Things Escalate 12

He got around the bend and leaned against the rock face. Should have known that an angle never falls for a devil, even when he tries to save her. I know I could have been gentler, and maybe my darkness took over at times, but not once did I yell at her. I wanted to save her, that was all.

The night was silent and cool. The forest was alive and he could hear the water keeping its steady beat against the land. He suddenly heard a splash in the water that sounded off

Indira! he said, going back to where he last saw her. He looked down and found his heart started working again. Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!

She was floating in the ocean below on her back, the waves rocking her body back and forth, the drop had to have been at least thirty feet you can’t have a heart attack

It sure as hell felt like it! I thought you had tried to kill yourself! I thought I was going to find you at the bottom of the cliff in a mangled heap, crying and asking why you couldn't die! God, woman! Don't scare me like that!

I am not ignorant to your ....our kind, the most effective way to kill myself if I wanted would be to go out in sunlight She said letting the water rock her

Please tell me you aren't going to float in the water until the sun comes up, he said, floating down to her. I don't want you in pain. Not ever again.

i don’t know if I want to die....I just touch the heavens and Stars, this is as close as I could get

He floated above her and said, "And what if I could get you closer?"

She looked at him with a worried expression “you do know seeing you float like still unnatural in my eyes...yet somehow I find it...beautiful “ she said. The way she was looking at him made him feel warm and see through. She had a look of admiration, curiosity and nervousness

He held out his hand and said, "Men are handsome, not beautiful. Now, would you care to join me?"

Her cheeks went red “I said the action of floating like you are was beautiful not you!” She said With a embarrassed tone and splashed him

He sidestepped the splash and said, "Anything and everything a male does is manly and handsome." He shook his head. "No, that's not right. You should only think that about me."

“I can’t look at other males? “ she asked. When he looked down at her he noticed her white dress was see through and clinging to her body

He couldn't take his eyes off of her and it took him a moment to say, "Not if you think they are handsome or beautiful. I won't be looking at other women the same way I look at you. If I must aid a woman by having her feed from me, I will not enjoy it the way I enjoy feeding from you. It would be a duty, and nothing more. With you, it is an honor that I treasure. I would hope that you would only provide for a male out of duty and not because you have feelings for him. I would not be... kind to him."

“But all of natural born Carpathians are handsome and beautiful.....and can lifemates actually be with other people?” She asked

Lightning hit the mountain a few miles down as he said, "It's best you don't think other men are handsome. And no lifemate willingly sleeps with another after they find each other. If they do, we call it a sickness. There is only one."

He saw her nipples grow hard “I see...” she said in a thoughtful tone as she started to use her arms to start floating out more “I’ll give you some space since your mad at me” she said as she kept swimming away

"And who said I was angry with you?" he asked, following her. "I'd intimidate the man. If he were to think about touching you, I would kill him. So, I'll make this clear now to avoid unnecessary problems. Unless it is an emergency or they are family to you, you are not to touch another man. The same rule applies to me and women."

"You stormed off earlier...I thought you needed time " she said closing her eyes and letting the ocean rock her

"I wasn't mad at you," he said. "It hurt that you might find me repulsive because of what I am. More than I thought possible. I wanted to think for a moment."

“Are you do thinking then?” She asked opening her eyes and looking up at him. Her light green eyes met his, he swore he could see the stars reflecting in them

He pulled her out of the water and said, "I don't know. Do you find me repulsive?"

She made a little yelping sound when he pulled her out of the water. She wasn’t cold until she was pressed against his hot body “I.....” she trailed of in a shy , unsure tone “why did you take me out...” she asked , changing the subject

"To take you to the stars," he said as they started to rise into the air.


"Anastasia, what did you do?" he asked, trying to hide a smile, knowing that even if he disagreed with it, he'd go along with it and be hella proud of her for coming up with the idea.

She shrugged “I don’t know what your getting at but I’m hungry and just want to go” she said not looking at him but he could see she was hiding a smirk

He pulled her to him and kissed her before saying, "Anastasia Dubrinsky, I know you. You came up with some crazy plan to cloak not only yourself, but possibly a few dozen hunters along with you. Now, I want to know what my brillient lifemate has come up with. Because I did not want to face her and Xayvion by myself."

She looked at him “I really have not done anything...I’m just tired of fighting “ she said in a sincere tone. Before he could say anything she pushed him to sit back in his seat and straddle him “now I don’t know about you but I’m hurting from not finishing what we started earlier “ she said as their clothes disappeared and she took him inside her

"Me too," he gasped, forgetting all about his question.

The car started to steam up as she began to ride him harder. In this position her breast bounced right in his face

He began suckling her breasts as his hands gripped her waist. Soon, he was slamming into her as he held her hips still.

They were going at it so rough his seat broke and they went back into a laying position which made him slam deeper inside her and made her cry out.

