Things Escalate 6

Draiden merged his mind with hers as best as he could. It wasn't a nice cave anymore. He was in a cage, he was slightly emaciated, wolf that had been turned into a puppet was trying to get to him and eat him alive, and the child he had put in a crib was the most sickening thing he had ever seen. He couldn't describe the maggot encrusted object before him. The smell of rotten flesh was everywhere. He lifted his hand and saw himself chained to the wall. He turned his head towards River. With no soil around them, she couldn't properly heal. What's going on? he asked, anger filling him. This...

stay calm or they will sense a change...right now you need to act like nothing has change... She said wrapping her arms around him Breath weigh me

Meghan, breathing is the last thing I want to do! he said. How... When... A shimmer went over his vision. Meghan... get out now. Trust me. People who do shit like this... You should not live through that. I know what you've been through, but... this is different. Let it take me over again. Lead me out of here with River, like you are part of the illusion. If they think that's the case, then maybe...

Draiden I told you to trust me now doing or we all die! She said placing her hands ove his heart now and out..let your mind relax, you need to hurry and listen to me

As much as the smell wanted to make him vomit, he did what she asked. He looked over at River. He would do anything to save her from this torture again. What do we need to do?

your plan and my plan are the same, so that's what we are going to do there is dark magic at play here but I know the way out first I need you to drink from me so our connection is stronger and in case you are needed to fight

He bit deep and took a few drinks. He did not want her to be weak in a place like this. He watched as she stood between him and the wolf. To his shock, it became relaxed and laid down. I don't care what you are doing, but can you hurry it up?

She sighed and the world around him changed once more, to their home cave, his mind soaked in the illusion once more. Forgetting about what just happened and that Meghan was even there or that this was not real im sorry for this She said and she started to influence his emotions. He felt the separation hit him hard, but not so much that he would go into the thrall. Close but not over the edge, which was draining. He felt like he needed river, he needed to hold her so that she would wake up and make the world beautiful again.

Draiden cried. He feared she was slipping from him. River, dragon lady, wake up. I... I can't feel you and if I don't touch your mind soon... speak to me!

River touched his mind I’m here....I’m ok....

Amun went to sleep hours ago, Draiden said, relief going through him. The sun is about to rise. I'll lay next to you. After the long night I've had... I need to hold you.

Come to bed with me She said in a tired tone

He lay next to her and took her hand before they entered Carpathian sleep together.


Grigore saw the entrance to an underwater cave. He went in and was hit with the smell of death. This mage enjoyed pain and suffering, even after his victims were no longer alive, it seemed. The whole cave system radiated dark magic, making it difficult to find where there was light.

Suddenly he noticed a piece of the dress that Megan was wearing on the floor and another one a few feet away, it seemed like she left in a trail

He pointed out the trail to the other hunters. His eyes seemed to glow and he followed Meghan's footsteps, bright lights among the darkness that was magic. Meghan, I need to see what you see. When I get there, I will have to rid Draiden and River of the dark magic consuming them.

There was no answer from her. Damn it! He got to the entrance of a room. He saw what she was doing, her entire being filled with light. He made the men wait. He motioned for them to look around while he watched Meghan's back. What she was doing was amazing, but it only raised more questions.

He saw her move around to the front of Draiden and get close to the controlled wolf. She bared her neck and the wolf sniffed her, He seemed to calm slowly, and lay down.

Hurry, woman, said Grigore. We only have a few more hours to get out of here.

He watched her exit the cage as Draiden started to walk over to where river was. He picked her up and held her to his chest like she was dead, he saw blood tears run down the large males face. When Megan looked at him and he met her gaze she gestured for him and the other hunters to come over

As each man returned with no one else and no injuries, he sent them in one at a time until they were all around the distraught male and his lifemate.

Meghan put her finger to her lips to gesture to be quite, she touched both Draiden and river and soon after Draiden laid river back down and laid down next to her, the next second they were both in a Carpathian sleep. That was their cue.

Grigore took Draiden. The man was almost too thin to be a hunter, let alone healthy. River looked like a hellhound had tried to eat her, only to regurgitate her back out. He had Meghan and River taken care of by two other hunters as they made their way out.

As they made their way through the cave Meghan felt something was off. She slowed her pace, the air felt heavy, toxic. She looked around and when she saw nothing her worry got even worse. She linked minds with gregore and showed him the way they needed to leave through her memories, it was not the way they came in We are being hunted....don’t react keep moving

I feel it too. I told the men to act natural, but to stay alert. If you haven't heard, I soak in black magic when I so desire with little to no effect on me. When we get to some place safe, I will clean out the black magic from them as well. Keep guiding us, little sister. Do you have some dark sunglasses handy? Because once we get out, it's going to hurt.

gregore...tell everyone to link minds with! She said in a urgent tone. When they all did she let them see through her eyes, they were surrounded by hell hounds, one was so close it nipped at a hunters leg but didn’t make contact, it was as if they were wait for a command, everyone felt warmth fill them that was letting them remain calm and helped them to act natural i can’t hold it for long... She said in a strained tone

Suddenly, hyssop oil covered everyone like a glove, like a protective layer. None splashed on the floor and it was so thin, it couldn't be seen. That will at least make them spit us out if they bite us, said Grigore. But we need to move faster!

