A New Look 4

She cried out in pain as it hurt more then she thought. He also found traces of vampire blood in the wound which was attacking her body “gregore stop! Please I need a break...I can’t handle ...”

He said, If I stop now, it will undo all the healing I have done. A few more seconds, then it will be over. She felt a pop and there was a large glob next to her. He returned to his body, swaying slightly. Then, he burned it. He sat still for a moment.

"I know it hurt," he said, wiping the red sweat from her face. "I tried to take as much of the pain I could. You did really well. You didn't touch me and force me back into my body. The wound is closed, so you rest. I'll get the venom out of my body while you do, alright?"

He could tell she was tired as she nodded, within minutes she was in a human sleep resting. When he went to move away that when he noticed her hand was clenching his shirt

He smiled and sat nearby so she didn't have to let go. Still, it hurt to get it out. When he had destroyed it, he laid next to her and held her. He felt tired

She rolled over on her side which made her arm rest on his chest, he must have dozed off because he was startled awake when she mumbled “coming bunica...” and started to get up

"Rest," Grigore said. "It's just a dream."

When he saw she realized where she was he saw the look on her face turn to dread and fear “gregore I swear I heard....” she looked up towards the stairs like she was seeing something. She suddenly buried her face into his chest with a sob and gripped his shirt “I can’t believe I didn’t think about what would happen by coming here...I can’t see her...I can’t...” she said shaking against him

"It's okay," he said. "I know it's hard. Tell me how to help. I'm here for you. If you need to cry, I will be a shoulder for you. If you need to talk, I will lend both my ears. You are not alone anymore."

“Hold me please...don’t let me hear this....I can’t” she said in a begging tone

"Then, let's talk," he said. "What would you like to talk about?"

She flinched like something startled her and she made a sobbing sound “please...anything “ she said “tell me something about you”

"There isn't much to tell," he said. "Most of my memories are of us moving around. However, my father always told me that we were dragons, sent to protect people. The darker the scale on a Dragonseeker, the longer they fought and endured the touch of evil. He told me that my scales were a true black, absorbing all light around me. I was born with the Dragonseeker mark, but it is faint. It is only there to show my connection to the family line and does nothing to tell me if vampires are near. This is because I would become second to the prince if anything were to happen to Erik."

“What’s a prince and second...” she asked as she moved so her face was buried in his neck as she laid fully on top of him.

"The prince is the vessel of our people," he said. "His second in command protects him. If the prince dies and there is no one to take his place, the whole of the Carpathian people die with him, leaving vampires behind. He connects everyone together, and we look to him for leadership, though that is not always necessary. It is our duty to protect him and his family for this reason. His word is law and he is the most important and powerful Carpathian. He is always a target for our enemies, but he must also shoulder the troubles of our people. He feels our pain and sadness, often carrying the weight of every lost hunter, female, or child far more than most. He knows when we find mates, when we suffer, and even when a child is concieved. However, none of it prepares him for when a life is lost to our people."


“Erik when I’m pregnant what is the biggest thing for me...I crave you, your blood...I didn’t even have a chance to bond with my son yet what if the hunger I am feeling is not just mine but his...” she said “I want...no I need to go to him, if I’m correct it can answer at least this problem we are having before I hurt you again” she said sincerely

"Then, let's go see the children," he said, finishing another bottle. "We should spend some time with them anyway. They need to see we are alright. They have been worried too."

She nodded and they left in secret to avoid the people waiting for them , they plan to see them but not right now. When they got to the cave Meghan went straight to their new born son while erik went to the girl. She picked him up. Erik was not paying attention to anything else but the girls, a few moments later Meghan called for him in a urgent tone from the other room.

Erik ran to the room but stopped in the doorway. His heart lept. The look on Meghan's face was full of happiness and wonder As she was sitting there breast feeding their son. He walked to her and the girls followed him. He held Meghan.

"You missed this with the girls," he said. "I'm glad that you can bond with him like this."

“I thought this wasn’t possible..I’m not hurting him am I? I just felt his need and...” she was worried , that much was clear.

"You are doing very well," he said. "You are not hurting him at all. This is natural. When he gets his fill, he will let go on his own, just as he will feed on his own. You are a natural at this. Don't force him to feed or try to overfeed. He knows when to start and stop all on his own. You will feel his need for the next year or so, then we will start weening him. For now, look at him. He is beautiful and feeding as he should."

“The more he feeds the less hungry I feel” she said looking back up at erik “do you think I was right about the connection? “ she asked in a hopeful tone, but knew he could not say for sure unless he examined them both

"It's looking like it," he said. "I'll take a look so we know for sure later. Right now, let's enjoy this moment."

He feed for about twenty minutes before he stopped because he feel asleep while feeding. She held him for a few more minutes before handing him to erik so he could spend some time with him while she spent time with the girls.

Erik held him as he slept, cooing softly after a small yawn. At the same time, he talked to the hunters with lifemates and asked them. A sigh of relief soon followed. Meghan looked much better now and he knew what needed to be done.