He pulled her down to him and kissed her deeply. He could not get enough of the feel of her.

She put her hand over his mouth when she heard some people passing by the card. She never slowed her pace and he felt her tighten around him like the thought of getting caught was turning her on

Anastasia, he said, sharing her feelings, I'm about to...

She growled in a moaning tone and suddenly bit into his neck deeply

He filled her as soon as she did, and yet, he gripped her hips and continued to slam into her. He wanted her to keep going until the sun rose.

When she had her fill she closed the bit and left no mark. She sat up as much as she could and grabbed his hands from her waist and pinned them above his head. She used the seat belt to tie them together. She slowed the pace to torture and build him up

Now you're just being mean, he said in a husky voice.

She bit his lip teasingly “seat belts are important “ she said with a mischievous smile, she made it so she was in a reverse cowgirl position and started the care, before he knew it she was driving while slowly riding him

This is dangerous, Anastasia, he said. Don't stop.

The faster she rode him the faster she drove. By the time she was riding him rough like her liked she was going over a hundred on the freeway

Anastasia, he gasped. Watch the road. Be careful. And don't let the cops catch you. This would not look good on either of us. But damn it to hell, I am fucking enjoying it.

even if we got caught you know it wouldn’t matter She said with a purr like tone. Each time she weave to avoid a car she tightened around him, to add to the excitement he could suddenly see through her eyes

If we were stopped, you would stop moving, he said. And that is something I do not want. Now, harder and faster.

who says I would have stopped she said going faster and harder, both in riding him and in driving. She pulled the emergency break and drifted around the highway corner like a expert and it was very clear there was things she still didn't know about his lifemate

How much GTA have you played? he asked with a chuckle.

She smiled “never played” she said teasingly with one hand she leaned back and cut the seat belt front his hands “time for a driving lesson prince “ she said moaning

He sat up and grabbed her breasts saying, "Don't stop driving, Anastasia."

His right hand found her core as he kept pumping into her. He began rubbing her sensitive clit while at the same time he tugged and rolled her left nipple, as well as sink his teeth into her to drink her in.

When he bit her she almost lost control. She turned off the highway, the road was isolated and dark, she drove until she saw a dirt rode off to the side, with haste she tuned onto it and drove only a minute in before she stopped the car and threw it in park and leaned back against him and started to moan loudly. She arched against his chest

He closed the bite and slowed his pace, saying, "I told you to keep driving."


Meghan woke up to the feeling of strong arms around her. She made the earth open quickly and when she saw erik there she let out a sob and embraced him, not caring if he was awake or not

"What a way to wake up," he said. "A beautiful woman beside me. I couldn't ask for a better view, or a more precious treasure."

She buried her head in his neck as she rolled on top of him to get closer “I thought...I wouldn’t...I thought I would fail you” she said in a sobbing tone

He hugged her to him, saying, "You could never fail me." His hand brushed over the still tender scratches and he growled. "I'm going to teach that child a lesson she won't soon forget. I cannot believe she hurt you, and still thinks of herself as a warrior! It's insulting!"

“Erik...” she said grabbing his face with her hands “I don’t care...I don’t...I thought I would never see you again..I thought you might fall into darkness and I would have done that to you..” she said kissing his forehead and then his nose “Erik I love you..I love you so much and I’m so sorry..I promise I’ll never leave your side again not matter what” she said before kissing him deeply

He growled as his hands began to wander farther down. It would not have been you, Meghan. You did the right thing, and I am immensly proud of you.

i left your side...I put myself at risk... I wasn’t strong enough to turn into mist and I panicked which made things worse She said and he felt her body warm under his touch

That's what you don't understand, he said as his hand found her core. You scared the hell out of me, but you got two people out of there that we would have never found otherwise. And you did it by yourself. You needed no help from me. How could I not be proud of you? You did something no one else could have done.

She moaned against his lips erik....enough talk, I want you...I need you now my love please

He rolled until he was above her. He kissed down to her breasts and began lavishing them with kisses, but soon, his tongue lapped at the hard peaks.

She moved like she was sensitive to his touch, when he touched her mind he was blow away but what he felt. Her need to be close to him had never been so strong “erik....please...I need you inside me now” she moaned

His hand at her core was instantly replaced by his cock. He set a hard, yet slow pace. He wanted her to feel his love for a good, long while.

It was the first time he had ever felt her fully let go like this, she was giving and submissive yet she took control at times to make sure he felt cared for. He had never felt closer to her. Every touch from her was tender and loving, he didn’t think she would be able to be this way with him after everything they had been through. But for the first time he noticed no bad memories came to her mind during their love making. She kissed and touched every part of his body. The soreness his body had disappeared and he even seemed to heal more.

He began moving faster. At times, he spoke in French, and other times, he could only growl. He went from having control to being out of control so many times, he lost count after three. He also lost count of how many times he filled her. And yet, he did not stop.