Meghan stopped the link so she could save engery but then she suddenly stopped and when they looked back, the she had a look of terror on her face “keep going...I ....need to rest....” she said though her voice was trembling with fear

Grigore handed Draiden to another hunter. I can't leave you alone, Meghan. I'll stay behind. They know the way out. The seven of them can keep them safe. My duty is to keep you safe. Now, do I need to carry you?

He saw a small line of blood travel down her neck and down her chest. Her arms came out to her side “you...need to leave...go ahead and catch up to the others..I’m going to stay here for a moment..” she said and he felt her mind touch his, suddenly he saw why she couldn’t move. There was a hellhound on each limb like a snare trap, one on each of her ankles, two were attached to the wall on each side of her, holding her wrist in their mouth, their mouths were so big they covered her wrist all the way up to her elbow. But it was the one from the ceiling that scream alpha. His mouth was around her neck, one bike and her head would be off, the alpha stared directly into gregore eyes like he was challenging him “please...go” she said with a shaking tone

"Meghan, these aren't hellhounds," he said. "You wouldn't be in danger like this. I don't what they are, but I can take in the magic and dispell it once we are out."

A tear rolled down her face a the one on her neck tongue slithered out and licked it of her face and she made a disgusted look “gregore we don’t have time for this, who ever these belong to could be here any second and they are not out of the cave yet...” she said in a strained tone “you need to go...I’m not ask... you know what’s at stake here” she said as images of everyone, including the prince and gregore lifemate flashed through his head “I’ll be right behind you”

"And if you stay behind, Erik will wake up before he can heal properly to come save you," Grigore said. "You know I'm right. So I either get you out now, or I stay trapped with you."

“For a hunter your not very smart...” she said in a disappointed tone “leave and go help the others” she said using the compulsion erik had tonight her. She didn’t like to do it but she had no choice.

When he turned and left she felt guilty but only for a second. She reached out for erik erik...I need your help...but I need you to remain in the ground my love...but I need your guidance

You... Erik began. You know how... to keep thing interesting. This... won't be easy. River lost... lost her hand to them. I promise... you will come out of this unscathed.

It’s good to feel you touch...i think it is something I’m doing erik, they didn’t pay much mind to the others...this doesn’t feel like they were commanded to do it .I can’t explain it.

These are... not going to get you.... What you need to do... is get them to... let go and become... mist. They can't get you... in that form.

my love I’m not you, I’m not a warrior trained to be able to be am I to focus on such a thing...I’m so scared right now

You can focus.... You want to come... back, right? Think of our... girls, our son. They... they need you, just as... I do. Look into my... mind and get the information you... need. He poured his expertise into her mind for her to access. As draining as it was, he had faith in her to do it. She didn't need to kill them. Just get free enough to turn into mist.

rest...I’ll be there when you wake up, I love you erik She said in a sincere yet sadden tone

You get your ass out of that cave! he said, still sounding weak but more like the Erik she knew. I will come drag you out if I have to, Meghan!

i said I would be there when you woke up! I’m just telling you to rest you stubborn ass! She said not really angry in fact the opposite, she was happy you said you believed in how can I possible fail, I just want you to rest so I can have you up and about again

I will be with you every step you take until you rejoin Grigore! I will not leave you when you need my support more than ever! Now, concentrate!

grouch She aid and when he growled she felt her whole body tingle, she wound never get use to the lifemate body and how deep it effected them both. She took a breath and started to focus. Just as she felt like she was on the right track a cold breeze broke her concentration. She Got this horrible feeling in her gut, the hairs on her body starting to stand up that...

Mon petite, don't think about that. One step at a time. He isn't there yet. You need to work faster. I'll project the mist into your mind once you're free. It will be fast and allow you to escape. You can do this.

Her trauma in the caves came rushing back to her and her fear grew and she started to panic but she tried desperately to focus on him and what he was say erik! She said in a panicked tone and went to move forward, the teeth dug in deep as the creatures tightened their grip. The one on her throat made it hard to breath. She felt like a bug trapped in a spiders web and the spider was coming

My love, I want you to breath. Just like you had Draiden do. You can't be kind to these things. They are not alive. You need to force them to let you go. You can do it. I will not let him have you. Open your eyes for me. When she did, smoke started to roll and the creature howled in pain. Look at each of them, and I will make them let go. Hurry. She could feel how draining it was, but he refused to leave her alone.

She did as he asked but she couldn’t look at the one That had her neck, her hands came up as she hurried to try and pry the creatures mouth open, his teeth cutting into her hands to the point they were bleeding. She heard the vampire growl and it echoed the cavern walls. Something her snapped, she was scared yes but her fight or flight instincts switched to fight. She reached up and grabbed the creatures neck and with all her strength pulled him from off the ceiling, her nails dug into its throat and it cried out . That was all she needed. She got up and started to run, she could hear the creatures running after her

Turn into mist now! Erik yelled, fear for her coloring his voice. It's the only way! Grigore will find you and bring you back! Just turn into mist!

