Things Escalate 10

After some time and passed and there bodies were calm much more and they were back in the spring she finally spoke “why was it different....the first time you....I never wanted to to this again” she said in a low tone

"I hadn't planned on it either," he said truthfully. "You needed time, and I was more than willing to give that to you." He looked at her. "The lifemate bond is a tricky thing, isn't it?"

“Why does it cause us to want this so much....even humans don’t want it this much I would know..” she said in a shy tone “it’s more then sex...I need...your smell...your voice..everything...when your out of my sight I feel like a part of me is gone...everyday more and more I feel like you are consuming me and every time you leave I lose more of myself...” she said with a heavy tone

"I don't like leaving your side either," he said. "Indira, I hunt to protect you. I also have a duty to my people. But, what is between us, that is how we feel. We may not know what we feel, or why we feel it, only that we do. Over time, those feelings get stronger and we find out what they are. You are not ready to acknowledge it, and that is fine. But what you feel for me, I also feel for you." He smiled. "As for the sex, we will learn to balance our daily lives around your insatiable hunger." He blocked a splash of water before sending water spraying her way. "What was that for?"

“I wasn’t the one!!....then you....” her cheeks were bright red. She looked away turning her back to him suddenly self conscious. She looked down at the water and jumped when she saw it was red with blood, she looked up to see a naked male washing himself in the spring. He was covered in injuries but none life threatening that she could see. He looked lost in thought, he looked like he was in pain and sad. She reached out her hand, she wanted to comfort him

The man turned to her, almost like he could see her. Something about him was familiar, but she couldn't place it. He walked towards her and then...

"Indira?" Grigore asked, drawing her attention back to him. "What did you see?"

She lowered her hand “” she didn’t know if she should tell him “nothing that was real....I mean...not real right now...” she said in a nervous tone. She turned and looked at him “why did you become a hunter?”

"Well," he said, "because of you. When I was just starting out, I tried to get myself hurt a lot. I wanted to numb myself more than anything. But then my mother asked me something that made me a better hunter. She asked what drove me, and I didn't have an answer. I was bathing as I thought about it, more for time to think than enjoyment. I felt watched at one point, but no one was in the room with me. I didn't like it. It felt creepy, now that I think about it. Still, it was that night I realized that even someone like me might have an angel waiting for them. As little hope I had of ever finding you, I held on to it. I had to protect you, keep you safe. EverY monster I brought to justice, I did so knowing that the world was a safer place for you, and I didn't even know if you existed. Even then, you drove me."

She needed to talk to someone her visions or whatever they were, they were worrying her. What if they aren’t just visions what if she goes back to that time, there were so many things she didn’t know and it was becoming to much for her. She sat down with a lost look on her face. She started to feel sick “ I....I want to go lay down” she said getting out of the spring

"Indira, are you alright?" he asked. "You know you can talk to me. I'm always willing to listen when you are worried."

She stopped and turned towards him “look at me...tell me what you see...and not with your lifemate eyes, with the eyes of the healer you are and as a man” she said gesturing to herself

"Okay," he said. "I see a woman who is scared. She doesn't understand what's going on or how her gift works. She is slightly anemic, which is worrying. I also see that you are uncomfortable because your eyes are darting everywhere, waiting for something to jump out at you. That's what I see as a healer. And if I answer as a man, I have to say I see a beautiful woman in front of me who needs comfort. I also see that you are smart, kind, generous, and willing to aid others if it is in your ability to do so." He wrapped her in his arms. "But I can only see you through the eyes of a man because you are my lifemate. I would not look upon you otherwise."

“I’m scared....I feel like I’m losing who I am....I would never have described myself the way you had a birthmark on the left side of your’s now covered by a scar....yours eyes were not always the color they are now...” she said looking up at him “I watched you..right there in that spring..washing the blood of you...” she said pointing to where he had been sitting

"Indira," he said, "your gift is incredible. You have an amazing gift. I know it may not seem like it right now with all the horrors you've seen, but it is a gift that can solve problems. I'm in awe of you. But I can understand your fear. I won't let you lose yourself, not ever. I will always remind you of how amazing and beautiful you are."

She tried to get out of his arms by gently pushing at his chest “it’s not a gift....” she said in a low tone “and you...barely know me how will you stop me from losing myself..”

"Indira, I learn more about you second of every day," he said. "When I first saw you, all I saw was a woman who was my lifemate. I knew nothing else abut you. But I quickly learned about your beauty, inside and out. I would go into your mind, and show you everything you and have ever done, show you what you have allowed me to see, and remind you of all that you mean to me." He smiled again. "Or I could just distract you and make you forget whatever vision you are seeing. That could work." He put his forehead to hers. "All jokes aside, your gift is amazing. We need to practice controlling it so that you can see only what you want to see and when. I'm sure we can do it together."

