Things Escalate 9

She moved her hair to the side and leaned forward so her neck was near his face, her hands rested on his shoulders. Because she was smaller then him to make her self exposed to his mouth like this made her have to use her leg and straddle his lap, he could feel the heat of her core right above his tip

He cupped the back of her neck and began kissing her. As he did, his other hand was on her lower back, slowly and gently pushing her down so that she was skewared on him. Just as she reached the base of him, he bit into her, drinking in her taste and letting it wash over him. He also began slowly moving in and out of her as he drank from her.

She cried out when he bit her and he felt her grow tighter. Which was saying something since she was already so tight. Her body adjusted quicker to his large size this time, and he felt his tip hit the back of her core. Her breast pushed into his chest, her heavy breathing and moans echoed in his ear

He took over then, holding her hips as he had her ride him, moving her harder and faster. But it wasn't hard enough, it wasn't fast enough, he wasn't deep enough. Both of them wanted more.

When he connected there minds he was bombarded with her need of dominance, she really was a true submissive, she wanted it rough she wanted to be dominated .he rough touches were turning her on and she was trying to comprehend theses needs

He picked her up and laid her on the ground above the rim of the hot springs. There was a stalagmite near her head and he showed her in her mind that he wanted her to hold on to it. When she did it, he smiled and began to suckle her left breast. He began thrusting harder and harder, holding her still for his invasion. He linked their minds so that she would feel what she was doing to him. He was on the very edge of his control.

She arched,the movement was beyond sexy, not only did it display her throat and breast but it showed just how feminine her form was. Her mouth was open and she could see her fangs

He laid over her and said, You did not feed enough. Take what you need.

She surprised him with how quick she leaned up and bit deep into his throat

He nearly came inside her when she bit down. His fingers bit into her hips. He growled with pleasure each time he thrust into her. He made her wrap her legs around him. The feel of her lips on him, taking him in was almost too much to bear.

She moaned into his skin with each of his thrust. She stopped feeding and closed the bite just as he flipped her over onto her stomach. When he grabbed her hair and pulled back her head she came hard around him, he felt her juices pour over his hard cock and her core massaged him tightly

He filled her until it felt like there was no more in him. He held himself off of her with his elbows before rolling both of them to their sides. He lay next to her, her back to his chest and his cock still inside of her, feeling each after shock.

She didn’t move, her hair was spread over his arm and her heart was beating fast. He could see his marks on her body with this view and much more. Her curves, the way she fit against him. He felt her mind brush his and found she was replaying in her head what just happened, when she got to the part where he feed from her, he felt her core tighten.

"Enjoy something, Indira?" he asked with a chuckle.

She jumped slightly and And he saw her cheeks turn red “I am....just trying to catch my breath” she said trying to move away from him

He held her fast and said, "So you don't like when I do this?"

He started nibbling her neck, feeling her squeeze around him. He then said in her mind, Lifemates can't lie to each other.

She let out a moaned and covered her lips in embarrassment with her hand. He could feel her growing wet around him already “ it” she said softly. Her honesty was as submissive as it was sexy

He smiled and said, "I'm glad I can please my woman. Anything else you enjoy?"

She tried to move away again but moaned when the motion sent fire through her “please....” she moaned

"What do you want, cisitri?" he asked innocently. Too innocently.

“Need.....” she said “I need you..” she said in a soft frustrated moan “please..”

He kissed her deeply, moving slowly once more.

Being slow was just as good as being rough, it was like they were taking their time, getting a chance to explore each other more. He found she was very flexible, soft to the touch, on her side like this with her head back, he held her hip and he thrusted slowly. He had all the control with her and that did something for him, his world was so chaotic natural, but here, with her, he had control.

I love you, Indira, he said as he nibbled her neck some more.

He felt her tense at those words, after a moment of not saying anything he felt her feel sad I’m sorry...this is all so new to me and...every since that might...I’ve gone through so much I’m still trying to figure everything out...I don’t know how I feel yet She said in a honest and sad tone

I know, he said. Never be afraid to tell me what you feel. I know, one day, you will love me as I love you. I just had to tell you. For now, knowing that you enjoy my company and worry for me is enough.

She groaned when he held her hips firmly and pressed himself all the way to the back of her core and held it there for a few seconds. She moaned out loud, he felt her core pulsing around him. She was very sensitive to his touch

He growled and bit into her shoulder to keep her there. He started to speed up, as if he could no long hold back his desire for her. Not her blood, not her body, but her.

She came the scene he bit down and the cry that came from her echoed the room. She started to go wild against him, not trying to fight for dominance, just not holding back her bodies need to move from the pleasure “gregore!....” she cried out “more..please...yes...” even her begging tone was submissive

He found her sweet spot and seemed to always hit it with each thrust. He felt like they were floating on air. When he filled her and took her over the edge, he screamed her name to the heavens.


“It seems you are not even capable to do the most simplest of task, stand up, arms out to the side, palms up” he commanded

She did as he told her to even as she defiantly said, "I tried, but there was no end to the pile! I ground them up so that they would burn as they needed to, but I swear, the pile kept growing!"

