A New Look 5

“I feel sorry for him...” she said as she thought to herself that she liked hearing gregore’s voice. He felt her start to relax slightly “I......like your smell” she said in a shy tone

He chuckled and said, "Well, Antony doesn't see himself as worthy of the position. And some of our people question his choices because he takes entirely too long in making a decision. He has gotten much better. I hear his parents are planning on greeting the dawn any day now."

“I’m surprised your kind still makes it such a old age to achieve that....my grandma told me not many do..” she said in a tired tone. He felt her lips brush his neck “is it painful?” She asked in a curious tone which bothered him.

"It is easier when one has a lifemate," he said. "Unmated males making it beyond 3000 runs the risk of becoming vampire. You see, they lose even the whispers of power. However, greeting the dawn is only painful to young ones not yet used to early morning sun. The older you get the less time you have out in the sun in the early morning or late evening. Unmated males see it as a way to ensure there is one less vampire but we do not know for sure if they feel pain as they do not tell us. With mates, it more like they know that their time is up and choose to go together. I assume that there is no pain because they are together with their mates, usually making love from the moment they rise to the time the sun takes them."

“I see..how long does it take for someone young to burn?” She asked

"It is different for everyone," he said. "There is no set time. However, one can build up an immunity, but it hurts and it takes many years."

She was silent for a moment and then started to get up “her voice has stopped...I need to go get something “ she said and started to go for the stairs.

"I'll go with you," he said as he followed. "I want a tour of your family home."

She stopped “it’s not much...it’s small...even poor like compared to your cave of wonders” she said in a low tone “but it is my home just please stay out of my grandmothers room, we have a tradition that I have sadly not been able to fulfill”she said in a sad tone

"I will respect your wishes," he said, "but it isn't what wonders there are that make a home beautiful, Indira. It's the memories made there and the love that it holds within."

She started walking again without saying anything. It was like a cottage from a fairy tale, herbs hung from the ceiling, old books filled the self made wooden bookshelf. He now knew where indiras smell came from


"Tell me about this house," he said, going to the pictures over the fireplace. "Your time here. All the times I visited, I never once saw you. Where would you hide?"

" I will when I can remember....my memories are.....messed up right now" she said softly

"Then, I will wait," he said. "For now, go about your usual activities. If I am curious about something, I'll ask."

She nodded and went to her bedroom

He followed her around, simply watching her. The way she moved took his breath away.

Her bedroom was full of color and smelled just like her

"The view is beautiful," he said. "Is that why you were given this room?"

“This use to be my mothers room that’s why she gave it too me...so I could feel closer to her” she said sitting on her bed, sliding her hands over it

"That was your mother's blanket," he said. "Did she make it?"


She broke the kiss “I’ll wait here until they wake up , so if you have something you need to do you can knowing I am safe” she said in a sincere tone

"Anastasia told me that he underwent conversion pains to become a Guardian of all once more," he said. "I won't be long. I just need to see if there was any damage done. He shut us all out to spare us his pain, so I didn't even know he was converted until now. I also need to check on the woman that attacked you. See what she has been up to, unless you want to do that for me."

“Judging by your tone of voice it’s best hat I do...” she said giving him a look that meant she knew he was guilty of something

"She has nearly killed you and a number of children, Meghan!" he said. "She seems to be settling in now, but if I were to remove the enchanted rope from her wrists, who knows what kind of trouble she could get into! She claims to be a warrior, but she is a child! If I find out that she has been rude or selfish or...!"

“Erik calm down...I know why you are upset and I agree, I will deal with her while you are gone, just focus on making it safely back to me” she said taking his hand and giving it a squeeze.

"I always plan on coming back," he said. "And my plans have never failed."

She hugged him in a tight embrace “I love you return soon” she said into his neck

"Stay safe," he said before disappearing.

It wasn’t until he landed outside of Anthony’s house did he realized she had slipped something into his pocket. When he pulled it out he found himself staring at a necklace that took his breath away

He put it around his neck, not caring who saw it. He walked in and said, "How is he, Anastasia? Has he awoken or have you waited for me?"

Ana turned to him, she had a deep bruising bite mark on her neck that looked painful “he...has been awake “ she said trying to quickly cover it with her sweater she had on “but I will need you to watch him while I go out, he had things he needed to do this night that I will be doing in his stead” she said

"Let me see," he said. "You woke him too early, didn't you? That's how you know he must miss out on his plans. I heard about your ceremony. I am sorry he is missing it because of this."