"Meghan, we should go home," he said. "That way, you can feed him as soon as we wake up and this doesn't happen. I checked with some hunters and they said that what you felt may have been an extreme form of the mother-child bond. It's how the mother knows when it is time to feed the baby. I think that your ability just made it a stronger reaction, where you felt you were hungry at first. After everything that happened, I believe that you are extremely sensitive to everyone's needs. With some time, you will start to tone it down and be able to tell the difference between what you feel and what others feel."

“I understand...but I’ll go home alone with the kids...you need to go see anthony “ she said in a soft bittersweet tone

"I'll go see him after I make sure you four are safe," he said. "I won't be able to concentrate if I don't."

She nodded. When she went to the kids room she found they were all asleep “well...” she said before suddenly kissing him deeply im sorry about earlier...

Don't be, he said. Landon is very close to you. It shows. Next time, tell me everything you feel, okay? I don't mind providing for you, Meghan, but I do not want you to get sick because you fed too much.


no one is scared of you Emily and maybe when you realize it because it was not you doing them you will understand why, and it’s your immature mind that keeps me from claiming you, the decision to go out like you did and do what you did, instead of doing what you need to do to cope and heal and become stronger that’s why I stay away, you need to be healthy and strong mentally to stand by my side and until I will not claim you. When you are ready to stop feeling sorry for yourself and making excuses on your bad decisions let me know, when you are ready to heal and grow that is when I will be by your side She heard the door to the room shut and knew he had left.

Idiot, she thought. I've seen the look in their eyes. They are afraid. And I don't blame them. Pulling a knife on someone just because they scare you by accident isn't exactly normal. Sometimes, being reckless can be a wake-up call too. It just didn't work this time.

She finished bathing and walked out. She got dressed in a simple outfit and went to the other room. She sat down and began watching TV. He said that she wasn't strong enough. I haven't killed myself despite all the times wanting to. Just because I feel sorry for myself and make excuses doesn't mean I won't do what needs to be done. I'm going to prove him wrong.

There was no answer, after a little while a woman brought Eli into see her “hi my name is Mary I help run the day care” she said with a smile

Emily jumped and Reached for her knife but found it was not there. As she turned to the woman with a smile and a mental note to kick Ambrose ass later

"Thank you for taking care of him," she said. "Is he having fun with the other children? I know an autistic child can be a handful."

“He is a sweet heart and gets along fine with everyone” she said putting him down and he went straight for Emily

Emily scooped him up and gave him a bunch of kisses to make him giggle before saying, "He hasn't hit anyone? That's a surprise. He often finds it funny. I've had a hard time getting him to stop or even listen to me. I'm glad he is doing well. He hasn't tried to run out of the room, has he?" She saw Dominic through the doorway. "Hello, Dominic. You've been guarding the door haven't you."

"He stays in the room very well," Dominic said. "We have a wall with different textures and the women are good about keeping him on track with his lessons."

"That's good to hear."

"Mary, I'll be here to keep an eye on things," he said. When Mary left, Dominic came up to Emily. "Ambrose is worried for you, you know. You keep holding onto the memories and it hurts him to see you like that."

"I can't let them go," Emily said with a growl.

"Why not?"

"Because of what I did!"

"So, you are punishing yourself? Why?"

Emily said, "Because I..." she sat down and put Eli on the couch next to her. "It's what I'm used to doing. It's a compulsion. If I am the only one who sees it, if I'm the only one who suffers, then maybe..."

"You aren't the only one," Dominic said. "Ambrose and Eli suffer too. Don't bottle up those feelings, because Eli will learn that and copy."

"I know."

"Then why?"

"It all stems back to when I was a kid. I endured the pain of being a failure for so long, I got used to doing things this way."

"You have Ambrose now, and he will listen. But Eli is caught in the middle and I'm done seeing him suffer because of your selfishness."

Emily hugged Eli to her. She wanted to stop too. She knew she had to, but she didn't know how.

Emily played with Eli and watched Pokemon with him for hours, even though she had seen the episodes a dozen times and knew each line by heart. She fed him and they even went outside to play. Dominic went to the yard with Eli since Emily was still scared of the dark, but she watched from the porch, the light making her feel safer. She waved at him when Eli called to her to watch him go down the big slide. Then, she felt him walk up behind her.

"You came back," she said. "Why?"

“I told you I would and I keep my word” he said sitting down beside her, but not to close.

"Growing up, I didn't have the support system Eli has," she said. "In a world where a man could tear his daughter apart with his words, I had no one to turn to. I had to learn to cope with things. It led to depression. It takes me far longer to get over things, Ambrose, because I always have to be the strong one and do things alone. I am healing, but it's slow and the wounds don't stop bleeding." She looked at him. "I needed a night where I could pretend that I wasn't me, where there were no monsters in the world, where I wasn't a monster. It didn't work, but I got to cut loose. Look, the point is you can't make me heal at your speed, but that won't stop me from doing what I have to when it comes to Eli or anything else. I power through. My will to not let it hold me down helps me see the little things that make life better. I'll get there in my own time." She looked back at the playground. "Something like this may take a whole year. I have a lot of torture to get through and process. But know that even as I put myself down, I'm already rising above it." She smiled and kicked the seat out from under him. "Just don't ever call me a terrible mom again. I don't need a little pocket knife when I have a kitchen full and your family jewels ripe for the picking."

