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Summary: A sharp witted IT tech with a love for horror movies.

Sharon MacGyver

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Employees



Job Title

IT Technician


Sharon loves to tinker in her parent's garage. She loves to come up with little gizmos and make up effects. She always wanted to become a makeup and effects artist for movies. However, her parents pushed her to pursue something "realistic."

Being a movie lover, especially that of horror, she has an extensive knowledge of movie tropes and cliches.


Sharon is a snarky young woman with a quick wit and a passion for movies. She grew up to two milquetoast parents who never quite understood her tomboyish behavior while growing up. As such, she got into trouble often.

She isn't one to let rules stand in her way, and will call anyone out on their BS if she so much as detects a whiff of it.

Despite her supposed confidence and compulsive nature, she harbors a deep seated fear of connection and feels terribly lonely. Though she wouldn't dare show it.

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Image of Sharon MacGyver
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