"I'll be fine.." she said moving out of his reach " just take care of him Erik" she said " ward the house and keep an eye on him closely and make sure to protect yourself" she said going to leave

"I will," he said. "I plan on keeping him asleep. I told Meghan I would be returning to her soon. So please, do what you need to do and come back quickly. I need to look at your wound."

She nodded and left, Erik had a gut feeling as a hunter that things were about to get dangerous

He warded the house and sat down, grabbing a book to read. Part of his mind was on Antony, and keeping him asleep to heal.


“As a child of earth you should listen more often, you will know where is safe and where is not” he said picking up Eli “if Andors is coming he will have something to discuss” he said handed Eli to her “why don’t you go inside and feed him”

Emily looked at him like he was weird and said, "Ambrose, I'm a Virgo. An Earth Sign. I will admit, I can better hear the voices of the trees after everything, but it still be nothing. I've always liked gardening, and being around plants does make me feel calmer, but that doesn't mean I'm this 'child of earth' or anything like that."

"We have news," said Andor from behind her. "Ambrose, the Nymphs passed by this way, missing this place. It happened because your mate is here. The forest protected her, and her son. I consulted a daughter of earth at the caves and she learned that the earth protects them both. She suggests that they be moved to the caves so that Emily can help in the garden cavern."

Ambrose nodded “I will take them there tomorrow night then“ he said “I have some things I need to prepare Andor, please watch over them until I return” he said and in Andors head he added do not speak to her of any Carpathian business or if the nymphs anymore, you should have waited to speak to me privately, we will discuss your wrong doings later He said in a serious tone

It's urgent, Andor said as Emily, Eli, and Dominic went inside. Be glad that I didn't tell her how the Nymphs instead attacked the campers nearby. I heard her deny being a child of earth, so I thought it best to inform her of what her sister said. She will need training once you convert her and the boy. He then saw the look on Ambrose's face. You have no plans on converting the child, do you? Is it because of the process or the pain? Or has the woman clouded your mind because she wants it to be his choice when you know both of you will be unable to watch your son die from a human weakness?

that is none of your concern He growled since Dominic has decided to stay you may leave, I have already informed him to keep his mouth shut and at least I know he will listen because he understands He said in a cold tone and started to walk away if the campers are dead bring them to the feeders and clean up the evidence

They are already there, but they want you to come take a look. There is a message for you. From an enemy, or so the women are saying. From what I saw, one of the vampires under Dolen's command escaped and is now trying to bait you into a battle. It was Dolen's dark journal, detailing his plan. Be glad I also didn't mention that. Like with Xavier's journal, we are unable to destroy it. Perhaps your woman knows how.

It will be my decision to involve her, say anything and I’ll rip out you tongue He said going to the site.

Brother, she is already involved. They saw her name on the page that was open. The will regard her with suspicion. I am warning you, not trying to fight you. At least your lifemate sticks around and gives you emotions. Ready or not, I think you should say the binding words so that you are safe and she cannot escape. I know she keeps her feelings bottled up, Dominic tells me so. The only difference between her and our hunters is that hers is a choice. I'm not defending her choice to go out drinking with the society hunting her and this new danger, but showing a different way to see the situation. Now, as for the book, no one dares to touch it once we found out nothing destroys it.

like I said it’s my business, stay out of Andor, I’m warning you He said in a serious tone

She is my family, too, Andor said. I am worried about what you are going through having to guide her back to where she was before. The toll on you is telling, though you hide it from her very well.

andor.... He said in a warning tone. He could feel the darkness in him growing everyday only because they had shared blood a few days ago because it was nessasary

You should tell her. How can she open up to you when you keep your own pain from her? The level of trust must be shared, Am. You cannot expect her to trust you with her secrets when you refuse to trust her with yours. Finish this up quickly. You and she are expected at Restaurantul Crystal, my treat. The owner knows about Carpathians and has helped our people blend in. Take her out and make her feel special. In a restaurant full of Carpathians and their allies, she will be safe.

He growled a warning in his head I will have to meet you there

Your mate will be meeting you outside the restaurant, Andor said. I will be watching the parimeter outside. Dominic is helping her pick an outfit. He suggests a dress, and she is against it. I'm sure Dominic will win the argument, though.

There was no answer from him and storm started to roll in, the sound of thunder could be heard in the distance.

Just something good to look forward to, Andor said. What has you so pissed off, besides me?