He didn’t say anything, he got up and went out into the yard and started to play with Eli.

Emily stood at the top of the three steps. Her heart was pounding and her eyes darted everywhere. She gripped her fist and walked out.

"We need lights out here," she said, trying to sound normal but there was a small telling hitch.

Torches lit all around the yard giving it a romantic feel, fireflies started their nightly dances

Emily looked at Ambrose for a moment before chasing after Eli. The wind blew and Emily stopped at the towards the woods. She had a soft smile, like she was hearing something that no one else could.

"The trees here are happy," she said, looking down at the two brothers. "They say Andor is coming. But it's like the rest of the world is shut out, like it's safe here."


“I thought you had already decided everything “ she said walking around to head towards the bathroom. He could see she was walking slow and he saw sweat form on her forehead

He went to her side and began helping her, saying, "I am not that good. I can't make up my mind on how to best handle finding you. I always mess up and hurt you. I can honestly say, I don't have everything decided, but I am trying." He looked at her. "Today, I have nothing planned other than making sure you are healing as you should. Yes, I have a school to take care of and it is my duty to do so. Finding you... it has changed things, to say the least. I'm trying to find a way to include you, and until I do, I thought learning how to defend yourself and about our people would help you while I think things over. I do not want to claim you until I have figured everything out. It would not be fair to you if my time is spent mostly teaching when you would need me with you."

She stopped and looked at him “I...can agree to that as long as you promise not to shut me out or avoid me, I’m scared and this is all new to me, I need to be able to come to you when I need you and the last thing I need is to feel alone in this, I want some time to figure things out as well, we don’t have to tell anyone we are lifemates either. But you also have to promise to not let your self get close to falling...if you feel it claim me and we will figure things out from there, deal?”

"I can do that," he said. "Now, what should we talk about? After we get you fed, of course."

“I had forgot that I needed too....” she said touching her throat gently

"It's easy to forget at first," he said. "Now, you can drink from the bottle or I can feed you. I can't guarantee we won't... enjoy doing other things with it. But I can promise that afterwards, you and I will take a walk and talk. I need to hear what you are feeling so that I can make a more informed decision on how to handle things. I can't ignore that my duty has dragged you into this, so I am now asking for your help. Doing it on my own has only hurt you and I'm done doing that. Also, about your friend. Why did she take you from the safety of the school? It is far too dangerous right now, and both of you nearly got hurt because of it."

“I didn’t just go for her...yes I was worried about her but it was because....” she trailed off like she was hesitant “I was hurt ok, I was hurt and scared and rejected, I want to pretend even for a moment that things where different but it was so hard I had to get close to those nasty guys and risk feeding off of....” she was cut off when he growled.

"You know, I should kill the other two men," he said. "They touched what was mine and I will not forgive them for that. They even thought they could have you. I read their minds of that night. I think I'll go out and do that before dawn. Show them what happens when they touch my woman."

She grabbed his arm so he would stay “I chose them, it’s not there fault, besides you had rejected me, you can’t blame them” she said “and what about the girl I fed on, are you not mad at her?” She asked

"I never rejected you," he said. "I needed time to work things out. Not once did I say I didn't want you. The last Carpathian to do that turned vampire because he saw his woman as a weakness and not a strength. I wanted to know I wasn't hurting you by being away all night. And I can blame them because their first thought was to take you to bed. One wanted to tie you to it and punish you 'like a good bitch'! I can't be mad at the woman because she didn't want to have sex with you. I had to erase all of their memories of you, and the woman never once wanted to get with you. The guys, however, were sick in the head. Their idea of dominance is whips, chains, and humiliation. My idea is much more enjoyable. Silk is softer on the skin, you do not need to be humiliated with me, and I will never hit you. Well, you may need a good spanking after last night, but that's about it."

The look on her face told him she was both shocked and aroused, though she tried to hid it.and imagine of the man dancing with her flashed in her mind, the way his hands tightly gripped her waist and at one point slid up to grip her breast he did seem aggressive.... She thought to herself. Because they were not bound she found that she didn’t necessarily not like dancing with him or being felt up, it felt good to be wanted but it wasn’t as strong of a effect as is was when nicanu touched her. When she looked back at him the look on his face told her he not only saw what she was thinking but that it had been a mistake to do so “I um....I’m going to the bathroom “ she said and tried to hurry away

"What else did you do with those men?" he asked, his growl a warning that what she was about to say would determine if they lived or died, and he would see through any lie she might tell.

She stoped right before the door, her back to him “I got poisoned and drugged.....don’t worry I was punished for touching them, no need to make it worse” she said going into the bathroom

"Who said I'd be getting on to you?" he asked, traveling through the keyhole to appear next to her. "I simply want to know if you did anything else with them. Your answer tells me no. I should kill them for touching you, but you have asked me not to. Still, I have the urge to."

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