She groaned at his contact and with him being so close “we have not even been together for a month...I don’t know how to feel...your so temperamental and intimidating..” she said. Before he could answer something brushed her leg a she jumped up wrapped her legs around his waist. She didn’t want to look “take me out of here..” she said burying her face into his neck

He picked her up and took her to a cliff so she could look at the stars. He sat her down on a natural bench-like outcrop along one of the paths that had also naturally formed over time.

"Perhaps fresh air will help you think," he said. "I've been told that having more space around is good for relieving stress as well."

She looked up at the stars and it was clear she was in deep thought, after a moment he saw tears form in her eyes and she sighed slightly

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Why are you crying?"

“My grand use to tell me stories about the star...” she said in a soft tone

Get ready, your going out to help pick the herbs, you will be doing this all night until sunrise, if I am told you are disrespectful in anyway you will be punished Erik said sternly

But I don't know what the herbs look like! she admitted. I never bothered with them! Andrew always took care of that! I could literally look at a clover and think that it's a healing herb at this point! Mater tried to teach me, but it never stuck!

you will be picking with others, they will show you what to look for

Isn't there a different job I could do?! Please!

A growl echoed her head did I not say to not talk back to me.... He said in a threatening tone let me make something clear, you will do what I say when I say it, you will not argue you will not disobey and anytime you speak you will be respectful and keep manners and if you do not I will show you just how much I can do to you while keeping your mind that clear!

Y-yes... she said. She wanted to tell him off for threatening to abuse her. But she knew it wasn't abuse. She was scared of him in general. He was using that to get her to listen. Still, it made her feel small, something she hated.

A knock came to the door then and a woman walked in “hi my name is Lisa, I was told you will be helping me this night” she said with a smile and a soft tone. She was a young girl about the same age as her, she had blonde hair with pigtail braids going down her back.. her blue eyes were friendly as they met her gaze

"Y-yeah," said Andromeda. "It's part of... the conditions I'm told I have to accomplish. To make up for things I did."

“Oh well..I don’t know anything about that but I’ll be happy with your help” she said with a smile coming up to her “ok so here are some cloves, some of the plants we pick are poisonous so it’s best to be careful, also here are some knee pads, it can be hard on the knees if you are not use to it’s she said handing her the items “we best hurry” she said

"Um... thanks, but... I don't know what the plants look like," she said. "I've never went herb picking. I'm more of a warrior type of girl."

“Oh well this should be a piece of cake for you then and don’t worry I’ll show you what to pick and how to do it, come on or we will miss the fun!” She said grabbing her wrist and started to pull her

"Slow down!" Andromeda said. "I don't have my stuff on yet! And I'm sorry, but spending time around plants isn't my idea of..." she stopped she felt Erik in her mind. "I'll give it a shot, but I don't think I'm going to like gathering herbs as much as you do."

“Don’t knock it until you try it” she said with a giggle. She lead her quickly down many corridors until finally she opened one that lead to a large open area of the cave. It was breath taking

At first she didn’t see the beautiful wildflowers hidden in the grass. She started to notice the men woman and children spread around. Some were working alone others in groups.

Andromeda said, "Is it even safe to have a cave like this hidden here?"

"Yes, it is," said a hunter. "There are hunters nearby at all times. When we are in need of a safe place, we come here for our families to feel more freedom."

His lifemate came up and said, "It's also where many herbs used in the healing caves are gathered from, so it is also essential. After the war that Alexandru Dubrinsky had to lead us through, the hole at the top formed as a result from the enemy. This used to be the main cavern for healing. The enemy used his dying breath to put the hole there to ruin this place for us, but he ended up helping us. The smaller caverns around it are just as useful and the soil just as rich as those found in this one. He was the first to plant the herbs here, proclaiming it to be the Healer's Garden. We were sad about losing it for a time, but planting that herb and allowing nature to take what was hers gave us this wonder."

"So good came out of it," said Indira.

"If you want to be so blunt," said the hunter. "This is still some of the richest soil in all of the Carpathian Mountains and used when healing someone. The properties of the cave never changed. But too many people here can damage it, so when Antony had us all in these caves, there was not enough room for us all. It was very stressful."

"Even mother earth groaned with the stress," said the woman. "She still does. Those nymphs are still a problem."

"I want to help," said Indira, jumping at the possibility of hunting and proving she was a warrior. "I'm sure I can lend a hand."

"Erik told us not to let you go on any hunts," said the man. "You girls should go gather the herbs. You don't have much time left."

Lisa started pulling her again until they stood in front a some beautiful blue flowers

“Ok so put on your gloves, these are not really poisonous but if you touch them you got a good chance of becoming useless...they are for pain, they will make you very sleepy” she said. Once there gloves were on she showed her how to harvest them. She noticed after every harvest Lisa would touch the ground and the plants would sprout buds

"You are a daughter of earth," said Indira. "That's a useful talent. Making things grow. I'm not so lucky." If I could make things grow, I could have gotten us out faster, or escaped before my fuck up. "Did you inherit the ability? Or did Mother Earth accept you for another reason?"

