A New Look 12

For a split second he saw her eyes were all black and then they went back to normal. She was shaking and looking around the room

"Cisitri, it's okay," he said, pulling her to him and holding her. "We will get through this."

After a long moment she stopped shaking "I.....I thought Carpathians didn't dream...."

"We can dream in human sleep," he said. "Not in our natural sleep. You were not fully asleep. We call that a waking dream. It happens to everyone."

She moved back " let's...go to that sleep then...I don't want to dream" she said with tears in her eyes

He nodded and laid down next to her. He remembered that she didn't like the idea of being in the ground. Now, he understood why. Their basement room was underground enough that they would heal, even on the bed. Though he didn't like it, he would do this for her, and help her go to ground if there was great danger. He could get used to a soft bed, but her fears would take far longer to get over.

She looked at him "it's...ok...just put me to sleep, you works hard I know you need to sleep in...down there" she said

"We are far enough under ground for me to heal here," he said with a smile. "I will be fine, and this will be easier on you. If we must go farther for your saftey, I have another room even father below the earth ready for such an even, like a safe room. If even that is not enough to protect you, I will put you to sleep and put you in the ground, but only as a last resort. No, I am much better off next to you."

It wasn't a lie, either. If she were in the bed while he was in the ground, he would be uneasy and would not heal properly. He took great care in the basement additions to suit both their needs. With her satisfied with that assurance, he put her to sleep and quickly followed suit.


Ana shifted back to her human form, blood ran from her mouth down her naked body " I did not do that for you...." She growled take a step towards him " take this collar off, we have not left these lands our agreement is invalid until you do"

"I have much to do," he said. "As I said, removing the collar causes the blood in your body to start destroying you from the inside out. It may burn now, but it keeps you alive. My Mage Mark is attacking me for not leaving instantly, but I have held out to that up to three years straight. You get used to the little stings after a time. We will be leaving at the end of the week. However, seeing you kill this woman shows you don't need me to order you to kill. You'll do it because it is your nature. I like that about you and accept it. Did Antony every congratulate you on being a warrior?" He walked away then. "Sorry. Sore subject. Think about what you are gaining by being my Dreadwolf, Anastasia, and all the pain you will leave behind."

"Wait... I want to leave this room since this is the situation now I have need to be free to wander as I wish and I will do more good out there then stuck in here, unless you trust your niece" she said in a confident tone

"Leaving the mountain would not be a good idea," he said, "however, you can roam the halls here. And there are a few areas that lead to the outside trails and wind their way back inside. You can explore and get fresh air if you desire." The chain fell away. "But going beyond the base of the mountain is prohibited."

She growled but nodded. She waited until he was gone before leaving the room, she had a destination but when she sensed Erik near by she froze, she couldn't allow him to see her like this yet, she couldn't allow him to be here, he must be in trouble. She followed his scent to a door and heard him and Elena talking " so it's agreed you will leave with the prince tonight and go gather the ancients to aid in this fight, I will hold him off until you return" she said. Ana was happy Elena was still following the plan they had made but her end had changed, binding herself to him was not part of it but if this planned failed then this would benefit the Carpathian people anyways and keep them safe. She turned to leave so to not be exposed but when she did she found herself faced with four hell hounds baring their fangs at her. She did what she could to his her scent but when they advanced she had to shift and the fight insued

Erik rushed out, putting up an illusion of a butler for safety. He had to appear human, and cowered in the doorway, letting Elena go out to look, though he would drop the illusion if things got dicy.

She was holding her own but they were coming at all sides, she felt a power building inside her. Her flaws suddenly burst into flames and every hit set fire to the hounds. Elena stepped in and they both grabbed each other's neck at the same time, Elena managed to slam the ana into the wall, even as large as her wolf form was, ana found she couldn't speak to her so she was left no choice, she grabbed onto her and bit into her shoulder deeply. Elena cried out and released her , black ooze leaked from the bite and Erik and to catch her

Erik held Elena in his arms and pulled out a cloth to place against the wounds. What do I do? he asked, unsure how to handle the would. And how much do you think she heard? Because I know that is Anastasia hidden under some dark magic.

if that's ana then the plans have changed, she made a blood packed with him, you need to leave, now, get the prince somewhere safe and be ready for the worse out come

I'm second to the prince, he said, his voice dark. I always expect the worse. See how she claws at the silver? There is fear there, and I did that. I'm sure I can handle what is to come. After all, my lifemate is in danger, and I will not have that. With that, he reentered the room.

it could be a illusion, my uncle likes tricks of the mind, until we know for sure we need to act like this is really her she said to him as she poured some black liquid on the bite and it started to heal. They could hear the fight continuing outside of the room

I'll leave you to determine if she is real, then, he said. I have a war to prepare for, and I'd rather not have to play pretend here when I need to protect Antony and the whole of the Carpathian people.

Erik I need you to get her to sift into her human form, I need to see the marks that he put on her it will allow me to see what has been done, afterwards I will teleport you right to Anthony

Erik took down the illusion and walked out just as Anastasia finished the fight, saying, "Hello, Anastasia. I need to talk to you."

