Chance: Intro

(OCC-Half siblings... :P)

“Pleasure doing business with you ma’am,” Chance said cordially to the finely dressed woman in a dark alleyway. The woman took the small package from Chance, tucked it in her purse, and ran off. “Typical nobility types,” Chance chuckled. The woman thought she was getting winged monkey heart, powdered of course. There was an old-wives tale that winged monkey heart was great for aiding men in the bedroom and this woman was hoping to improve her lovers passion tool without him knowing. It was his longest running scheme and a lucrative one. He always had to be careful not to sell too much of the fake stuff or it lowered the price and brought too much attention. And attention was something he avoided.

Sure, with the Wizard gone things were a little more chaotic and the streets were crawling with more crime than usual, but Chance had no plans of getting caught. Slow and steady his how the tortoise beat the hare and having started life in the gutter he might as well have been part tortoise.

He took a few turns, double backed more than once, and was very cautious to make sure he hadn’t been followed. Feeling safe, he headed to the market to get something to eat when he bumped in to…

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