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Summary: A dark road once traveled becomes all the easier to travel again.

Cassia Rathmore

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Gender: Female

Age: Cassia is 23, but she is set on a path of dabbling with dark and dangerous magic beyond her years.

Group: Witches

Physical Appearance

Cassia has grown into quite the dark beauty as she’s entered the prime of her young adulthood. She’s tall and curvy in all the right places with silky black hair that won’t be contained. Cassia’s unrestrained ambitions made use of her feminine charms, often inappropriately, from quite an early age and propelled her towards power at the cost of her innocence. There are those who claim she’s attractive enough to give even Glinda some stiff competition, but where Glinda is graceful and elegant, Cassia is sultry and seductive. Cassia is no Cardinal Witch and lacks the virtue or power of Glinda and feels the sting of this magical deficiency more than any jealousy over comparisons of their physicality.


Cassia Rathmore was born to a poor and unremarkable family for which she harbored great resentment. She showed misguided goals and cunning from her earliest childhood and while the other young children of her village were playing chase and kicking buckets for fun Cassia was learning all her eager mind could grasp. She divided her time between the apothecary, a kind witch who tried to teach her the lighter magics and the brothel where she learned quickly that there were many who would willingly give up their power and opportunities at authority in exchange for simple satiation of their more carnal appetites. Each day she grew further from her family and respectable folk began to distance themselves from her. That is, until they were behind closed doors where favors and services could be exchanged without the judgement of others.

She picked up spells and power along the way, but always felt the limiting restraints of morality and lawfulness held her back. Those who would not be persuaded by sweet whispers and a supple body were still her’s for the taking if she were willing to do what was required. She coveted power and wealth and viewed them both as commodities that were devalued when shared or nurtured. She did not wish to create or develop her own, she wanted to take it from another and thus keep it’s value high and supply low. Cassia Rathmore is ambitious and plots to ascend as a Cardinal Witch with all the power and respect that goes along with the position. She is arrogant, cruel and possessive, but undeniably charismatic.

If you listened to the rumors they would have you believe that her kiss was cursed and turned all whose lips touch hers into her slaves. This was not quite the way of it. The kiss had to be willingly received and the enslavement lasted less than a day. She recognizes the need for long term entrenchment of those same ideas and encourages fanaticism among her followers.

Her gift of limited foresight is severely misleading as she applies it with a singular focus and often misses events that will transpire in the larger picture. This foresight presents itself as a limited set of possible futures like a kaleidoscope of images and as one becomes more likely its rotation slows and takes on additional colors. She must choose her point of focus and it can all be terribly disorienting.

Cassia can form spheres of magical fire in the palms of her hands and hurl them offensively. Where most witches wands are of wood, her wand is metallic and resembles an ornate needle or spike.

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Image of Cassia Rathmore
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