She chuckled “I’m a half breed...I’m surprised you couldn’t tell, everyone says I smell more human then Carpathian ” she said with a smile “my family has helped your kind for generations” she said in a thoughtful and proud tone

"The only smell I pay attention to is that of the vampire," she said. "Any other scent, I tend to ignore."

“That’s....kinda stupid of you to do...from what I understand as a hunter every detail matters...oh I get it your a hunter in training but not actually a hunter yet” she said putting some of 5e flowers in the bin with their name on it

Not only did she disconnect there bodies But she dressed her self and started for the door, which he I new if he did not cum the consequences that would occur would be painful

"Anastasia!" he said. "I didn't mean it like that! Come on! Don't leave angry!"

When she got to the door she didn’t open it, she locked it

"Anastasia..." he said, putting his hand up in defensive pose. "Let's talk about this."

She slowly turned towards him, her eyes were her wolfs.

The hunters and healers all turned to look at the door as the started to hear the crashing and banging that was only getting louder, it lasted for only a few minutes before a very angry looking Ana through open the door and walked away with a angry pace

The hunters walked in and found taped around a strange stalactite with duct tape was Antony. The ones who had emotions had to hide their laughter.

"So... Anastasia is mad," he said.

That was all it took for them to bust out into laughter. The ones who didn’t have much emotions any more found this to be a bittersweet thing in their view. They were jealous of such a thing. To even have a lifemate for things like this, is something they all wanted.

Two of them took out knives and cut the duck tape and got him down “so what did you do this time “ one of them said jokingly

"She was upset because I found someone's stupidity funny," he said when one arm was free. "I then told her to calm down and..." The men looked at each other and replaced the tape. "Come on, guys! Get me down!"

"We aren't that stupid," said one of the unclaimed men. "Even I know not to tell a woman to calm down. Didn't your sister teach you anything?"

"Just because I have a sister doesn't mean I know girl code!"

"A lifemate should," said another male.

"Get me down, guys!"

They all filed out and pass Ana. Antony sighed and said, "Anastasia, you can let me down now!"

“Maybe...answer me this first, why was it funny?” She asked crossing her arms

"Because of how stupid it was!" he said. "Anastasia, you are the farthest thing from a maid. Anyone with half a brain cell could see you are made for fighting, not staying at home. That's what I love about you. You're strong and brave... That girl's ignorance was funny, not what she said about you."

She was silent with her arms still folding, looking up at him, after a moment the tape disappeared and he fell to the ground “you know...I’m not say I can’t take care of myself...I don’t need anyone to fight my battles or stick up for me but....” she said looking away from him “never mind” she said and turned to walk away

He took her hand, stopping her, and said, "I didn't realize what she said bothered you that much. I should have considered how her words made you feel. I'm sorry."

She didn’t look at him “her words didn’t bother was the lack of yours that did...” she said in a low tone

He made her look at him and said, "Honey, I didn't say anything because nothing I would have done would have reached her the way you could. You want to know the truth. The first thought in my mind was that I wanted to throw her out of the room for insulting you, say guilty just for the insult. But I thought about it and her words were ridiculous. Anastasia, I know you. If I would have come to your defense in a battle between you and her. You would have seen it that way, and you know it. Because she made it a battle of wills between the two of you. And my amazing lifemate won. Just as I knew you would."

“I know your right about if you would have spoken’s just...I guess I’m tired, I feel like there has not been a day yet where it was just.....nice, relaxing, no deaths, no fighting, no worry...” she said with a exhausted tone that matched her face

"Anastasia, would you like to skip our duties today?" he asked. "I can't tomorrow. I have to meet with the Red Mage. I need you to distract everyone so I can escape unnoticed. But tonight, I am all yours, now that we have River and Draiden, and found Andrew and his sister. So, where do you want to go?"

She growled at the mention of the red mage “why would I help you put yourself in danger” she said moving away from him looking upset

"Easy," he said. "I'm the distraction for your plan." When she went to walk away, he stopped her by grabbing her shoulders. "Think about it. I will talk to her, end Xayvion, and bring peace. You will capture the Red Mage, her mate, and her Shadow, taking down a major threat to that peace. You know it's the only way."

“No it’s not...and like always you refuse to listen to me which means this will end badly....” she said in a low tone

"I have not refused to listen to you," he said. "We are discussing this now. I already agreed to aid her because she threatened you and our children, as well as our people. I was not going to let her destroy everything because I felt uncomfortable." He cupped her cheek. "Anastasia, I need your help on this. I want this to end so that we can have some peace for a time, but Xayvion, the Nymphs, and the Red Mage are breathing down our necks. If it was just one of them, we would have time between attacks. Hell, two of them would be fine, because there would still be peace at times. But all three? No, something bigger is at work to have three huge threats, and I doubt any of them are actually working together. The Nymphs attack wildly, without cause or reason. The Red Mage takes our people and makes crooked deals. Xayvion is the one that worries me. He works in shadows. Another reason why I want your opinion, your ideas. He is the strongest of all three Dark Mage Triplets. I must protect you, the twins, and our people, no matter who I must face."

We will discuss this while we take out break” she said and turned and left the room

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