Things Escalate 8

She let him hug her, his smell filled her nose and seemed to relax her. Slowly her hands touched his waist. Her body warmed at the feeling. She could feel the muscles underneath his shirt, she could tell his skin was warm, feeling the heat through the fabric. Her body reacted natural though she was still shy about such this. Her heart sped up as she felt her core grow slightly wet.

"Indira, you are not alone anymore," he said. "When you need me, I will be there, no matter what."

She wanted to believe him, but after everything she was so confused and scared, she didn’t know what was the truth anymore. She tried to stop thinking and just focus on the comfort his embrace was giving her “I needed you today though...” she said into his chest

"I am yours," he said. "I am here, and I will not go anywhere."

“Please don’t make promises you can’t keep....” she said into his chest, her hands gripped his waist tighter and she found herself nuzzling his chest

"Indira, I said I'm yours and that I'll stay with you. The sun will be up soon." He picked her up and carried her to their bed. "Besides, I want to hold my woman right now. Do you mind?"

She didn’t protest and she let him maneuver her into the position he wanted

He held her tightly. He couldn't help but think of the man they had rescued... He vowed never to leave her in such a state. He looked like one of the women who had been in a half life... empty. He would never let Indira go through that.

“Gregore...your squeezing me” she said in a uncomfortable tone. When he loosened his grip she turned to look at his face “what’s wrong.”

"When we went to rescue River and Draiden," he said, "we found a brother and sister as well. "The girl is... to put it nicely... a brat. But her brother... he had no life to him. Just like when a woman loses her lifemate. See that in him..." He looked at her. "You will never experience that. I don't care how bad my injuries are, you will never go through the separation."

She didn’t know what that was but it was clearly upsetting him deeply, she leaned forward and kissed his cheek softly

He held her until she fell alseep. He then put her into a Carpathian sleep and took them both to ground.

When he woke up she was not in his arms anymore or in the ground next to him

He opened the ground and went to his lifemate. He joined her in the hot springes, holding her close to him. He asked nothing of her, only wanting to comfort her.

“A baby was born in this spring not to long again....” she said after a moment, he saw her lean over and touch the surface of the water like she was looking at something

"And the child survived?" he asked, not wanting to invade her mind to find out.

“Yes...” she said though her tone told him the event still had a tragedy. She turned in his arms until she faced him, her legs were on his hips but she kept their core parts away from each other. She placed her hands gently on his chest and leaned up and nuzzled his neck “I’m hungry “ she whispered against his skin

He gulped, trying to hold back for his little innocent that was unaware of her seduction, and said, "Feed from me, then, cisitri."

She brushed her skin against his throat like she was searching for a spot, she moved down to his shoulder, all the while letting her lips make the trail but still she didn’t seem to find what she was looking for. Her hand came up and tilted his head back, her lips travelled until they reached a spot high on his neck , right below his ear. That where she bit in.

He growled in satisfaction, holding her to him. His hand ran over her satin skin. He loved the feel of her. His personal treasure. His only treasure. A reminder that even for someone as dark as he, there was still light in the world for him.

She moaned softly against his throat and moved until she was fully on his lap, her core brushed his member as she brought her self closer to him

"Indira," he said through clenched teeth, her teasing getting to be almost too much for him.

When his hand went down to her lower back he heard her heart speed up, he felt her nipples grow hard against his chest. She didn’t drink much before she released him and licked the wound shut. When she went to move back and felt his ember she stopped, she was unsure of what to do and was embarrassed to admit that she didn’t know what to do. Her body screamed at her, the feelings of wanting him was even more tense with his blood running through her veins. She remembered how upset he had been fore they slept and something stirred in her. She started to softly kiss his neck, she was shy about it but she wanted to bring him pleasure and comfort.

He watched her, touching her mind enough for her to know that he greatly enjoyed what she was doing to him. He was not forcing her any way, just letting her do what she wanted.

