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Summary: Some nightmares don't wait for you to fall asleep or disappear when you wake up screaming.

Shadow Walker

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Gender: Male

Age: 47

Group: Other

Physical Appearance

The Shadow Walker licked its thin lips with a forked tongue and hunger in its red eyes. He was a towering abomination easily standing eight feet tall and looked like something out of a children’s story meant to scare them into staying in bed throughout the night. The black skin stretched tight across it’s skeletal body was blemished with lesions and scars and it’s arms were disproportionately long with clawed hands curling and flexing like a wild animal’s ready to pounce.


(Work in Progress)

The Shadow Walker was once a human male and son to a powerful witch, but that was long ago and there was nothing left of his humanity aside from a compulsion towards homicidal sprees of violence. It no longer possessed the ability to speak nor would any want to hear it's loathsome thoughts expressed aloud. It would be foolhardy to assume he could be easily manipulated into service or compliance, but it was possible to play to his baser urges.

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Image of Shadow Walker
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