A New Look 3

When she was almost to the healing caves, where the escort was waiting for her, she heard the sound of a wolf. The howl sounded so sad, it almost broke her heart.

"A male," said the hunter, catching her attention. "Sounds like his heart is shattering. Did you know, wolves mate for life? However, if their mate dies or rejects them, they will never find another. It's sad to see. They become lone wolves. Not like the ones that go off to prove something, but they leave the pack, unable to cope. Some even step down as alpha. My mother would tell me that when such a thing happens and they leave, it is because they are trying to die so they can be with the one they lost. If it's because she chose another, they are trying to not be a burden to her."

“Wolves are just animals , nothing more and nothing less” she said in a cold tone “I know where my house is I don’t need your assistance, I’m sure you have better things to do “ like ruin some innocent girls life She thought to herself.

"Wolves are highly intelligent," said a woman hunter behind her. "As a human, I thought the same thing until I ran among them. My lifemate didn't quite get the tale right, though. I'll be with you. With Nymphs about, I'm afraid travelling alone is out of the question. I hear your entrance into our world was not a happy one. Are there any questions you want to ask as we travel?"

She didn’t say anything and just started walking, the boy comfort she had was knowing they could not peek around in her mind so her thoughts were her own. She just wanted to be alone.

"I was like you about fifty years ago," said the woman after a while, waving her lifemate off. "I didn't like that my choices were taken either. I mean, the binding ritual is barbaric in that the woman has no say. My lifemate suffered for about five years before he claimed me. I didn't know him during that time, but he watched me all the time to keep me safe. When he did claim me, I was furious. I mean, I worked hard at being a cop, and he took it from me. I wanted to keep my simple life.For a while, I didn't even know if he would choose me or if it was the lifemate bond talking. His words were too sweet to be true, you know? I'm sure it feels like that for you. I bet your man is all sugary words and gifts that make you feel like you've fallen down the rabbit hole without Wonderland at the bottom."

“No offense but I don’t know you nor do I want too and you don’t know me...can we just walk in silence please” she said hugging herself and not looking at the woman

"I guess," said the woman. "You look like you are at the beginning stage of the separation. I thought I would help. Sorry if I was wrong."

She stopped dead in her tracks and was looking straight ahead, she couldn’t tell if she was hallucinating or not again, their was a large black wolf with red eyes starring at her a few feet in front of her, his slips slowly pulled back , baring his razor sharp teeth. Her heart started to pound in her chest and fear consumed her, she couldn’t look away from his gaze. It was like he was starring into her soul making her unable to move.

"Indira!" the woman said, pulling her behind her as the woman's lifemate was next to them. "We need to keep you safe, remember?! Honey, can you tell us if...?"

"I'm trying," he said. "But I can't find anything!"

"But she clearly sees something!"

"I know that and I feel it too, but I can't find it!"

"This world has gone mad!"

"Don't blame me!"

"You brought me into this world kicking and screaming!"

"You accepted it!"

"After it was done! What was left for me to do?! Go hide my head in the sand?! You know what?! You deal with this crap! I'm getting her out of here!" The woman picked Indira up and began running with her. "Yeah, after all this time, I still hold a grudge. I love that man, but he doesn't seem to know what he's done. I'll help you kick Grigore's ass, okay? But let's get you home first."

“Let me go!”She fought the woman’s hold until she had no choice but to put her down. Once her feet hit the ground she tried to catch her breath, it was more out of panick she felt she couldn’t “don’t just pick someone up like that! I do t know you or trust you!” She said in a angry tone “I don’t care about you or your lifemate I have my own problems and I don’t need to listen to yours!” She said as she felt heavy large paws weigh on her shoulders and it made her stiffen. She could feel hot breath on her neck and could hear its heavy breathing, without turning her head she slowly looked towards the breathing, the first thing she saw was the wolves mouth that was larger then her head open slightly, exposing its teeth and saliva, it moved forward enough where it’s red eye met hers. That was where she knew she went wrong. Using its paws it pulled her down backwards hard on her back, her head slamming to the ground with a big thud. She felt his razor teeth sink deep into her shoulder and chest making her cry out and she watched as the woman went to go towards her just as she was dragged away at a alarming speed.

Indira! Grigore's voice called out, a panic to it's tone. Then, another wolf slammed into the one carrying her. She didn't know how she knew, but the new wolf was Grigore. He kept himself between her and the other wolf. Keep your eyes on him! I can only see him through you! The woman got to Indira and began mixing dirt and her saliva together to put into Indira's wounds.

The dark wolf got Grigore to the ground, it's teeth around his neck. But Grigore was fast and managed to move. However, no matter what he did, the enemy kept him held down. Indira... You are ten feet from the wall. Get inside it, and you will be safe. Hurry!

