A New Look 11

Grigore pulled her into his lap and held her. The hunter was resting. He knew when she told him the blood was bad that the healing would take longer by a day, but it is more important to care for his lifemate in that moment. The hunter would live through the night. He held Indira to him, her head on his chest.

After a while she stopped sobbing and went silent "use my blood for the hunter.....before the herbs go away" She said out of now where in a soft tone

Grigore stiffened. He didn't want the other man to feed from her. Yet, he knew the power of her blood in that moment would finish the healing by tomorrow. She could feel the battle in him. After a moment, he dropped his arms.

He said, "Go do it quickly before I change my mind."

She stood up and went into the other room, he knew when it happened when the smell of her blood filled the air its....different....with you its....more, why?

We are lifemates, he said. What we do is intimate. With all others, it is a way to pay respect and to heal.

will my blood really help him? she asked in a concerned tone he looks so injured...

I will be able to finish healing him tomorrow, he assured. Do not give him too much. I must go out hunting to feed both of us and I do not want you too weak to call to me if you need aid.

ok...you must be close with him...you have not left me alone with anyone since we met...if he is that special to you i will do my best to help heal him she said in a soft tone

I am not leaving you alone with him because he is special to me, he said, gripping the chair. I do not know him. You asked to aid him. That is all. If I were there, I do not know if I could stop myself from finishing what the human butchers started.

She could feel he meant every word, heat spread through her body, something about him being dominant and possessive like this made her have heat go through her body and she didn’t understand why, before she could stop herself a low moaning sound echoed her head you shouldn’t say such things....

You know I speak the truth, he said. Now, finish what you are doing. I am at my limit and you have given enough. I need my woman before I go hunting.

She shivered but managed to keep her thoughts clean go hunting he has stopped feeding, i will stay here

I'll take him to a nearby cave to rest and heal in, Grigore said. With you weakened from giving blood, I don't want him to wake up and try to compell you to forget.

i dont think he would do that but i am tired and i dont feel well...i am going to go lay down she said and he could here her leaving the room and heading up stairs

Indira, if it starts to get light out, I need you get to our room in the basement, he said. For your safety.

He heard her stop on the stairs oh....i forgot... she said in a sad tone and started walking back down the stairs, he herd her reach the basement door and go in. Her exhaustion was beating at him be safe... she said in a tired tone

Always, he said as he carried the hunter out and to the caves.

It was an hour before sunrise when he returned. He went to Indira immediately. He sat on the bed and just stared at her napping form.

Suddenly she started to move "papa...." She said in a soft tone "papa....." She said in a more distressed tone as her hands gripped the bed

"Indira," Grigore said, "your father isn't..."

Suddenly she spoke old Romanian, something he knew she would not know. The words translated meant " may my brothers find my soul" it's what hunters would say as a distress call when they need help "papa!" She cried right after and shot up in a panic

"Indira, it's okay!" Grigore said. "Calm down. It was a bad dream."


"Why would I do that?" he asked. "Without that, the blood you ingested would eat you from the inside out. It a sign of our oath. Now, you two bond. You are sisters now. I am busy with preparing our trip to South America. Have fun."

When he left, River went up to her and said, "What the hell did you do?"

"Back off!' she yelled and staggered away from her "you need to leave, now" She said in a demanding tone

"You think I have a choice in this?!" River said. "I thought I had finally gotten away from him and then he appears out of nowhere! Then I am brought here and told to talk! I don't have a say in it at all, and now, you don't either! You just made yourself his fucking pet, a dog to lick his boot and kill on his command!"

She growled "and whats that make you! " She yelled and through a chair against the wall making it shatter

"You act like I wanted him to beat me and perform experiments on me!" River yelled. "Are you insane?!"

"maybe you liked it, maybe you asked for it, how are we suppose to know! its not like you have been open with use river" She said with a growl "maybe thats why you still havent fully bonded with your mate, because your still fantasying about those mages or maybe because your afraid he wont accept the real you! a black hearted lizzard who wants nothing but power and is will to get on her knees for anyone that can give it to her!"

River tackled her then, anger burning her eyes, as she said, "I'd rather be a lizard than a cowering dog like you!"

"you dont know me! or anyone else for that matter, you never gave any of us a chance!" she said kicking her off so violently she went through the wall and out of the room

River got up, lunged at Ana, and yelled, "Did any of you ever give me the chance to try?! No! I was instantly judged!"

“No if you were true.y judged we would have killed you and your lifemate on the spot and saved ourselves a lot of trouble!” She said rolling with her and her claws tore at her back as they rolled “your nothing but a cowered hiding away in you cave and even then you can’t protect yourself or your mate! It just shows your not fit to be a mother!”

"You try to hide in plain sight!" River accused, using her own talons against Anastasia. "Always smiling and acting like you are this perfect woman! 'Look at me, the prince's lifemate! Look at me, the woman willing to fuck a vampire! Look at poor wounded me, tortured by the prince's second!' Did you even care to try and learn about me or my past?! No! Because you and Meghan, the biggest Carpathian sluts I've ever seen, said you didn't trust me, everyone alienated my lifemate and my child! He will never feel he has true friends because the prince's bitch whore said so!"

