A New Look 13

Erik looked at Elena. He had to leave now. He didn't want to, but he had no choice. Make sure she knows, he said. While I would do the same things again if the situation were to repeat, I do regret doing them. From one warrior to another, she has earned my respect and I'd follow her into battle any day.

you must tell her that yourself as it stands she probably won't survive this, between the silver and what has been done she is already becoming something else, soon the ana you know will be gone

He removed the illusion, went to her to ease her pain, and said, "Anastasia, you know me. Just as you would never change the decisions you have made, I would not either. However, we both regret some of those decisions. I regret what I did to you. I'd follow you into battle without questions. I know you are strong enough to stand against this monster. Whatever form he forced upon you, I know you are going to get over that and wear the marks with pride. Why? Because you got them protecting people you care for. Each mark, no matter who put them there, is a badge of honor. I see them and I know you are a warrior worth following. You have the allegiance of every Carpathian. We stand with you."

Her mutated eyes looked at him, her lips parted like she wanted to speak but blood leaked out " I.... changed him.....wake him up on....the next full moon" she said in a weak tone " my children.....I give them into your care....." she said before her eyes closed and he heard her heart stopped and a invisible force started to drag her bound body down the hall

Erik looked at Elena and said, "You cannot let her die. Without her, changed or not, we have no chance."

“A prince can be replaced” she said in a stern tone “the moment she made a oath with my uncle she sealed her fate, she is alone in this” she said rolling her shoulder like it was stiff “what you should be worried about is your hybrid prince that will wake up a sange rau “ she said with a shrug “Knowing my uncle your prince does not have long, I suggest you prepare for that because Knowing that bitches personality she won’t make it to sunrise”

"Then, it's clear to me that you and your uncle both underestimate Anastasia," Erik said. "After all, when was the last time you lived with fire pumping through your blood stream that was supposed to kill you? She lives that everyday, a reminder of the torture I caused her. And yet, she does not waver. No, she is the strongest person here, and your uncle used dark magic to enhance that. I think she will be fine. Now, all we need is for her to see what the whole of the Carpathian people see. When she does, your uncle, even with every mage spell he can remember, will be able to defeat her."

Elena shook her head like she was disappointed " that symbol is a certain spell Erik one older then you, when we kill my uncle ana will die with him" she said and watch his face transform into a expression she had never seen on him, one with emotion.

"My grandfather told me about the dark spells, Elena," he said, deep sadness coming from him. "He wanted me to know what to look out for. I know the spell, just as you do. But it feeds on insecurities, like your uncle. Selfishness too. She wouldn't just throw away everything for herself. I know it. I..." he looked at her, almost like he were talking about a superhero, "I have to believe in her. Have to, Elena. She let me torture her into madness for the Carpathian people. That is not someone who throws away everything they are selfishly."

Elena looked at him "everyone has their breaking point Erik maybe she reached hers" she said and for a split second he saw a flash of the woman he first met, the soft Elena that saved meghan and made him feel like he had family

"If Anastasia has one, she is a long way off from it," he said. "Trust me. I got her to that same point we saw several times before her mind broke." He pointed after Anastasia. "That was not her breaking point. That was her insurance policy in case things go south. I doubt there is any true amount of torture that could make Anastasia break. And I know this as a fact. She may waver, she may appear to buckle, and she can get inches from breaking, but she always bounces back in the end. We just need her to see Antony, to feel the love and support of the Carpathian people. When she sees what they feel towards her, she will be the one to kill your uncle and end this nightmare. And I can almost guarantee that she will live through it."

She studied him for a moment and he saw her eyes slowly turn the red of her mage " then you better go make sure that happens because....." Her point was made when she was cut off by ana' s screams of pain that echoed down the hall

Erik turned to mist and followed the scream. He tried to touch Anastasia's mind, but she kept him out easily. He stopped at the doorway, sickened by what he saw.

She hung extended extended by silver chained spears that were going through her limbs, Xayvion was floating off the ground in from of her pour a black liquid on her skin, he watched as the metal burned and fused to her skin, making the spears melt permanently to her limbs and skin " see vampire blood has many different uses if you know how to use it." He said in a dark tone "remember I'm doing this to help you, your fear of silver is a weakness , now it will forever be apart of you" he said with a evil grin

Eric couldn't move as Xayvion continued sticking sharp silver rods into Anastasia while saying, "Pain. Fear. These things will make you fail when you reach full strength. The shock of gaining this gift is holding you back. You kill easily, but if it were a friend you must destroy, or a silver blade, you would hesitate. You must get over it. Embrace pain. Remove your fear."

The fear, pain, humiliation, and defeat on Anastasia's face told Erik everything. He hadn't pushed her to that. Defeat. She had always seemed unbreakable, even as he had tortured her. But each rod sent visible shivers and a new wave of fear went through her. Erik knew he had done that to her. Took her to the point where she relived it with each metallic flash of the rods. Erik wanted to flee. He wanted to save her. He wanted to take her place to make it stop. He wanted to scream like a helpless child trying to save Anastasia. But he was too shocked to do more than remain mist.

