Things Escalate 13

.“Wait..there is a reason I would never reach the stars” she said holding on to him tightly “I’m afraid of heights” she said into his chest

He lifted her head to look at him and said, "Then just look at me."

He dried her clothes and kept her warm, even as they climbed higher and higher. He captivated her by looking at her like she was the sun, the moon, and the stars to him. When they were high enough, he produced a cloud that felt solid to her.

"What do you think?" he asked.

She was scared, but she tried to enjoy it “I think...I want to learn how to fly” she said softly

"The first step is floating," he said. "Visualize being lighter than air, like a balloon, but only a few inches off of the ground. We will go slowly at first. But look up."

When she did, the stars seemed no bigger than before, but there were more of them, as if she were swimming among them rather than walking on anything. He held her to him so that her back was to his chest and they swayed slightly, making her feel like she was back in the ocean. He gave this to her, where she floated among the stars.

She was lost in the moment, it was only for a moment but it was real and it was enough, she was happy. He felt her start to float on her own, she was not even realizing she was doing it. He grabbed her hips to keep ahold on her and he felt her just at his touch. Her skin grew hot under his hand. She turned to him and grabbed his shoulders to bring herself closer to him “thank you “ she said in a sincere tone and kissed his cheek

"I know it's not the same as touching them," he said, "but I thought I could give you this gift at least. This is very different from viewing them from the ground."

“It is but I can’t touch them anyways...besides being thousands of miles away they are so hot they would burn through my hand in seconds” she said with amusement in her tone, touching the side of his neck

"Then, I'm glad I make you happy," he said, holding her hand to him like a treasure.

She looked down at the hand he held. She still didn’t know how to feel about him but she knew what her new instincts told her. She groaned in frustration “ going to get out of hand for me...” she said before suddenly kissing him. Her arms wrapped around his neck and sh brought her body firmly against his

He growled and wrapped his arms around her. He laid her on the cloud, which now felt soft and airy. His hands shaped her body, his tongue teasing her mouth until she opened for him. He pulled one of her legs up over his leg, tangling them together.

She moaned against his lips softly. He felt his shirt ripe under her grip on his back I’m sorry..I’m not use to... Be she trailed off and lost her train of thought when his hands ran up her side making her moan again

Never apologize for how you feel, he said. You have every right to feel the way you do.

everything is so new...I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake, oh not there that’s.. she moaned not only in his head but against his mouth When he touch her breast

Everyone makes mistakes, he said, massaging her breast. It is what you learn from them and how you move forward that tells people who you are.

She started to move more under his touch, her breast were really sensitive, she made little gasp against his lips “gregore...” she said his name through a kiss. He could smell her arousal’s took much

We can stop if you prefer, he said, starting to move away from her. The temptation to touch you, to hear you cry out my name like that is strong. I will better watch myself.

“Don’t!” She said and immediately looked embarrassed. He knew she felt deprived as he moved away, any lifemate would “please...gregore” she said looking shyly away from him

She groaned “even I have my limits prince” she said in a low tone as her nails dug into his thighs adding pain to the pleasure

"This is news to me," he whispered in her ear. "I have never seen a limit you could not surpass before. Whatever will I do with this knowledge?"

She growled in both a warning and pleasure “I don’t know...what will you do”

He nibbled her ear lobe and said, "Go driving with you more."

He began thrusting hard again, just like when she had been driving. He played with her clit, held her in the submissive with his teeth, and teased her breasts. If the car had not been parked, the way they were would have sent it into the nearest tree at top speed.

By the time they were done the car was undrivable, the steering wheel had been ripped off, the seats were torn up And some of the windows were smashed and one of the doors had been kicked clean off. The laid in the backseat, Ana on top of him, her head resting on his chest while his hand stroked her back.

"I have a feeling that we are going to need quite a few cars," he said. "I definitely want to do this again. Many times." He looked at her. "Next time, we take the Lambo."

She smiled up at him “if you ever took me to German I’m afraid that would be the end of us” she chuckled “there is a road there with no speed limit that happens to trail up along a mountain side”

"Then, we must visit when our son becomes prince," he said. "I would not mind that in the least."

She chuckle “so that how we will go huh? You want to take the old fashion cumming and going route” she said with a smirk

He burst out laughing and said, "More cumming than going, but yes, you could say that. It would start as soon as we rise that night and go until the sun rises. I want you to feel bliss in that moment and nothing more."

She smiled “well then it seems I need to teach you how to drive then” she said teasingly

"Why?" he asked. "You will be the one riding me. I can't slam into you if I'm driving."

“Yes you can and you will” she said with a smile

"Not hard or deep enough and you know it," he said.

“Have some faith...I’m a excellent teacher and don’t make me tell you how I know it’s possible” she said in a warning tone

He growled, shaking the car frame and the trees around them. He didn't need to tell her. He could guess and he didn't like it. He suddenly felt like killing the man that taught her that.

