A New Look 7

He chased after her, following her to the basement. It was the size of the house and, except for the dirt floor, looked like a fancy hotel room. The bed was on a dais, and was straight from a princess castle.

She looked around the room “this is really fancy I’m afraid to touch anything..” she said in a soft tone “it’s missing something though” she said looking at him

"And what would that be?" he asked, wrapping his arms around her.

She stiffened when he hugged her “um...personal touch...it doesn’t feel like a part of a home...it lacks personality “ she said

"You can add whatever you like," he said. "You should feel comfortable here. This was your house first, so I put the bare bones of a room. Add what you feel is necessary. I'm not much on decorating and thought I'd let you do that so that you could see that this is your room as well."

“It’s more your room then mine...I want to see you here not me” she said relaxing more in his arms

"And I want to see you here," he said. "I like simplicity, but I see nothing of my beautiful lifemate in the room we must share. So, please, add a bit of you to this room."

She chuckled softly “you do t understand...you built this room , I want to keep some tradition, you need to put your touch on it” she said

"I built it for you," he said. "It is more than a bedroom, Indira. It is a safe room with a hidden exit if needed. It was made with you in mind, not me. My room would be empty, as all other things are unnecessary."

“That’s sad...” she said in a low tone “is it because you feel empty inside?” She asked

"No, because I never thought about what I wanted in a room," he said. "I'm a hunter, and as such, I must often travel. I never owned a house to stay in. This land I bought, I did so because of the numerous caves. I never needed a house, nor the comforts of one." He touched her chin so that she looked at him. "Until you."

He saw her ears turn red and then her cheeks and though he held her face still she looked away from him out of shyness, she cleared her throat softly “maybe you should now...find out what you like...” she said in a low tone not looking at him

"It doesn't matter the place I am," he said, "so long as you are with me. You are my home, Indira. Not these walls or items within. You. What more do I really need?"

“If something happens to me wouldn’t it be nice if you have a place to yourself to comfort you...”

"If anything were to happen to you, I would go into the thrall and have mere seconds to either follow you into the next world or become vampire," he said. "If it is just you needing to heal for several days, I will be next to you in the ground, only rising to feed both of us each night. Nothing is more important than you."

“That’s not true...many things are more important then me” she said in a sincere tone

"Not to me," he said.

She looked up at him “your a hunter, there should be many things.

"Before you, I could fight as if I had nothing to lose," he said. "If I died, it meant little because I had a duty to my people, and with no lifemate, only two futures lay before me, greet the dawn or turn vampire. But now, I have everything to lose. You are my everything. I will no longer turn, unless you die and I do not choose to follow you." He took her hand. "As a hunter, I have nothing without you."

“That’s....a lot of pressure...” she said looking at the hand that had hers “I don’t want to be responsible like that..”

"Just be yourself," he said. "That's all I ask. There is no pressure, I promise."

“There is a lot of pressure and...”She went to take a step back but lost her foot

He grabbed her and pulled her to him and said, "It feels that way now, and I do not mean for it to be so, but I promise you, there is no pressure of any kind."

She straightened herself up and found her hands were on his chest, her smell filled his nose and she winced when her own fangs cut the inside of her mouth “it’s...late”

He smiled and said, "We still have time before sun up."

He kissed her, his tongue demanding entrance. Once she opened her mouth, his tongue danced over the cut.

She made a shock sound that soon turned into a moan, her delicate hands gripped his shirt and he felt her slowly relax in his arms as she summiteers to him

He picked her up and carried her to the bed, laying her down so that she was under him. His nails raked down her sides, only for the fabric of her dress to fall apart and her skin blemish-free.


He picked her up and carried her to the bed. He ripped the clothes off of them needing to feast on her as soon as possible.

She rolled until she was on top, she lowered herself onto him , taking all of him in at once and started to ride him at a fast pace.

"Elena," he gasped as she pinned his arms above his head, her breast bounced right above his face. She liked it rough, they both did, they had discovered more about each other as time went on and they never left the bed without marks or bruises anymore.

He managed to reach her breast and suckled hard. He also managed to grab hold of her wrist so that he could roll to pin her beneath him. A dance he never tired of repeating.

She groan in pleasure “harder micheal” she said in a moaning tone

He sank his teeth into her breast as he began to harder and deeper. Tighter, Elena, he gasped. Your even tighter than when we first rose. How is that possible?

your fire micheal..it’s your fire She moaned in his head while her nails cut into his back

Then, show me your fire, he said. Because I feel it, and I want to be surrounded by it.

Black and red fog surrounded them, the air became heavy with her Magic’s, it was intense and thick. He felt them leave the ground and start to float

Not exactly what I meant, but still, I like it, he said as his back bounced off the ceiling.

its not what I intended....my magic is growing and you are a distraction She moaned as he felt her legs wrap around his waist

He turned them so that he could go even deeper. He went harder and faster, a feat considering that they bounced around the room because of the fog.

He felt his back hit the wall and heard her hands break it as she grabbed onto the wall, her breast bounced right in his face, he felt her nipples brush his skin as she rod him, the fog was too thick to see through, so his senses were heightened.