"Please ...." She said in a weak low tone. He had never heard her sound like that, so weak and begging " I can't......" She said as black veins started to form all over her body as the silver and vampire blood started to posion her blood stream. Blood seeped from her mouth "my heart.....can't take it"

"Yes, it can, Dreadwolf," Xayvion said. "You are supposed to have no weakness. You are supposed to have silver nails, acidic spit, and eyes of fire. Yet, you do not. You are starting to become a disappointment. Did I make a mistake? I have accepted you for your bloodlust and need to battle, something the prince and the other Carpathians do not. I thought you wanted a place where you wouldn't have to pretend to be someone else."

She looked at him " it was no mistake" she said grinding her teeth

"Good," Xayvion said. "Just as I expect from my Dreadwolf." He inserted another rod. "Take the silver into you. Mold it to your needs, your desires. You have no weakness to silver. The full moon does not apply to you. It is in your head."

Erik was forced back to the room with Elena, who forced him to return to his human form. He collapsed to his knees, still too shocked to speak or physically react.

"Something wrong?" She said in a cold and mocking tone

Erik threw up then. He had only done so if he had been forced to eat human food. But what he saw...

"We have to get her out," he said when his stomach was empty. "Now."

" We can't , I told you she sealed her fate, go to your prince and your people, prepare them for the battle that is to come"

He glared up at her and said, "You do realize that our mission is Anastasia. That is all the Carpathian people, especially Antony, will see. Destroying your uncle is second to her. They will say that we can get him later, but Anastasia is irreplaceable."

She raised her eyebrows " more so then any other female, why is she so important to you Erik?"

"It isn't that she is more important," he said. "It is that she has been taken by the enemy. River is also important, but many see her as an enemy as well. We will try to rescue every prisoner here." He stood up, his face holding certainty. "We will even bring you and your lifemate with us. You are our sister too."

She looked coldly at him “I am not one of you” she said in a serious tone”and the people here are mine so if you plan to steal from me then do not be surprised when I do the same from you...or have you forgotten how easy it would be for me too everything from you?” She said in a dark tone “my only interest is getting rid of my uncle, I could care less about you or your prince or his bitch “ she said taking a threatening step towards him “You have until tomorrow to get your prince out of Romanian as we planned, fail to do so and I will use him as a pawn and he will not survive it” she said in a serious tone

Emily started to get antsy. She looked out of the window. Nothing the brothers said seemed to get through to her, and it was like her family wasn't even there. A growing fear mounted. Ambrose, I need you here, please, she begged in her mind. They won't be going to bed for hours because of jet lag. Don't make me face them alone.

There was no answer, after a while he came through the door. His face held a blank expression and he looked at his brothers and they all took a stance of mourning but getting on one knee and bowing their head with their hand over their heart

Emily went to Ambrose and took his free hand. She didn't know what was going on, but she would be next to Ambrose in support. She didn't ask why he was doing this, or why he hadn't talked to her. She knelt beside him regardless.

Her brother-in-law, however, did not have such tact and asked, "What is going on?"

"We lost a brother tonight, he died with honor fight a sang rau " he said with a heavy tone.

"A what?" Freddy asked.

Emily stood up, glared at him, and said, "Give them a moment!"

"I just asked..." he started.

"Ambrose fights to protect people!" she said.

"Like Larry did," her grandmother said, tears forming in her eyes.

"Yeah," Emily said after a moment.

"So, what is a Sange rau?" Freddy asked.

"If Ambrose is a soldier, then it must be like a terrorist cell of some kind," her mother said. "We'll talk tomorrow."

They all went their separate ways, turning in for the night. Emily stayed with Ambrose another minute. After a while, she told Ambrose I don't want them to know unless it's an emergency. Even then... it might be best to keep Hilary, Freddy, grandma, and the boys from knowing. I am so sorry they did that. When you are ready to talk, I'll be downstairs. She started to get up to leave.

He grabbed her wrist yet his remained bowed stay He said, his voice was soft and it wasn’t a command, something in his voice seemed Vulnerable

She knelt down again, holding his hand. In that moment, there were no words necessary. She didn't try to seduce him as she had from the moment of her rescue, or argue, or act cute, or try to get his attention, even though she knew she always had it. No, he needed her, and she would wait for him.

But the Sange rau hurt her hunter. She didn't like that. Angry tears started forming. She knew she should morn the man that died, but this thing caused this pain inside Ambrose. And noone hurts him. Her free hand clenched into a fist and her vision started to narrow. The wind outside seemed to batter the house, matching her anger.

calm yourself my sun now is the time to more with saddness not anger

I know, she said, and my heart goes out to this fallen hero. That doesn't change the fact that you are hurt by this fiend. I'm angry at the Sange rau for killing someone and hurting, but I'm even more mad at myself because I'm not mourning like I should.

then feel through me and ease your mind my sun

I... don't know how, she said, ashamed. I'm so used to closing myself off to others, I don't know how to open up and all that.

relax your mind and feel me, you will naturally do so he said squeezing her hand softly

Emily took a deep breath. She talked to him with her mind, so how different could this be? A wave of sadness hit her hard. Tears began to fall. Ambrose wasn't crying. He looked upset, but this was much deeper. She wanted to curl into him, as if the despair alone would break her. You feel so deeply. Compared to you, I'm almost numb to my emotions.

my emotions are still new you are the only reasons I am able to weather at this moment, otherwise it would be too overwhelming for me

Emily squeezed his hand as she wrapped her free hand around his arm in a hug. She didn't move, even when her body started to scream at her that she was in pain. This moment, only being there for Ambrose mattered. She didn't know how long they were there, but it didn't matter to her.