She stopped and looked at her "your not river" she said in a suspicious tone throwing her off " who are you?" She said with a growl

"What do you mean?" River asked. "Who else would I be?"

"you tell me" She said in a dark tone as she started to shift out of instinct

"You really have gone insane," River said. "If I could leave, I would."

Ana knew something was wrong, the way she spoke of Meghan was wrong and she knew personally hat her and Meghan had a connection because Meghan confided in her about it. She wouldn't have spoken ill of Meghan like that, river was a blunt person, she wouldn't lie about how she felt about something. She shifted and tried to ignore how wrong and foreign her form felt. She bared her teeth at her in a warning and started to horde her towards the hole in the wall that lead out of the room, a clear sign she wanted her to leave

River growled and stopped just short of the exit, saying, "I can't leave, Anastasia! He has to let me out first! I will be compelled to return everytime!"

She snapped at her heels giving her the answer, her nails dug into the ground, showing how sharp they are

"I'm being serious here!" River said, jumping to an unbroken wall. "I can't leave!"

She tackled her with inhuman speed and her teeth wrapped around her neck and with a quick jerk she tore off her head

Xayvion walked in, clapping, as he said, "Good job. I knew you would do the right thing."

Before her lay a woman. One she did not know. Yet, something seemed familiar about her.

"She was a lycan," Xayvion said. "Daughter to the alpha of your former pack. I needed to see if you had the instincts of the Dreadwolf in you, to hunt those that seem suspicious to my cause." He pulled out a letter from the dead woman and handed it to Anastasia. "And those sent to hunt you down."

It read: Destroy the betrayer and her ilk.


Three Days Later

There was a surprise knock on Emily's door just a little after midnight, Eli was sleeping in the next room. Emily went to the door, her heart pounding. The wind had whispered to her that he was coming back. That didn't stop the butterflies in her stomach or the knot in her throat. She opened the door.

"You came back," she said, not knowing tears were forming in her eyes.

He looked like crap, his hair was a mess and he looked exhausted " we need to talk..." He said coming into the room

She followed him and sat on the couch next to him, saying, "Sure. But I need to say something first." She waited for him to look at her. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pushed you when I knew you were already fighting so hard to let me heal properly. I've had a lot of time to think and I know I knew, deep down, that all this was real. What happened was my fault, Ambrose. You should never have suffered like that because of me."

He looked away from her and stood and started to pace slowly "none of that matter now, we are bonded and it cant be undone.." He said in a stressed tone "So we need some ground rules so we both still get the time we need to heal. One we are open and honest about everything, we need to lay everything out on the table. Two we make decisions together, no doing things one our own no matter what, and three we take things slow....after tonight" He said and suddenly she was in his arms bridle style. He moved so quickly she didn't even see him move.

Emily squeaked in surprise, grabbing around his neck instinctively. She got her barings after a moment and looked at him and asked, "What if I don't want slow?" She inched closer to his neck. "What if I want something... rougher?" She kissed his neck as her hand began to pull open his shirt. "Something untamed?"

She had never done or said anything so brazen in all her life. With Ambrose, she wasn't afraid to be bold. She felt safe with him when she had never felt that way before. She always held something away, not wanting anyone close. Ambrose was different. She wanted everything to be close.

"Like I said, after tonight we take it slow" He said with a low growl and kicked open her bedroom door. Within second she found herself on the bed naked and he was above her, with one hand he pinned her arms above her head and with the other he grabbed her right leg and lifted it up and wrapped it around his bare waist. She felt the tip of his large cock at her entry and he didn't hesitate. With one quick thrust he was inside her. Stretching, his tip went all the way to the back to the point she felt pressure in her lower stomach from it

Emily gasped, clenching around him hard. She had cum the moment he entered her, yet it wasn't enough. She fought his hold, wanting to wrap her arms around him and tangle her fingers in his hair. God, she loved men with long hair! She tried to move her hips, to get him to move some more. And for the love of all that was good, she wanted more!

He groaned as he picked up the pace, the more she fought the tighter his grip went which only added to her pleasure. Suddenly and without leaving her core he flipped her on her stomach and pulled her head back by gripping her hair. His thrust became harder and she felt his hot breath on her neck and ear. His hot tongue licked up the side of her neck slowly, driving her mad.

"Ambrose!" she begged, not knowing or caring about what she was begging for, only that she wanted it. "Please!"

He bit down deeply into her neck with a low growl

She gasped. She wasn't good with pain, but when this gave way to pleasure, she did her best to tell him she liked what he was doing. The pain had been jarring for that split second, which told her that she would never survive the conversion. The pain alone would be the end of her.

Just as quickly as that thought entered her mind, it disappeared. Every movement he made, everywhere he touched, drove all thought out of her mind but him.

As he released and healed her neck he left his mark, he pulled back on her hair once more and when her mouth opened in a gasp his bleeding wrist went over it. It was not how he wanted her to feed but it was the only way it could happen right now without him having to worry. But he did need this exchange, he couldnt deny he needed a closer connection to her.

