Things Escalate 7

"Then tell me," she said, looking up at Meghan, "what would you have done if it was your lifemate whose mind was taken over?"

"I doubt Erik Daratrazanoff would have been taken over," said Grigore. "And she would have fought harder to free him if he had. She wouldn't have sacrificed a person trying to save her, Erik, and two other injured hunters."

"She's Erik's..." The girl looked shocked. "I..."

She just glared you can rest now brother, you are safe and so is your sister. I am here for you, we all are, you are loved and back home She said as gregore took her from the boy and the other two hunters including the siblings uncle took him. He fell asleep almost instantly in their arms. Their uncle looked at Meghan “thank you” he said in a sincere tone “for her wrong doings please have erik come and see me when he is well” he said with a tense tone. He refused to even look at the girl as another hunter bound her hands and picked her up

“It doesn’t matter who’s lifemate I am or that I am one, what you did was Dishonorable, weak, and cruel. You are at this very moment no better then the vampire i took you from and you are no Warrior” she said before the hunter flew off with her. When it was just her and gregore she finally relaxed “I’m sorry...about earlier...I didn’t want too...” she stopped herself “I truly am sorry, I hope one day I can earn your forgiveness and your trust” she said before passing out in his arms.

Grigore smiled and said, "There is nothing to forgive. You beat me to the punch."

He felt something wet on his arms and hands

He took her to the healing caves then. He was going to need help, and lots of it. He didn't know what those things were, or what harm they could do. He wanted all precautions taken. Erik would do the same for Indira.

The bites from the dogs had dead skin and tissue around them. Something that would have took days to happen. Both bite marks were tore, making it clear they were ripped away while they were feeding on her. On her back were deep scratches from the woman that was rescued. Her leg and arm were broken from the pressure of the dog bites. When gregore finally able to lay her down to prepare the healing, and the other healers came it was only by their looks alone did he look down and see just how much of her blood was on him.

"She saved my life," he said, "and many others by risking herself. When she is finished healing, we should honor her as we would any true warrior. I'll get cleaned up. Can you tend to any minor wounds I may have missed?"

The healer nodded and told him that they prepared a room for him and his lifemate was already there.


He cleaned off the blood with a thought and went to Indira. He leaned in the doorway, watching her.

"Worried?" he asked with a cocky smile.

She didn’t answer, she sat up and turned away from him and crossed her arms

"What's wrong?" he asked, going to her.

She turned so her back was still too him, even when she was upset she seemed cute

"Why are you upset?" he asked, wrapping his arms around her.

She tried to get out of his grip “do you not understand what it’s like for me...I can only wait here and worry....” she said in a sad and stressed tone “so many things go through my head...what if I lose you and I just found you...we haven’t even been together for a year...we are still learning and getting to know one another...I can’t live like this I just can’t” she said turning towards him “please...please let me train “ she said in a begging tone

"I can do self-defense," he said. "Your nature would not allow you to harm anyone, even a vampire and you know this. But there are ways you can help. Feed me strength when I am low. Keep me grounded if I go too far. Stay safe so I can focus. And know that I will alway return to you."

“You can’t promise that and you know it!” She said with tears forming in her eyes “I watched it today...a woman lost her....I saw what it did and...I can’t imagine “ she said as the tears started to fall

He went around and knelt in front of her and said, "Not even death would keep me from you, Indira. That I can promise. I don't care if I lost both arms and legs, I'd still come back." He smiled. "I mean, it would only be a flesh wound."

She looked at him with a funny look “did you....just quote the black knight from monty python..” she said in a disbelief tone

"I was bored waiting for a group of Society members to appear," he said with a shrug. "The theater was empty that night and the owner, a friend to the Carpathian people, played the movie for me. I never understood him until I found you. Though, to be honest, I'd come back as just a head if I had to."

“But..I want all of you..” she said looking down at her hands in her lap “I know what I mean, I....” she sounded embarrassed

"You want me safe," he said. "I know, cisitri. I have something to live for now. I may earn more scars in the future, but I know that I would never want to leave you alone in a world without me. I carry you with me while you are safe from harm. You are the strength in my arms, Indira. You are the reason I live. Why would I let a monster take me from my home?"