She kissed up until she got to his cheek, she hesitated a moment before she kissed his lips, it was softly, her lips trembled like she was nervous or unsure. She used their mind connection to do what he seemed to enjoy most, it gave her more confidence knowing he enjoyed it. Her hairs came up and played with his hair

He gripped her hips. He soon had to move them to hold on to the shelf they were sitting on so he didn't hurt her. She didn't even realize that she was slightly grinding against him. He wanted her to be confident in herself in their relationship. He showed her an image in her mind of what he wanted her to do. To kiss down him and engulf him so that her soft lips moved over him as he enjoyed her hot mouth. He showed her that he wanted to pick her up and make love to her so thoroughly that she was deliciously sore and her voice hoarse from screaming his name.

She made a shocked sound and pulled away, her cheeks were red “I could feel..” she said in a uneven tone “I’m not use to you being to do that” she said in a embarrassed tone. He could smell her arousal, he could hear her blood rushing in her veins and her heart beat quickened

"It's okay," he said, smiling. "One day, we will be able to share such images and you won't feel embarrassed, because it's only between us. Go as slow as you need to until you feel comfortable. I can wait."

But the evidence along her thigh told her that he was close to exploding and the bubbles from the hot spring where not helping him.


When she was sure she was going to remain silent she continued walking, she turned left and opened the door they were now in front of “look in there” she said in a commanding tone. When she did what she saw sickened her. There was a male on a bed, two healers were working on him, half of his face looked like it had been blown off “the society came in while he was helping a family by altering their memories after he saved them from a ghoul attack. This is his sixth treatment to try and fix the damage to his face, his six your old boy is afraid of him” she said and closed the door. She walked her to the next room and did the same thing. In this room she saw a little girl, maybe the age of twelve with third degree burns all over her body, the healers were in the process of putting salve on her skin, they were taking on her pain which was why the healers were sweating blood “tried to greet the sun after her older brother was killed during combat, her joy family left after her parents died, her father was a hunter who died bravely in battle and her mother greeted the sun not long after” she said and closed the door and went to the next room “inside was a very pregnant woman, sitting in a chair and rocking back and forth “lost her lifemate..the healers work around the clocked to keep her mind healthy enough to bare it until her child is born...he died four months ago...” she said closing the door. She walked her down a long hallway and came to a large two sided door, when she opened it , it was a huge room, with names covering every inch of the walls, candles and incense were everywhere and there were scrolls that filled the large bookcases in the room, there had to be at least a hundred bookcases “every person who has ever died in this cave is here dating back to the princes grew, great grandfather...” she said making her look around “as a a a member of this community, every action and every word matters, the level of disrespect and ignorance you have displayed did not only hurt and offend the prince but everyone here as well” she said in a serious tone “how can you sit there and not only insult the prince but his lifemate and the woman and hunters that save you and your brothers life and think it’s ok? And you think your a warrior? No..what you did was dishonorable and more then that it was cowardly, I can garentee not only would your brother be ashamed of you but your parents as well”

Andromeda started crying before they even left the first room. It wasn't like she was stupid, but... to see something was more gut-wrenching than simply hearing about it. She wanted her brother to come back. She didn't want him in this place for months! Why didn't I get him out sooner? she thought to herself.

“Now you will go and apologize to the prince and when you are doing so remember you are also apologizing to everyone else you have been so disrespectful too, through him, and when your done and only then will I allow you to stand as a Carpathian and not as the rabbis beast you are acting like” she said in a stern tone

Andromeda said, "I was not acting like a rabid beast! I'm scared for my brother! I can't loose him! Now, let me up so I can at least have some dignaty!"

