Clare blinked at her face on the cover she had all but forgotten the interview not thinking it would amount to much she stepped back opening the door further. " Oh yes. Of course please come in" he head felt kind of hazy and she shook it. Maybe it was his aura doing that. It made her those slow down. She didn't like it. " Up here they are" she motioned to the paintings lined on the wall. Landscaps and portraits. She realized she was still in he night cloths and paint shirt. " Um excuse me" she snatched a pair of cloths off the dresser and disapeired into the bathroom.
She wiggled into the jeans and Jersey​ then looked her self over. paint on her cheack. She washed her face then let her hair down before going back out to him. " Sorry about that you caught me working. Which peace do you think you'd be interested in?"

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