Things Escalate 5

Draiden said, You don't have to fight to be a warrior. Healers are warriors because they tirelessly to save lives. Our children are warriors because the thrust into a world that is full of monsters, yet they retain innocent smiles. You are a warrior. Look at the hell you have been through, and yet you are still moving forward. I know Erik would be in awe of you right now.

Draiden I want you to do something for me...I need you to merge with my mind more, I need to feel your strength, help me ease my mind by allowing me this

He gave her a mental nod before merging with her more. It was difficult, as the only path connecting them went through River and Erik, but he made it work. It took a lot of effort. She felt... so far away.

Meghan listened through his ears, she tried to smell what he smelled, she knew sight would do no good since his mind seemed to be not right so she didn’t look through his eyes. But feeling his body did help her, she felt she was able to run faster and longer the sun will be up soon...

Meghan... I can't feel that the sun is about to rise... he said, alarm filling him. I have checked on River many times, Amun and I play, but my natural instincts... What the hell is going on?

its the’s hard to think about anything else or feel anything else, the only reason I know is because I’m outside... I want to greet it Draiden...I want...

Don't you dare! Come on, little sister, you can do this! Think about the beauty of your surroundings... For instance, I am in a cave full of crystals. The natural pool in the other chamber is hot and soothing. If I really try, I can smell the ocean above it all.

draiden...stay with me?

I'm here, Meghan. I will stay with you for as long as I can.

im just wandering....I don’t know where I am...I feel so lost I can’t focus on anything...I don’t even know how I got outside

Go back inside. Go to ground, sleep next to him. Since we are close to morning, it will be easier to sleep.

tell me your feelings for river draiden

They're... indescribable, really. When she's hurt, it's like a rock is in my gut. It won't go away. When she smiles, there is no evil in the world. When she fights, I feel like she is dancing and only I hear the music she performs to. And holding her is such a blessing that I can't even begin to... hold on. Amun is crying.

let him cry, trust me as a mother I know it's healthy for them to cry sometime, what was it like to hold your son for the first time

Draiden didn't understand, but said, Um... okay. Holding Amun for the first time was like... I never knew something so small could be so strong. He holds some much on his shoulders, and he doesn't know it. I know he will be a greater man than me and stronger than his mother.

is that why you named him amun? Because he is a mystery to you?

Yes. When he was first born, he wanted only River. Now, he wants all of my attention. We are often left in the cave by ourselves and bonded quickly.

don't let river hear you say that she might take it as a challenge she said trying to make him laugh

I actually asked her why I stay behind so much. I asked, "When did I become the woman?" She said it was because of how close Amun and I am. Meghan... the crying is just getting louder.

I know it hard to hear them cry, Erik had to pretty much hold me down, but it is important, it's helping them start some independence, if you come to them everytime they cry it will make things hard as they grow older, and I'm sure river just feels stressed, she is a new mother and both of you have been through a lot, think of river right now, imagine her healthy and smiling and holding your son

She lost her hand, Meghan, he said sadly, then chuckled. I see her now. She practically runs from him because she's afraid to drop him. Him, crawling after her thinking it's a chasing game. He's too young right now, but that's all I can see. And I'm sitting in my chair just laughing. Then, sneak attack! She jumps out and scoops him up with the one hand she has and tickles him by using the nub to giggle his belly.

That was a strong enough emotion she was able to get a location on him draidan your a good man and you deserve that image in your mind, i know you and river had live very difficult lives but i hope that if there is a future for all of us that i get to see your vision come true

Meghan, don't do anything stupid, Draiden said, ready to go out looking for her. If you get even a paper cut, Erik's going to kill me!

if you want to keep me from doing something stupid then I need you to keep talking to me...tell me why it was worth all your suffering to meet river

She's my strength, my world. She has helped me overcome so many of my childhood traumas and learn who I really am. I couldn't ask for a greater gift. Without her... I don't know where I would be, but it wouldn't be good. With her, even if we were on the verge of death, I'd see only her and the beauty she brings to my world.

Suddenly a hand came from behind him and covered his mouth It’s me....don’t move don’t need to remain calm ok Said Meghan in his mind

You are lucky I didn't put my hand through your chest! What are you doing here? How did you even find us?

i need you to trust me and remain calm or we all might die..not connected fully to me and look through my eyes She said in a serious tone

Meg... Meghan? came Erik's weakened voice. Do... do you have need of me? His voice showed he was in no shape to be above ground, let alone help her save Draiden and River. I... I can... see if Grigore will... aid us...

She put him back to sleep instantly, she couldn’t have him knowing what she was doing he would try to wake up and help, hearing his voice and touching his mind gave her the boost she needed, even though it was short lived she started to run, as fast as her legs could carry her. If she could make it over the mountain ridge she could get to the next Carpathian which would be Anthony and Anastasias place, she was determined to get to the prince, river and Draiden needed him and she was running out of time, the sun would be up in less then a hour.

Antony and Anastasia were on their way back home when Meghan found them. They were surprised to see her. Antony put himself between Anastasia and Meghan, but gave her room in case of an attack.

"What's wrong?" Antony asked.

She fell to her knees, she had cuts and scraps all over her and her face was stained with blood tears “I....Draiden and river and in trouble...” she said in a weak tone

"Tell us," said Antony, going to her. "We will help them, but we need to know what is going on. Do you know where they are?"

