A New Look 6

“It’s tradition” she said in a soft tone looking at it “six generations of woman have made this quilt...my mom, my grandmother, her mother and so on” she said looking sadly at the quilt “as for the men they add to the home..with their bare hands, they add a room of their own design which is why every room is different...that’s why I got upset when you said you changed things..” she said in a soft tone.

"I didn't change the house," he said. "I added to the basement for your safety. Same with the wall around the house."

“You added the basement...” she said repeating his words “I suppose it’s your right now...but it’s not how it was suppose to happen..it broke traditions..I was to be married and....never mind it doesn’t matter” she said laying down on her bed and hugging a pillow

"If you want that," he said, "we can have a human marriage ceremony. My gift then is an early wedding present." Then, he smiled. "If we go by tradition, then I should be showering you with gifts anyway. Though, the medieval tradition is more like me buying you from your family. As we can't do that, I will simply bring flowers until you get so tired of them, you agree."

She rolled her eyes and chuckled “unfortunately our tradition requires me to be pure....I’m no longer that so it does t matter. Tomorrow I will prepare my grandmothers rites...I don’t have what it takes to do now” she said in a tired tone “can I please sleep here tonight or must I sleep...underground “ she said in a nervous tone.

"You can't sleep in this room until there are shutters," he said. "Also, you would not regain energy. However, you can fall asleep in the bed in the basement, and once you have, I can put you in the ground to rejuvenate and put you back in the bed before you awake. That way, you never have to feel uncomfortable."

She sighed “I’m to tired to fight you on it and I understand your right...even if I don’t like it“ she said sitting up “you don’t have to stay here with me you can go rest and I’ll come down when I’m ready”

"I'll wait," he said. "Too many women and men have hurt themselves after they were converted. I want to be able to get to you as quickly as possible in case you forget, or try to prove me wrong. It's nothing against you, but more for my comfort."

“You think I’ll hurt myself?” She asked

"Not on purpose, no," he said. "Some people would simply forget that they needed to be out of the sun after the conversion, and accidentally got hurt. I know you would never do it on purpose."

She looked down like she felt guilty “I might...” she said in a low tone

"And that's okay," he said. "That's why I'm here. So that you don't get hurt accidentally. So, you prepare. I will stand beside you. It will be tough and being alone doing it even tougher. I knew her too, and would like to join you, to send her off."

She knew he completely missed what she had meant and maybe that was a good thing “no...I want to do it alone...I will tomorrow night” she said standing up “I guess let’s go down into the dark basement of doom”

"It's a basement bedroom," he said with a laugh. "It's not a prison."

“Yeah yeah whatever you say...it’s either the basement of doom or you just have really dark taste...but I’m going to stick with the basement of doom for now, after all your taste can’t be too bad if you want me” she said in a joking tone walking past him towards the door

He growled playfully and said, "Now, that's just mean, woman."

His growled formed goose bumps on her skin “are you coming or not or do you need me to show you the way after all you are pretty old “ she said with a smile, her eyes got big when she saw the look on his face and with a chuckle she ran

Ana knew the moment micheal walked into the inn, she could feel his fiery gaze at her back. He sat down across from her “I know I’m not anthony but he is unable to come.

"There was a specific reason for Antony having to be here," he said. "You are unable to do so."

“Please allow me to fill his place until he can come, I’m not here to fight nor am I hear to mess up the truce that is at stake, I simply wish to help” she said in a sincere tone “micheal please....you are a lifemate, I’m trying to help mine like you do for yours, I’ll am trying to help” she said meeting his gaze with sincerity “I won’t lie and say that with everything that has happened I trust or like either of you but, I recognize your bond which means there has to be good in you both and maybe we all have just had bad timing and horrible communication, I want to fix that” she said and slide over a piece of paper that had the word deed on it “this is my olive branch of sincerity, you may be old but I found your family home, I know as a male you always have the urge to raise your families on your homeland, I bought it “ she said “it’s yours, it needs some work but I didn’t want to touch it, I thought you would want to do that yourself” she said

