Things Escalate 2

“Wait I’m suppose to...oh come on I’m still new to this...” she said as she ignored her and went on stage “we are in Romania and we don’t speak the they hell are we suppose too...” she sighed again and started to look around. In a vip section of the place she could see a group of men and woman who were very loud and clearly drunk. She made her way over there and took a deep breath. She took down her hair and started dancing in view. She was sure this was not going to work until she saw one of the men stand up and actually started to come over to her. He had a drink in his hand and he said something to her in Romanian. She just smiled and continued dancing. When he started to dance with her and grabbed her hips she felt disgusted by it i can’t believe I have to do this on a chance to get drunk it doesn’t even seem worth it She thought to herself then her mind went to Nicanu and with a sigh she turned towards the guy to dance closer with him. When she felt like it was safe to do so she bit into his chest. She didn’t like the taste but she didn’t stop until she took a good amount. Not enough to hurt him, just enough to make him seem even drunker then he was. She closed the bite making sure no mark was left behind and walked away even though he tried to get her to stay. She felt more sick then anything not drunk and she went to the bathroom to rinse her mouth out with water. She didn’t have what it took to look at herself in the mirror. The sound of a female throwing up echoed the bathroom. She was going to leave when her mind went back to Nicanu. With a sigh she locked the bathroom door and knocked on the stall “need help darling?” She asked though she felt stupid after, knowing she probably wouldn’t understand her. The girl said something in Romanian and the door unlocked. This girl was clearly very drunk as she sat on the floor near the toilet. The woman laid her head on the seat and looked like she was about to pass out “I am not this desperate “ she said to herself yet with a sigh she waited until it seemed the woman was passed out drunk and began to feed on her. Her blood was nasty to her, she wanted to stop but she was determined to at least get a decent bit in the hopes it would work. Once she did she closed the bite and left the door open so she could get help when someone sees her. She left the bathroom and she felt nauseous. But not in a drunk way, in a I just ate something bad way. Maybe she was thinking about this the wrong way, maybe she needed a trifecta. She looked for a athlete male who looked like he had been doing a little more then drinking. It took a few minutes but sure enough she spotted him. A six foot tall male with muscles for days popping what looked like a Ecstasy pill into his mouth and chasing it down with a shot. She took a breath and walked up to him “do you speak English?” She asked and when he looked at her funny she got her answer. This guy was not wanting to give her the time of day and it was aggravating her. She grabbed his wrist and forced herself to focus. She met his eyes “come with me” she said and the guys face went blank and he started to walk with her. She was surprised it worked and wondered how long it would. She wasted no time leading him to a dark hidden place behind a pillar away from the crowd “relax and listen to the music” she said and she watched his eyes close. She bit into his neck and began to feed. Again it tasted weak to her but this time she started to feel her head buzz. The more she drank the more she felt. She took three large gulps before she stopped , mostly because his knees buckled. She closed the wound, leaving no mark “go back to your friends” she said and watched him leave. She was feeling much better. The room spinner and the lights and sounds were effecting. She went up on stage with Emily with a smile

Emily finished the song and went back to the table. The table next to them had a large number of shots next to it. She had a lot of liquid courage in her.

"So, now we can talk," Emily said in slurred speech. "How you been?"

She looked at her with a “really?” Kind of look “well...I’m dead...technically, if that tells you anything “ she said in a sarcastic tone “look you better be able to keep your shit together because I’m not going to be able to take care of you” she said in a worried serious tone

"Oh, you think this is bad?" Emily asked, like Megan told a joke before taking two more shots. "Then stay out of my head. I wanted to drown out the screams, and I have. I'm enjoying myself. Now, you getting a dream life is not so bad. Your guy is just a pussy, but my guy barely looks at me! He won't even try to talk about anything, but wants me to heal! He wants this, that, and the other, but refuses to give me what I really need!" People started looking at them, causing Emily to lower the tone but take another two shots. "I don't need to be taken care of. I'm not trying to get arrested. I just..." She looked away, her speech worse. "I want him to look at me and accept I'm broken, and always have been. This time, though," she looked at Megan from the corner of her eye, "I'm having fun doing it. Someone takes a stab at me, I'm stabbing back. There won't be an eye for an eye if they can't see. So," she picked up another shot, "here's to finally cutting loose and being real."

She sighed and had to shake her head, she was really started to feel it now “hey let’s get out of here...your nice and drunk and I’m....something I feel like doing something crazy are you in?” She asked standing up

Emily took her last shot and said, "How crazy? Because I could easily get us arrested and not think twice. I won't but it would get their attention finally."

“I think you trying to get his attention this way is the wrong way, he will look at you not in the way you want him too.” She said as they walked outside. She stretched, everything was brighter and more clear, the stars seemed to glow and shine even more, the sounds where everywhere and intense as where the smells. She was starting to feel overwhelmed by it all and started to worry if the ecstasy was a bad idea “I am respecting you and not looking in your mind but whatever happened you need to grow from it not let it break you, Eli needs his mother and your lifemate needs you as well” she said as they walked down the road and crossed the street to get on the other side. There were people out and about, it was a Saturday night and the night life in this part of the city was in full swing “let’s fine somewhere a little more quiet so we can actually talk and have some real fun”

Emily stopped and, tears forming, said, "They don't stop, Megan. They never stop. Right now and that little brook... I felt safe, and the memories went away. Why won't they stop?" She held her stomach. "I'm going to be sick."