The other woman said she would go get help and ran off

She went to run when a voice in her head yelled stop! With a deep dark tone. She froze and tuned towards the wolf who had gregore pinned i have no need for you or your lifemates life this night only what you know, answer my questions and I will let you both live He said in a growling tone. All she could do was nod a few nights ago you were in a cave, what did you see and don’t lie to me I heard of your ability, if you lie I will kill him The wolf said “I saw horrible things....there was a man...no a monster...” She said in a shaking tone what else The creature asked “a woman....at first she was a woman but then...she became like him” she said as she started to shake. The wolf growled do you know what happened to the woman? He asked “no...but the man ...he was killed by a hunter but I never saw what happened to the woman I only know what she felt” she said honestly. The wolf was silent for a moment the wards in your mind are strong, I want the memories, show them to me He commanded “only if you let him go, I promise you I will just please let him go” she said in a sincere tone Now! That made her jump and her fear spike “gregore.....the memories I have of the cave I need them...I know you put them away..” she said in a shaking tone

Grigore hesitated a moment, then took down the barrier in her mind. The memories and the pain came to her. He held her mind together even as he searched for a way to destroy the thing holding him down.

The creature growled, his anger brought a thunderstorm and rain as he watched the memories. He through gregore towards Indira making him slam into her and land on top of her.

When gregore turned the wolf was gone. He got off of her and returned to his human form. There were still marks on his neck.

"Let's get you to the house," he said, picking her up. "There, it will be safe for me to heal you. We can't have you getting hurt more. I should have insisted on taking you."

She cried out when he moved her “it burns..” she said in a infilled tone “I thought...I was seeing things again...”

"I know," he said. "That was a master vampire. It takes several experienced hunters to take them down. They can hide from us a lot better than younger vampires. You must have found him through your ability somehow. When we get to the house, I can take the venom out of you and the burning will stop."

He didn't tell her that he would take care of himself after that. He felt the burnign and isolated the problem for later. She came first.

Every step was painful but she didn’t want him to stop because she was afraid of being outside “why did you come?” She asked

"You were in danger," he said simply. "I could not allow that."

“I’m sorry then” she said and when he looked at her with a confused look she added “we both need some time to cool down and think....I made that impossible “ she said looking away from him

"Indira, I was think about how you disliked me, and ways to show you that I care for you," he said as he entered the house. "We are still a new couple, and I'm not an easy man to live with. Now, let's get the venom out of you before it does too much damage."

“I don’t dislike you....just things that you do...I don’t know enough about you to dislike you” she said leaning her head on his chest and closed her eyes “I don’t want to see this place yet...not like this...” she said in a low tone “if I would have let that woman carry me maybe this wouldn’t have happened but it felt wrong...her touching me”

"She was just going to bring you here," he said, carrying her to the basement. "She and her lifemate had one job, to bring you to this house and keep you safe until I came. And I had already seen it in your memories and rebuilt the entire house. The only thing left were parts of a wall and the floor. Now, hold still. It may hurt a little but the venom will be out in a moment."

He laid her on the ground and became light, entering her body to repair any damage and drive out the venom.


"Meghan, I think you have been using your ability and this is why you are so hungry," he said, trying to hand her another bottle. "Feed from these until it is safer. You were scared to feed from me before, remember?"

“I don’t have any abilities erik...I wish you would stop thinking so highly of me when it’s not deserved” she said taking a sip of the bottle and making a disapproving face “this does not sit well with me...” she said looking at the bottle “let’s just go hunt maybe I need something fresh”

"Please, finish one of the bottles," he said. "I don't want to have to repeat what I did on the way here."

She sighed and continued drinking but it looked like it bothered her. When she was finished she looked really uncomfortable. She placed her hand on her mouth like she was going to be sick

He pulled her to him so that she was close to his neck, saying, "Now, feed from me. It will help the other stay down and..."

She cut him off by biting deeply into his neck, she moaned the instant his blood touched her tongue. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him against her tightly with a strong grip

He held her to him. This hunger was unlike her. He had to figure out what was going on. He didn't like not knowing, and if he didn't know it, how could he protect her?

She used her weight to push him roughly up against the wall. She acted like she couldn’t get close enough. He could feel he was getting to the point where she needed to stop before he became weak.

"M-Meghan," he said, trying not to let the weakness show. "We need to hunt, remember?"

She punched the wall neck to his head and with a cry she released his throat and held her hand “erik...I’m so sorry...I tried I couldn’t stop...” she said “it’s like my mind was not in control...I was just so hungry” she said in a sobbing tone

"You stopped in time, Meghan," he said, grabbing a bottle. "That's what counts. I'll drink a bit of this and then we will go out, okay?"

But his hand was shaky. He could barely open the bottle, let alone lift it.

She made him sit down “stay here and drink , I’ll go, I’ll take a escort ok” she said I a sorrowful tone

"Would you be able to stop if it wasn't me?" he asked. "I have to be the one with you, Meghan. You can't hurt me, so if this happens again, you will be able to stop. We don't know what has happened to you lately. I want to be there for you in case you need me."

She looked disgusted at herself “your blood has satisfied me...” she said in a guilty tone looking away from him

He made her look at him and said, "Then, stay with me. There is plenty here. I can drink it."

All she did was nod. She was silent as she brought another bottle to him and she actively avoided meeting his gaze

After his second bottle, he made her look at him and said, "You have nothing to be ashamed of. I've been in worse condition before. This is nothing. If it had been necessary, I could have still protected you."