Ana slammed her head down hard enough her eyes watered and her forehead started to bleed , making her go into a bow like position “you will keep a respectful tone while in here, if you think fear is a good reason to act like you did then you are a hopeless cause..” she said in a growling tone “everyone of those hunters that risked their life today to save you and your brother were scared, scared they would be leaving their families behind, scared they would never hold their lifemates or children again, scared of how their families would suffer when they were gone and yet they still went into that cave “ she said in a dark tone “I see in your mind you got off lightly in that cave...even your brother can’t even begin to imagine how much worse it could have been” she said in a dark tone by her ear

Andromeda wanted to explain. They had been trapped down there for a month, and no one came for them. She had to watch a vampire make her brother suffer and nearly destroy the man she grew up with and watched over. He had endured so much, while she had to pretend to try and save him. If she didn't, the vampire would have been far crueler.

"I would like to stand," she said through clenched teeth, dizziness giving her a headache from hell.

“After you apologize to the prince like I said, now start crawling..and while you do so remember how many great people walked on this very floor” she said and began to walk them back

"Wait," Andromeda said before they went before the men again. "I... I need to see my brother." There was a small pause. "Please."

“Your brother is still in the ground healing, depending on how you behave while he heals will determine if you will see him or not, he needs rest not you acting up” she said in a stern tone yet someone there was a softness to it

Andromeda looked up at her for a moment. A need to be by her brother was deep in her. The doors opened and they walked into the room.

"Anastasia, my love," said Antony, causing Andromeda to stiffen, "have things calmed down?"

“We will see” she said in a stern tone looking down at her with a disapproving look “Let’s hear that apology “ she said

"I," Andromeda began, licking her lips. "I'm sorry for my actions and words earlier."

Ana looked down at her “remember who else you are talking too..” she said in a low tone

"I am sorry that I was disrespectful to everyone," Andromeda added.

Ana looked up at anthony to see if he was satisfied

"Have you calmed down?" Antony asked.

"Yes," said Andromeda.

"Stand," he said.

Ana moves away and let her stand. She went and sat in the chair she was sitting at before , next to Anthony. When everyone was seated again she looked at andromeda “recall and tell us the events we mentioned earlier

Andromeda said, "Andrew and I were hunting. He said he sensed something, and a moment later, seven ghouls were on us. Just as we finished the battle, the vampire we had been tracking for weeks grabbed him. He drank my brother's blood. Our pater taught us never to let a vampire get a hold of us. But it was too late. He was fast, a master. He weakened my brother. I tried to get him free, but the vampire got me as well, draining me of strength and blood. We were tossed into his lair, the cage filthy and rotting corpses in the corner. We tried to reach our uncle for aid but... no one came."

"How did you escape with your mind intact, but your brother did not?" Antony asked.

"I am immune to compulsion," she said. "My brother has a better gift than I. I don't know if he still has the ability now, but... he is special, my prince. I watched and fought to break free when the vampire used compulsion on my brother. He has forgotten who he was, but I know that if the compulsion is broken, he will return. But I couldn't get enough strength to break the cage, or the chains later. I pretended that seeing such a sight broke me as well. I made sure that no one we were forced to feed from died or remembered what happened, and then I showed them the way out. But still, the chain remained. We could not escape if I were too weak. I feared for my brother. Then, the woman came. I reacted, my one thought was to get my brother out. If I didn't do something, he would turn into a vampire!" She looked at him, tears falling. "I did what I thought was the only option! Please, he can't turn vampire! Not him!"

Ana gave her a look and se knew it meant she was to lower her tone and be calm “we need more detail, especially about the event with Meghan Daratrazanoff since her lifemate will be awake soon and will want answers as well as to make sure the entire truth of that event” Ana said

"We..." Andromeda began, "we were ordered to attack. I was desperate to save my brother. I didn't think of my own hunger, or about the punishment that would have came later. I just wanted to free him. I... bit into her. In my haste, I was rougher than I meant to be. When she threw us against the wall with such a strong blast and I saw what she did to the master vampire that held us... I asked for her not to hurt my brother. She told me attacking her was a mistake, and it may have been. But all I wanted was for my brother to get out, to get to people that could heal him."