She bit her bottom lip and made a moaning sound “you don’t like that thought do you....l she said and he could hear her heart start to be faster “tell me what you would want to do to that person”

She gasped against his lips whats wrong with taking things slow..after all we both are still injured She said though he knew from her mind just like him she felt completely healed and loved what he was doing.

Slow is not what we need, he said as he took over her mouth again. We need fast, long, hard, and rough. We scared each other in some way, and this is how we are proving to each other and ourselves they are all right, and to show how much we love them. It's the reason why you are playing with that spot. You plan on biting it again.

She groaned in pleasure and broke the kiss “your right” she moaned and with quickness and Efficiency She bit deep in the sensitive spot by his ear that drove him crazy.

He yelled out in ecstacy, "Je t'aime, Meghan! Je t'aime!"

She merged her mind with his and instantly the pleasure tripled to the point he came instantly, she tugged on the spot and made him jerk as his orgasm grew stronger, his cock twitched hard in her tight core as he filled her

"Plus! Plus fort! Plus rapide! Laissez-moi atteindre si profondément, vous ne pouvez pas me faire sortir!" he begged, gripping her waist.

With each movement over his skin with her tongue made his body ache and burn with pleasure. She didn’t release that spot until her couldn’t cum anymore. When she closed it she left no mark, she wanted that to remain her secret spot on him. She kissed him deeply, her tongue dancing with his. She broke the kiss and laid her head on his chest.

He soon fell into a deep, human sleep, holding her to him. For the first time in a long time, he felt and looked at peace.

He didn’t know how much time had passed when the knock on the door came, all he knew was he woke up with Meghan still against him and his arms around her. Her red curly hair spread a crossed his chest, her scent covered him just like her warm soft body.

He picked her up and put her on the bed in a beautiful silk nightgown, and put the covers over her. He put on a pair of jeans and a black sleeveless shirt. He answered the door.

"May I help you?" he asked with a slight growl.

“You told me to inform you when your underling was up and about, I am here to inform you she is coherent now” said the male healer “I also have been told to let you know all the healers here are very grateful for what your Meghan did to aid us this night and those who are healing here...she saved many lives tonight” he said and then showed a bow of extreme respect

"Such admiration should be showered on her, not me," he said. "I have done nothing. But thank you for informing me she is up. Is Daryl in the garden cavern? If he sees her, it won't be pretty. For an unmated male, he was very upset. I heard it took two hunters and a healer to get him in the ground that night. I may want to teach that child a lesson, but he has been telling everyone that he had saved one of the women. We need to find out if he actually did what the he claimed." He shut the door behind him so not to disturb Meghan "I am afraid that Daryl is close to turning and may have imagined the woman, as we can't seem to find her. He is your cousin. Do you sense anything?"

A darkness feel over the hunters face “I am worried...if it’s possible and not over stepping a boundary to ask, could I bring him to Meghan this evening...maybe she could help him like she did Marcus” he said in a hopeful tone

"Wait, when did she help Marcus?" he asked. "She didn't have the scent of another male on her. She wouldn't have time to clean off his scent from aiding in his healing."

She never came in the room we all just felt...” before he could finish a woman ran up to erik and hunger him “thank you...thank you so much “ she said crying , she pulled back and cupped his cheek “tell your lifemate I could never thank her enough for what she did for my son...I thought I was losing him...he’s only five...” she said in a sobbing tone “if you two every need anything you just have to ask” she said

"Wait a minute," said Erik. "When did she help your son? She has been with me all night, and she has been healing in the ground for the last five days."

“My son and I just arrived tonight...he got into my herb cabinet at home and....” she trailed off like it was too painful to talk about “anyways I need to return to him”she said and left

Five Days Later Continued

She looked at her with a blank expression and was silent for a moment before saying “if your sorry then work harder to change” she said in a plain tone after a moment “we would all be dead right now if I hadn’t managed to get you off before you weakened me to much to defend against the vampire, you are blinded by a ego you do not deserve, you would have been easy to kill for that vampire, you need to know your own weakness, so your excuse that you thought is was best, I don’t accept it. You could have drained me dry and you still wouldn’t have had the strength or the ability to kill that vampire, instead you , your brother and me and countless innocents would have died, my lifemate included m which would

"I will try, but it's hard to break habits," she said. "I didn't know who the herbs were for, or what they would do, or what they were, so I let my temper get away from me. And in the cave, I was scared, and I did think highly of myself." She pulled her knees up. "I can't promise that I won't be stupid like that again this soon. All I can say is I will try."