She growled, she was covered in blood and bleed herself in many places. The hellhounds were gone and he knew they were not dead but called back. She turned to walk away

He blocked her path and said, "We are going to talk. Whether we start with a battle or with words is your choice. But we will communicate."

She looked like a cornered animal and bared her fangs at him and took a step back away from him

"Are you really that afraid of me?" he asked. "You would rather let dark magic take over than let me help? Anastasia," he got to her level to look her right in the eyes, "if our roles had been reversed, you would have done the same. You know this to be true."

She looked down at him and met his gaze, her eyes were filled with pain, her mouth opened like she wanted to speak but couldn't. She felt Xayvion trying to get into her mind and she turned her back to Erik and focused on the floor that was covered in blood

Erik sighed. knowing Anastasia wouldn't look away from him in that moment without a good reason. He took on the guise of a servant again, and said in a slightly cryptic way to throw the dark mage off, "I need to know how to fix this. Something must be done, or the problem will grow too big to ignore. We can't have that."

The conversation that went on with her and xayvion was not pleasant and the collar on her neck tightened and she felt silver on her wrist and ankles tighten and move like burning snakes. She fell to her knees, the silver made her shift. When she was in her human naked, all the wound and signs and marks of torture where reveled, including the skinny patches he had taken off that were still healing. The chains moved up her body until she was bound with her hands behind her back and her feet bound together, making her fall on her side

He slowly sperated their bodies and picked her up and head towards the bathroom, the water was already running as he gently sat her down in the soothing water

Emily moaned softly, half asleep. She didn't care if she was sore for the next month. That had been amazing. She looked at Ambrose with a soft smile.

"If we are doing slow after this," she said with a small chuckle, "I don't want it. That was beyond amazing. Perhaps long, rough, and fast is more our speed."

"Slow is what we both need now, I am going to hunt and I will come back to join you" he said in a soft tone

She smiled and said, "You like to take your time, don't you? We may bump heads and I've been told I am stubborn. I do things the hard way, but it is the fastest way. But I don't have the strength to stop you. Don't be surprised if I'm asleep when you get back."

Something mischievious flashed in his eyes " I'll wake you up " he said in a silk like tone and was gone before she could respond

She soaked in the water for a while. However, unease began to creep in and the wind outside began to get ominous. Ambrose? How close are you? she asked, hoping that it was just her unease at not seeing him playing tricks on her.

I am close

I just felt uneasy, so I wanted to make sure that it wasn't all in my head, she explained as she stiffly got out of the tub and got dressed. But... could there be something out there? Andor said that Nymphs were coming out of the forests yesterday. Could it be them? Her heart went out to them, the tree spirits stolen from their homes. Is there any way to help them?

calm your mind love he said and she could feel like he was gently touching her shoulders

You're okay, right? Emily asked. You aren't hurt or fighting anyone, right? I'm not really a fan of confrontation. I know it doesn't seem like it, but fighting tends to... stress me out.

I am fine, I will return soon, there is a full kitchen if you have need of it he said knowing he made sure all her favorites where there

I'm not hungry, she said. One, I'm too upset to eat. Two, the thought of eating makes me feel icky. I'll wait until you get back to force something down.

go to the kitchen i can aid you from here he said in a soft tone

Emily sighed and went in. She opened the fridge and looked around until she found some fruit. She wasn't hungry, but she built a nice fruit salad with some orange juice. It looked nice, but her stomach flipped and she wanted to put it up. I don't think it will stay down.

try it he said in a encourage tone knowing the moment she took a bit she would feel better and be able to eat

She put a piece of apple on her fork and put it in her mouth. The next thing she knew, she was staring at an empty bowl and cup. She felt a little better, but she looked out of the window. Ambrose, thanks for helping me eat, but... I'm still worried. Could it be because my family is being brought here? Do you think that's it?

they are safe and in good care my sun, try to ease your mind he said softly

I know they are safe! Emily said, getting up and pacing. It isn't that! Hell, your bothers are probably racing to drop them off as we speak, wanting to be rid of them! It's... after they get here. They will demand I go back to who I was before, and they will judge you instantly. Even if you mess with their minds and make them like you, they will turn on you the instant I say anything, no matter how small. If I said that I didn't care for how you pick your teeth at dinner, they would start trying to... Tears started forming and the wind picked up outside. The thought of her family trying to break them apart hurt her deeply.

we don't need their approval emily he said in a serious tone

My family means so much to me, Ambrose, but I also know how they are, she said, sitting down and curling into a ball. I know they love me, but... There was a knock. They're here.

Emily got up and opened the door slightly. Her family walked in and it was almost instant. Asking why she hadn't called, what was going on, if Eli was okay, who were these men, and so on.

"Guys, why don't you go put your things in your rooms?" she said, smiling. She was happy to see them, yet terrified at the same time. "Eli's asleep in his room. Peyton has a bed there."

"We get the biggest room, right?" her sister asked.


"I get my own room?" her grandmother asked next.

Then it was an argument over rooms, where to put things, how the dogs would do in the woods, what would happen to the cats, if it was safe, what school was going to be like. Emily snuck away to the outer walls with Andor and Dominic.

