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Summary: A compassionate soul, the Tin Woodman is a good one to know

The Tin Woodman (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: ageless

Group: Emerald City

Physical Appearance

silver tin body composed seemingly of scraps and spare parts.


The Tin Woodman or 'Tinman" was one of the original companions of Dorothy Gale on her journey to the Emerald City. Compassionate and strong, he was vital in the rebuilding of Oz after the Wicked Witch of the West was destroyed by Dorothy. Now a prominent figure in Emerald City, the Tin Woodman oversees the facilities of the City, ensuring that the much loved capitol of Oz is kept in pristine condition for all that live or visit therein.

He holds a seat on the leadership council of Emerald City alongside the Lion and the Scarecrow, his longtime companions.

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Image of The Tin Woodman (NPC)
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