She shook her head, her whole body was shaking “I....I.....l when he got close enough she grabbed his arms and started to cry, it was like he was hit by a train. She was so distraught that she unwilling projected what she was felling onto him. Her separation was in full peak and she felt like her world was gone

"It's okay, Meghan," said Antony. "You know he is not gone, just resting. He must heal if he is to return to you. If you get upset, he will try to come to you, and that is dangerous for him right now. I can see if anyone is willing to care for your children if you wish to sleep beside him until he awakes. But we need to know where River and Draiden are. Please, I know it is difficult and it is a big task I am asking of you when you are suffering so much, but I would not ask if it were not important."

It took her a while but she managed to tell anthony why she knew they were in trouble what she smelled and heard versus what Draiden told her “please....I never wanted to die so much in my whole life...I can’t bare it anymore but if I stop our link I’m afraid we will lose have to help me bare this...” she said curling up in his arms. Anastasia did not take it personally in anyway, she could only imagine what Meghan was going through. Ana sent out a call to any and all near by hunters, warning them that their minds were in danger and took keep a look out for river and Draiden

“Please hurts so much” she said shaking in his arms

"Don't worry," said Antony. "We are here. You have the entirety of the Carpathian people to stand with you. You are not alone." He took her hand in his, to comfort. "Feel this?" A strong wave went through her. "That is Erik. He and I are linked in many ways, Meghan. That is his lifeforce. Feel how strong it is? It matches yours. Now, breath. It will be fine and he will be proud of what you did despite the pain you suffered. He will wake up in a few days, but River and Draiden may not. Do you know where they are?"

“To...the south of the ocean...I can’t tell anymore without alerting Draiden and I fear...that would cause harm to them” she said “take me with you...the closer I get to him the more I will feel him, I can be your compass to him...” she said in a exhausted tone

"We are going with you, Meghan," Antony announced when Grigore and three other hunters arrived. "Anastasia and I will be with you. When you need me to, I will let you feel Erik again. Grigore, you will take point around the three of us, and you will get River and Draiden out."

"Yeah," said Grigore. "Let's go. We don't have much time before the sun is up. We may have to wait until tomorrow, as much as I hate to say it."

"It's not a option" Meghan said in a tone that made everyone look at her in surprise. She was always such soft spoken yet that was not the case just now. She stood up and straightened herself, she shifted into a wolf with ginger hair. She let her mind go blank and suddenly bolted to the south

Everyone began to follow her. They had no idea where to go, except that it was imperative that they go with her. Antony kept touching her mind, letting her feel Erik's life force to add some confidence if she needed it.

She stopped for a moment, and after a second they saw why, a pack of wolves where near by, the alpha came up to her and smelled her for a moment. She lowered her head to show she was no threat.

Grigore growled, but Antony stopped him. He stared at Meghan. She wasn't influencing the wolves in anyway. Why is she wasting time?! Grigore asked.

She has a plan, said Antony. We go with it. She is the only one who can find your sister and her lifemate. We have no other choice. If we influence the wolves, we could lose River and Draiden.

The alpha nipped at her neck, she shook it off and After a moment the alpha walked away. Once he was gone she sniffed the ground and started running again follow the scent of the wolves, they way they came

The others began following her, but also keeping their noses to the ground to stay on the freshest track. Meghan, where are we going? Grigore asked. We only heard that it involved River and Draiden, and that it was urgent, but...

She asked Anthony to fill them in so she could concentrate . As he started to explain Meghan suddenly stopped and with awhimper lowered herself to the ground so many people died here....she said in ascared and sad tone

Grigore and Antony looked into her mind. The field had wandering spirits everywhere, people who had yet to reach the Tree of Life. Some were mere whisps, others bright lights. Meghan... what is this? asked Grigore, but Antony did not let the message go through. He wanted to see what happened. One whip came up to her and pointed the way. This set them off again.

They can acrossed a cliff that over looked the ocean we are close but...there is so many ways to get into the cave system here...we don't know what we are dealing with and... she stopped talking and looked very uneasy, she looked like she was looking at something but nothing was around a...dark mage? of the dark mages...does anyone know of a dark mage?

The three that come to mind first are Xavier, Xaviero, and Xayvion, said Antony.

Don't forget Xaviero's son, Barnabas, said Grigore. He was just as bad as the three of them.

Meghan suddenly jumped off the cliff and landed in the ocean

Antony went to follow when Grigore stopped him, causing the prince to say, "Let go of me, Grigore. I'm her only link to Erik right now."

“If this is a dark mages work are you prepared to risk our whole species on two people?” He said in a serious tone “you and Ana need to return now, the others are on there way and before you argue remover every second I’m up here arguing with you she is down there alone”

Antony growled and said, "Anyone tell you that you're an asshole, cousin? If not..."

“Tick tock” he said interrupting him with a serious look

Antony took Anastasia's hand and said, "You get them and any other prisoner out safely. Grigore, if you sense anyone or anything using dark magic, you destroy them. You are the only one that can tell the difference and find any illusion. Do not die, my friend."

He nodded “as my prince commands” he said as his eyes changed colors. When they were gone her leapt off the cliff and into the water

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