Erik laughed and said, "If we do not get you out of these clothes, you will become sick. While I am more than willing to care for you, mon petit, I do not wish to see you in such distress. Please, allow me to take care of you. There are clothes in the other room for you to put on."

He wrapped the towel around her to keep her comfortable and to hide the temptation from him. He led her to the bed and showed her the nightgown and robe. He started to remove the towel.

"I like the way you look right now," he said, crushing strands of her hair in his hand. "But I know I make you uncomfortable with how I fee about you. I will go to the other room so that you can dress, if you wish. However, I will not stop thinking of how soft your skin is, how silky your hair is, and how good you taste when I kiss you." He deliberately kissed her neck. "Get to know me. I ask nothing more of you, despite the demands my body makes. I will not push you."

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