Unlike the pain, and other women, she didn't hesitate or need help in taking him in. She drank in his blood in large gulps between gasps of pleasure and moans of ecstasy. He tasted unlike anything she had ever had before. She would never get enough. One hand went to his arm to hold it to her, the other went behind her to grip his left thigh. Don't stop! she begged in her mind. Not ever!

With a deep growl he took his arm from her and closed it, her begging made his control slip slightly and he pulled them up into a seating position, her back was to his chest and his left hand groped and played with her left breast while his other hand firmly gripped her throat making her head lean back onto his shoulder and he continued to pound into her, in this position he was deeper then before as he made her bounce on his lap with his deep thrust

She couldn't think. She just knew she didn't want it to end. The feelings were so strong. She let them wash over her. She was wanted... It may only be for a moment, but the feeling of just being needed and loved was something she never wanted to disappear. If they stopped, part of her feared that feeling would never come back. But when she looked at him out of the corner of her eye and saw him so intently making love to her... With her left hand, she turned his face towards her and kissed him deeply. My promise, she gasped in his mind, to always know that this will never go away, that you are with me always. Now, make me forget my own name. Please.

He lifted her legs up by grabbing behind her knees, going even deeper until he was pounding against the back of her core

Emily covered her mouth to keep her scream of pleasure from waking up Eli. In her mind, she kept chanting, Oh, God! Don't stop! Not yet! It feels too...! I'm about to...! but she could never quite get there. She looked at him. Stop teasing! I don't care how many times I cum, just don't stop! But I'm wound up so tightly right now, I...!

He suddenly slammed it her so hard her climax hit her hard enough her vision blurred and she could feel his hot seed pouring inside her

She collapsed against his chest, breathing heavily. She couldn't move, could barely think. That was... wow!


Megan woke up slowly, the first things she felt were strong arms wrapped around her. she knew she was underground. She could fell the coolness and the heaviness of the earth around them. She face was against his chest and she took in his smell and warmth, she couldn't help but nuzzle his chest

This, I could get used to, he said to her. You like to rub against me like a little kitten.

his voice startled her yet his words brought heat to her entire body, she moved against him even more, her breast brushing his chest yes....but from what i feel in my hip you like it too

Of course, he said. I have the most beautiful woman in the world next to me. A woman I will never deserve.

He felt her lips brush his chest and she planted a soft his on it i think its i that does not deserve you.....

He gasped and said, I find that hard to believe, but what makes you think that?

She didnt answer instead she let her fangs brush his skin and let her need for him be felt through their minds. She want him, right here right now, she wanted him inside her

Within seconds, she found herself laying on a soft bed, out of the ground. His mouth was at her entrance, teasing her at a rapid pace with his fingers and tongue working in tandem to set her body ablaze.

She cried out and gripped his hair. She couldn’t hold back even if she wanted too. The noises that came from her lips were foreign to her and she couldn’t keep her body still

He then kissed up her body, opening her legs for him. When she was was well prepared and open to him, he slowly entered her until he was filling her completely. Then, he set a hard fast pace that instantly drove her crazy with desire.

Her nails dug into his back as she arched under him, she leaned up and kissed him, unlike the pace her kiss was soft, almost hesitate

He cupped the back of her head and made the kiss hard and full of passion. He hadn't worked out how to give her as much attention as she deserved or that he wanted to give her, but the last few days had been his happiest. And he wasn't about to let go of Megan now that he had her, or let his plans hurt her farther. Right now, there was just the two of them, and that's all that mattered.

She made a moan of surprised but as he deepened the kiss her core tightened around him and she relaxed into it and kissed him back with the same passion. She nipped his bottom lip unintentionally as her desire rose and her fangs grew. she was about to pull back until she tasted his blood on her lips. she moaned heavily into his mouth and all thought instantly went from her mind. As little amount as it was it was still him, his taste and that's what mattered to her

He growled and kissed down to her neck, then to her breast, where he bit deep just above her left nipple. He pinned her arms above her head with one hand and the other held her hips still for his invasion. It felt like she were a sacrifice to the god of eternal lust, and he was taking everything he wanted from her and more.

She came the moment he bit down, he felt her hot juice flood over his thick large cock and her core pulsed tightly around him, bring his pleasure even higher, building him up to a point her knew when he did cum it would be a earth shattering orgasm

He rolled that she was on top, but that didn't mean he wasn't the one in control. His hands went to her hips, guiding her in a fast rhythm towards the edge once more, and once she was about to fall, he held her there. He planned on making love to her all night.

Her arms gave way and her breast crashed onto his chest while she buried her face into his neck, before he could react she bit into his neck

He screamed her name to the heavens in that moment, filling her beyond capacity. Yet, he could not seem to stop.

She closed the wound and rested on top of him, her body felt light on him, yet she was soft and warm to the touch, her hands played with his hair and her head was still buried in his neck

He let her lay there, moving slowly in and out of her as if he could not sit still. After a moment, he said, Again. I need you again.

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