"Oooh!" shouted Vee as she was nearly trampled over. Her slight Munchkin stature did not afford her much in the way of resilience. Had the shop keeper she had been talking to not grabbed her arm to prevent her from going over, she surely would have damaged her bright green and white gown when she tumbled to the ground.

"Easy there, little one" shouted Donny as he held onto her slender arm with his large, strong hand. He set her back on her feet gently and with a smile. "No need to rush so, my friend" he said to the newcomer. "but perhaps this be fate. What is it ya seek? I'm quite well versed in the acquisition of....things" he said, his broad face widening into a toothy grin.

Vee smoothed out her silk dress as she observed the stranger for the first time. Her temper being fiery as it were, she forced down the urge to scold the strange man for nearly walking over her like she was no more than a rock imbedded in the ground.

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