“That’s the first step, realizing your weaknesses and limits, accepting them and working to change them” she said standing up “also...Lisa is a sweet girl, you should apologize when you get a chance” she said going to leave but stopped t the door “I have not been Carpathian long...most of my life I was human, I’ve had to learn a lot and accept a lot, that being said let me give you this advice, you can never love or protect anyone else unless you love yourself and know yourself..” she said without turning to look at her “also...just a warning between us girls... I don’t care what you heard , you do not know my husband so don’t act like you do by rumors alone, but I will tell you this, he did what he did to the princes met because I was in danger and you already hurt me, I can’t stop whatever he does to you for it but you also insulted the woman who was able to live through his torture...your not making good choices and your making enemies out of people you really shouldn’t, that being said I will leave you with one question, how can you claim to be a hunter when you personally insulted the prince?” She said and left

Andromeda hadn't even though about that. She had insulted him. She hadn't known that he had tortured the same woman that slammed her head into the floor, or why. She felt alone, a lost child surrounded by monsters. But after watching the video, she couldn't say who the true monster was. Her, or them. But even if she did say them, she knew the truth. She had acted like a spoiled brat because no one treated her like she wanted them to. Am I really that bad, Andrew? she asked, not expecting an answer so soon as the healers kept her informed of his progress nightly. You never once complained. You only said that my temper made things harder and that I should study more, but you never said I was a burden to you or that I was a horrible person. I wish your mind was healed. I need to talk to you.

There was no answer, a few moments later there was a knock at the door “hey’s Lisa...I know your probably busy with..hunter stuff ...but um I was work with you again today” she said in a nervous tone

"Hi, Lisa," said Andromeda. "I'm not allowed to do any training as a hunter. So you get me again today. First, I need to apologize." She explained the situation, her temper, and even what had happened to her. "I'm sorry. You saw things as they were. I... I want to change and become one of the best hunters our people have. There will be times I lash out, but... please don't take it to heart. I've been told I have an undeserved view of myself. After seeing what my anger would have caused... I could use some help. Like a warning that I'm going to far or something." She gave a small smile. "My brother would make me shut up by sticking mint under my nose. Other than the taint of the vampires, I'm not too fond of mint."

She smiled “it’s ok..we all have bad days and life’s about learning for the mint I can’t say we have that in common, I love mint “ she said handing her a basket “come on we better hurry for me cranky pants comes”

Andromeda smiled and said, "What are we getting today? Please say something easy. Pull a leaf and put it in a basket. That way, I don't... repeat that mistake."

“I wish I could but unfortunately we will be handling more dangerous plans per request of me cranky pants” she said with a shrug “it’s nothing new for me but a quick warning if you touch this with you skin it could kill you” she said in a serious tone “I didn’t think it was a good idea to have someone new to all this harvest this plant but at the end I don’t have much say in the no losing your temper this time” she said

"Please tell me you can grow a mint plant at will," Andromeda said as she got ready. "Because I have a feeling the Dark One will somehow find someone to make me lose my temper just to pound the lesson into me again."

She laughed “let’s just take this one slow and talk only of good things” She said with a smile “besides mr grumpy pants is not bad he is well...just grumpy and honestly I don’t blame him he has a lot to deal with”

"He's not the prince," Andromeda said. "I know that the attacks are happening more frequently, but still, he makes time for his family. He shouldn't be grumpy. Mildly mad, but he has someone to hold him when things are tough. And she's alive. He must be grateful for that." She whispered to Lisa, "Do you think they are together right now?"

She made a gross face “ew I don’t even want to think about that but on a side night it might be good if they are , maybe it will put him in a better mood” she said as they walked down the hall “also if you think he should be happy because of those reason then you really have a lot to learn...” she said in a more serious tone “for for anyone of our kind, having those things makes like more stressful “

"How does having a lifemate make everything more stressful?" Andromeda asked. "I mean, you have someone there to support you when you need it, stand by you no matter what, and love you unconditionally until the end of your days. It sounds like it should be less stressful, not more."

“Exactly and imagine any second that could all be taken from you, imagine watching people lose there lifemates , children without parents...woman without their men” she said a a flash of the pregnant woman she saw with Ana played in her head

"No," Andromeda said. "If it's like that, I don't want my lifemate to find me. I don't want him to live in constant fear of me getting hurt because I enjoy hunting vampires. I want to protect people, Lisa. I need to protect them. I may not always go about it the right way, but still, I need to keep such darkness from touching them. I can't stay home, and I can't fear losing him. It would be better if we don't find each other." She took Lisa's hand. "Don't get me wrong, I would love to have someone by my side for support, but not if there is that fear there. I've hurt too many people because of my fear."

Lisa ripped her hand always from her “I’m sorry don’t take that the wrong way at all, I was just handling a herb that has made my skin very sensitive” she said in a sincere tone land I understand don’t get a gift such as a lifemate and expect it to be easy” she said “but I believe it’s worth fight for” she said with a smile

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