Things Escalate 3

She took off her bra and her panties and found relief that the clothes were no longer touching her, normally she would feel exposed and self conscious but the replied was to much for her to care right now “your the old fang banger here not me, I don’t know what to do or how to feel, all I know is all my life I have listen to my instincts and right now I can’t because I’ll just end up getting hurt and on top of that I have all these new instincts that I don’t know what to do with...” she said and started walking away “as for the vampire blood why not’s how I was brought into this hell hole, why night have that roller coaster ride again..”

He grabbed her said, "You don't seem to see the problem here. So, let me spell it out. You have no choice in this, and neither do I. We are lifemates, and I am not willing to lose my whole world because I'm not able to protect her. I want you safe, I want you to be able to fight. What I need is something showing me that you are capable of that. What you did tonight shows me that my fears are validated. When you are healed, we will begin your training." He put a light dress on her as the healers landed. "We will talk more once things are settled with your health."

“Your right something was validated tonight but that wasn’t it...” she said with a look of extreme disappointment on her face mixed with pain and anger. When the healers got closer she backed away and held out her arms “don’t touch me...” She said backing away Do it Echoed a voice in her head. It was almost as she could feel someone behind her moving her body. She changed her position into a fighting stance, one any warrior would recognize as a defensive stance feel them grow The voice echoed and her nails grew sharp and her teeth lengthen “I’m warning you to stay back!” She growled

Nicanu said, "Megan, follow the link back to him. You can help us find the vampire. You can do this." He touched her hand gently. "Breath. Now, I want you start punching my open palm." He held his hands up. "Softly at first. Build a rhythm. You won't hurt me. Clear your mind."

now he is wanting something from you.. Echoed the voice. She looked at him with a painful expression “now I’m worth something...what happened to your fucking validation!” She said backing away from him we are not like what you have read...nothing is as it seems..after all how can a lifemate not claim his lifemate...he is playing with you...he is not your lifemate..they want something from her That hurt, that hurt her a lot “oh god it’s true....that’s why you...” she felt sick. She backed a way even further “you never wanted me because I wasn’t yours to have...this whole time...I was torture for nothing...” she croaked out. Her stress went beyond her breaking point give yourself to me, I will take care of you, I know what it is like to suffer for no good can find comfort with me The voice said softly

He followed her as he said, "I haven't claimed you because I will not be one second too late in saving you! I will not come back from hunting a vampire to find you in a pool of blood because I am not fast enough! I will not be forced to have someone important to me die in my arms again!" He took her arms. "Happy? I lost my family because I wasn't enough. Knowing you can care for yourself until I get to you, that's all I want, Megan. I cannot lose you because I'm not good enough. Please, understand."

More lies...claiming you would help him protect you.. She shook her head and gripped her throat as a burning sensation started your will only grow... I can teach you...I can help you stand on your own so feet “You sound so pathetic...I’m tired of paying the price for others own issues..” she said in a pain filled tone let me come to you...I won’t force you..I will only come if you ask me too

"What will show you that what I say is true?" he asked. "You fed from me, look into my mind. Please, Megan."

She backed away shaking her head, the world around her was to intense “don’t....don’t come near me please...” she said finding he was the most intense thing to her, his smell, his voice, the sound of his blood rushing through his veins

He grabbed her by the neck and brought her to him, so close that they were nearly kissing. His grip was unbreakable but still gentle. His eyes seemed to almost glow.

"There are several ways to show you I am real," he said, his voice so sultry that she became instantly wet, "that you are mine. I'm asking which you prefer." He bit his bottom lip. "I know which one I would like you to choose, but I'm leaving it up to you."

One of the healers said something but megan didn’t hear them, she couldn’t focus on anything but him. It was like the wind was knocked out of her, a growl echoed in her head but she didn’t care, her lips parted in a shocked overwhelmed way. His touch did hurt but again it was hard to focus on much “s-stop....this is just...another way to trick me....” she said in a low uncertain tone

He backed her up until she was wedged between him and a tree, saying, "Then prove it. Because if you are under a spell, then so am I." She found hands above her head, the action sexy and... damn, she wanted him. "So, prove that this isn't real, that I'm not your lifemate."

She felt her heart slam in her chest “why are you doing this....” she asked in a nervous tone “you were just saying how I was....and you...” she felt like she couldn’t breathe and her body felt on fire “I can’t...” it was too much and she was about to lose control

"Then, I will," he said.

His mouth found hers and it felt like the world around them instantly went up in flames.

She cried out against his lips, it was too intense, she fought against his hold, all thought left her as the toxins took over at his touch, every touch was so intense it was painful yet she wanted more, needed more. She gave into him, her mouth opening to his invasion

He pulled her closer to him so that she was flush against him, the words beating at him, demanding to be spoken. But his first thought now was to see to Megan's health. When they came up for air he smiled.

