A New Look

He said, "Alright, but this time, you can't say I seduced you. The way your breasts are stretching that dress right now, I'd say you are seducing me."

Before she could cover up, he was back where he was kissing her silly as he played with her breasts. One hand pulled up her dress slowly until he found her core and began to massage her feminine lips through her white silk panties.

She cried out and arched against him, he felt her urge to touch him but she was to shy and unsure of herself to do so

Indira, you can touch me, he said. You are the only woman allowed to touch me this way. As much as you want.

She didn’t know why but hearing him say that pleased her, she liked it a lot. Hesitantly her hands came and rest on his hips. At first her touch was soft and shy like, but he knew if he pushed her she would relax more

He made her dress vanish and said, It's alright to want something or someone, Indira. You do not need to be afraid or shy with me.

She felt like a shock went through her when she felt his bare skin on her. She gripped his waist hard and turned her head, her hand came up and she bite her finger, it was extremely sexy and innocent and she didn’t even know how sexy she was being.

He said, Now you're just tempting me to nibble other places.

She looked at him side ways and the look on her face made him almost loose it, it was so seductive to him, her innocence was his weakness. Her cheeks were flushed, her breast heaving as her breathing quickened “gregore..“ she said in a shy moaning tone

He kissed her deeply and said, Why do you have to be so damn cute? I could eat you up. He kissed down her body until his mouth found her core. Actually, I think I will.

She cried out and her hands went instantly to his hair "wait...not there thats.." She moaned in a shy tone

I love the taste your special honey, he said as his tongue stabbed deeply. So sweet. I'll never get enough.

Shh covered her face "no...dont say such things..." she said through loud moans. Her body was new and sensitive and it was all his

Why not? You taste wonderful. My beautiful lifemate.

he felt her shyness grow which made it hard to focus on the pleasure but when his fangs brushed the skin of her core she arched up and came right into his mouth

He drank every drop, letting her see him lick his lips before saying, "I will always find you delicious, Indira. I always want to make you feel beautiful. And the blush suits you."

They were still up in the air so she had no where to go, so instead she just did what her body told her to do. She rolled over onto her stomach submissively

He lifted up her bottom and slowly entered her. The way she gripped him told him she had been holding back, afraid of the feelings inside of her. Just breathe. With me, be yourself and you will be fine. For now, enjoy yourself. Tell me if anything becomes uncomfortable.

She cried out in pleasure and pain , this position was new to her and she was so tight. He saw her gripping at the cloud

He began to move slowly. He wanted her to enjoy when they made love, not be scared of it. He played with her breasts, wanting to bring her as much pleasure as possible.

She arched in response and cried out, her body was not use to such intense feelings “gregore!” She cried out his name in a moaned tone

"That is the most beautiful music I've ever heard," he said in her ear. "Say my name again."

She made a loud moaning sound mixed with a gasp “gregore...” she stuttered

"There it is again," he said, going harder. "Beautiful. Just like you."

She mumbled something he didnt quiet hear as he saw her face go red

"What was that?" he asked.

“Harder!” She cried out in a begging and shaking tone

"Nothing much," he said with a shrug. "Just try to kill him as many times as possible for even thinking of doing such things to you. But for touching you, for seeing what is mine, I'd make him watch me do it all."

“What if I told you it was a she...” she said with a naughty smile

"Say what now?" he asked in shock.

She chuckled and kissed him slowly and seductively “love is love anthony. It never mattered to me what gender the form came in”

"Well..." he said. "Now, I don't know what to do. I still feel jealous, but... it's different because it's a woman?"

“Why is it different?” She asked

"We are taught that lifemates are between a man and woman," he said. "So, it seems natural to be jealous if another man were to look at my woman. We've never had to worry about other women looking at her. In truth, I never thought I would have to worry about it."

“I think that wrong....love between two woman or two men could be just as strong and just and precious “ she said like she was lost in thought

"I understand that," he said. "We've just never had homosexual lifemates before. We don't really care about it, but it's just never been a thing before. Trust me, Anastasia. If such a pairing did occur, we would still accept them. As you said, love is love. I just have to keep everyone away from you from now on." He smirked when she looked at him in shock. "Can't have you eyeing every Tom, Daisy, Harry, and Nancy, now can I?"

She chuckled "i never dated a nacy or daisy" she said with a smirk/ She leaned up and got close to his ear :just close your eyes for a moment and think about it. my mouth...my tongue on another woman's pussy...her hands gripping my hair as i taste her in my mouth"

He did as she said and he growled and said, "Now I want to rip that woman apart."