She went to the nearest allyway dumpster, doubled over, and threw up, Megan holding back her hair. She slid down among the wall and looked up.

"Don't look," Emily said. "Please, don't look."

“If you think your the first drunk person I have done this to your wrong and maybe you should talk to someone at the school they might be able to help Emily, you should try” she said rubbing her back “let’s go get you some water there is a store right over there how about you lay down in the car and I’ll grab it”

Emily smiled as Megan helped her to stand and said, "Okay. And something to eat? I'm starving. I haven't eaten since the inn hoooooouuuuursssssss ago."

She chuckled and helped her to the car, she laid her down in the back seat and when she seemed like she was resting, she closed and locked the doors. Lucky for her they got the men in black suv that won’t unlock from the inside and has a alarm so she know she is safe and won’t get out and leave. She went into the store and squinted at the lights. She grabbed a bottle of water and some crackers for her to munch on and soak up the alcohol. She paid the man and went back to the car. She unlocked the door and helped her drink some water and managed to have her eat a couple of crackers before she swatted her away and said some grumpy things before laying back down and passed out. With a sigh she hopped in the drivers seat and started to head back to the school. She found herself having tried driving, the lights of the city and cars hurt her eyes, the noises were getting louder and worse “I just need to get out of the city..” she told herself. She shifted in her seat as even her clothes started to hurt her skin. It all was becoming unbearable, next thing she knew a car suddenly stopped in front of her making her have to swerve to avoid hitting it. She managed not to hit anything and got out of the car just as the other driver got out. Older large male started yelling at her in Romanian. His voice pierced her ears painfully “I...don’t know what your saying...stop” she said trying to cover her ears. When the man touched her wrist it sent pain up her arm And she cried out and pushed him away, only she didn’t just push him, she sent him flying into his car, landing on his windshield

Emily got out, carrying a large object, and said, "Okay, so we need to..." the man groaned. "Oh...okay. I'll put the gasoline jug back. Take his wallet, his shoes, hell anything to make it look like a robbery. We can keep the cash, but toss everything else in a sewer down the road." She looked back after she put the jug in the back seat. "What?"

“Where the fuck did...never mind I forgot they put those in there for emergencies “ she shook her head “just get back in the car drunk harley Quinn “ she said and walked over to the man. She was so grateful no one was around, she covered her hand with her jacket and took his phone from his pocket and dialed the emergency number, she put the phone in his hand and went back to the car and started to drive away “ok so note to self....don’t touch anyone...ever” she said now speeding away “hey...where...where was your hotel...was it around here?”

"No," said Emily. "They picked me up from a shithole and took me to a prison called school. Let's just go back." She then got a wicked smile. "Or... Let's go rob a..."

"I think you two have had enough fun," said Nicanu, appearing in the back seat suddenly.. "Megan, I'll take over. Your friend is on the verge of alcohol poisoning and you are so full of toxins, you will be in the ground for a couple days. Now pull over."

"Kill joy," said Emily.

Him suddenly being in the car made her freak out and swerve off the road. She managed to stop the car before wrecking it but she did take out a small bush and go into a ditch, which made her slam forward, her seat beast lock and it sent pain shooting through her. With her adrenaline in high gear mixed with the drugs she bared her fangs and growled at him and busted the door clean off the car ripping her seat beast off and stumbled out, all the while cursing up a storm “what the fuck is your problem!l her anger boiled to the point she felt she might explode “you have some fucking nerve you piece of shit! I hate you I fucking hate you! God go back to your hell hole and leave me alone oh wait thats what you already want!” She said picking up the door and throwing it so hard it cut a tree in half

Emily whooped and clapped, but Nicanu said, "Is that what you think? Well, then... what do you call that kiss in the garden."

"What the fuck?!" Emily said.

"Ambrose is on his way, he will be picking you up, Miss Wake," Nicanu said, never taking his eyes off of Megan as he walked up to her. "He is five minutes away."

"Oh, shit!" Emily said, trying to fight her now locked seat belt.

When he was close enough to hit, he pulled Megan close to him, saying, "I explained why I'm doing the things I do. I don't want you to leave." He looked down at her. "I want you to be prepared. You want to fight, I'm giving you that ability. I need you as a warrior, and that is who you are. If you are unprepared on the battlefield, I will lose you."

His touch hurt and she pushed him away “don’t give me that crap it has nothing to do with me it’s you!” She said in a angry tone. She needed to hit something , she felt like she was going to explode. Everything became to much, her senses were on over drive her emotions were boiling over “just stop! You push me away yet you kiss me or have sex with me! Is this a game to you! Your not even suppose to be real! “ she yelled and turned and started to storm into the forest “just stay away from me you barbaric psycho asshole of a male!”