"It's real," he said. "No spell could make you feel something like that. Now, please, let us heal you and find the bastard trying to kidnap you, okay?"

His words did not sink in, the toxins in her system were in full swing , her left hand gripped his hair and her right gripped his waist and within a second her fangs were in his next and her body fused to his. Her right hand went from his waist to his back and ripped open his shirt in the back and her nails dug into his skin

"Megan..." he said. "Sleep and let us heal you."

He tried to use compulsion. She felt it.

see he is trying to mess with your mind The voice echoed and it helped her come to slightly. She bit down harder on his neck with a growl. And suddenly he found himself with his back to the tree and they both were naked , her powers kicking in subconsciously, her body was burning up and was baby soft against him. He could tell she had lost weight, a noticeable amount yet he couldn’t tell when he looked at her earlier today

"Megan, I'm scared for you," he said, knowing the men had gone away until he called for them. "I should have paid more attention to your needs instead of my fear. Now..." his arms tightened around her, "...don't leave me. Please."

She released his neck and sealed it lapping up any blood on the skin “why...I thought you wanted me to didn’t even want me at the school...” she said against his skin and her arousal filled the wire around him, there was also a more sweet smell to it

"I never wanted you to leave, Megan," said Nicanu, fighting to talk as his hands wandered over her, no longer listening to him to sit still. "At first, I tried to keep you at a distance for your protection. If you weren't as close to me as other couples are, then you were less likely to be in danger. But seeing your spirit, and having the prince sign you up for classes... I knew I had to teach you to fight like a Carpathian hunter. But if you get hurt, or are paired with a male... I didn't want to be the reason why you got hurt, Megan. I would never forgive myself. But you knowing how to fight, that would put my mind at ease because you can stall until I reach you. Not once did I ever want you to leave. I simply want you safe."

“Did you ever once asked me what I wanted...or did you just assume I wanted to fight...” she said watching his hands, he saw her expression fill with lust as she watched his hand slowly move up her arm “nic...”

"I didn't ask because I saw into your memories the first time I saw you," he said. "I wanted to know you. I saw training in your past, so I assumed you would want to hunt vampires with me." He cupped her face. "So, what is it you want to do?"

She flinched at his touch, she was about to lean in when she pushed herself away from him “just stop ok...” she said turning and started to walk away fast “leave me alone I’m tired of these games, I’m not going back to the school and now even if you wanted to claim Me I won’t let you!” She said trying to focus on where she was going

He grabbed her again and said, "I chose to not claim you. You technically don't have a choice in this. I'm not ready, and you clearly are mad at me and not thinking straight." He looked down at her, his passionate stare also highly intimidating. "And I don't play games. You would know because you would enjoy my games. As for not going to the school," he picked her up and flung her over his shoulder, replacing the white, silk dress, "the prince has ordered you to attend classes as you are his ward until I do claim you. First, to the healers. They have been patient with us but they are uneasy with a vampire trying to lure you away."

“Let me go! “ she yelled bagging against his back “I’m warning you Nicanu to let me go! Or you will regret it!” She yelled

"Not when you are heading towards a vampire that will torture you more than you have been already," he said. "You need to realize that we have exchanged blood. We have a path now. I will know when he talks to you. We are going to find him and bring him justice so you are safe. Understand?"

"and who is going to keep me safe from you! your torture is worse then my conversion! you give false hope and torture every second of my exsistance with your indecisiveness" She said in a serious and saddened tone

He felt like she had punched him the gut... hard... with a wrecking ball. And she was right. He was hurting her.

"My only intention was to keep you safe," he said. "I am sorry that it is hurting you." He sat her on the ground and held her shoulders. "I just... I don't know if I'll be able to save you from the monsters in the world. I want you prepared, that's all. Would claiming you now really solve the problem? When you don't even like me?"

“I don’t know you enough to like or dislike you...and you judge me unfairly as well...” she said moving out of his grip. She flinched like she was in pain. She suddenly gripped his shirt and pulled him down on top of her, she grunted and gasped slightly and quickly released his shirt “I...didn’t mean to “ she said meeting his gaze “you just smell...” her eyes dilated and he saw her fangs grow

"And how, pray tell, do I make such a crime up to a beautiful young woman?" he asked, teasing her top down. "You fed from me once already. What else would you desire?"

She watched his hand and she felt like she couldn’t breath “ things like this....that torture me when the next second your cold...and distant “ she said in a distracted tone. He saw her ears turn pink with her cheeks, he never noticed how she blushed before

God, she is so beautiful, she caught from his head without him realizing.

