A New Look 8

When she felt the coolness touch her skin she realized how hot his skin was, goose bumps formed all over. She was still so new to this, she had no choice but let him take the lead, which only seemed to make him more passionate and excited, when she let him pin her hands above her head she felt him grow larger on her thigh

He looked down at her for a moment before suckling her breast while his free hand traveled slowly down body towards her dampening core.

She was extremely sensitive to his touch and he liked that, she didn’t hold back what her body was telling her to do, she didn’t try to stay still or quiet

When she was prepared, he opened her legs and began to enter her. He let go of her stiff nipple and licked his fingers.

"My favorite flavor," he said with a smile as he started to move.

She moaned and gasped at his movements, though her face was still red from his comment her expression changed to one of intense bliss. She was extremely tight, like the night of their first joining. She gripped his fore arms tightly as he moved

He kept his movements slow, watching her face change every time he found a new spot that sent electricity through her. When she was extremely tight from his exploration, he picked up the pace, hitting her where she was most sensitive, causing her to scream out his name.

"My favorite music," he said through clenched teeth. "Indira. I never dreamed I'd find you."

Her heard turned to the side Exposing her neck and she wiggles wildly underneath him, unable to stay still “I can’t.....gregore...” she moaned his name in a gasped breath

He slowly picked up the pace, saying, "You can."

He saw her lick her lips, and in a shy and timid way she leaned up hesitantly. He could smell the sweet smell of her hair as he felt her fangs brush his neck

"Follow your instincts," he said in a seductive whisper. "I'm here to catch you."

He felt her fangs bit into his shoulder gently instead of his neck

He gripped her to him. She wasn't hurting him, but she was still scared. Taking from the neck would be admitting everything had changed, but bitting his shoulder could be seen as an act of passion. He decided not to push her any farther, wanting her to come to him in her own way and time.

When his blood touched her tongue he felt her relax against him. Her mind relaxed enough for them to connect even more. She was a gentle soul yet she felt such a dark heavy burden from something. She hated herself that was clear

Indira, I am here, Grigore said. Share your burden. You are not alone an longer.

His voice brought her fears back to her and she released his neck only to have his trust make her cry out and wrap her arms tighter around him. The candles in the room suddenly lit up and a calming scent went through the room, these were healers candles, he had not notice them before

I am not hurt, and neither are you, he said. But I have a need to care for you. I need to know what is troubling you so that I can stand beside you, or in front of you if necessary.

I didn't do this...I don't think...it's hard to think

micheal..... She said and turned so him so her body covered his just as the door opened. A maid walked in and dropped the tray and looked away “I’m so sorry I didn’t” instantly elena was up And walking towards and micheal found himself dressed

Michael sighed and said, "Elena, she is just stupid and forgot to knock, or she is spiritually retarded. You can't blame her for not feeling the wards if she has no spiritual pressence."

She stopped short of a inch near the woman and growled “did you see anything” she asked in a serious tone “lie and I will kill you” she said

The woman backed away. That's when Michael growled. He stood up and stood behind a now dressed Elena, who was ready for war.

"Perhaps you know something more," he said. "She has a shield up, Elena. A strong one. Take down the mage spell for it, and you will find out why she is here."

"Please!" she said, crying. "I'm only doing as I am told!"

"That never absolved a soldier who killed a village of women and children during wartime. That excuse does not work for you either."

Elena grabbed her by the throat and invaded her mind roughly. The shield was strong but it took mere minutes for elena to learn the pattern and break it down and she made sure it was painful

"Someone was sent to spy on you," he said. "She didn't see anything, but she didn't expect to find me here. Who do you work for?"

"He'll kill me if I say anything!" the woman cried out in pain.

“I’ll kill you if you Don’t” Elena growled

The girl started to shake and said, "Please. He just wanted me to keep an eye on you when he wasn't around."

Michael said with a growl, "Who is he?"

