Vee blushed as she looked up at the man, his fine facial features glowing as looked down at her. She was embarrassed at her initial reaction as he had collided with her. How glad she was that she had not lashed out with her tongue that proved to be a might unbridled at times! She finished smoothing her silken dress before righting herself and looking straight into the strangers eyes.

Cocking her head slightly to the side, her wavy, brunette hair swung with the movement of her neck. Her freckles danced as her face formed a smile that would have lit the darkest cavern in the hardest rock.

"Well" she began, hands on her hips, "let us start this over proper. I am Vee, and this is Donny" she said, removing a hand to point at the shopkeeper that stood beside her.

Donny nodded his head at the man, taking his cigar from his mouth to bellow out the smoke it had produced. "A pleasure, I'm sure, lad" he said in a sing-song voice.

"And to whom do we have the pleasure of speaking?" asked the Munchkin, looking gladly upon their new acquaintance.

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