Image of The (not-so) Cowardly Lion

Summary: "I am KING of the Forest"

The (not-so) Cowardly Lion

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Gender: Male

Age: Ageless

Group: Emerald City

Physical Appearance

Lion. Light brown fur, dark brown mane and tail.


The Lion - King of the forest - was one of the original companions of Dorothy Gale on her quest to see the Wizard so many years ago. After realizing his courage, his entire world changed. With the departure of Dorothy and the Wizard from the Land of OZ, the Lion was placed in charge of the Emerald City Royal guard and serves as Leader to the most prestigious army in all of OZ. He is feared by evil-doers and loved by those who are good.

He holds a seat on the leadership council of Emerald City alongside the Tin Woodman and Scarecrow, his longtime companions.

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Image of The (not-so) Cowardly Lion
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