“I don’t want to hear excuses on why you could not do a simple task” he said in a stern tone. Four heaven books appeared on each of her forearms “if the drop you start over” he said in a cold tone

Her arms already felt like lead from grinding the herbs. They shook slightly from how tired they were. She wanted to drop her arms as soon as she held them out.

"How long am I supposed to stand like this?" she asked.

“Until you drop them and then you will do it all over again” he said and left the room

She moved around the room. Damn it! No matter where she looked, everything was either too high or too low to the ground. She had gotten out of punishments like this hundreds of times by resting her arms on another surface while she sat down. Her uncle never knew how she could do a punishment like this for hours. But Erik apparently knew somehow and had made sure she couldn't cheat.

Then, she felt her arms falter. No! Don't fall! You can do this! Nonononononono! There was no doubt that he heard the crash as not only did the books fall, but one of the books had fallen onto a table and broken a vase. She turned around towards the door. She turned back around to find the vase fixed. Don't make me do that again. My arms are killing me!

Again His voice said coldly

"I can barely lift my arms!" she said, turning to look at him. "You can't expect me to be able to do this all night! What do you want from me?!"

He was not in the room for her, which meant he was in her head i thought you said you were a warrior? Where is your strength?

I... Then she stopped. She was a warrior. It was just a few books. She growled. Fine! Get your petty kicks now! When I prove how much of a warrior I am...

There was no response but when she put the books back on a fifth book appeared on each arm You will learn to speak respectfully

Damn you! This isn't fair!

Another book was added making her arms want to buckle what exactly is not fair? He said in a dark tone

Adding books! Am I not allowed to express frustration?! Since when is it a crime to be upset?!

since you attacked my lifemate and put other hunters in danger and insulted the prince and his mate, all with your excuse of being upset He said in a growling tone now again He said in a tone that made her jump

How long will you keep doing this?! she asked as she restacked and held up seven books in each arm. What's the point?! I've been humiliated, shown a number of people who are suffering, and made to grovel like a dog! What more do you people want from me?!

The door slammed open, startling her and making her jump and drop all the books. Eriks expression scared her and he started to walk towards her

She started to back away, and tripped over a book. She fell to the floor and soon found herself pressed against the wall. She didn't want anywhere near the man that tortured someone without turning vampire. What kind of man was he if he could do that? And I just pissed him off... she thought to herself. Panic started to set in.

Right as he was about to reach her he stopped, his face softed slightly and he took a breath in. He was clearly talking to someone who was not there with them. After a moment he looked back at her “it will be in your best interest in the future not to talk back to me and keep your tone in check” he said in a stern tone. He got close for a second and met her gaze “and you more then pissed me off....” he said in a dark and cold tone before straighten back up and turning to walk away

"What do you mean?" she asked. "I was sure you were going to..."

“You can’t even begin to know what I want, I loath people like you, you are the kind of person that gets others hurt and killed and what makes it worse is your refusal to change or acknowledge the fact that you need to” his said with his back to her. He turned his head the side so she could see his left eye, it had a silver ring around it “you will either learn or I will person kill you” he said in a threatening dark tone before turning and slamming the door behind him

Andromeda hugged her knees and began crying. She didn't understand why he was doing this. She had apologized to people, was lead around like a dog, humiliated beyond comprehension... what was she doing wrong?

When the tears stopped, she picked up the books and set them on the table. She sat on the stool, not sure what to do next. She knew the ropes wouldn't allow her to leave the cave, so escaping was out. Besides, she couldn't abandon Andrew. Is my brother healing okay? I would like to know if his mind can be healed.

we will not know until he is awake and that will not be for a couple of days Said a woman’s voice that she did not recognize

Thank you, she said. Then, she told Erik, Are there any bottles of blood? I... I need to feed.

When there was no answer she remembered there was a glass of blood that was left for her still on the table

She went to the table and drank the blood. It was like someone drinking 12 cups of coffee. She practically zipped around the room. After being given just enough to survive on for a month, such rich blood made her hyperactive.

i see your enjoying my blood Erik said in a cold tone

You'reblood? Idrankyou're blood? Thatexplainsthezing! That'safunnyword,right? Zing? Zingzingzingzingzing! Itdoesn'tevensoundlikeawordanymore! Ziiiiiing! Zzzzzzzing! Zinnnnnng! she said quickly. If he wasn't disgusted with her, he might have thought it funny.

She got no answer back and it was not until she calmed down sometime later that she realized what drinking his blood really meant, it meant no escape from him.

"I'm so screwed," she said to the mirror in the restroom. "Andrew always tells me that my temper gets me into trouble. Now look at me. I'm under the guardianship of a man who tortured someone like a vampire! I have no filter when I get upset! By the end of this, he's going to kill me! I have to get out of here this mess somehow!"


She stopped and looked at him with a smirk “really? I didn’t notice” she said in a teasing tone. When he saw her look around to see if anyone was around he knew instantly Mischievous thoughts were going through her mind “you know this dummy is just not doing the trick let me try on a different dummy” she said and suddenly she was gone from his view

"What a name to call the prince," he teased, readying himself. He let his senses flare out, waiting to catch her.