"I don't mean to be," he said, kissing her neck. "I am trying to learn something new, to cherish the most beautiful woman in the world. It would seem I am failing that lesson. Perhaps I need a new teacher?"

Her eyes closed and her head natural went to the side opening up to him, her skin was oversensitive to the point this was enough to get her wet. Her sweet smell filled his nose , the more attention she had on him the less the vampire had on her, he found the more he did to her the less the vampiric present in her mind was

He bit down as the top of her dress let her breasts fall forth for him. His right hand began to massage her, causing her to gasp. Her taste, pure Megan, seemed to be everywhere. He didn't want to stop. He wanted all of her. Megan...

She came the second he bit down, her cry of Ecstasy echoed in his ear, her hands dug into his back as she gripped his shirt. The more he drank from her the more the toxin started to effect him as well

He held her while also having the knife disappear from her without her knowing “no reason would be good enough on why he chose you, what matters is how you move forward “ he said “I can’t tell you it will go away, I don know and as for the people you hurt that is something you will live with but it does not mean you are a bad person emily. Anyone of us has the ability to use someone’s mind against them, we all have darkness in us, all he did was bring that part forward and hid the good part of you” he said “it might not make you feel better in knowing that but think of it as a whole...everyone has good and bad in them it’s how we choose to act that did not choose to do what you did but you can choose now how to move forward “ he said softly

Emily looked at him and said, "Ambrose... claim me. I need to know that I'm not alone in this, that we are together. You barely touch me, you only hold me when you feel I'm most scared, but..." She turned away. "Forget it. I know what you'll say. 'It's not the right time.' If I'm not good enough, you can go dig a ditch and sleep in it."

Hurt radiated from her. She had heard him say that line so many times. It never stopped the pain from filling her.

Instead of what she thought she would hear he said “we can talk about this once you are rested and healthy “

She looked at him then and said, "What if I don't want to wait? What if... what if I want to know right now that you want me?"

“Emily...even are not well enough for me to be able to even begin to show you how much you mean to me...” he said in a silk like tone by her ear

Her heart literally skipped a beat before working overtime. She was usually so submissive, but in that moment, she had to kiss him. She made him look at her before forcefully kissing him and wrapping her arms around him.

He growled against her lips and pulled her against his hard chest. His right hand gripped her hair while the other pressed against her lower back

She soon found their tongues dueling, him rolling so that she was on her back. She wrapped one leg around him, needing to get closer to him. Her clothes felt too restrictive.

"Ambrose..." she said, not really knowing if she was asking him to show her what she meant to him or to remove her clothes, but she would be happy either way. "Please..."

He groaned against her lips a reluctantly pulled back “you need rest” he said in a low tone as he unwrapped her from him and pulled up the blanket over her “I won’t leave you so try to rest” he said in a soft tone

"Tease," she said with a smile.

“That’s calling the kettle black” he said with a soft chuckle as he wrapped her in his arms

"Ha-ha," she said with a smile. "Look who's a comedian all of a sudden."

“If I didn’t have a sense of humor you would have drove me crazy long ago” he said and she could hear he was smiling

"That means I'm not doing my job right," she said. "Life's more fun when you're crazy."

He chuckled softly “any more crazy and I don’t know if anything will make sense anymore” he said pulling her closer

"Since when did any of this make sense?" Emily asked. "The point is to find the hindsight, not know what to do right then." Laid her head on his chest. "Like, maybe I shouldn't have had almost 30 shots of gin after running away. Throwing up wasn't fun."

“Hmm who would have thought....” he said teasingly

"That was so funny, I forgot to laugh. Anyway, how did you get here so fast? It took me all day to get to Romania, but it seemed to take you only a few hours."

He stroke her head slightly “things we can talk about later” he said

"Ambrose, you can't keep pushing me away," she said, sitting up. "Just because I'm drunk doesn't mean I don't...“

He pushed her back down “I’m not pushing you away Emily...if you can not see that you need rest then we have a problem, do you not want to be able to be awake and healthy for your son tomorrow?” He asked in a serious tone

Emily blushed and, because she was drunk she was more honest, said, "I like your voice, so listening to you explain things helps me fall asleep." She tried to fix things when she realized that she said that out loud. "I don't mean you're boring, just..." She pulled the covers over her head in embarrassment. "Oh, man!"

He grinned and laid on his side next to her “well if that’s the case...” he said softly and began telling her about the mountains he grew up in

She took the blanket from over her head and looked at him. The way he looked at her, the story, his voice, the nighttime creatures outside, all served to calm her. She started to visibly relax, just as she had at the brook. It wasn't long before she passed out, a small smile on her face.

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