A New Look 2

"Never be afraid to ask me when you want something," he said, moving harder, but never picking up the slow pace.

She moaned in pleasure and frustration, he saw her fangs leg then from her opened mouth “please gregore.....” she said in a begging tone. He felt her desires, she wanted him pound into her like a wild animal. She crave that dominance he possessed

That was it. His control was shattered. He pinned her in the submissive with his teeth and picked up the pace. It felt like he was trying to reach her very soul. He growled with pleasure with each thrust. Each stroke hit her deepest, most sensitive spot.

Even though they were so high up in the stars it didn’t mater, all she felt all she could think about was him. She cried his name once more as her body not only adjusted to him but started to go with his rhythm naturally

She could swear there were sparks coming off of them, lighting up the cloud under them. It went in the same rhythm as their lovemaking. It only added to the beauty of the moment. When he filled her, she could have sworn that a bolt of lightning erupted from their cloud, drowning out her scream of pleasure.

"Only I get to hear you like that," he said, confirming the lightning.

She laid still trying to catch her breath “yes maestru“ she said in Romanian tongue catching him off guard

"Indira, I am not your master and you are not my slave," he said, making her look at him. "I am making love to you, showing you what you mean to me the only way I know how."

"You are my master....in many ways" she said shyly not looking at him

He could feel that what he was thinking was not what she meant, so he asked, "Can you explain? Because I would much rather be your partner. I may give orders to keep you safe, but I am in no way a lord over you. I see you as being above me, if anything."

" Let me keep this to myself please..." She said in a soft tone , looking down at the water

He separated their bodies and clothed them both before carrying her back down to the mountain bench, saying, "One day, I would like to know what you mean." He leaned in and whispered, "The day when you learn you love me would be best."

She looked shocked "love....." She said in a uncertain tone

"You don't know now," he said, stepping back. "You have looked into my mind to learn who I am. In time, you will start to trust me more, and when you do, you will look in my mind. I hope you find at least one thing in there that you love and will take a chance on us. When that day comes, I would like your definition of master."

She didn’t answer. She just kept looking at the sea, after a moment she said “I want to go home....my cottage “ she said in a soft tone

He nodded and said, "It took longer than I thought to repair it. I wanted it to look as it did in your memories, but also be secure. There is a new fence farther out for protection, set up so that no vampire or ghoul can attack you. The basement has been fitted to look like our bedroom, dirt floor, bed, and so on. The rest of the house, however, is just as you remember it. If we have children, I would like to add more rooms later. It seems small. But it is finally ready for us to live in."

She flinched “it’s like you have everything planned out...you didn’t ask me my opinion on even changing my own home and now you talk of a future with kids...I still remember you telling me it was our duty to have children...” she said in a upset tone before standing up and looking at him with a upset tone “I’m going to sleep in my bed, in my room...I’m going to decide if I have children or not and what is done to my house...I may not understand or be able to control these new urges but until you understand I’m not a duty for you to fulfill and that it’s not ok to decide everything by yourself, I will make sure to do my very best to stay away from you” she said

"You can't sleep in your old room," he said. "I chose to not put the heave curtans and shutters on it so that you would still see your old home. The wall is out of sight and blends in." He took her hand. "And you have never been a duty. Yes, we are expected to have children. But not once would it be a duty to love and care for them. It would be an honor, just as it is an honor to be your lifemate. The things I changed were for your protection, but I tried to stay faithful to the image in your mind. I had to literally fight myself to do so when everything in me screamed to do otherwise. I'm sorry my gift has upset you."

She removed her hand from his and stepped back “stop it! Why are you acting so different when a couple of days ago you were a completely different person!” She said in a frustrated tone

"A couple of days ago, I didn't watch as an unseen force was trying to kill you," he said. "A couple of days ago, you didn't almost die in my arms while I was helpless in saving you. A couple of days ago, I was close to turning vampire and didn't even realize it. I nearly lost the one person that means the world to me, Indira. When you watch your treasure nearly slip away from you, it changes you. I want to treasure every moment with you, Indira, so I've decided to try expressing what I feel for you. It's strange for me, but I will never be able to unsee you laying nearly lifeless while all I could do was watch. The fear that went through me, the despair, the anger, the helplessness... I never want to feel it again, nor do I wish such things on you. I'd rather give you happy memories of me than misery. It seems that I'm not much of a poet. I'm told most women like when their man shows them with complements or take their wants and needs into account. If I had fixed the house my way, the wall would be seen to warn everyone away, the windows would have triple protection, the layout would be completely different, and the only bedroom in the entire house would be in the basement, where we would be safe from human butchers. However, I went for you comfort and desires first, trusting my abilities to protect you. I've tried being nice, Indira. You've seen the man who demands your obedience for safety's sake. What more do you want?!"

"My life back!!!!" She yelled in a cracking tone "I want my life back, I want my garden, I want to feel the sun on my skin , I want my virginity back I want my life not to be so out of control! " She said tears forming in her eyes "I want to not be hungry for peoples blood I don't want to be seeing things like I am or getting hurt like I have been...." She said in a more tired tone " just so you don't turn into a monster my whole life had to be turned upside down.....how is it fair to me? Humans get to at least choose who to be with...who to spend their life with I don't even get that choice anymore and everytime you say you love me I want to puke, we have only know each other in for five days!"