He heard her growl of excitement in his head, she appeared behind him, and grabbed his shoulder and the fight was on

He grabbed her wrist and flipped her over him, laughing as she skid across the floor. He said, "Now, you are a warrior, my love."

With a smirk she tackled him to the ground, she was stronger then her and much larger but she was faster and that had a advantage, in a fight it meant she could land more hits and tire a bigger opponent out faster but if she was hit or caught it could mean trouble for her. She rolled off of him before he had a chance to grab her and kicked his side to make him go rolling a crossed the floor, but at the last second he grabbed her ankle and she went rolling with him. When they stopped her was on top of her her, she went to hit him put he pinned her arms

"If we weren't sparing," he said, "I'd think you wanted me to kiss you."

He then found himself on his back and her on top.

“Sparring? And here I thought this was foreplay ...but if you want to fight me...”

He smiled and said, "Aw, I can't have both?"

He then dissipated from under her and reappeared behind her, wrapping his arms around her, suddenly naked. His cock was right between her legs, teasing her feminine lips through her pants. His hands were on her breast. Her arms seemed trapped by him.

She moaned and growled at the same time “your playing with fire prince...I’m not in a good mood “ she said in a heavy and seductive tone

"I heard it's more fun when the woman is mad," he said tauntingly. "Now, my beta, let's see what you can do."

She used her left leg and hooked his waist, then she used her body weight to flip him over , he kept ahold of her breast she she was now laying on top of him with her back on his chest . She reached down and grabbed a hold of his member that was sitting between her legs “concede now and I’ll reward you, keep challenging me and I won’t” she said in a challenging tone

He looked at her and said, "You know I never challenge." He got close to her ear. "I demand."

Suddenly, her clothes were gone and his free hand was at her entrance, his fingers already moving in and out of her at a merciless pace.

She grabbed his wrist with her free hand and tried to pull him from her core

He growled and said, "Is that really a wise thing to do? You know it will take both your hands to remove mine. Once my hand is out, you won't be fast enough to stop another part of me from entering. Try a different plan, miss beta."

She groaned and then growled “don’t call me that you know I hate it” she said as used her legs to arch her waist up and out of his reach and flipped over him so she was above him and had him in a head lock

He smiled and said, "I hadn't noticed. Maybe I wanted to tease you a bit. But now," he held up his hand, "my arms are free."

He didn't try to get free. Instead, he surprised her by tightened her arms around his neck so that they were no longer locked in place. With a quick motion, he pulled them apart and turned. He grabbed her wrists and, with one hand, locked them behind her back. The other hand was cupping her neck gently, but also keeping her from head butting him. He was so close to her that she couldn't knee him in the groin and she found herself locked between him and the wall.

"I win," he said.

She smirked and her eyes turned into her golden wolves “do you?” She said and he felt something sharp against his chest, when he looked down he saw her right hand against his chest over his heart. Her sharpened nails threatened to break his skin. Her right hand that was in his grip disappeared, letting him know it had been a illusion. Something they had been training in over the last month

"Okay," he said, letting go. "I admit, that was a good one. You learn quickly."

“Or I just know you that well...I’ll admit I still need practice when it comes to doing it naturally in a fight” she said running her hand up his chest “but I pride myself in at least knowing you well enough for any situation...” she said and he felt hands sliding up his back even though she was against the wall in front of him. She grabbed his waist and pulled him against her. With a smile she slid down the wall and took him in her mouth. Yet he still felt like she was behind him, her breast against his back and her hands gripping his hair and pulling his head back

He gripped her hair. In that moment, she felt him lapping at her own juices and playing with her breasts. Who will win this battle, I wonder? he asked.

They heard people walk pass the door of the room they were in, the distraction was all Ana needed to get the upper hand. She stood up and slammed him against the wall. Breaking both of their illusions “I call it a tie” she said in a husky tone before kissing him with a hunger. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. She instantly put him inside her tight hot core, claiming what she needed

He made it so no one could see them and slammed her into the wall, going deep and hard and rough. He kissed her thoroughly, wanting to show her how proud he was of her. He still couldn't believe that the woman called Anastasia a glorified maid. I love you, he said when she looked at him strangely for chuckling.

She glared at him for a second “what thought crossed your mind just now” she said in a moaning tone

"Nothing important," he said before suckling her breast.

She gripped his hard and pulled his head back so he would look at her “don’t make me go looking for it” she said , all the while they never stoped their rough thrust

"Now, Anastasia," he said with a chuckle. "I do love you, so why...?"

She suddenly growled letting him know she found it. She pinned her arms above his head and used her legs to keep him from thrusting “you find it amusing what she called me?” She said raising her left eyebrow.

"No, I found it funny that she thought to call you that at all," he said. "I mean, no one could ever mistake you for a maid."

“You found it funny someone insulted me right in front of you...multiple times..” she said in a more dangerous tone. Not being able to thrust was killing him

"No, that's not it," he said. "I thought her ignorance was funny. Just calm down."

And right then, he knew he messed up.

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