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Summary: A cunning trickster who delights in the recent upheaval of Oz.

Pip Whittlebur

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Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Emerald City

Physical Appearance

Shaggy grey hair, pale skin, and hazel eyes. Tall and lanky. Missing half of his left leg, which is fitted with an enchanted prosthetic.


If the Emerald City had train tracks, Pip would have been born on the wrong side of them. Born and raised in the slums, Pip seemed destined to delinquency. The bastard son of a nobleman and practitioner of the oldest profession, Pip didn't start out with the best of prospects. His teachers claimed he was a bright boy who could do great things if he only applied himself--this, of course, is true; he is one of the greatest conmen since the Wizard--however, he never could call up much enthusiasm for academic pursuits. Instead, Pip became a jack of all trades, thieving, conniving, and deceiving his way to riches. He is helped along by what little magic he possesses, a showy, illusory cache of spells meant to dazzle and distract.

The recent chaos has been nothing but good for business. Pip wishes nothing more than for it to continue.

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Image of Pip Whittlebur
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