"I didn't have a choice either," he said, trying to hide the hurt. "I have looked at some of your memories. That is how I have come to love you. But, if you do not want me, then I will go. The mountain is protected. Follow the path down. Someone there will escort you to your home. I need more time to think."

She had a unreadable look on her face as she turned and left without another word.

"Then, tell me," he asked, "how does one cage the wind?"

“I don’t know...I guess you giving the wind a reason to stay..” she said in a thoughtful tone

"But that wouldn't be caging it," he said. "That would be letting it make up its own mind. Anastasia, you are my wind. And I tried caging you once." He looked at her with a serious expression. "Never again. You are free to roam, as long as you always return to me. I will chase after you if I must, but please, return to me always."

She looked down at him for a second, with out saying anything she touched his forehead and he felt a power surge go through him like a ward had been broken. Without saying anything she cut a deep gash in the side of her throat “drink” she said

He was shocked but bit down deeply, drinking her in. It felt like a fire was building within him. Soon, it became too hot. He closed the wound and laid down. It started to hurt.

"Anastasia?" he asked, wondering what was going on.

“Sleep anthony..” she said kissing him. His eyes grew heavy until everything turned black.

However, his eyes soon snapped open as the first wave hit. His jaw locked and his back arched. This was beyond anything he had ever felt before. When the wave passed, he looked at Anastasia.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Don't fight it..." She said in a soft tone

Another wave started building. He gripped a rock that happened to be next to him, turning it into pebbles and dust as the pain hit. He was sweating, and he writhed in pain. Then, a second wave it, making the pain worse, his writhing getting larger.

When the fifth wave passed, he looked at her with a smile, At least I now have a good excuse for missing the Red Mage tomorrow.

" You won't be missing it..." She said in a determined tone

I will be too weak tomorrow, he said. But I thank you for this gift. I never expected this. He weakly lifted his hand to cup her cheek. I love you, Anastasia Dubrinsky.

Before she could answer, another wave hit, one that slammed him into the ground hard. But he never begged for her to end it, or blamed her in any way. He would smile between waves of pain that left him so weak, he could barely smile for her.

It was hard for her to see him like this, she remembered hearing about the conversion pains but never saw it before, and didn't imagine that it would be like this. She couldn’t help him or take it away and it broke her heart. But she knew he would survive this, he was strong and it needed to happen.

She made sure when he was finally done to feed him. He was not awake for it but he did take quite a bit. She picked him up as gently as she could in her wolf form and walked carried him for miles all the way back to their house. Once there she put him in the ground and lit the healing candles to help his recovery. She was too tired and weak to go hunt so she drank from a bottle. Afterwards she warded their home and rested next to him in the dirt.


He stopped her once more and asked in a worried tone, "What do you mean you died?!"

“I don’t know...I thought it was a dream!” She said shaking in his arms “erik I don’t feel good please can we just...”

"Meghan, Carpathians don't dream when we sleep," he said, holding her to him. "Mon amour, we will figure this out. I promise."

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I didn’t have the time and you were so busy and then you got hurt , I....” she sobbed into his chest “erik ......I’m scared”

"It's going to be okay," he said. "I'll keep you safe. No matter how injured I am, I will always protect you."

She embarrassed him hard before saying in a sobbing tone “my hunger...you should not be so close...” she said trying to move away

"Then, let's go feed," he said. "I'll make sure you don't go too far or let anything bad happen to you. I promise."

She nodded and they went to the door when they opened it about six people were there waiting, both men and woman

Erik tried to shelter Meghan as he said, "We are going hunting. If you are here to give thanks, please wait until she is feeling better."

"What's wrong with her?" asked a woman. "We will happily provide for her! She saved my lifemate!"

Others started talking as well and the crowd seemed to grow. "You are making her feel uncomfortable." He looked at Meghan. "Instead of gifts or pledging yourselves, go do some good for someone else. Even just being a shoulder to cry on or a sympathetic ear could save a life. Humans call it Paying It Forward. Do this, and she will be more than grateful."

A woman step forward "if you will allow me I can provide for her, I'm a feeder, my blood is pure and strong" she said in a soft tone

"Meghan, are you okay with this?" he asked. "You were afraid when I offered. What about this woman?"

She looked at Erik and and let him feel the tip of her hunger and it was enough to make him growl, she was ravinous, dangerously so.

"I need to get her to the stores of Carpathian blood," he said to the woman. "It will be too dangerous for her to feed from anyone."

The lady nodded and stepped back as did the others, making a path for them to go through. Meghan went a head of erik in a fast pace, as the hurried down the corridor he saw her stop and grunt and grabbed her stomach like someone has hit her in the gut and she gripped the wall hard enough it started to crack, he saw her look into a room that was to the left of her. There was a man who was being healed, he had a deep cut on his chest, the smell of his blood filled the air in the hall.

"Meghan, we need to have you drink a few dozen bottles of blood before you can go help," he said. "You need to cut through the edge of your hunger before we go hunting. You are a danger to him and yourself in this state."