We kept them unaware of the trip here, Andor said. For their safety. Other than your mother...

None of them should know, Emily said. Only in an emergency. I've kept much a secret from them for so long, I doubt they will notice this. Let's let them argue over the rooms a bit longer. We all know that I'll be in the basement with Ambrose. Mom will go upstairs, grandma in the smallest room, and my sister and her boyfriend in the biggest room. The main problem will be after tonight. That's when the demands start.

You really think that's how it will be? Dominic asked, looking down at her.

Always, she said. I'm going to wait in the kitchen. Their things are already set up. This is more a formality with them than anything.

She looked at the door, waiting for Ambrose to walk in. Once he did, and she announced him to be her fiance, then hell would break loose. She wanted him there to help her when the time came.

After a while he still was not there

She moand and flitched as her body was still so sensitive "nicanu..." She said his names is a tone like it was something she treasured

He rolled over. This time, it was a gentle pace, one that was more of a massage than the previous round had been. To ease any pain she felt. Her rough wild man could also be gentle, easing every knot while building a fire inside her. He kissed every inch of her he could. Where there had been lover's marks, deep black, they now showed a soft purple.

"Before was for me," he said. "Now, I will be worshipping you." He kissed the left side of her neck. "All," he kissed the right side of her neck, "night," he kissed the corners of her mouth, "long."

This kiss was sweet, and left her feeling dizzy. His tongue demanded entry, but did not force her. Now, he was the offering and she the goddess.

She opened her mouth willingly but...you said last night was our last night together

Plans change, he said, though she felt a hint of uneasiness in his voice. It was then she realized how much he relied on his plans. If everything was set in stone and planned out, there would be no mystery. She would have to break him of that habit.

She made a decision to get his mind off what was upsetting him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and turned them until she was on top, it was not easy he was a large strong male but he helped. Once on top she kissed down his neck and when she got to his chest she separated their bodies and continued to go down until she reached his cock, she met his gaze as she took his large member into her mouth

He clenched his teeth and bunched her hair in his fist. It was as if she was the only thing holding him to the earth and it excited her. When she began moving, she felt his muscles clench as he fought to stay still for her, but when her tongue danced around the sensitive tip, he bucked. That made her feel powerful, that she could drive this strong hunter to the edge of his control so easily.

She went faster, managing to take him all the way in to her throat, her hands played with his waist

At that moment, his control broke. His hips began to move on their own. He was growling with pleasure. After a moment, she felt him swell in her mouth before he exploded.

She drank every last drop until there was nothing left. When she released him she licked her lips while looking him in the eye " I....like your taste " she said

"It would be a problem if you didn't," he said with heavy breaths as he pulled her up to him. "I always want to nibble on you just to hear you moan my name and to taste the sweet necter you produce. I can't imagine a life where that isn't possible. Sounds horrible."

She scoffed and laid her head on his chest " I would just settle for not feeling lonely anymore .." she said and immediately regretted it, she didn't like feeling vulnerable.

"Nothing wrong with wanting someone, Megan," he said. "But would you just want company, or would you rather have a real connection with the man you are with? Because if it is the former, then we need to talk about our relationship. Friends with benefits is not how I see us and not the kind of relationship I want with you."

She looked at him " then what do you want because it's been unclear...."

"Well, a real relationship," he said. "Love, companionship, everything. I want real, Megan, not an imitation or a faint whisper. All of you, or none. It's that simple. I know it won't be right away, but that's what I want. And I want to give that to you as well."

She sat up on the bed with her back to him " you know.... That sounds nice, to nice..... " She said in a sad tone "I understand why didn't claim me now...." She said going to stand up

He stopped her and said, "I didn't claim you because my prior commitments and plans did not allow me to give you those things. It was nothing to do with you."

She looked at him with a brave yet sad expression " you have had time to figure out who you are, compared to you I am so young even if I don't feel that way, you have lived three or more of my life spans, I still don't know who I am fully, but give me time and I will grow into someone amazing" she said

"That's what you are worried about?" he asked, trying not to laugh at her. "Megan, you are still new to being a Carpathian. Of course, you will feel you can't keep up. It's natural, even. But I'm here to help you learn. Because we are together, you will progress by leaps and bounds. Instead of taking two hundred years, you will come into your own much faster. You can enter my mind and learn what you need to, and the things I don't know, we will learn together. And your amazing ability? Just like everything else, it will take practice." He sat up and pulled her to him. "Everyone feels this way at times. Just go at your own pace. Wisdom isn't age, but experience. You know the way of humans better than me, so if I was suddenly human, I'd feel just as you do about being a Carpathian. But I'd have you to guide me. You have me now. Never think you are not enough just because you are new to something. Because, to me, you are everything and more."

" I wasn't good at being human what if I'm not good at being this? " She asked in a worried tone.

"As long as you are you, nothing else matters," he said. "I wouldn't care if you never learned how to be a Carpathian, because you would still be my Megan."

She looked at him " give me time to figure out who Megan is before you say such things..." She said softly " but let's not talk about this anymore...kiss me"

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