Elena growled “enough of this, pry it from her mind and make it painful” she said to micheal letting him know that she was so upset that if she did it she might kill the woman

Michael grabbed the woman by the throat and looked into her mind. A soundless scream came out from the pain of the mental invasion and lack of oxygen. He dropped her after she had taken her last breath and looked at Elena.

"She was a member of the Society," he said sending a flame to the body. "However, Erik and Xayvion made her a spy. Xayvion placed a sliver, and Erik took her blood. Both are sleeping right now, so we are safe."

She growled " but they are not...." She said in a dark low tone " Micheal you wanted me to trust you ..I'm giving you a chance to prove I can, I need you to do something" she said meeting his gaze with a serious expression

"What do you need?" he asked.

Her eyes darkened " bring me Erik" she said in a dark tone, a fire ignited in him, he felt strength seep into him and knew it was her influence. A primal strength filled his very soul. He felt them before he could see them, her shadow hellhounds appeared next to him and formed around him in a protective manner. He felt their strength as his own, he felt their minds link with his. They were more then loyal, they were warriors, and they were ready for battle.

"Should I bring Meghan as well?" he asked. "Or just Erik?"

" I have plans for her, just bring Erik and I will deal with my uncle" she said turning to leave the room "bring him to be before sun up"

Michael sighed and said, "Fine. It shouldn't be too hard. These two will make a distraction so I can go in and get out quickly. I'm just wondering how your uncle never found out his spy was also working for his enemy. Just a thought."

With that, Michael was gone.


She gripped his shoulders tightly before they moved to his hair, she loved his long hair, his skin was soft yet she could feel every muscle.

He slowly entered her before moving out again, teasing her. Each time he entered her, he went a little deeper. Despite this, he eventually found himself fully enveloped by her. Then, he began moving with sure, powerful strokes that curled Megan's toes instantly.

She cried out and wrapped herself around him. All thought went from her mind, he felt her emotions starting to build but she tried to hold them back

He kissed down to her neck and said, You don't need to hold back. It is only me and you here. And I want all of you, every sound and every desire.

i can’t...If I do, things will get harder She said and he knew what she meant. She was trying not to get emotionally attached, she was trying to distance herself from him so she could bare being apart from him. Her mouth parted open as he kissed her neck.

He moved so that he could look at her and said, "I have made things more difficult for you, and I am sorry. I will accept that you do not wish to be hurt farther. For now, allow me to make it up to you."

He put her hand above her, forcing her to hold on to an outcrop in the cave as he pulled her back from the wall to the point of laying flat. Each thrust sent a wave through her, physically through her body and through every nerve in her body.

She was losing the strength in her arms from the building pleasure “I can’t....I can’t hold on” she moaned loudly

He pulled her up to him and laid her on the ground, not stopping his hips, as he said, "Then hold on to me."

She had no choice but to do so. Her left hand grabbed his long hair while the other gripped his back. She buried her face into his neck, with each thrust he could feel her lips brush his skin

He went harder, loving how her hands felt on him and gripping him. He waited, wanting her to choose to take him in, while also wanting her to beg him for more. His hands on her hips held her still in a dominating way, causing her heart to skip a beat.

He felt her fangs Peirce his skin and felt how her pleasure sky rocketed from his taste. He could feel how much she wanted him in everyway. His smell his taste his body and heart and soul. Below the pleasure was a sadness she kept close to her heart. A sadness that came from her feeling not worthy of him, from feeling unwanted and fear that after tonight he would never want her again

"I will always want you," he said. "Always. I like having plans. Finding you was unexpected, but I am glad that you exist. I'm having trouble making a schedule where I can have you to myself most of the night, while still performing my duties. I want to make love to you all night, Megan. But every plan I work out, there is never enough time with you."

She moaned into the bite yet he felt her tears hit his skin

Talk to me, Megan, he said. Am I hurting you?

no... Your not hurting me...please rid me of my thoughts...just for tonight forget everything else and claim me like you wanted to this whole time

He moved and looked down at her. He seemed unsure. Still, he kissed her hard, his hands shaping her toned body. It was like he was memorizing every inch of her through his fingertips, even as his cock moved in and out of her in a frenzy. Each time he thrust into her, she felt his control slip more and more. She could almost feel the binding words bang around his head, ready to burst out from the very depth of his soul. His grip on her became stronger, his movements rougher.