"I appreciate that," he said, taking the deed. "However, certain events have been set in motion, and it is imparative that Antony be the one to aid us. As his lifemate, you would hold enough weight to start the process, but you do not have the authority being prince does." He looked her in the eye so that she could see he spoke the truth. "It is not that we are trying to be antagonistic with the world going to hell, but ever since she awoke and I arrived, we have been attacked by people who should have welcomed us. This all could have been avoided. I could have fought with her where she had friends to talk to, and I could have sought advice. But we were denied that and forced to flee." He stood up. "Give me a day. Any longer and my lifemate... things will get bad for everyone, but especially her. We wanted this done before now. As much as she says she doesn't, I know that we both need people to turn to. I pray that Antony's conversion has not destroyed his mind. We need him sharp for the battle to come."

With that, he was gone.


Elena paced in the library as she waited for micheal to return. Her anger was building every minute he was gone “how dare he not show!” She said out loud to herself

He appeared, leaning against the door frame, saying, "From what I gathered from her mind, she granted him the ability to be a Guardian again and he underwent the conversion. He won't be able to rise safely until tomorrow. She thought she could take his place until then."

She punched the wall making it crack “she did this on purpose!” She yelled in anger “fine she wants to be apart of it so be it...” she said in a dark tone and tried to storm out of the room but he was blocking the door “move” she said in a upset tone

"Tell me," he said. "I told her to give me a day. I never said I would succeed, but her guard is up right now because of it. So I would like to know."

“Tell you what?” She said crossing her arms

"What you plan on doing," he said.

She glared at him and her for changed to that of her red mage “what I do best” she said in a dark tone “now move or I’ll make you” she said in a threatening tone.

He pulled her to him and said, "Do you always have to be so damned sexy when your mad?"

Then, he kissed her.

She growled and bit his lip hard enough to bleed and stepped back “don’t think you can calm me down by....”

"Who said I was trying to calm you down?" he said, pinning her to the wall. "I like the fire in you."

“First off your the fire bird here not me and second...” she said using her strength to reverse them so she was now pinning him to the wall “keep it in your pants bird boy I have work to do” she said licking the blood off his lip

"It can wait," he said, turning to pin her again. "Besides, he's so old, he won't wake up for another day or two anyway. Let's enjoy this while we can."

“ you don’t know him like I do and beside ps we need to have things done by then not...” she trailed off and growled when she felt his erection against her leg. She broke his grip and grabbed his face and roughly began to kiss him

She used her tongue to close the cut and then her bite, his long hair fell over her breast, teasing her skin. She wanted to touch him, she felt exposed to use with her hands bound, helpless to his touch

He kissed her neck and down to her breast. Seeing you like this... I can hardly think for wanting you, Megan.

“Don’t...day things like that” she said trying once more to break his grip

He suckled strongly and said, Why would I lie? It would only hurt you in the end. His hand found her wet core, causing her to jump. I see you are wanting me as I want you.

She wiggles under his touch trying to get away “I’m not use to being so forward...” she moaned “or taking things slow...”

"I see," he said, his fingers entering her. "But I like to take my time. I need to find out what you enjoy, and if I rush, I might miss something."

“This is too much....dont....that’s” she wiggles more trying to get his fingers to leave her core. He could feel her arousal fading as she became more embarrassed by what he was doing. She didn’t like things slow, if they were slow she became to self conscious.

"Are you alright?" he asked. "You do know that I'm teasing you, right?"