Nicanu grabbed her and began flying her back to the school, saying, "You are the most stubborn woman I've ever met. You are returning to the school with me, whether you like it or not, so get over it!" He looked down at her. "And I'm very real. This is no game. So, for once, be quiet so I can think, and stop yelling because your feelings are hurt like a child."

She bit him hard and deep on his arm, not to feed but to hurt him “easy for you to say since you the one that hurt me! Let me go!” She said crying out in pain “let me go!” It hurt, it hurt so bad she thought she was going to die “let go please! “ she said in a begging tone filled with pain as she started to cry

"If I let you go, you would fall to the earth," he pointed out. "The toxins in your system are causing your abilities to go out of your control. We must get you to healers so that they can examine you, in case there are injuries to your organs."

She growled “I said let me go!” She said unknowably forcing her way in to dominate him. He released her and for a moment she was shocked, but as she fell and the pain got bearable she felt more hurt. Yes the pain had been to much and she needed him to stop touching her but the suddenly release felt almost personal and it hurt. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to enjoy a small moment of peace while she fell. She didn’t know how high up she was or if she could survive the fall, she couldn’t really think much at all.

Nicanu raced after once he regained control, catching her before she hit the trees. He took her to the ground and stepped back. He looked at her.

"The healers are almost here," he said, his voice emotionless. "You are going to get checked. I fear that there may have been vampire blood mixed into some of the toxins."

She frowned “I think I would have know if I fed from a vampire..” she said in a aggravated tone “he was human, they all were” she said taking off her jacket not paying attention to him

He grabbed her arm and said, "First, it would be in fucking drugs. Second, don't you ever feed from other men or let them touch you romantically!" Lightning hit the ground nearby, splitting a tree. "I will go find those men and kill them for touching my woman! You are mine, even when I don't claim you!"

She glared at him “let me tell you something about how things work...” she said ripping her arm away from him “you don’t want me fine, but other people don’t claim me fine but other people might want too....I decide who I’m with and who I will feed on, not you” she said meeting his gaze “and it’s not about me being childish it’s about me being a god damn woman who deserves love and affection and not to be toyed with by some stubborn ass man child that doesn’t even have the common sense to realize how scared I am!” She yelled back. She felt like she was burning up. She threw her jacket on the ground and took off her tank top , leaving her in her black bra “you wanted me to train today but did you even consider how sore I was! It hurt to even walk!” She said as she started to take off her pants , leaving her in her matching black underwear “you are so busy trying to ignore me that you ignore me...” she said in a hurt and angry tone “so...I will fuck...feed or whatever with whoever I want!”

He sighed and said, "You don't understand, Megan. I don't even understand. You think I know what to do in this situation? My first instinct to deal with what I don't understand is to train, find a way to clear my head so I can think properly. Training is meditative for me. Did I fuck up, yes, but I go by what I know. And I know that there was vampire blood in the ecstasy. I found the man you fed from, his throat burned out because after you were done, he took more. I didn't get a chance to kill him as my instincts told me to. So, you tell me, how am I supposed to handle this?" He crossed his arms, trying not to look at her and get turned on, and failing. "At least put something on so we can have a serious conversation!"


Emily managed to cut the belt only to run into Ambrose, who looked pissed, worried, scared, and happy all at once. He also looked like he was in pain from his trip from Brazil to Romania, a feat that should not have been possible, but he did it. Emily tried backing away.

He grabbed her arms and pulled her into a hug and the next thing she knew she was in the air, but she only knew that by the way the wind was, he was not letting her see anything and kept her face hidden into his chest

Emily wanted to hit him, tell him off. Instead, she wrapped her arms around him and cried. It hurt, in a way. He never hugged her, and here he was, sending her away. She didn't want to think, she wanted either to drown the memories in alcohol or... Take me back to the brook... Please...

After a little while she felt her feet touch the ground and could hear the soft sound of the stream near by

Emily went to the brook and sat down. She ran her hand through the spring-fed water, the cold clearing her head. She listened to the forest around her, peace filling her.

"I... missed the trees," she said. "They almost seemed like they talked to me when I was in school. Comforting me." She laid down. "I'm happy here... where the trees... protect... me..."

She started to pass out, but that was not good after the wreck.

She felt a hand on her forehead and felt her body grow warm and she started to feel sleepy “rest....” she heard him say

"I'm sorry," she said. "I just... wanted it to... stop..."

She fell asleep then, peaceful as the sounds of the forest seemed to play a lullaby just for her.

Once she was asleep and he made sure she was healthy. He picked her up and took her too the school and laid her down in what would be their room, her son sleeping in the child bed that was just for him

Emily started moaning about an hour later, mumbling in her sleep, "No... s-stop..."

He laid next to her and placed his hand on her head and calmed her mind. He placed good thoughts of Eli in her mind and let her mind to the rest in giving her a nice dream

Her mind seemed to rebel, flashes of blood and screams between the happy memories until she sat up, breathing heavy and knife in hand. She looked around and saw Ambrose.

"It's never going to go away, is it?" she asked in tears as she put the knife away. "I'm always..." She curled into him. "Why? I hurt so many people... why are you even here? Why did he choose me?"

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