His hands roamed over her, causing goosebumps to form in their wake. Still, the sound of her moans and heartbeat drove him deeper and deeper.

He heard it then, even in the heat of the moment it was unmistakable, a second heart beat, one that was more calm then hers but just as strong. It was soon followed by two others. Their children.

He growled and bit into her breast, needing to drink her in.

Her blood was hot and spicy on his tongue, a new taste mixed with it, it was sweet and cool compared to her blood

He wanted to take her into him more, but he closed the wound. Feed from me, he said. It would have been a demand, except that his tone told her that it was a desire.

She bit into his neck deeply as she did he felt her core clamp around him

He growled, lighting up the fog as he began moving faster and harder.

The fog burned with his fire, lighting them both up in his flames and light. They where on top of the large book shelf in the room, a few feet off the ground, the room looked like a tornado had been through it

He filled her as she closed the pin holes. He smiled at her. I believe we are unable to live in a house. It might just be torn apart if we keep making love like this.

The magic cracked the bookcase as it disappeared, her arms shook but she kept ahold of the wall there is no safe place for us to make love, accept it as I have

He laughed, taking hold of her and floating them to the floor. Be that as it may, I would still like to find a house after the dust has settled.

This place will always be my home She said as he felt magic fill the air in the room started put itself back together

We need to at least appear human for safety reasons, he said. I will make a tunnel from the house to here if you like.


"Who said I wanted a tame woman?" he asked.

“You did last night” she said with a raised eyebrow “now...I’m wet and cold..and I don’t want to waste the hot water so out with you” she said pointing to the door “besides I promised Matthew I would meet him in the library this evening” she said

Nicanu growled and said, "That's been cancelled due to you needing rest."

“What! Why! He was going to show me around” she said with a frustrated tone “and how did you even know about it to cancel it or are you just demanding I cancel it?” She said with a angry look on her face

"I am demanding it because you had trouble walking ten feet, Megan," he said. "And you don't need to hang out with children."

She glared “fine...I’ll make sure to only hang out with men” she said in a cold and challenging tone before turning to go back into the shower.

"You are forbidden to see other males," he said, stopping her.

She tried to get out of his grip “You forbid me?” She said in a angry tone “who the hell do you think you are or better question who the hell do you think I am that you could forbid me like I’m some of child “ she said

"I'm your lifemate," he said, "as you are mine. Claimed or unclaimed, we belong. Staying from all unmated males is for their safety."

She frowned “are you telling me that your kind lacks control so much that you would kill a male even if they were a friend” she said

"I'm saying that I protect what is mine and I don't trust other men with you," he said.

“Is it not enough to trust me?” She said in a serious tone “I don’t get along with females I never have, I had more guy friends growing up” she said in a sincere tone “I would never disrespect what we have so why should it be a problem...”

"Because I don't trust those men, Megan," he said. "You are of the light, and some men may think that, because I have yet to claim you, they can try to take you from me. It isn't you, but them."

He could see sigh and she stopped fighting his grip “they can’t take me away, it impossible, unless we are not truly lifemates” she said in a flat tone like she was exhausted emotionally

"They won't take you," he said. "It is my right to do as I please with anyone who attempts to take you from me. They will never succeed, but they must suffer the price for such a crime."

“Then I will make sure they stay in line but you can’t honestly think that I will not make friends with males....” she said looking back up at him “do you not have females that are friends?” She asked

"I don't have friends, I have allies," he said. "Being a headmaster is the first time I stayed in one place for any length of time. Even then, no male trusted me around their women. Still, I never really cared about the women around me, so if they battled next to me, and they got hurt, it was just part of the job. I didn't care. You are different, in that I want you where I can see you, but I do not wish to see you hurt either. So no, I don't have any female friends."

“Your work close to them I have seen you” she said with a pouting look on her face that surprised him with how cute it was “and I have classes with many males”

He crowded her until she was pinned to the wall, saying, "Working close means nothing. I do work close to women, but I do not touch them unless it is an emergency. They are not friends, Megan. They are colleagues, fellow Carpathians, allies in battle. Nowhere on that list is the word 'friend'."

“Don’t you find that kind of sad...to not have friends..” she said in a husky tone as she blushed intensely and tried to calm herself, but him being so close and her in nothing in a toweled and him still being soaked, it was almost impossible

"Less to lose in battle that way," he said, watching a bead of water travel from her neck to the valley between her breasts. "No memories of shared times to try and make me hesitate. No guilt after regaining my emotions. It is sad, but less painful in the end."

“In tragedy it might be more painful but...in life it might give you strength..” she said in a low tone watching him watch her,which made everything worse for her and she felt small compared to him. She wanted to reached out and slid his long hair through her finger, she bit her bottom lip subconsciously

"I am not too comfortable around others," he said. "It is part of my studies I suppose I lack in." He smiled. "I suppose you could teach me a thing or two about social interactions."

Her heart slammed in her chest at his smile “it’s hard work...” she said in a uneven tone. She felt trapped and was trying to keep her mind clear of dirty thoughts “If I promise to make sure they do not cross boundaries that would upset you can you promise to be open minded enough to not ruin my chance and making friends....after all I will be lonely”

"I had hoped you would like the other mated females," he said, bending forward to lap at another water bead on her neck. "I will do my best for you. That is all I can promise."