She didn’t look at him “your too much...compared to you...” she couldn’t think well with him so close. In truth she hated her body, always had, they didn’t match , he was way out of her league. She wonder it that was part of the problem, did he see it too, it didn’t mater anyways, she never takes compliments well and hearing the, from him made her even more self conscious. She was afraid if he took it slow he would see the flaws she saw every day “this isn’t teasing...you have me pinned I don’t have a fighting chance” she said in a joking tone trying to change the subject

"Megan," he said, "there are always ways out if you are uncomfortable. I did mean what I said. I want to learn every spot that I can so I can give the most beautiful woman in the world pleasure." He pulled her out of the shower to the full-length mirror. "This is the woman I see. And you are gorgeous."

She looked away, she didn’t like seeing herself next to him, it didn’t fit “What’s the point of learning about my body when you will not be touching it” she said moving away from him “I’m not in the mood anymore...I’d like to just take my shower please...alone” she said turning her back to him.

"Megan, I like touching you," he said, turning her back to the mirror. "How can you not see what I see? Right there, a smart," he kissed her neck, "talented," his hands moved over her, "and strong woman. That's you. And you are beautiful."

“Stop ok!” She said moving out of his grasp “look we all have things we don’t like alright and even if I look good now I remember what I was” she said in a upset tone “you wouldn’t understand and that’s fine but accept that I’m uncomfortable and let me deal with it on my own, in time I’ll get better and I’ll heal but for now I don’t like what I see” she said “so you don’t have to worry about other men doing anything towards me I’ve seen the men around here and I swear to god it must be a Carpathian thing because all of you are perfect, maybe not on the inside but definitely on the outside” she said putting a towel around her “you all don’t take looks as important but humans do and it might seem shallow and even I know it’s what’s on the inside that matters but I grew up in a society that says differently” she said with a sigh “I had to work hard to feel good about myself...to love myself and everyday I had someone attacking that progress and much more” she said in a sad tone “you don’t know what it’s like to be human...” she said with tears in her eyes “I hate it”

"Woman, it shouldn't matter what anyone thinks," he said. "I think you are the most beautiful person in the world. If you like who you are as a person, then you are already beautiful. I wouldn't care if you were 300 pounds and couldn't walk, I'd still say you are beautiful."

That imagine made her make a face that made him laugh. She looked at him with a surprised look “I didn’t know you were capable of laughing” she said in a teasing tone

"Only with you," he said. "But I mean it. If you feel good about yourself, even if others say otherwise, you are beautiful. And if you don't, I'm here to pick up your spirits and show you how beautiful you really are."

She was silent for a moment “it will take some time and we both still have a lot to learn about each other, but thank you, though....I don’t think I’ll make a very good Carpathian” she said in a worried tone “I’m beat shit crazy..you all are kind of tame compared to me” she said with a shrug

Emily went inside. She was escorted to a private table. She said she was waiting on someone and ordered some water. When half an hour had passed, she ordered a salad from the menu. She picked at it as she waited. An hour, and still no sign. Tears started forming. How could I be so stupid? she thought to herself. Of course he would stand me up. When the waiter came by to see how she was doing, she put on a smile.

"I'm sure he'll be here in a moment," she said.

He gave her a sympathetic look before refilling her glass and leaving. She was glad no one could see her embarrassment.

He appeared out of thin hair in the chair in front of her, startling her so much she almost dropped her glass but he fought it and set it back down on the table “I’m sorry I’m late” he said in a sincere tone “you look beautiful “ he added as he shifted in his chair.

She blinked a moment before wiping her tears away and said, "Do you know how humiliating it is to sit alone in a fancy restaurant? People walked by, feeling sorry for me. You're lucky I'm one of those idiot girls that would wait until closing. And I used to think about how pathetic they were in the movies."

“Again I am sorry for being late, please tell me how I can make it up to you” he asked in a sincere tone.

She sat back in her chair and thought before saying, "I want to know what's going on. Keeping me in the dark isn't a good thing. Being the last to know because I'm not a Carpathian, or have a job, or to save me stress is not doing me any favors. It makes me angry. So, tell me what you were doing, and what Andor meant. Even if I do stress needlessly over it, at least I know what's going on so I don't do anything stupid later."

