Macknzie turned covered Bethany's face. The ghost and draven walked the girls all the way out. When they reached the outside the girls breath deeply fresh air was a miracle to their lungs. Vanity turned to the ghost " make sure they do not leave until we are safely away. Then you may again rest. And thank​ you" the ghost bowed their heads In a sort of salute. And as they walked away she caught a glimpse not with here eyes but with her heart. These were not just dead people. These were hunter.... Charpathian males.. and physic wemon who had lost their lives in the vampier lair. It made her heart hurt. Draven helped the girls to a far off clearing the digging in his pocket he called for help. A ride to get them all back safely. He gave​ vanity blood to help her with the damage the vampier had done to her. He smiled down at her sadly " this is not how I wished to exchange with you the first time....In fact I don't enough for a exchange" vanity licked her lips and held him. " It's ok im just glad you ok and with me" he chuckled " you were held captive and you worried if I was ok?" He rolled his eyes the woman made no sense.
Macknzie​ cut her first and held it to Bethany. She would need blood. For her and the baby. She looked the girls in the eye and nodded as if to tell her drink everything is ok now.

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