She shook her head “I thought we would finally have some peace....last night...I never felt...I mean it is always special between us but last night....” she said looking up at him “you felt it too right?” She asked

"You know I did," he said. "Our minds connected, remember? How could I not feel that close? Even without that, I felt how special it was."

“I thought it was a sign...that things would get better and now this” she said in a defeated tone “erik what’s wrong with me am I broken?” She asked

"No," he said. "There is nothing wrong with you and you are not broken. Things will get better. I'm just glad we have moments where we can have some peace and can be together. Soon, we will be in our own home and have all the time in the world to be a family."

“I hope that’s true but your the second...your too important to be far away” she said in a sad tone

"That doesn't always mean I will be needed," he said. "Most of the time, it's only to check on things and help Antony. The biggest portion of my time will be with you and the children."

She looked up at him like something just clicked in her head “children.....” she said standing up “erik where’s our son?” She asked in a urgent tone.

"He and the girls are being taken care of in the cavern set aside as a daycare," he said. "I made sure they were well protected."


Emily woke up with a huge hang over. She wanted to tune out the world.

There was a heavy arm thrown over her making it hard to move. She could see the sun was about to set but it was still daylight out.

She looked to see Ambrose. She lifted her hand to caress his face. If only he wanted me. When his eyes opened, she gasped. Without thinking, she went to shove him off of the bed.

He grabbed her wrist, stopping her from doing so “this is the thanks I get for sleeping above ground ?” He asked in a teasing yet tired tone.

"What the hell happened last night?" Emily asked. "I can't remember? Why did you have to sleep here? Isn't it dangerous?"

“No more dangerous then you drunk....wait actually you drunk is more dangerous” he said with a teasing tone

Emily sat up and said, "That's not something to tease about, you know. Thanks for trying to make it funny, but if I'm more dangerous that way, too many people would get hurt because of me. I already have enough blood on my hands."

“Then why did you do it in the first place? You left your son here alone and when out when you know it dangerous” he said in a serious tone

"Your brother watches him constantly, even when he's with me," Emily said, getting up. "He wasn't in danger. I needed to get out. So, I did. I'm not going to explain my reason for it because you wouldn't understand. I'm going to shower."

Right before she reached the bathroom door he said “your being a bad mother Emily” in a stern tone.

"Then you and my mother should get along splendidly!" she turned, yelling at him. "The last thing I need is one more person telling me how to raise my son! What's so wrong with having a night out once in a while?! He was safe and I knew that! I wouldn't have gone out otherwise!"

“He was safe but you were not and you put yourself at risk, if you care so much about how to raise your son then why risk not being here to raise him?” He asked in a calm tone “you didn’t think about that did you? Or did you just not care who raised him? Or that he would grow up without you”

She clenched her fists and said, "According to everyone else, he'd be better off without me anyway! Besides, if I can't make the memories stop on my own, I could hurt him! That's why I'm always watched around him and you know it! Not that you care! You keep me at arm's length too! I get scared and I pull a knife on everyone! That's my reaction! Everyone is so fucking scared of me that they don't want to be around me! You never even wanted near me before until you were forced to come after me! Why pretend you care now?! Quit trying to tell me what I can and can't do! The last thing I need from an asshole like you is your views on what's right or wrong! I would never drink around Eli, so he'd never be in danger!"

She grabbed her bag and went to the restroom. She turned on the shower and got in after taking off her clothes. Instead of cleaning right away, she sat down with her knees pulled up, crying. I only wanted one night out. Now, I'm being judged for it. Why is it that everyone else can have fun but it's wrong for me to? Why does Ambrose's opinion even matter when he doesn't even want or care about me? Why?


Nicanu rose. He still needed to think. Now that he had made love to Megan, he had to decide his next step.

For a moment he had forgotten where he was until he felt her soft hair on his arm.

He opened the earth above them and carried her to the bed. He cleaned her and put her in a silk dress. He then started to look her over.

He could still see his love marks that were left on her though they were faded and soon would disappear. He saw her take her first breath and began to awaken

He couldn't move. He wanted her to see him there next to her, but at the same time, he still didn't know what to do. I'll see to her health, then make a decision. Making sure she is safe is most important.

When she opened her eyes and saw him he saw a bittersweet look cross her face and tears form in her eyes “your here....ugh I would wake up alone” she said in a uneven tone

"Not a chance," he said. "How are you feeling? Any lingering effects?"

She sat up and flinched, her body was sore like she had been exercising all night. That gave her a tingle in her stomach as she tried to keep Images of last night from invading her head “I’m sore but ok I guess..” she said not looking at him

"You should rest," he said. "It's a day off, so I'll be here to help you and care for you."

She looked back at him “why?” She asked in a genuinely shocked tone

"Because you are my world," he said. "I want to make sure you are okay and are in good health before we go back to the school."

That caught her off guard “I really can’t stand you going back and forth like this anymore...” she said in a emotional tone looking away and getting up. She felt still and sore.

"Well, you have me today," he said. "Why not talk this over?"

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