“That should not be discussed here at such a nice place, if you insist on such a subject then you will have to wait for a more appropriate time” he said placing a napkin in his lap “for now let’s just enjoy this peace” he said as the waitress came back. He order a steak dinner and a bottle of red wine “what would you like?” He asked including her

"I already ate," she said. "Ambrose, what's going on? You can't stand the smell of cooked meat." She started to get scared. "Are you alright?"

“It’s not for me” he said closing the menu “the wine is though and she will have the chicken la’ vodka “ he said handing the menu to the waitress. When She was gone he looked at her “a salad is not a meal” he said

Emily laughed and said, "I was trying to be nice and eat healthy. That and I ate more to be doing something than because I was hungry. Most men would be happy if their women lost a few pounds. I know I slimmed down, but still." She took his hand. "I knew you didn't like meat, so I was going to respect that. I would have found something to snack on later."

“You are still you, if you want meat, eat meat, something g your books got wrong, we can eat me and stand to be around it, we don’t like it because of what it is, we like animals, all animals” he said in a calm tone “but we are still capable of being around it” he said

"Dummy," she said. "I have to start cutting back. I mean, one day, I'll be claimed and converted. Giving up the foods I like will be harder if I don't start getting used to it now. I'll go slow. But thank you for being thinking of me. And no, you can't eat meat. Human food disagrees with you, remember? I saw you." She sat back. "Anyway, if you won't tell me what happened, then tell me, what is your ideal?"

“I said we could eat it I never said we could keep it down” he said with a shrug As they wine arrived “and what do you mean by my ideal?” He asked as he poured himself a drink.

"You know, your ideal woman?" Emily said. "I mean, you keep saying you'll claim me, but I get the feeling that I'm not your ideal. So, maybe we can find her one day. Then, you can claim her, and I'll find the guy right for me, and we both will be happy."

The thought of someone else being with him made her jealous. She gripped her skirt under the table to hide it. She just kept smiling. She knew that when she liked someone, she always fell hard and fast, only to get hurt in the end. So, she would end it before it got too far, since he seemed disinterested. His words about claiming her were too good to be true, so she would try not to get her hopes up. But, damn, it hurt just saying that! Maybe it's already too late.

“You and I both know that’s not possible Because we are lifemates, I have told you many times I will claim you when the time is right, how you chose to take that is your decision, I have told you many times it’s not because I don’t want you and to be honest it’s aggravating that you are not listening and continue to hang on to that notation” he said in a almost cold tone “I need someone strong to stand by my side Emily, strong mentally, until you can do that I will not claim you” he said in a stern tone “how long it takes is fully up to you” he said taking a sip of his wine

She got up, angry, and said, "Then, according to you, I'll never be ready. So this was a waste of time. You can't fix me, Ambrose. It wasn't just the things that I did. It's how I grew up. Change this, but don't change it. Follow the crowd, but forge your own path. Smile, but don't be fake. Be this way, but be yourself. I'm always going to be hard on myself, and tear myself down when I can't be what everyone wants me to be. It's who I am. I want them happy, even if I'm miserable. But I also know that you can't do that for monsters. I'm about as fixed as I'm going to get. Either take it or leave it, but quit stringing me along and getting my hopes up. You want me strong mentally, but your definition of strength is different than mine. In my world, you can be depressed as fuck, so long as you keep moving forward, even if it's slowly. I do that everyday. I get up, I do what I need to, I live like I want to live. Isn't that strength? If it isn't, then go find someone else who is your type of strong, because it will never be me."

She grabbed her purse and started to walk away, angry tears falling. She had an iron will, and when she set her mind to it, she never gave up. She pushed through every obstacle facing her. The ones out of her reach, she found a way around it. Why didn't he see that, when the person who should be blind to it could point it out readily?

The woman at the door held a white bag out to her “your steak And chicken ma’am” she said with a soft tone and a smile “your car is waiting for you outside

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