Ana was silent for a moment trying to calm herself “may...have been a mistake?” She said in a low tense tone. Anthony placed his hand on her leg to help calm her, she took a breath “the other hunters that were there told us there side, please tell us the events that took place after you made it out of the cave” she said

"I was angry," she admitted. "No one came to our call. I acted on what I thought was the right thing to do at the time. I tried to explain, but my temper got the best of me and I was... rude to her. I learned who her lifemate was soon after. I was surprised because I never knew his mate had the power she displayed. As far as I knew, she had no such power. Then, I was tied up, and they took Andrew away. I tried to get the other hunters to untie me so that if the lesser vampire that was stalking us attacked, I could help. Next thing I know, I have enchanted rope on my wrists like bracelets and I'm in the ground here."

Ana was silent for a moment “until we can sort everything out and while your brother heals we have assigned you a guardian, your uncle wanted to be here with your brother and...” she said “was to upset at your behavior to take you himself” she said in a serious tone.

Andromeda flinched, then noticed a cold draft come into the room. She turned to look. Erik leaned in the doorway, his face like stone and his eyes glowing with an angry fire. Color drained from Andromeda's face. She looked at Anastasia.

"Pick another," she said in a whisper. "Please."

"What's wrong with me being your guardian?" Erik asked, his voice like a whip even when it sounded natural.

"I heard..." she began, getting up to back away.

"Oh, the torture thing," he said. "Well, the prince and his lifemate chose me. Deal with it. If you are truly a warrior, this should not affect you, especially after what you went through."

Andromeda looked at Anastasia and said, "The vampire used us to feed from. He liked my fear for my brother and my brother's pain, but he never physically did anything to us. Please, pick someone else. Anyone else!"

“Amends can be made in many forms” said Ana “I suggest you take this opportunity to not only learn from a great warrior and healer but to prove that what you said earlier was true and that you are sorry for your behavior “ she said grabbing Anthony’s hand and squeezing it before getting up to stand in front of her , she leaned over so they were face to face “and even if I wanted to help you out in this situation...I’m just a glorified maid...what power do I really have to help you” she said in a cold tone before straighten up and leaving the room

Andromeda tried to run after Anastasia to get her to reconsider, but Erik scooped her up and was carrying her down the halls. He was still weak, but in this instant, he did it more to humiliate the woman that harmed his lifemate. He dropped her on the ground once they were away from the others.

"What do you want now?" Andromeda asked.

He pointed to the corner of the room “those herbs need to be prepared, you have thirsty minutes to do so” he said. He left the room before she could say anything.

If these ropes were off of me, I'd have them done in thirty seconds, she thought to herself. She began to grind them up, but no matter how much she did, the pile never seemed to get smaller. How can heavy blows not phase me, but grinding dried herbs hurts my arm and wares me out?! She was about three-quarters of the way through the herbs when Erik came back. She looked at him and tried to hide the remaining herbs.


Anthony found Ana outside taking her frustrations out on a practice dummy, she didn’t turn to look at him “the ignorance of that girl! I wanted to rip her to shreds!” She said hitting the dummy hard enough to leave a whole “how can she claim to be a warrior! It meant she took an oath to you and yet!”

"You do realize she's a child playing grown-up, right?" he said. "I found it to be entertaining. However, you are correct. She is no warrior. She wants to be, and she could be a good hunter in time. But she has little skill. Her uncle told me that she had never fought without her brother by her side. Her brother had done most of the work for her. Prepared herbs, many of the tactics they used were his, and he took most of the enemy. She never realized how much her little brother did for her. He did his duty in protecting his sister, however, she now has a false sense of vanity. Erik will stomp that out of her as best as he can. I will tell the hunters of her, and if they wish to try and claim her, they are free to do so once you say she has repented for her mistakes. I leave evaluating her to you, my love. Women are too complicated for me."

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