She tried but lost concentration whEn she had to dodge one of the dogs, she saw a small path in one of the walls up ahead, small enough for her but to small for the dogs. Just as she turned to slam herself into it she was side swiped hard and talked to the ground. She cried out, this was not a dog, a hand gripped her hair hard and forced her head to the side, exposing her throat, she moved her arm just in time so the fangs bit deep in her arm instead. Her training with Erik kicked in, she slammed the creature hard in the face with her free hand repeatedly until she was able to push it on its back. When she finally got a good look at her assaulted she stopped. It was a large male, chains on his neck, scars covered his body, this was not a vampire but a Carpathian.

Meghan... he has been missing for a month now. He is a great hunter. He is still Carpathian, but he is acting like... Run! Get out of there now! Please, mon petite amour! I need you out of there now! Please! The pure fear in his voice told her how bad the situation was.

She went to hit him again to make him let go when the soundS of chains echoed the room, a female suddenly jumped on her back and bit into her shoulder, making her fall forward with a cry. Between the blood loss and both of them she was trapped. With her free hand she grabbed one of the chains and lifted it up just in time to stop one of the dogs from biting her and have it bite the chain instead. It broke in half almost instantly. She cried out as she felt a dog bite into her leg and the one in front of her bit into her free arm.

Touch their minds! There is a path now! We need to make them pass out! Grigore brought River and Draiden to safety, and there is a party coming to you! Please, don't argue! Get them to sleep, get free, and put up a barrier! Please, Meghan!

She was to weak to fight anymore i want to come home She said in a weak tired tone. The woman was suddenly thrown off of her and the male went sliding a crossed the floor and the dogs disappeared into the shadow. She laid there, to weak to move, still bleed for the now torn bite mark. Feet came and stood in front of her. She felt a cold hand grab the back of her neck and lifted her up like she weighed nothing. She came face to face with the long haired vampire as he made her look at him. He took a deep inhale like he was smelling her. Fear engulfed her, but not for herself but for erik. Of what he would become if she died here. That fear alone awakened something in her. With a cry she slammed her hands into the vampires chest, a burst of light filled the room and he was flung through the cavern wall with a roar. She managed to get up and she was about to run when she saw the cowering woman and man. She picked up the broken chain of the woman and pulled her towards her, she made her look her in the eyes “break the mans!” She demanded. The woman obeyed and she picked his up to, both of you follow me” she said and began to run

Don't hurt my brother, the woman said in Meghan's head softly. I was protecting him. The vampire had control of his mind. I've never met anything like him... or you. My brother isn't a vampire, miss. Don't do what you did to the fallen one.

“ I’m trying to get us out of here and away from the vampire now move!” She said in a weak tone trying to run but she knew her leg was broken from the dog bite. Had to stop, she turned to the large male and place her hand on his head making him look at her “feel me....nod if you feel me” she said in a low tone. Slowly he nodded “feel my warmth...remember home...listen to my voice, I heard your a hunter...we are in trouble...I need your help” she said pulling his instincts to the surface. He suddenly picked her up in his arms and carried her gently yet firmly “don’t stop until I tell you!” She said and he bolted. The woman hopped on his back and it didn’t seem to slow him down in the slightest

His name is Andrew, said the woman. He must have forgotten. I could never get through to him. I'm sorry about before. Take some of my blood in return. I can at least close the wounds.

“I will not drink from you...” she said as kept her focus on the brother feel for them...feel for the other hunters the way only a warrior can. Call to them, call to your brothers “If you want to help, the first step is to realize you made a huge mistake and to not do it again” she said in a upset tone. Erik was still talking to her, he never stopped, he was helping her with the brother, a warrior himself was helping her understand him the best she could in such a sort and dangerous time

I know I made a mistake! said the girl. Never again will my mikrós aderfós be taken by a vampire. And I refuse to be captured by one ever again. He hurt women in front of me to make feel their pain. It was horrible! I got them out, but... I couldn't save my own adelfós. Trust me, it won't happen again.

“That is not the mistake you made! The mistake you made is attacking a innocent for your own gain! My lifemate protects my mind from you but I’m in yours! You attacked me willingly for strength instead of helping me, you knew I was no threat to your brother but he was the threat to me! The fact that you wrist my lifemates life and that of my children I...” she was cut off when they broke out of the cave and gregore and a group three hunters instantly surrounded them

She stood up and said, I did what I thought I had to for him to survive! So sue me for giving a damn about my brother! I don't know you, and there was so much going on...

As weak as she was Meghan grabbed the chain on the girls neck and pulled it, slamming her hard on the ground at her brothers feet “get up and I will kill you” she said in such a dark tone as her fangs lengthened. She looked at gregore “this one is not to be trusted...I would bed right now if she had been able to finish me off” she said with a serious and angry tone “keep her and her brother separated “ she said in serious tone “if you give any of these good men any trouble just remember one thing...I have control of your brothers mind now...give me a reason to make you suffer” she said in a threatening tone. Everyone could literally feel the anger she was filled with.

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