They didn’t know how much time had pasted and it didn’t matter to them. They laid there holding each other, Erik was on his back and Meghan was at his side, her leg between his and her arm around his waist while her head lain on his chest and he played with her hair. It was the most peace and connection they had felt in a very long time.

Erik said, "Do you know how much I love you, Meghan Daratrazanoff?"

She moved her head so she could look up at him “if I say no what would you do?” She asked with a playful smile.

"I will have to take another two hours reminding you," he said as he massaged her breast.

She moaned and smiled " we have been here for more then two my love..." She said leaning up and kissing him, her tongue demanded his attention in a soft sensual way

And your point? he asked. I could make love to you for hours and never get enough of you.

She smiled against his lips but did not break the kiss. As the kiss deepened it became more serious. She moved on top of him, her hands playing with his hair, as she laid fully on top of him she adjusted her hip so his hot hard cock slipped slowly inside her.

He gasped and said, "Mon amour, mon désir grandit pour toi."

The pace was slow as she moved her entire body up and down on his to take him in and out of her, her breast firmly pressed into his chest. She took it slow, building the pleasure erik....

"Why do you tease me?" asked as he gripped her hips and slammed into her, speeding up the pace.


Five Days Later

Andromeda didn’t know how long it had been, only that when she woke up she was covered in vomit, the room was trashed and every part of her body was so sore it was almost impossible to move

M-my throat hurts, she thought. C-can I please have some water?

there is a drink on the table for you Said a woman’s voice in her head

Andromeda slowly crawled to the table. She reached it and took the glass and drank it fast. She found the pitcher and, forgoing manners, drank straight from the pitcher to quench her parched throat. When she was done, she said, Thank you.

Not that you seem to be aware once more I have been told to tell you to read the card on the table and to watch the video by pressing play on the tv remote

She sat on the stool and read the note.

It said I took the liberty of record the side effects of the herbs that you mixed together so carelessly, you are to watch the whole video and see what your actions would have caused someone else. E

She pushed play. Seeing herself scream in agony, sweating, vomiting, unable to feed without aid. It made her sick to her stomach. Even if she wanted to stop watching, and she did, she couldn't move. Couldn't look away. When it was over, she went to the trash bin and vomited up the water she just drank, crying. She hadn't paid attention, because the girl said she wasn't a warrior. She had been upset over that, but seeing what would have happened as a result made her sick to her stomach.

A woman brought in some water and blood. She didn’t look at her or say anything. She lit some candles that seemed to help her stomach feel better before she started to leave, she stopped in the door “you know.....those herbs, were for children” she said in a disgusted tone before leaving

Andromeda began dry heaving at that. She hadn't known that. She had only thought about how mad she was at the girl for something that suddenly seemed so small and petty. She was dry heaving so hard that she started to spit up blood. When her body decided to stop, she just sat there, crying. She didn't even acknowledge what the woman brought. She had almost hurt children because she let her temper get the best of her. People who couldn't stand up for themselves who had been hurt. She wasn't hungry anymore, and just sat there in a ball.

She heard the door open, she expected it to be the healer but to her shock and dread it was not. The woman she had hurt, Erik’s lifemate walked in. She didn’t say anything as she sat down in the chair. When she did the room seemed to fix itself. The blood and vomit all vanished and even the furniture looked nice again

Andromeda's eyes fell to the floor. She couldn't look at Meghan. She felt ashamed of her actions with the herbs. Adding how she had attacked this woman on top of that was overwhelming.

“How are you feeling” she said in a surprising soft tone. There was no anger in her voice in fact it sounded like she genuinely was concerned

"Sick," she answered. "I didn't mean to try and hurt the children like that. I would never have done that on purpose. I was angry and... I let my temper control me. It's a bad habit of mine."

“I hadn’t notice” she said in what sounded like a joking tone before getting up and bringing over a cup of blood for her “here drink this” she said handing it to her

Even as her fangs lengthened, Andromeda said, "No, thank you. I'm not hungry."

“You don’t have to be hungry to drink this” she said softly still holding it out to her

Andromeda shook her head and said, "I don't deserve it."

" You have a lot you still need to do and you owe it to yourself and your family to do so" she said

"That doesn't me I deserve that blood," she said.

“But those who you have wronged including yourself do, you need to be healthy to make up for your wrong doings” she said

She took the bottle and took one drink. She started to feel sick again, like it wouldn't stay down. She knew that it was what she saw that still effected her and not the herbs, but that didn't make the pain from it any less.

She sat back down “ you have anything you would like to say? I can only keep erik away for so long” she said

She looked at Meghan and said, "I'm... sorry for attacking you. At the time, I truly felt that getting fresh blood, I could save my brother and even you. It was wrong of me to do that when you were in a battle."

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