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Summary: A little candy witch

Candy Britches

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Witches

Physical Appearance

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Height: 3 ft munchkin


Candy lived on the outskirts with her munchkin family in the village of Confectionery. Her family had a history of the females learning candy based magic to sell at their story. Life was fun for dear Candy till she reached 18 years old and she realized she wanted more out of life. She wanted to be more than just a candy maker so after talking to her parents she made her way to the Kingdom of OZ hoping to be a real witch.

Spells: Can created, manipulate and alter candy using her magic. However Candy found she can use that for another purpose like making a rock candy bridge and lighting a fire with candy. She wants to be a cool beauty when she grows up more.

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Image of Candy Britches
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