He could tell he was not getting through to her, lucky for him Meghan didn’t have training As a hunter so when she aggressively went for the room with the man he was able to stop her and pin her with her arms at her side and her back to his chest

He dragged her away from the room. Even when they were far enough away, he didn't let go. They had several other rooms to go past and would not risk her. They finally made it to the storeroom. He sat her down and handed her a bottle.

"Tell me when the edge is off," he said in a worried tone.

She drank the whole bottle and groaned and held her head “erik...it’s not satisfying me...”

"We are just trying to get the edge off so you can walk past people without trying to devour them," he said, handing her another bottle. "Once you are no longer dangerous, you admirers would like to offer their blood freely to you."

"I don't want them..." She said looking up at him " I want you " she said meeting his gaze with such a passion it caught him off guard

"I..." he said, messing with the collar of his shirt like it was choking him. "We should get you fed, then. I want you healthy, alright?"

He watched her as she openly watched him touch his collar, he watched her bite her kip soft before her eyes came back and met his

Andromeda smiled to herself and hit the spot over and over again, using her free hand to hold Lisa up until she came in her mouth. She kissed back up her and found her mouth. He kissed her deeply, allowing Lisa to taste her own essence.

"There is not much I can do to make you feel pleasure," she said. "But I asked one of our human allies out of curiosity. They told me of this special toy that we can take turns using if you want." She looked at her wrists. "Until these enchanted ropes are removed, I can't make it, but..." she looked at Lisa, "we can find other ways to make love. Now, until then, what should we do?" She pulled Lisa to the bed. "I want to feast on you again. Standing on such shaky, shapely legs may end up hurting you. Allow me to make you feel good again, Lisa."

“This is new to me...I never thought...but I want you andromeda...” she said in a shy husky tone

"And I you," Andromeda said. "Together this time." She straddled Lisa's head so that she could have easy access. "I want to cum together."

The second Lisa’s tongue touched her core it was like her body was engulfed in flames. At first she was slow, her moaned vibrated her sensitive skin. She picked up the pace with andromeda. Her tongue lapping and her clit then moving down to enter her core

Andromeda gasped, causing hot air to hit Lisa's drenched core. She returned to her feast, moaning each time Lisa hit that sweet spot. It was almost too beautiful. Tears formed in her eyes, and when the drops fell, it added to Lisa's pleasure. Harder, Lisa. Push your fingers in and go harder.

She did as she asked while she still feasted on her, her other hand gripped her waist

Andromeda moaned out, and inserted a second finger. At the same time, she bit into the tender flesh of Lisa's thigh. Like Lisa, her flavor bubbled over Andromeda's tongue like a fine champaine. She didn't want to stop.

Lisa cried out when she bit her, she had never been bitten before. She came almost instantly

Sweet honey and cinnamon, said Andromeda, closing the bite when she had taken enough for an exchange. She then cut the side of her neck. Drink, Lisa. I want to feel your lips on my skin. The whole time, her fingers never stopped their fast and powerful thrusts. Andromeda wished she had been born a man in that moment, to feel Lisa squeeze around her like she was her fingers.

She did as she asked, her mouth closing tightly around the bleeding wound

Andromeda made Lisa stop when she had taken enough for the exchange, her hand now moving feverishly and her body rubbing the entrance to her core along Lisa's leg. She leaned down and kissed Lisa deeply.

She opened her mouth to her invasion, their breast rubbed against each other, creating a pleasurable friction. Lisa was soft under her, she smelled sweet like the garden she tended.

Andromeda pulled back, touched their foreheads together, and said, "I want you to be mine, Lisa. Please. This is more than I could have ever imagined. I don't understand it, really. All I know is that I have not been able to get you out of my head. Everything in me says that you are mine. We will go slow, just like we did tonight. Please, be mine."

“I tried to forget it....I tried to ignore it but it got so bad I started to mess up on my work and I can’t do that it’s too important “ she said “I never looked at woman this way...until you “

"I never looked at anyone like this," she said. "This is the first time I even noticed anyone as being cute, or sexy, or anything like that. For me to react like this to a woman is unheard of." She looked at Lisa, determination in her eyes. "But I will fight to keep you with me, Lisa. No one will take you from me. I promise."

She looked a little uncomfortable “we have only know each other a few days and have only met a couple of times...” she said in a worried tone “those are strong words to someone you barely know”

"I know," said Andromeda. "But something this strong can't be wrong, right? We will go slow until we are comfortable. We don't have to announce anything just yet, and I won't call you my girlfriend until you are ready for me too, alright? For now, I'm your friend with great benefits."

She chuckled "ok....I can do slow" she said with a soft smile. She leaned up and kissed her

They went another three rounds before Lisa fell asleep. Andromeda loved looking at her. However, she needed to think over things. She took a walk around and soon found herself at the cavern where the Warrior's Counsel would meet. She set foot into the room and was hit by an intense wall of power. It made her head hurt. She stumbled back. When she opened her eyes, nothing was wrong. She made her way back to her room and to Lisa, not sure what had occurred.

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