She smiled "there we go....most guys would have found that hot, im glad you dont" She said biting his lip teasingly

"Oh, you are evil," he said as he began kissing her.

She broke the kiss quickly "you know what the others have done that you have not?" She asked with a mischievous smile

He growled and said, "You say any more about your past lovers, I'm going to have to hunt them down personally."

She smiled "they chased me" She said and bolted right out of the car and into the woods.

He growled and ran after her.

She was fast, much faster the him, soon she was out of sight but he knew she was still near by

He stopped running and said, "Anastasia... I think I'm going to go back. Maybe I'll try a few new things when I..."

He was tackled to the ground, Ana pinned him on his back “what a shame you couldnt catch me....I guess until you can I’ll keep on catching you” she said with a smirk “ and I’m hurt you gave up so easily “ she said and he could tell she actually meant it

He smiled before vanishing, taking hold of her from behind and said, "Who said I gave up?"

She growled “that’s a cheap trick anthony “

"You never said I couldn't use an illusion," he pointed out. "And I caught you."

She groaned "you may have caught me but can you keep me?" She said as she used his arm pinning her to roll him on his back "you caught the wolf but can you tame it?"

"Why would I want to tame the wolf?" he asked. "It's wild nature is so beautiful. I would never want to take such beauty from you."

“If you don’t take it to some degree it will run away from you” she said in a sincere tone

"This is impossible," he said. "We need to find out what is going on."

The hunter looked confused “I will aid you if you need me to though I do not understand what is going on, I’m sure it was her” he said in a sincere tone

"I mean, she could not be there when she was with me or in the ground," he said. "So, how did she do it?"

“I’ll ask around who she effected and you go talk to her” the hunter suggested

"Yeah," he said. "Bring Daryl by later, before sunup. I'm sure we can aid him. We don't need to lose any more hunters with everything that is going on."

The hunter nodded and left.

Erik returned to Meghan's side and gently woke her. When her opened her eyes, he asked, "Meghan, do you remember aiding people over the last few days?"

“River and Draiden...” she said in a tired tone. She looked drained and sleepy

"After the caves, when you returned," he said. "When you came back to the healing caves, did you help anyone with their own injuries?"

"erik the first thing i remember is you..waking up next to you and..." She took his hand and placed it on her cheek" She was burning up "what is this about my love?" she asked

"There are people coming to the door to thank you for healing them," he said. "Are you feeling well? You have a fever. Maybe I should check you over."

"why are they thanking me? and i feel fine she said going o sit up and he saw her flinch. He felt her dizziness before she did and put his arm out just in time to catch her

"They all say that you either came to their aid," he said, "or helped someone they loved. Some physically saw you, others only felt your presence. Meghan... could this be part of your ability? To keep those people here because it's not their time?"

"I dont know...Im so tired...I need to feed" She said going to sit up again but slower this time

"Feed from me," he said. "It will help you heal from this dizzy spell faster."

She shook her head "i did that enough earlier" She said with a smile touching that spot behind his ear

He took her hand and said, "As much as I loved that, I am worried about you. Please."

She looked at him worried “erik what’s going on...” she said in a sad worried tone

"I don't know," he said honestly. "But it seems you have been healing people while you were resting. Something that should be impossible."

She looked at him concerned “but I’m not....erik I’m no body...compared to you and everyone else I’m nothing special, it can’t be me they must be mistaken...” she said in a sad tone

"They named you specifically," he said. "They are so sure it was you. They are offering to give aid for anything we need because of you."

She managed to get up “this must be a trick of a vampire or something or the red mage or...” she started to panic

"If it was, every hunter would be on high alert," he said. "I and another hunter are looking into it, but it looks like you were busy while you were resting."

She turned to him "I um...Ill be back" She said and turned to go towards the bathroom

"Meghan, talk to me," he said. "What's wrong?"

She stopped “I....think I died for a bit...I remember...a cold place...” she said but stopped “I’m sorry i can’t..” she said and went to walk in the bathroom.

Five Days Later Continued Cont.

"I thought so until you put that stress on me!" said Andromeda. "I would be happy to save a hunter, I would, but if it's that scary, if it's like that every time we hunt together... He is one of the last people in the world I want to hurt. The other is my brother. And us getting captured was my fault." She sat down in front of the plant. "I... challenged the master. Andrew told me not to, but we weren't finding him. I got cocky." She looked at Lisa. "Am a bad person? I was tired of women getting kidnapped and hunters being killed. I thought... no, I wasn't thinking. I acted like a child and got my brother hurt. And that was the last thing I wanted."