She didn't know when she fell asleep but she woke up in Ambrose arms as he carried her to her room " that you for tonight" he said without looking at her in a soft tone.

She snuggled into him and said sleepily, "You needed me. I couldn't leave you when you needed me. Though, I didn't really do anything."

He laid her down and laid next to her "sleep..." He said softly

Though her eyes were practically closed, Emily said, "Not yet. I want to spend to time with you."

" I will be here when you wake" he said

She snuggled into him and said, "I don't want to sleep."

Even as she said it, she knew she was losing fast. Within moments she was asleep, her head on his chest.

He held her and let himself sleep next to her after she but a ward up in the room

He smiled. He didn't mind giving her time. He cupped her cheek in his hand, a sign of tender reassurance. Then, he had her on her back, his mouth devouring hers with a deep passion, catching her off guard with the suddenness of going from tender to hot and heavy.

She felt her core clench as her anticipation and pleasure rose. She moaned against his mouth and all thought went from her head and everything else but him faded away.

He kneaded her left breast with one hand while the other lifted her leg to open her up for him. His large cock teased her entrance until she couldn't sit still under him. Then, it was a mercilessly slow pace as he entered her, the fire building with it.

She grabbed at his waist and begged him to go harder " nicanu...please" she begged in a moaning tone

He kissed her neck as he said, "Hard and fast is wonderful, but give me this time to learn a little." Then he was all the way to the base, he started grinding. "I want to find just the right spot." When she gasped, he smiled against her skin. "There it is."

Then, he started hitting a very sensitive spot hard.

Each time he hit it she cried out, she turned her head and covered her mouth with the back of her hand, embarrassed but the sounds she was making and self conscious of how her face looked in that moment

He moved back from her neck and said, "Megan, why hide such a beautiful melody? Look at me. How can I know if you are satisfied when you look away?"

She glared at him " you know...your in my head " she said in a teasing tone

"That would be cheating," he said, teasing her back. "I think that's what you said the other day when I found you hiding from me yesterday."

She looked at him shocked " I...I wasn't bidding just trying to...... protect myself"

He hit the spot again and said, "There is no need to do so now. Here, it is just me and you, showing each other what we feel. No strings attached. Just feel. You can do that, right?"

She met his gaze " there is always strings that will be pulled " she said wrapping her arms around his neck, her hands playing with his hair. He saw a struggle in her eyes but slowly she leaned up and kissed him, this time it wasn't so hesitate, he felt her need to be close to him and he felt the moment she let go and have her self up to him, not fully, but it was a start

He began to go harder. This was a moment he would treasure. It was a step forward for the two of them. He knew she believed that there were strings. All he wanted was for her to be open with him. Just him. He wanted her selfishly, all of her. If she only showed him her vulnerable side, even better. But he wanted her to chose to do so because she loved him enough to give that to him. He would do the same for her.

She gasped against his lips and her head fell back, all she could do was hang on to him, her body was shaking from the building pleasure he was giving her. Arched under him and he could see her fangs

He smiled, and hugged her to him. He growled when he felt her bite into him, his cock jumping and almost coming.

She didn't drink at first, she held him in her mouth and moaned against his skin. When his cocked jerked inside her again he felt her pull his blood into her mouth and start to drink

His fingers bit into her hips. He couldn't stop his hips. He didn't want to stop. There was only Megan. Nothing else existed in that moment. Just her.

I'm...I'm going to..... she moaned in her head

He made her stop feeding and close the wound before biting into her neck in the exact same place. As he fed from her, he also filled her. He loved the scream of pleasure that came from her as she fell with him.

She went limp under him " nicanu..." She said stroking his back as she played with his hair with her other hand

"Yes, occulta bellator?" he asked as he held himself off of her with his elbows after closing the wound.

She met his eyes, there was a sadness and fear held in their depths " please be safe" was all she said with a tense tone

"What do you mean?" he asked. "I'll be safe when I am forced to go into battle, of course, but I do not sense any evil or a need to leave your side at this time."

There was a knock at the door then

Nicanu clothed them both and answered the door. After hearing the news. He closed the door and looked at Megan. His face held curiosty and awe.

"How did you know?" he asked, taking her hands. "Occulta bellator, do you have precognition? What other amazing abilities do you possess?"

She looked at him confused “I don’t I just had a feeling...you would be leaving me” she said in a soft sad tone while looking away from his gaze “don’t you need to go?” She said not looking at him

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