OOC- pointfive is no longer in the game so the characters: Arianne Carathor, Daeron Carathor, Daemon Carathor, and Nymeria Sand
have been made hidden unless someone wants to take them on then I can make whichever one visible again.


The morning light creeped it's way into the dim room in which Keira laid still asleep, the light finally danced over her eyelids making her eyes squint slightly before opening- the direct light made her vision strained so she quickly sat up and rubbed her eyes, she yawned as she stood up and walked over to the trunk that contained her clothing so she could dress. She huridly did everything already knowing she slept in longer then the others of her family, normally she was awake before the sun came up but last night after those few drinks and meeting a number of new people she was tired enough to fall asleep once she laid down.
By the time she reached her door and pulled it open Elen was raising her small fist up to knock on it "oh! You awake" she said happily- she was in a good mood thanks to her father persuading her mother not to punish her "father sent me up here to wake you up so you didn't miss breakfast" "thank you Elen" Keira smiled down at the young girl as she closed the door behind her. As the two of them walked down the stairs Keira remembered the offer Connor had given her- it almost had slipped from her mind but now with recalling it and knowing she'd have to talk with her father she felt a ting of nervousness for a moment before shaking the feeling off just before they turned a corner which brought into view the rest of the Sterwell family sitting at a long table waiting to eat.

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