Her control broke and she gripped his hair and brought his mouth to hers, her towel dropping in the process

He picked her up, his clothes were just as suddenly gone as her towel. He followed the bead to her breasts where he lapped at each nipple, as if he planned on driving her crazy with just his tongue.


Emily took the bag and said thank you. However, she didn't go to the car. She walked off, needing some air. She didn't know where she was going, only that she needed time to cool off. But it seemed to only add fuel to the fire.

She noticed after a while that the car was following her at a slow pace. She swore she heard a bark from inside the car.

I wish I had my knife, she thought as she tried to appear confident in her strides, like she had a purpose and knew where she was going. Damn it! Now, I won't hear the end of it, especially if someone tries to kidnap me!

The front side window rolled down “miss do you wish to walk or do you want a ride, I have instructed to take you wherever you wish to go” said the older gentleman Who was driving the town car. She recognized him as the man that had drove her and Dominic to the Resteraunt.

"I just need time to think," she said. "That man is such an idiot! How could I ever think he'd want me for me when he clearly wants someone completely different?!"

“Miss if you insist on walking could you at least feed Aries his steak, his barking is driving me crazy” the old man said

She looked at the driver a moment before looking in the backseat. Her heart melted.

"He got a great dane puppy?" she asked.


The puppy wagged his tail and greeted her excitedly, his collar and the name Aries on it. His little bark echoed the car

"Why would he get the world's biggest lap dog and greatest coward?" she asked with a giggle as she began to rummage for the steak.

When she started looking through the bag Aries started bouncing up and down excitedly

She tore off small bites and fed them to the puppy. With how soft the meat was, she guessed that he was only about two and a half months old, so he wasn't used to tough food. When the steak was all gone, she looked up the street.

"You knew," she said as Ambrose came into view. "Babies of all kinds calm me down."

“He will stay by you when I cannot “ he said in a soft tone “my blood runs through his veins, through him I will be with you”

"I'm sorry about before," she said, looking away. "But I'm not going to just get over everything. I may not have been in control, but I could have made it harder for him. I... I thought you and Eli were gone, that my reason for being was taken from me. At night, between the tortures of others, that scene plays out for me. I think that's what keeps me held back. I don't know what is real and what is illusion anymore."

“If I am not around Aries will comfort you, let him be your grounding to realty “ he said in a sincere tone

"I don't want him to ground me, Ambrose," she said as she moved away. "I need proof, something that is so strong that there is no way for me to deny it is real, something that no one else could make up about us." She looked back at him. "Don't you get it? If this is reality, then I need help to heal my mind because I should see that but I can't. If this is an illusion, he wins. Either way, it's bad. A dog, no matter how cute, is not enough. I may be comforted by him, but he could be an illusion too." She gave him a smile as tears fell. "There is no way to prove you are really here, that the shadows are harmless now, or that I'm finally free of him once I wake up tomorrow. I'm afraid that I've made all of this up, Ambrose, every moment with you."

“I know you well enough to know what you have in mind...I can not do it...not yet” he said take a step away from her “you will get through this, you are strong, it will take time yes and I will do everything in my power to make sure you have the environment and support to do so” he said in a sincere tone

"I never said that you had to claim me," said Emily. "That would probably send me in an entirely different direction in my thoughts of illusion, if I'm being honest. But there has to be other ways to prove it. I mean, we haven't done anything beyond hand-holding, comfort hugs, and last night where you slept next to me. Shyness, like kids in school. Ambrose, I... I need something to fight that memory with. Something good. As much as it pains me to say it, having this puppy and Eli is not enough. I need something more. I know you won't claim me, but you can at least kiss me, or something. Something that proves that you are real."

He growled in frustration and pinched his nose “you don’t know what you ask of me...” he said in a tense tone

Emily said, "I know... I know I'm asking a lot, when you fight those urges nightly to give me time to heal, but what if this is what I need? What if a simple kiss is all I need?" She took a step towards him. "Please. I need you to do this for me. Just as you know I'm strong enough to fight this, you are strong enough to stop at a kiss. But I'm asking for help all the same, and I will help you too. Just a kiss, Ambrose."

He took a step back and looked at her “not here..at the house, I will go feed first” he said and opened the door to the car “if this is what you need I won’t deny you but it must be on my terms for both of our safety, go home and wait from me” he said

She got in, the puppy climbing into her lap as she said, "Okay." She stopped him from closing the door, her eyes sparkling. "Ambrose... I..." She didn't know what to say. "Hurry back to me?"

He looked troubled as he nodded and shut the door, the driving pulled away from the curb and started driving, when she looked back he was already gone

Suddenly, Emily felt like a shy little girl on her first date. She played with her skirt and petted the puppy. It had been some time since she felt nervous about a kiss. A simple kiss, she thought to herself. I've kissed men before. So why is my heart pounding? Why am I acting like this? Is it because it's Ambrose or is it because I'll be getting my answer?

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