There was no answer and he knew he would not get one until he saw him later

"Ambrose," said a hunter, "do you know what we should do? If the woman named in the book is evil, like it says, shouldn't we...?" He saw the look in Ambrose's eyes. "Okay. We don't hunt her. What do you suggest we do with the book, then?"

The book disappeared “finish cleaning this up and leave” he commanded

The man nodded. After a few minutes, the campsite was cleared away. It was as if no one had ever been there.

Once everyone was gone he checked the area once more before leaving himself.
Emily sat in the car. Dominic had taken Eli to the daycare while she dressed.

"Tell me why this dress," she said. "Or a dress at all."

"He'd like it," Dominic said. "Trust me."


She covered herself with her already taken off shirt “do you not understand what a closed door is meant for or the concept of knocking?” She said as her ears turned pink “further more I don’t see how you can be mad, I did it to feed for one and two the way you left things with me made it seem you wouldn’t even care..” she said backing away from him

"I understand that you felt like you meant nothing to me," he said with a nod, "however that doesn't change what they thought about doing to my woman. Hell, the man who died was part of the sex trade, Megan. A woman as alluring as you is often targetted by them. If things had been slightly different that night, who knows where you or your friend would be right now. I am glad you know how to defend yourself with humans, Megan, and that would have saved you. It is only because you do not want me to harm them that they still breathe, though one of them has now been added to a list of possible threats by Interpol. Something felt off about him, though he was not touched by a vampire. I felt it best to let humans deal with that, at the very least."

“I don’t like you calling me your woman...it sounds like I’m property...now if you’ll excuse me I would like to take a shower..” she said trying to keep herself covered “and I don’t want you to harm them because I went up to them , they did not come to me, if anyone would be punished it is me and I was, I just want to move on from this...and you better get use to it because I’m surrounded by a lot of unclaimed makes and I am still a unclaimed female so.....”

"If they so much as think about touching you in such a way, I will kill them, Megan," he said, his tone telling her there was no room for argument. "That is all there is to the matter."

She sighed “you can’t blame them! They don’t know!l she said in a aggravated tone “I will take it as it really is, a compliment, what you should be more concerned about is if I show them attention back!” She said turning on the water and getting into the shower and closing the curtain

He pinned her to the shower wall, not paying attention to his clothes, and said, "No, they would know. My scent is all over you, Megan. If they touch or think about my woman, then as your man, it is my duty to get rid of them."

Her ears felt hot as she couldn’t help but notice how his shirt clung to his body. She became very aware she was naked and of where his skin touched hers “just because they think about me doesn’t mean they should be hurt for it...and you said yourself that I’ll have to train which means other will touch me..” she said not daring to look up at him

"Not romantically," he pointed out. "They are training for battle. With more and more women joining the society, they need to be prepared for that, and you need to learn how to defend yourself like a Carpathian. It all works out. But they will know not to flirt with you, touch you inappropriately, or anything that might be considered romantic in any way."

“What if they touch me like you are touching me now...” she said in a shy husky tone

"I'll kill them," he said simply.

He could hear her heart spread up, her saw her mouth part slightly even though she was looking down at his chest “are you going to let go of my wrist now...” she said in a low tone, he felt her skin heat up under his touch. He watched her nipples grow hard

He moved closer to her and said, "But why would I want to? Your skin is soft, I cannot help but to touch it. And the blush coloring your cheeks... I want to taste your skin, Megan."

He began to kiss her neck, passion driving him.

Her breath caught in her throat " but you said...." She said in a moaning tone

"That you have me for today," he said against her skin. "I will be taking care of all your needs." His hand found her breast. "And we both should enjoy it." He exposed his throat. "Take what you need, Megan. I have fed well this night."

She turned her head and covered her mouth, he could feel she was fighting her urges " nicanu....." She said his name like silk not intentionally

"Megan, you have yet to feed," he said, cutting his neck. "You need to so you can be healthy."

He heard her breath leave her " don't if I do we....." She said in a uneven tone " I won't be able to stop and if you don't want me ..."

"I do want you," he said. "From the moment I saw you, I have wanted you. But I also want to do right by you. Must we go back to that? I thought you were done talking about it and your... escapade."

She growled out of anger at his words and out of spite bit deep into his neck over his cut

"What are you upset over?" he asked. Though he asked like nothing was wrong or changed she felt his large member harden on her hip.

She didn’t want to fight or argue so before either of them changed theirs minds about what was happening she rubbed up against him, he still had her hands pinned

He growled, his free hand moving over her skin. His touch was rough and enticing. When he felt her try to free her hands, he growled again.

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