Shockwaves went through her just as he said, "I claim you as my lifemate."

She felt him lose all control. The words poured forth like a waterfall. The pleasure coursing through her meant that she could no longer comprehend what he was actually saying. It almost hurt to feel so good. Her body was one giant erogenous zone. Every touch, every light breeze, sent her into an orgasm. And yet, it did not stop. She had love bites and marks of passion all over her, and she had no idea how they had gotten there. All she knew was that it had not been more than half an hour since she asked to be claimed. She could feel the threads binding them, but had no memory of being tied to Nicanu. She also knew that he was not about to stop anytime soon.

An hour later , just as she had just put Eli to sleep in his bed and Aries slept next to him him, Ambrose walked into the room “sit down in the chair by the fireplace” he said in a stern and tense tone.

Emily played with the hem of her shirt as she sat down. She looked up at him, nervousness making her look like a shy schoolgirl with bright eyes. She blushed as soon as she got to his eyes, she looked down quickly.

“You are not to move do you understand” he said in a tense tone as he kneeled in front of her.

Her heart literally skipped a beat, biting her lip, before saying in a soft voice, "I can't promise that, but I'll try. That's the best I can do. I don't know what will happen once we start."

He slowly leaned forward, time seemed to stop, his eyes slowly went from her eyes to her lips. He closed the distance and his lips gently touched hers, fire instantly engulfed her.

She moaned. Emily had to grip the arms of the chair just to keep her promise, but it was iffy even then. She wanted to wrap her arms around him, pull him in close. Tears formed in her eyes. Nothing so beautiful or so mind-numbing could be fake. The way he enveloped her with such a small kiss... she was lost, and no one could save her. She would always crave him, and they had done little more than a shy kiss. I fell hard again, and there is no going back, not this time, she thought.

She felt his fangs graze her lip and with a growl he pulled away and was across the room in a instant " you... should sleep " he said in a strained tone not looking at her

She looked at him a moment and slowly got up, feeling something wasn't right. The very feel of the room changed. Ambrose slammed the door open and got between Emily and his brother.

"Dominic is with Elijah," said Andor. "Get to the other room. I will not have you..."

"I've done and seen worse," said Emily, trying to step around Andor. "Trust me. It will be fine. You, however, should leave. I think seeing you hold me back is making this worse, when I could have done better on my own."

"He has turned, woman!"

"So dramatic," said Emily. "Men. A slight fever, or a slightly difficult situation, and it's a 'I'm dying' or 'He's a vampire' or something just as bad." She walked between the two, her hands shaking as she raised them to keep the brothers apart. "I will not have fighting when I just had..."

Andor grabbed her and threw her into the chair as Ambrose moved to take hold. Emily gasped as the wind disappeared from her lungs. Her eyes watered. She then saw Ambrose holding his brother down.

Damn it all! she thought as she got up and tackled Ambrose to the ground, yelling, "Ambrose, stop this! You are better than this! It was a small kiss! You wouldn't lose yourself over that!" She looked at him, looking angry but on the verge of tears due to the air leaving her so violently earlier. "The Ambrose I've fallen in love with is stronger than any darkness!" She looked back at Andor. "Or am I wrong and I should look to another for what I need?"

With a growl he grabbed Emily by the throat so tight she couldn't breathe and lifted her off her feet. Andor grabbed at him but he wouldn't budge

Emily grabbed at his arm, gasping for air. She slapped at his arm, kicked her legs, but nothing got to him. She looked at the trees through the window, a kind of calm settling in. She could still hear her choked breath. If I am to die, she said to him, at least I will see your face one last time.

Andor suddenly disappeared and few seconds later he came in with a weak looking Meghan in his arms, with weak hand she touched Ambrose's arm and a few seconds his hand started to loosen, there was a struggle in his eyes "i...claim you..." He said in a strained tone the rest of his strained words where in Romanian

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