“Do you think the other hunter did not feel the same way?! I bet he told her the same thing and now she is waiting for the sun to rise with his dead body!” She said moving away and standing up. She wrapped her arms around herself like a self hug “your words mean nothing when the chances of one day I’ll be sitting with your corpse waiting to die are so high....”

He went to her and said, "You want to know how easy I am to kill? I'm alive and those I have battles are not. Chances are low, Indira." He took her hand. "I know these words seem hollow now, after what you saw, but they are true. We choose how we leave this world and not our enemies."

She had a heart breaking look on her face “do not forget my I see things....I told them not to bring me here...I’ve been here for a whole day gregore....” she said sobbing “can you imagine what I have seen...what I have felt...I have lost hundreds of lifemates....children.......I’ve felt what it’s like to loose a limb...vampire blood in my veins...” she started to shake

He held her close and said, "I know. I don't know another safe place is. If I had known..." He sighed. "We will figure this out. I promise."

She sobbed into his chest and wrapped her arms around him in a tight embrace “please take me from here....please...take me home” she said in a begging tone

"I am making it as safe as possible," he said. "But we should be able to return to your grandmother's cabin before dawn."

She pulled back enough to look up at him “Thank’ll come with me right...” she said in a scared tone

"Where you lead, I will follow," he said. "Though, I still believe you should do as I bid when it comes to safety."

“You never listen to me when it comes to safety either” She said with slight humor in her tone “gregore....kiss me” she said suddenly

He backed her into the wall, his hand by her head as he whispered, "Gladly."

His rough, drugged kisses sent electricity through her.

She rapped her arms around his neck and moaned softly against his lips. This is what she needed, something good to feel

He growled, pleasure coursing through from her gesture alone, and said, "It seems you are starting to trust me. You worry for me and ask me for kisses. Am I making progress?"

“I don’t know....but I know I need” she said in a shy tone looking down

He smiled and kissed her deeply once more before saying, "As I need you." He pulled back. "How are you coping with having your memories back?"

She winced like he had hurt her “I....” she trailed off and her arms slowly left his neck

"It's okay to go slow," he said, putting his arm around her shoulder. "I'm sure they have added to your fear as well. This is why I asked. I want to help you, not hurt you. Talk to me."

She met his gaze and she bit her lip innocently “I can’t tell who I am anymore.....I’m so tired...I feel like I have lived a hundred lives and none of them were good...even the good memories here...are sad” she said tearing up

"These are the healing caves," he explained. "People fight for the lives of our brothers and sisters here, which is sad, as is when we lose them, but we also use other caves to bring life into this world, to honor our ancestors, and save many from going to the Tree of Life before their time. It is sad, but we know this is a safe place. Soon, your grandmother's cabin will be a safe place for you as well. Esme was a wonderful woman. Tomorrow, we can move you there after we visit her grave, just as I promised."

She seemed to relax for a moment only to tense at a thought “what if I see her....what if I see her die again when I go there...” she said in a hopeless tone

He held her to him and said, "This time, I will be there. We will get through the memories together."


Andromeda said, "I'm no threat! Please! Let me speak to my uncle! I have to make sure Andrew is okay!"

“If you will not be quiet I will put you to sleep, there is a vampire near by and you are being loud, you are putting all of us in danger , including your brother” said the hunter in a stern tone

She glared at him, but she lowered her voice as she said, "Then, don't you think that someone who was their prisoner would be beneficial in a fight? Untie me. I can help? Since when did you listen to non-warrior females anyway?"

He growled in a serious warning tone “Meghan Daratrazanoff is more warrior then you will ever be, and that comment shows just how ignorant you are, if anyone is not a warrior here it is you” he said with a glare that made her feel small and vulnerable

"Wait! You can't leave me like this! You are inviting him to take me again!" Though she was yelling her voice was still low. "Please, understand! I felt I had no choice!"

“You always have a quite, I won’t say it again” he said in stern tone

"Try me," she glared at him. "I can't be compelled, so you are out of luck there." She looked towards the cliff. "He's coming. Untie me. I can help."

The next thing she knew she woke up in the ground.

She tried to move the earth above her but the magic on the ropes prevented her. Get me out of the ground, assholes! Is that any way to treat a lady?! Her head ached, she felt sick, and she desperately wanted to see Andrew.

