he didn’t understand and her son appeared next to his “raise him as your own....don’t let him know of us” she said and before he could respond a dome of her fire surrounded him and his family and he could hear what only could be described as demons screaming and the cave shook as the fighting began

If it is you, you know I can't leave here without my sister and idiot brother-in-law as well, he said, calming everything in him. And if the sun is rising, I can't be out in it. My lifemate and son and nephew would also be killed. We are trapped, River. If the other healers had come...

in my sons blanket their is a bottle of blood..share it with your family and him, it will allow you to walk in the sun but only for a couple of hours so make it count...and we will not be leaving with you, if you don’t accept that then you and your family will die here, sometimes you have to accept erik that you have to make a choice to let people go he heard the fire sizzle as blood hit it

He drank some of the bottle and gave some to each of them in the circle. He picked up his mate and the two children. River... I don't want to lose my sister after just finding her. The mage killed my parents, your birth father. You didn't even get to know him, and you haven't gotten to know us. Please... don't make me lose more of my family. She had never heard him sound so... sad. Come back to us when your mission is complete. Your son misses you. With that, he cut off from her, waiting for the sun.

There was no answer, it seemed like forever had past when the fire suddenly disappeared. Blood covered the cave, black and red blood. He could see the sunlight shining through the water fall of the exit of the cave. But river and the unknown creatures were nowhere to be seen, but at the exit of the cave he could see rivers hand laying in the dirt.

He squared his shoulders and quickly wet home, putting the children and his mate to ground and safe guarding their home before following. He prayed that River returned home as he succumbed to Carpathian sleep.


"Can't what?" he asked as he slowly moved past her barriers. "Can't imagine how amazing in bed I am? Or that I'm the hottest guy you've ever seen?" He leaned in and nibbled on her ear as he whispered, "Or maybe, just maybe, you can't imagine how you have grown to love me in so short a time." His hand began to massage her breast, his other finding her dripping core again so he could shove two fingers into her. "Though, I prefer all three, myself. I am all of those things to you, aren't I, Elena?"

"stop...." she said. He could see from her mind she was very possessive of him, she was starting to care but it was not love. But he could see just enough of the memory of Anya and Dracul that she was angry to no end that they had hurt him and that she had been afraid she would not make it in time to save him. He could also see that yes she killed them when she was angry but that killing them actually made her sad but he could not get in deep enough to know why

"Or what?" he asked as he moved his fingers harder and deeper, needing to go deeper, to find out why. "You'll ride my hand more? I find I like you like this, wet and ready for me."

She growled and gripped his shoulders hard. He could feel she was close to cumming , he could also tell that if she came from him doing this, she would be admitting something she was not ready to admit, he knew the instant her will kicked in as she attempted to move away from him. Maybe a normal Carpathian male would be upset but to him it turned him on more, he was a warrior hunter, he lived for the chase, and she was the biggest and most prized thing he had ever chased and the more she fought him the more he wanted her.

His other hand was suddenly tangled in her hair and bringing her down to kiss him. This also forced her to keep riding his hand, even as she attempted to get away. He growled, male humor filling her head. Haven't you heard? I always catch my prey, and right now, I'm the big bad wolf ready to devour little red riding hood.

i am no ones prey she said biting his lip, her nails dug into his shoulder and she cried out against his mouth as she was about to cum

He kissed down to her neck. In this case, being my prey is a good thing. I bring you endless pleasure until we decide to greet the dawn together. I worship you nightly as you deserve. And you never go unsatisfied ever again. Naturally, you would do the same for me, as I am your prey in return. Can you not feel my desire along your plump buttock? He is begging to be inside of you again, to be home.

The second he pressed his hard cock against her butt she lost it, she came hard on his hand and her legs gave out on her

He caught her instantly and held her a moment before blanketing her. He didn't wait, entering her hard and fast. With her still sensitive, she clamped down harder than ever, threatening his control instantly.

She didn't like how she was on her stomach, it made her feel to exposed, to submissive. but his grip was tight and what he was doing made it hard to fight him. When his hand came up and gripped her hair and pulled her head back she grew even tighter as she cried out in pleasure "dont...." She moaned as she felt his fangs against her throat

"Why shouldn't I feast upon you?" he asked, his voice husky with desire. "I love how you taste, honeysuckle and ginger. Sweet and tangy, a bite I am highly addicted to. And so you. Sweet one moment, and bold the next. Let me taste my woman, and then she can taste me."

"its....its to dangerous" She said but he could hear the want and desire in her tone "the sliver...and my bloodlust..." She moaned

"Can be controlled," he said. "I know you can control them if you desire. I know it. Despite all you say and do, your truest instinct is to protect those you care for. The children, Marcus, me, you protect us. This forced reaction and the sliver, they are enemies you can't see, that is all. Use that will that makes you so formidable to fight the bloodlust and the sliver. I trust you."

With that, he bit down, sending pleasure coursing through her almost instantly.

The floor under them cracked in multiple directions as she cried out in pleasure. She clamped down so tight it was slightly painful for him but the pain added to his pleasure

He began thrusting harder, faster, deeper. He lost all control when her blood hit his tongue. He growled with each thrust. He didn't stop her from grabbing his arm and biting down. He was too far gone in her body.

He felt something move against him his chest from her back and he felt her wince and release his arm. She did close the wound but he felt her nails dig into his arm as she made sounds of pain and pleasure

Tell me, he growled in her head. He hadn't meant to make it an order, but he was working on instincts and it was his nature to always be in charge, even when out of control.

my...heart she said in a unhappy tone as he had forced her to say it. SHe released his arm and caught him off guard by her strength as she rolled until she was on top of his and riding him harder and faster then he had been doing a moment ago. Before he could see her face her hand covered her eyes grab my hips....and take the pain away like only you can she said shocking him with her words

He took her hips in his hand, his roughness on her soft skin sending shivers through her. He had her go faster and harder. I did not mean to order you, salvator înger. I am trying not to hurt you in such a way, but... he growled as she gripped him. You drive all sane thought from me, and I find myself inadvertently hurting you by my frustration and inadvertent use of orders.

dont speak....just...burn me...burn me until there is nothing left but the pleasure we share she said once more her words catching him off guard, she had never spoke so deeply to him before. He felt warm drops hit his chest

He made her look at him. He wiped away her tears. Before I lose what little control I have regained, salvator înger, let me say this one thing. He waited until she looked into his eyes, so she could see the truth. Love doesn't begin to describe my feelings for you, the word is too small, but it is all I have to tell you. You are my world, the blood in my veins, the reason my fire burns so hot. Only you.

He rolled and had her under him again. He was reaching so deep, all thought was wretched from them both. Both were a bundle of pure feeling, instinct only. But the beauty of it filled them both.

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