“All you can do now is make sure what he went through was not in vain and grow and learn from this experience “ she said in a soft tone

Andromeda smiled sadly and said, "So, how do I do this? I apparently have to learn about herbs. How did Erik even learn that I knew nothing about them? Andrew and I made sure to not let anyone know."

“I’m not sure, Erik has his mystery’s like us all.” She said as she moved behind her, she reached around like a back hug and gently placed her hands on the back of hers “ok so just feel me and copy what I do” she said softly

Andromeda's heart began to race and she nodded. She watched closely. Her skin is so soft, she thought to herself. Mine feels rough in comparison.

“Ok so this plant we don’t cut” she said as she raised her hand to the petal “we pluck its pedals, that’s what we harvest but all the petals have a pollen that’s is dangerous if we inhale or it gets on our skin” she said “so don’t breath” she whispered in her ear

Andromeda pulled their hands back and said, "You should wear a mask, then. If it is so dangerous, it would be safer. I don't have to breath like you do, so I will be alright, but you..." She moved Lisa back. "Isn't there another plant we can go to instead? One safer for you?"

“This plant is dangerous yes but it’s necessary, if administered correctly it’s the only thing that can kill off the toxin in vampire blood” she said “it my honor to retrieve it” she said

Andromeda said, "I understand, Lisa, but you are barely wearing anything for protection right now. My arms are completely covered, I'm wearing jeans, and there are gloves on my hands. You are in a skirt with a sleeveless shirt. The only real protection you have are the gloves." She ran her hand up Lisa's arm. "Is this really safe for you, or are you playing brave, mikro gataki?"

She saw her cheeks turned pink and she backed away "remeber my skin is sensitive..." She said looking away shyly "ill be fine ive done this many times"

She let go and said, "I... I'm sorry! I... I don't know what came over me."

"its ok i understand this is all knew....come on lets try again ok' sHE SAID

Andromeda nodded, saying, "Okay. But if you need to breath, tell me and we can take a break. Don't want you hurt, now do we?"

She chuckled "come miss warrior lets see that green thumb" She said and this time when she did the back hug things her breast pressed into andromeda back "ok again hold your breath and..."

She didn't need telling. The way Lisa was pressed against her this way, Andromeda was lucky she wasn't hyperventilating. Her hands were shaking. There was a blush to her cheeks. She looked at Lisa out of the corner of her eye. Her eyes are so beautiful. Her blush deepened. What am I thinking?!

"Ok breath" She said as they put in the last petal and closed the lid "see its not that hard" She said moving back "Ok so im light headed and need some fresh air, why dont we take a break...lets go wash off" She said

Andromeda nodded and followed Lisa to a bathing area. She moves so gracefully. She undressed and got into the hot spring, trying to get her thoughts straight. She is so cute. I could just... She groaned and went under the water. She will find a lifemate, a strong man to care for her properly! I shouldn't be thinking of another woman like this! But the thought of another with her made Andromeda upset.

She could feel Lisa moving around in the spring, she heard her laugh and some splashing

She came to the surface and looked at Lisa, a blush engulfing her cheeks. She swam up to her.

"Lisa?" she said.

When she turned, Andromeda took hold of her and brought her close before kissing her deeply. She pushed Lisa to the edge of the pool, her knee rubbing against Lisa's core, pinning the other woman.

When she realized what she was doing, Andromeda backed away, saying, "I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to..."

Lisa got out of the spring and ran without a word to her

Andromeda got out and dressed. She walked back to her room, looking at the floor. I made a mess of things again, didn't I?

She didn’t see Lisa after that for about three days. Though she still worked in the garden, she had started to realize how much actually went into the harvest and how important their job was. She met a lot of good men and woman and she found she was kind of proud she was able to help them. When she returned to her room that night it was about three am in the morning. She had just changed and was laying down on the bed when she heard a knock at the door. She got up and opened the door. She was surprised to see Lisa standing there. Before she could say anything Lisa wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her.

Andromeda was shocked but she then pulled her into the room, shutting the door. Then, she pinned Lisa to it roughly. She began kissing down her neck, opening her blouse as she continued down to her breasts, where she suckled hard, pressing Lisa's nipples to the top of her mouth. What brought you to me? Andromeda asked Lisa in her head. I thought...

dont...dont speak... she said gripping her hair. They were about the same size physical but lisa was more petite with less muscle, but it didnt stop her from having a good grip on her hair as she suckled her breast

She chuckled, kissing down until she was kneeling before Lisa. She put her head under the skirt, moved her white panties aside and began licking her feminine folds. Her tongue stabbed deep. Suddenly, Andromeda's finger was inside of Lisa, moving slowly, looking for her sweet spot gently.

When she found it Lisa is legs buckled and she cried out

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