No answer came for another hour. The earth opened and someone had the ground raise her up. It was a small female. Dressed in a white jumpsuit and a white cloth over her mouth and nose. Her back was too her as she lit some candles that were in the cavern room

"What's going on?" Andromeda asked.

“I’m cleansing the room” she said in a soft tone “I will bring you some blood” she said after she finished lighting the candle

"I want to see my brother and uncle," she said.

“I am following my orders as they were given, I’m sure someone will come see you when the time is right” she said before leaving the room. After a few moments she came back in with a bottle glass filled with blood. She set it down on the table near and red velvet chair please take it slow, your body has been through a lot” she said

"My brother was worse off and I couldn't protect him," Andromeda said. "I could only watch as the vampire stole his mind from him. Everyone acts like I did something wrong in trying to save my brother."

“I do not know about the situation so I can not comment” she said “the prince will be coming this evening to speak with you, I will bring you proper attire” she said before leaving

"Yeah, wouldn't want the criminal to look indecent. Just pluck her out of one prison and put her into another."

About an hour later the woman came back with some clean clothes. They were her size, a pair of black jeans a blue T-shirt, she also gave her some black ankle sock and gave her her shoes back “he will be here shortly, are you feeling pain anywhere or sick in anyway?” She asked softly

"No," she snapped back.

The cup was still full. Andromeda hadn't drank it. She wasn't sick, though her head hurt. She was not about to admit that, though.

"I just want to see my brother," she said.

“I have no say in that matter, you should drink, if you make a mistake due to hunger while the prince is hear it would not be good for you” she said before leaving the room

"I'm not hungry," she said, dressing. "At least send for my uncle!"

About an hour later she was brought to a different room. Inside sat the prince a woman to his left and a large male to his right “sit down” said the male who hand brought her in

Andromeda sat and stared at the floor. She did not move.

“What is your name?” Asked the woman

"Andromeda Daniels," she answered.

“Andromeda Daniels for the your safety and the safety of others, tell us the events that took place in the cave, starting on your first arrival there” said the unknown woman

Andromeda said, "I'm sorry, but when I need tips on how to be a housewife, you can lecture me then. The big kids are supposed to be talking. I thought I was being questioned by the prince and not his maid."

Ana smiled “gentlemen can you please leave the room for a moment” she said in a calm tone

Antony shook his head. It was hard, but he held back the laugh. The woman was in for a rude awakening, but her words were too... stupid not to laugh at.

The guards started to leave, Anthony was the last to stand up and leave. Ana never looked away from the girl as they all left. When they were alone she smiled again “want to try that again?”

Andromeda glared at her and said, "I am supposed to talk to the prince, not some glorified housekeeper!"

Ana stood and was in front of her so fast her eyes didn’t see her move. She gripped the back of her neck and forced her to her knees “you are very disrespectful, allow me to enlighten you so that maybe you can change your ways before it is too late. She said and started to walk her out of the room, her grip on her neck made her have to crawl on her hands and knees “we are going for a walk gentleman, we will return soon, please relax and allow the prince to catch you up on recent events while we are gone” she said as she walked passed them as they were

"Are you just going to let this bitch treat me like this?!" Andromeda asked.

Ana kept walking with her “until you learn to be a descent person and show some honor and respect, no one here will acknowledge you” she said as they turned the corner “and get something straight, I’m not a bitch, I’m the bitch” She said as they went down the cave hall.

"No, you are a skank who thinks too highly of herself!" Andromeda said, trying to stand. "Now, let me stand up before I wreck your shit!"

Ana stopped and leaned down and whispered in her ear “I heard you have a’s best to not upset me since I’ll be going to see him next...I suggest you don’t open your mouth again until I tell you, nod your head if that’s clear” she said in a threatening tone

"Don't you dare lay a finger on him!" Andromeda said, now in a crouching position.

Ana easily forced her back onto her knee “I guess you don’t care about your brother after all..good to know” she said and began walking again “every time you speak without person is another injury I cause to your brother” she said in a serious tone as they rounded the corner to the healing rooms

Andromeda was not going to let this woman hurt her brother. She growled but didn't say another word. She did know that once she was let go, she would teach her a lesson about threatening a man who suffered so much. She was stiff with rage and humiliation.

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